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2006: Looking Toward the Shift

Master Guide Kirael through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling

KIRAEL: Good evening.

Each year from the guidance realm we're asked to present to the world at large a manifestation of potential events that will unfold here on this dimension, and in that we predict the so-called future.  For many in me world, this is not much of a challenge, don't you know.   As most of you are aware, if you are to manifest any of the many predictions we'll be talking about, you must use a weave or the strands of a particular weave with some accuracy.  In this way, you might determine just how the world will unfold, or in more simple terms, manifest what you like. You may also use more positive thinking to make those predictions that cause you apprehension to fade from reality. One day it will become clear to the masses that the mind waves of the human world are much more powerful than most anything on this level of consciousness. I'm thinking that you'd be the ones in charge.

It'd be best for you to take into account the relationship between your own human selves and the most beautiful and forceful wonderment of your precious Mother Earth and others like her.   Which of you will dominate?   As a rule, me thinking is that it's best not to confront Mother Earth, as she might be a bit tired of the treatment she has received up until now.    In this case, it may be good to remember that she is susceptible to love and prayer.

An example of something it definitely makes sense to confront through the Principle of Masterminding is how the military will be conducting its energy in 2006.   You see, the leaders of the different branches of the military are not as sure of their power as they once were.  They see the men in their own countries having to serve and then they see the devastation first hand, and they are beginning to think it makes better sense to serve their homelands first and the rest of the world second.   In the past, they fought an enemy that they were taught to hate.   They were given certain facts that allowed them to take action without much forethought.   They now see the citizens of their own individual country suffering the results of massive hurricanes and recent earthquakes and it has caused them to wonder about their role in causing that same type of horror on other people in other countries of the world.   Simply put, the men and women of the military are starting to feel the need to make sure their own homeland is secure first.

Here is where "We the People" can get their foot in the door of the most influential mass of beings on the face of the Earth.    Here, me friends, is where the tide might be turned.   It'd be me prediction, that if handled properly, the military worlds of all countries will find, for the first time ever, a heartfelt approach in fulfilling their jobs and this might get the powers at the top to reconsider where their young men and women are deployed.

This is the year that the recruiters trying to get young men and women to join up must change or realign their ways if they want anyone to sign up so that they can reach the numbers they need.   Thinkers are fast replacing the old model of soldier who just followed orders, and they can see with great clarity that the balance of power is changing.   These thinkers will want answers before they act.   This will likely cause the leadership to be more cautious, and in this, the Shift moves to a new level.

Soldiers in their green uniforms will think their way around a battle situation and not fall prey to that old "I'm a combat solider" mantra.   They will start questioning just what the real destination is.   Soldiers around the world are leaning in the same direction.  They're seeing that the big shots don't get shot, and in that, they figure there just might be a better way. In their seeking, so shall they find.

As long as we're using the 2005 energy to set the trend into the year 2006, let's take a close look at the world's religions and governments and the way they're being guided by their current leadership.   The 2005-year saw certain religious leaders calling for the killing of those whom they thought were a problem to the world in general.   Now I ask you: What school did they attend to come to the conclusion that killing human beings was the answer to any problem?     One of these religious leaders I speak of must have at least served as a wake-up call.    This is along the same lines as your current government leader sharing that his best guidance comes from Jesus; then in the very next breath, he orders the dropping of bombs on complete strangers, not just men, but women and children too.    Oh, he says, that'd be the cost of waging war.     Can you imagine Master Jesus suggesting to anyone that this action could somehow make sense?

You might be asking how will all this play out?   That, me friends, is what I will base much of me predictions upon.   You see, in your current awareness, we must follow a complex set of weaves in the fabric of this dimensional plane of consciousness we call Earth.   When trying to see into the so-called future, we must align all potentials, and in that, see a picture of the times to come.   There is nothing out of reach or sight, because a great part of this ever-unfolding journey is based on the cellular consciousness of every living thing in existence, and in that, with a wee bit of deduction, you'll likely be impressed with the outcome of these predictions.

Now if it was in your desire to experience these predictions with me, you might be weaving your own strands of consciousness along with me as the rest of this writing unfolds. By your own participation, you might find it absolutely astounding. Even if you haven't taken me medium's healing class, it is me thinking that I can guide you in such a way that this future unfolding of events will occur before your very eyes.

Imagine, if you will, that a beautiful color called violet is emerging in your mind.  See it first as a total vision of color as vast as the eye can see. Now, within the color present in your mind's eye, let your intentions single out one solitary strand of particles. Holding the vision of this sole strand in your thoughts, focus on any particular question you might have on any subject that will unfold in the future. If you watch the strand closely, it begins to magnetically draw more particles toward its energy and you will start to sense a vision of the potential as it unfolds. This would be the same way most of me counterparts in the guidance world see things and why they are so proficient at the prediction process.

As an example, let us focus on this single strand of violet light and at the same time ask the question of what the weather is going to look like in the 2006 energy. Here's what it would look like from my vantage, and I'd ask you to see if you feel it with the visions you conjure up.

The strand begins to rise until it joins into the weave of atmosphere surrounding Mother Earth. In that energy, it continues to draw you deeper and deeper into space until your planet is but a ball of energy of different colors. Follow your strand of violet light as it focuses on some red swatches in your ocean worlds. As you enter these spaces, you will detect them as heat vibrations in the oceans of the world. Notice that they are in the areas where hurricanes begin their journeys. We know that warm waters serve to strengthen these winds.   Hence, with the vision just described, we understand that the scene is set for a season of storms lasting longer, and with much more frequency and even more important, a much higher velocity.

You don't have to be a genius to make a prediction that many more and harsher storms will be the weather plan. What you do have to do is decide if you and your fellow human beings want to do something about it.   You just might have to take the notion of the masterminding theory to a new level.   If it's your desire, it's me thinking that you can actually influence the outcome.   As I let the strand search around and near the pattern we are witnessing, I as well begin to see a pattern where each of these storm potentials could be broken up.   In almost that same path as these wind paths, you will see that there are also streams within the ocean currents where colder waters could be used to break up these same storms.

Prediction number one is: With "We the People" feeling powerless, you'll have an extended season of storms with even more devastation and horror than that of 2005.  On the other hand, you could see the possibility of a second prediction if, by using the power of human consciousness, and through the sheer determination of the mastermind, you could alter the track or path of these storms.   By using your own consciousness as a tool of creation, it's an easy leap to see a different outcome.   Mass consciousness will make it possible to direct these storms into the colder waters where it would ensure sudden death of the force driving them.


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