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    4-21 to 24-2005  Under Construction ~ Much more to come

Lightworkers Guide to the Magic Kingdom

 Greetings and Intent

 We are most grateful to be given this opportunity to speak with those of you who would listen and benefit from the unfolding of information that we wish to impart to humanity at this time.  Speaking to you and describing the purpose and energy behind the Magic Kingdom is not only the Master of Light, Walt Disney, but many on his team, so to speak, of which now, we work as One.  We are the consciousness of Light and the entry way to the new reality of integration. We did much in the work and play of bringing light and a light portal back to the world after a time of protracted darkness.  This was our service.  We now work and communicate as one group, of one mind and one heart and one soul, to continue to build the bridge for humanity to enter into the full beauty of the light beings of love that you are, we are and all who have ever graced the planet earth in the right intention of love, are in the fullness of their being-ness. 

 We would like to call ourselves the Celestial, Magical Alliance of Light Heartedness and Joy.  We are all Children of Light. We worked under the directorship and vision of the Master Planner and Visionary, Walt Disney.  He is Here.   He is still There.  For in the realm which we exist, there is no here and there.  We are all one.  What we wish to accomplish with this guide is to bring all of you to the open-eyed joy of the magical child.  The wonder-ment of knowing that reality is simply that which you wish to believe in. This is no small statement.

 We wish to share with you the Plan hidden until now, beneath the plan.  In revealing this to you, you may simply en-joy the story as a fairy tale. Or you may wish to make yourself available, if it is in your highest good, to receive encoded light messages which are symbolic of your transformation as individuals, as a society of light beings, and as the emerging new reality for humanity. You may participate on any level you so desire.  We will tell you only this as you contemplate your intention as you enter into the magic kingdom: you create your reality through the multi-dimensional vibratory energy of light, sound, color and above all, love.  The Magic Kingdom is the place, as represented by these elements to re-mind you on many levels, that dreams indeed do come true.!

 Introduction:  The Necessity for a man-made place of Light 

WE will first begin by telling you of the symbology underpinning the structure of the Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom is built upon the structure of the pentagram, the sacred star of white magic and the merging of mystical vision with reality.  The Magic Kingdom officially opened on July 17, 1955.  We now are preparing to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Magic Kingdom on May 5, 2005. On 05-05-05, we celebrate 50 years of the five pointed, fifth dimensional construction of a New Reality, that of Magic, Joy, Light, Peace and Love. 

 The Magic Kingdom was envisioned as a key part of the Plan to return humanity to the path of Light and Love. We will tell you that no such place existed on the planet at that critical time, that was man-made. There was indeed, very much natural beauty on earth that could be visited to restore the soul of both children and adults, but we will tell you that most of humanity was involved in rebuilding their lives from the great shattering experiences of the first 50 years of the century. Nature herself, the mantle of the earth, was rent, torn, wounded and in great need of restoration. Much assault had been heaped upon the earth and the earth’s sacred meridians and ley lines.  We will tell you that in 1950, approximately 65% of the earth’s power vortices were disconnected from the regenerating centers of the golden matrix grid which supports the highest functioning of the planet. So thus, we will tell you, as man destroyed the grid of Light, only could man repair it. Only humanity itself could bring to reality the intentional work of recreating light, love and joy on earth.  

The period of 1900 to 1950 was one of the greatest devastation endured since the time of Atlantis.  The detonation of hydrogen bombs and the development of nuclear weapons was seen as a probable pathway to the planet’s destruction.  Only through the highest intention of restoring the planet to the pathway of light, through the manifestation of Love, could this probable reality of total destruction be averted. And who do you think, was best suited to perform this work? Certainly not those in “power”, and not those who wished to continue the dualistic pattern of “might makes right”, the motto of the Piscean Age.  No, indeed, the rebalancing of the earth and of the destiny of humanity had to, by fixed design, come through the light heartedness and joy of the children of Aquarius. Only through dedication and massive vision of a place of man-made Joy, could the balance be restored.  Then and only then, working for the highest purpose of joy, love and peace, could the inner-dimensional teams step forward to aid and assist the earth and humanity in its path to the restoration of balance and the upward spiral to en-lighten-ment.

 The Sacred Design of the Pentagram

 We wish to discuss very briefly the pentagram so as to dis-spell any notions and karmic fear vibrations you all carry in your soul-ar plexus. The pentagram is a very sacred symbol.  It was the symbol for manifestation of the Magic Kingdom project. The pentagram within a circle, is the symbol of the Quintessence.  The four elements of matter, earth, water, air and fire, joined with Spirit.  It has been much misused in dark arts which is why many of you still carry the vibration of fear around this symbol.  When restored to Light, as is now the case, the pentagram is the symbol of sacred manifestation of Joy.  When we speak of magic and the magic kingdom, we wish for you to allow to drop away from your cellular memory all instances, vibrations, karmic resonances and thought processes, of negativity associated with the mis-use of energy.  It no longer serves humanity to mis-use, mis-understand, and mis-interpret the pentagram. It is the symbol of the highest order.  We will tell you that many of you are moving to the new symbol of Aquarian manifestation, which is the merkabah, a multi-dimensional sacred star form for creating on many levels of manifestation.  We will be pleased to discuss this symbol at a later time. Now, we simply wish for you to understand that 50 years ago, the pentagram, a more three dimensional symbol, was the aligning energy behind the project to restore balance to the earth and hope to humanity. 

 The pentagram, when restored to its proper place and original intention is an emblem of perfection and contains within it, the golden proportion.  There are many layers of meaning and significance to the pentagram and the pentacle.  The two symbols, star and circle, indeed represent spirituality governing matter.  Thus, you will see and understand that in the 1950s, the only way out of the morass of darkness and suffering encircling the earth was to re-connect and implement the sacred symbol of spirituality governing matter to the consciousness of humanity.  The circle surrounding the five pointed star represents eternity and the perfection of all things. It is a reminder for humanity that even in the darkest of all times, there is no need to despair.  It is the symbol of perfection in all things and a visual picture of how all things return to the Source. The star represents the material world manifested within the circle.  Thus you see, the symbol is all elements contained in One, the sacred and the mundane, the eternity of the circle and the angularity of change of the star, connected at all points of intersecting energy through Light. Brought together in one symbol, gifted back to earth through the dedication and vision of Master Disney, the pentagram became the hope for humanity.

 Now, we will tell you that humanity has indeed progressed far enough in the Plan to understand the great series of events and work on many, many planes of reality that led to the restoration of hope, of balance, of integration, of healing and of Earth and the many inhabitants of the planet.  For all was at risk.  You may recall how long it took to change the destructive course of the planet.  How long those in power continued to engage primarily on the vibration of conflict and the pattern of might makes right and of disregard for the sanctity of all forms of life. If you will at this moment, please suspend your negativity chatter in your minds. For we see very clearly that there are many of you who still wish to despair about the direction of the planet. If you will please look at this situation from the magical eyes of a child, as is the entire plan which restored Light back to earth through the manifestation of the Magic Kingdom, you will see that there is nothing to fear. So we will en-courage you at this time to be mind-full of where you focus your energies. For there was indeed a very strong probability of total destruction of the earth in the first fifty years of the last century. We wish for you to place your focus on the magnificent hi-story of how that was averted, in Light and in Love, for the greatest good of all concerned.

 If you continue to focus your thoughts on something like this: “yes, but there is still the possibility of total destruction and devastation, there are still people in power who believe in might makes right, there is still a conspiracy of darkness and evil surrounding the earth,”   well then, our dear friends, in light,  you are still stuck in the Piscean Age mentality of fear.   For if you could see from our perspective, the magnificent progress and evolution of Light on the planet over the last 50 years, you would have no desire or even small passing thought of anything other than that of participating in the greatest celebration of all time on 05-05-05!  Do you wish, at this time, to remain in the fear vibration?  Do you wish to focus on the past where humanity was broken, damaged, without hope, suffering, and ill?  Or, our dearest friends in light, do you wish to celebrate all that has occurred, through the dedication, the commitment and the magical vision of those who truly believe in the enduring power of Love?  Do you wish to recall the devastation of the first fifty years of the last century?   Or do you wish to focus on the great gifts brought forth, even in those darkest of times, by the humblest of people such as Anne Franke?  There is so much to celebrate our dear friends!   For Light has prevailed, and the earth has healed and repaired the golden Light Matrix.  It is simply a time of great rejoicing for the probable reality of the next 50 years, even the next five years, is All Light and the return of the Cosmic Christ to the mind of humanity!   We offer to you, the opportunity to acknowledge all the great unfoldment of events and beings who have worked so diligently to bring this to pass.   Yes, great-hearted gratitude and joy for those who persevered in times of darkness. And of course, you may wish to give thanks to your own soul, for the opportunity to be here Now, to take part in the unfoldment of the Plan where all will return to Love and Light.

 The Magic Kingdom Plan

 We will tell you that Master Disney would have you know that the Magic Kingdom is designed on the sacred form of the pentagram.   If you would look at the map of Disneyland (inverted), you will see that the five points of the star are represented in the areas laid out by the Imagineers, the visionaries of the magic.   Of course, the park has expanded over time and has changed, this was Master Disney’s plan.  The original design however, contained the following anchoring points of the star , all intersecting in the Sleeping Beauty Castle:

 Point number 1: The Mickey flower bed at the park’s entrance

Point number 2:  Fantasyland area of current “It’s a Small World” ride

Point number 3: Frontierland area around current Thunder Mountain, originally the Disneyland stage coach line and in 1958, the rainbow ridge area

Point number 4:  New Orleans Square area around the current French Market Restaurant

Point number 5: Tomorrowland area around current Space Mountain, former space bar and TWA rocket to the moon

 There exists within the five intersecting points of the pentagram the following accelerated intersection points (AIP) of energy and light:

Accelerated Intersection Point 1: Astro Orbiter

Accelerated Intersection Point 2: Plaza Gardens

Accelerated Intersection Point 3: Enchanted Tiki Room

Accelerated Intersection Point 4: Plaza Inn

Accelerated Intersection Point 5: Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

 Within the primary anchoring points and the intersecting points, are areas which stimulate and simulate the key chakra areas of the physical and multi-dimensional human energy bodies.  We will focus on the five key chakras:

 Point 1 and AIP 1: Opens and accelerates the third eye

Point 2 and AIP 2: Opens and accelerates the throat chakra

Point 3 and AIP 3: Opens and accelerates the heart chakra

Point 4 and AIP 4: Opens and accelerates the hara chakra

Point 5 and AIP 5: Opens and accelerates the root chakra

 (The hara chakra encompasses both the second and third charka areas of the energy system and contains potential to activate and play out your soul purpose to its highest light vibration in this lifetime.)

 We will also tell you another level of layers of these five points as relating to the All:

 Point 1:  Fire –Red - Love – Emperor/Sun

Point 2: Air – Yellow – Wisdom – High Priestess/Judgment

Point 3: Spirit – Purple – Unity -  Magician/World

Point 4: Water- Blue – Justice – Hierophant/Star

Point 5: Earth- Green – Understanding – Empress/Moon

 You may wish to play with these concepts and ideals as you walk your way through the Magic Kingdom, or simply allow the energy of the symbols work through your own energy bodies naturally without conscious thought.  This is the divine directive: that all be in the spirit of light-heartedness and play.  There is no need to burden yourself with the mental task of “doing it right”, for this is the Magic Kingdom where all is light and joy!

 Energetic Gift of the Magic Kingdom

 All of these points represent a systematization of accelerated multi-dimensional sound-light-color-sensory keys.  There are multi-syllabic sounds that will activate encoded light messages within your bodies.  We will tell you that each one of you resonate to a different group of syllables.  If you so choose, you may receive the four or five syllables which will resonate with the activation programs in your soul star.  For example, some will resonate with the following syllables: Sha, Ka, Ra, Na, Rey. You each have your own sound activators which you may choose to hear.   If you wish, you may use these syllables internally in your conscious mind as you walk through the Magic Kingdom, most especially under the Castle.  These sounds may take you on a multi-dimensional walk to higher consciousness.  You may wish to state the following as you enter the park (either physically or energetically): “I intend to open myself to the conscious points of activated and accelerated light.”

 The information in this guide is intended to serve as an opportunity for you to open to an energy portal reactivation at the level of the deep keys of consciousness.  This is occurring in the seven fold openings through the many layered points of the pentagram.  If you choose to activate these points, you will be entering into the fifth dimensional reality of rapid manifestation for the greatest good.  These points have the ability to open up your chakras to multi-versal energy portals.  You can then consciously use these portals to access your personal and collective data banks of cosmic memory.  For you see, the purpose of the pentagram and sacred design of the Magic Kingdom is for you to receive the gift of light, as it has been worked on and transformed by many dimensional beings, all gifted to you through the symbolic form of cosmic wisdom within a vortex of light.  We see that this is very dense for your conscious mind to take in. Thus, we simply refer you to the previous statement of intention which, with great grace and ease, will activate this process if you so desire:  “I intend to open myself to the conscious points of activated and accelerated light.”

 Conclusion of Introduction to the Plan of the Magic Kingdom

 We wish for you to understand, our dear friends, the purpose behind this discourse: that of gifting to humanity at this time, with the energy required to fully expand to the next spiral of consciousness. As we have stated:

 v     The information in this guide is intended to serve as an opportunity for you to open to an energy portal reactivation at the level of the deep keys of consciousness.

v     The five pentagram points represent a systematization of accelerated multi-dimensional sound-light-color-sensory keys.  These keys will activate encoded light messages within your bodies.

 We wish for you also to understand that the Magic Kingdom was constructed for humanity in co-creation with the Great Invocation. On 05-05-05, the light encoded keys contained within the Great Invocation will be released.    If you choose to participate in the walk through the Magic Kingdom on this day, you will receive an exponentially accelerated gift of Light.  Of course, on and after this date, these gifts will be available to all who so choose to consciously accept them. But you may imagine the power and love available on this one auspicious day where multitudes of lightworkers will focus their conscious intention on these gifts.   Whenever and wherever there are many gathered and focused in intention for the greatest good of all, the acceleration, integration and vibration of Love is magnified in many multiple ways: the 70x7, the 1000-fold and the sacred number of the golden mean: 1.618.   It is not our desire to cloak the meaning and significance of this Anniversary celebration in esoterica and mystery.   It is, in its simplest form, the celebration of multi-versal beings giving gratitude for the success of the Plan, the chorus of ecstatic joy for Light prevailing on Earth, and the congregation of Humanity accepting laurels from those on high who, without the diligence and dedication of lightworkers, would not have been able to create this moment of Light.

 If you so choose, you may wish to participate in the Great Invocation:

 The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into human minds.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into human hearts.
May the Coming One return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide all little human wills –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the human race 
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

 For the greatest good of all concerned, in Love and Light, 

Master Disney and the celestial, magical alliance of light heartedness and joy.

Transmitted in Intention on the Sacred Weekend of Wesak Celebration 2005 by
Ronna Prince

© Ronna Prince 2005

Dear Keth,

I channel Kuthumi, the ascended masters and other light beings in Scottsdale, AZ and lead a meditation and channeling group at Conscious Light Botanicals.  Over the Wesak Weekend, I channeled a piece of work on the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom, coming up on 05-05-05. 

 I received this information while at Disneyland during Spring Equinox.  I believe that it needs to be made available to a wider audience at this time, given that the 05-05-05 date is approaching.  I initially thought this would be a little guide to Disneyland from the perspective of people who are working on spiritual principles of light.  However, it became much more than that.   When I was there over the last Spring Equinox in March, I was directed to write this guide and to take photos that would be useful for people wishing to participate in this unique experience.

If you read the channeling, you will see that it comes in two parts.  The first one I am attaching here is the introduction.  The second part is the actual walk through Disneyland where keys and light points are activated.  This work can be done in Disneyland physically, or by allowing your imagination and multi-dimensional memory to take you there in your mind, using the photos in the second part of the guide. 

 Either way, you can benefit from the activations of Light and the opening of the keys.  The second part of the guide is 17 pages and contains 24 full color photos and the text which accompanies the photos and concepts. As I channeled this information this morning for the actual walk through the park,
I was amazed to be shown all of the numerology, symbols, keys and colors of light.  Quoted in the text are metaphysical authors such as Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and the Master Disney himself. Also included in the guide are photos I took in Disneyland in which a host of Emissaries of Light appear, and a photo of the representation of the Arcturians.  This is a very fun and easy piece to read, full of light and color.  I haven't yet figured out how to email the second part of the guide since it's a very large file with photos.

If this material is appropriate to your compendium of channelings, please use it with my permission.  If you need additional information about me and my work, please contact me.
Ronna Prince

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