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 09 Sep 2005,  Karen <kkarbo@infodash.com>

Archangel Zadkiel -
Living in the Fifth Dimension Series
A Series of Twelve Energy Transmissions Message Eleven Received at TOSA ranch
by Sri Ram Kaa through Kira Raa

Yes! Hello! We welcome you. It is indeed a great delight to be here in the time of great and wondrous re-newal, re-freshment, and re-juvenation !

Indeed dear ones as you are coming into the energy of the planet that is upon you now, you are indeed in a time of rapid growth, rapid escalation, and dare we say rapid chaos. Yes! It is important to understand this. For in this recognition, and in this knowing there is indeed the time for you to now ride the wave; and as you ride the wave, it is important to remember that riding indeed is a joyous event, is it not? Do not people ride waves for pleasure? Yes they do!
The Importance of Balance and True Alignment

It is indeed a great opportunity for you to practice your balance. Oh yes, there are many opportunities now for you to look at what is balance, and what is not balance. Let us begin by offering you an opportunity to remember your balance. Do you remember flapping and clapping? (See monthly discourse from July) This is a most important piece of beginning balance. For you see dear ones, there is more to the exercise of the flapping and clapping than simply jumping around silly. As you jump around silly with the flap and clap, it is important to recognize that in the energy of the opening of the angelic portals, in the energy of opening up all of the chakra systems of the Ascended state, that you must offer yourself more balance. More balance in many ways, in many ways.

We do not just speak about what do I eat, what do I not eat, what do I drink, what do I not drink? We are offering you true alignment in this balance.

In true alignment with balance, you are able to give yourself great gifts.

Yes! In the great gifts of true alignment with balance, one radiates light, love and the creationism to manifest all, do they not? Yes!
illuminating the traditional Root Center

Let us offer to you a practice for this. Bring your attention now to that which you have called the traditional root chakra located at the base of the spine. Bring your energy and your attention to this point.
Breathe in deep. Instead of seeing red as the color of this chakra, bring in pure white light. Infuse this chakra with pure light. Allow this great pure light to infuse into you clearing out all energies that have any form of congestion. As you breathe and call in this pure light, we offer you now a golden ray of integrative energy.

Call in this golden ray of integrative energy into the white, into the light. Yes! Now as you call this in, imagine that this golden ray is a sword. Let the sword come forward into your lowest chakra and then go up through each chakra, opening each one as if a surgeon has come to you and said, "Enough, we must open this!" Allow each one to be opened by this golden sword. As you bring it up and into the throat, the blue of the throat must open wide into the truth chakra evermore expansively.

You cannot be in balance at this time if you are not in truth with yourself; if you are not in truth with your word, and if you are not in truth with all that is around you.

Ask yourself in this moment now, "Am I in the truth of my being?"
Allow yourself the gift of knowing this. Allow the gift of knowing this. Let this golden energy now go up into the third eye. For many of you here there is much opening, and as you go up into the third eye, allow this now to go up above the third eye into the crown chakra and above. In this moment the Radiance of many comes through to you.
Breathe again and relax.
Working with Ascended Energies

Let us share with you more of what you just did and what just happened for you. As you have now opened up and transmuted this root chakra into bright white light, and as you have raised this energy above the crown, you open up the Ascended chakra system which roots at the heart.

You cannot hold ascended energies in balance if indeed you are aligned or out of balance with that which is indeed calling to you now.

Many of you, many of you now have been called into great forms of chaotic density because your planet is spinning off kilter, as they would say, in many ways that many judge and many measure.

If you are looking at your life, if you are looking at what is around you with traditional eyes, if you are looking at it saying to yourself, "Yes indeed I must have traditional eyes, I must be here with traditional eyes;" then indeed you will feel off kilter. Bring in your own balance by recognizing that you can indeed anchor the last point of the root chakra of the spine. You can anchor it with bright white light and still hold the Ascended state of the heart.

We have spent this year talking to you about the ascended chakra system. We have spent this year talking to you about opening up the heart as the root center, about moving into the throat as the truth, about coming into this understanding, about opening up the third eye to be the point of the exploded crown energy. For those of you that do not still feel the exploded crown, let us take a minute and remind you.
Working with The Exploded Crown Chakra

Take your energy, take your breath to the third eye. As you take your breath to the third eye, allow that energy to expand out as if an inverted triangle on either side of the head about six inches. From there let it go directly up so that it forms a complete diamond shape or pyramid shape. Feel this energy!

The Saint Germaine stands behind you here in this moment now, offering you a violet flame of transmutation into the exploded crown chakra. As we do this, there are those of you that say, "I do not feel anything!"
We say OK, you do not have to. You feel what you want to feel, what you wish to feel. There are also some of you that say, "Oh my goodness I have just left my body!" We say OK enjoy the ride. Yes it is good thing, it is ALL a good thing. For you see dear ones even in the group we have here today, you are at the time now where many are judging harshly many acts and many things. Your exploded crown in this energy, in this moment offers you a gift of divine connection.
Beyond the Exploded Crown Chakra

Today we wish to take you above this energy. Today we wish for you to experience what it is to go beyond the exploded crown. So breathe deep dear ones, breathe deep. Your breath is your freedom.

Your breath is your freedom. You must remember this.

So many do not breathe, so many trap their breath. Your breath is your freedom, and so as you go into your exploded crown now, each of you, behind you now, some of you more than one, have many who are with you in this moment helping you to go further. As you connect with and enter into the Divine Galactic Blueprint of yourself, your heart chakra moves you. Your truth chakra opens you, and your exploded crown is your lunar module.

You all know lunar module, yes? It separated from the main capsule and went to the moon. This is indeed the purpose of the exploded crown.
For you see dear ones when you wish to travel, when you wish to experience, when you wish to explore, when you say I want to connect, I want to have vision, I want to go further, this is indeed how you can do it. This is why you are receiving this energetic infusion into the crown, into the exploded crown.

So as we go into the exploded crown now, at the very top of the exploded crown chakra there is a small opening. It is a golden white portal and it is very small. It is at the top of what you would call the diamond of the exploded crown. Call it in! See this energy. Call forth now your ascended heart and go into it. See the emerald swirl with the diamond and the gold. Allow this all to swirl together. As you call up the Ascended heart into the center of your exploded crown, see it resting there. See the interconnected infinity of the Ascended Heart resting inside the exploded crown. As you bring this into the exploded crown, breathe in ever more. Allow your attention to now go to the top of the exploded crown to watch and witness as the portal opens evermore.

Bring your attention up through this portal allowing the Ascended heart to sit in the middle of the exploded crown, it must remain there.

It is the combination of the lifting of the Ascended heart into the exploded crown that opens up the portal into the higher Ascended frequencies.

As you open this portal, allow yourself to just lift. Above you, you will see what looks like another exploded crown only it is golden. You may go there if you wish, and you may practice this often. Know that as you practice you call yourself closer to that which is above the golden portal, that which is infinite connection. Infinite connection.
Lifting with the Ascended Energies

Yes dear ones breathe. In the twelve torches of the Elohim, in the twelve torches of the Enochian lifestyle, you are at the time now where all time is folding upon itself.

There is only you. There is only now. There is only this moment.

You must release your concept of past. You must release your concept of guilt, your concept of obligation, your concept of anything other than the moment of now. In the moment of now, all is in, all is out, all is within, all is without.

Within you is a great activator. You are the crystal. You are the activation. You are undeniably shifting at this time. You cannot deny this!

We encourage you to practice unifying the Exploded Crown with the Ascended Heart often. For each time you practice, even little minutes at a time, you will find yourself going places you have yet to dream of. You will say, "OH my goodness, I can really do this." We say yes you can and you can do it well. And yes you can help teach others. For you see dear ones for this past year as we have helped you to understand the Divine Galactic Blueprint. As you have opened your heart to lifting into the Ascended chakra system, all of the exercises, all of the breathing have been offered as practice and training to make this time on the planet joyous and easy.

Do you remember the Holy Schmoly? (see December 2004 discourse) Yes!
the Holy Schmoly, the breathing, the flap and clap, you will now know whether or not you have integrated all these energies by how effortlessly you can lift from the Exploded Crown. If you are not lifting effortlessly, we encourage you to allow yourself to practice, if you desire. Remember it is always your choice.

There are many more now than you may know that have decided to stay very deep in density, and not all are aware they have made the choice!

Even those that you may call close friends or family. They may say, "I cannot do anymore, I must hang out in density." OK celebrate them, have little party, have a density party. That can be very fun, no?
Clarity, Indecision and Pain

You are at the time of celebrating your absolute undeniable knowing that you are indeed multi-dimensional. That you are indeed shifting, that you are indeed living in more than one world, how fun is that?
Some say for me not fun at all, I can only handle one dimension and barely that. OK, it is up to you. It is what you feel good about that you should embrace.

Because of this, we implore you dearest ones, that you must make your decision. You are at the time where indecision is painful, it is absolutely painful in many ways. Know that there are many around you who are addicted to the pain of indecision. OK, love them through that. Their physical symptoms will manifest. Do you see many around you on medications? We know you do, we all see this.

The rise in the use of medications is due to the rise in alignment with density energy and it is also there to be able to assist many to move out of their alignment with density.

This is also a choice. Where do you align your energies in consistency? In consistency! This is why we talk to you about balance, because in your balance everything normalizes.

So many say what is this word normal? We agree, what is this word normal? What is the word abnormal? What is the word normal? We wish for you to recognize one thing.

In the normal of your being, you are in peace. If you wish to know if you are normal, ask if yourself if you are experiencing peace.

Often times in the realignment into density, you do not feel peaceful yet others now claim you are normal. Whereas before they claimed you were absolutely not normal and you were peaceful. Think about it.
Where do you find your peace?

So many of you ask what do I do now? Where do I go? How do I do it? We offer you this gift, be in your peace.

>From your peace all is available.
Talk to your Body and Find your Peace

So many say to us, "How do we find peace? I do not know how to find peace. How can I find it? Where is it?" It is not out there dearest ones! It is within your heart chakra residing in the ascended state of truth. Give yourself the gift of the ascended state of truth. If you are indeed moving through something that is so uncomfortable you can barely handle it, then you must ask yourself is this in my truth?
Bring your hands to your truth chakra of the throat. See if your throat is sore. See how your throat feels. See what the energy is.
Often times you are hiding more in your throat than you are aware of.
You may start coughing before you say something; you don't even know why. You are coughing because the truth of what you are saying wants to be released yet the mind of the 3 rd dimension is holding you. Pay attention!

Allow your bodies to be the gift that they are.

Let them talk to you; they are talking. They are chatterboxes indeed.
They have much to say. So let them talk to you. The question we ask
is: are you listening? When your feet hurt do you just say, oh cursed feet? Or do you ask, what is it you need to say to me? When your stomach hurts, do you just assume it is what you ate? Or do you talk to your stomach? Ask yourself now, "Am I talking to my body?" When you wake up and don't feel so good or so cloudy, talk to your body. When you find yourself getting very tired, talk to your body.

Your body loves you and your bodies are terrified. Your bodies, more than you, feel the shift that is happening on the planet now. You must know this!
All bodies, all bodies are in fear right now. ALL of them!

And my goodness gracious, all of you get to live in a country of fear.
( United States ) Talk about the double whammy. Yes! As all bodies are aligning with the fear of losing you; you are also being bombarded by an energy of fear. How strong you are! How courageous you are! How amazing you are! You have chosen to be here. To say I can find the truth of what is and hold the truth of what is in the midst of all fear. My goodness! Do you give yourself enough credit for this?

Because of the fear energy that must rise off the planet now, you must be talking to your body. You must be! Many, many, many will develop very rapidly many different illnesses at this time. This is why there will be a medication explosion.

The body in fear that is without communication to the soul, can only speak to you through disease!  It is the only way it can speak to you.

If you simply enter into gentle communication, your body can easily and effortlessly move through any discomfort! You must remember this!

You must know you are at the time of your greatest manifestation ability ever!
The truth of who you are is more prevalent now than has ever been in any experience in your form of density.
Your responsibility as a Conscious Co-Creator

Was that powerful enough? Good! OK and so as we come to the time of the integration of the Divine Galactic Blueprint within, as you learn to lift up out of the exploded crown chakra, you must dear ones be responsible with the energy you call in.

We wish to talk to you very briefly about a phenomenon out there that we are concerned about in our realm. You call this practice remote viewing. You all know what this is? OK. We wish to talk to you about this very briefly. All we wish to say is this, as you become more and more aware, as you become more available to see, be responsible. Be responsible. Who is peeking at who? How would you feel about this in the 3 rd dimension? Do you think it is any different in any other? Be responsible dear ones.

At the end times of Atlantis it was the irresponsibility of the use of energy that caused the chaos.  It was the lack of honoring of the truth of the Elohimian connection that led to the way that everything diminished.

You are powerful co-creators; be responsible. You have a great honor bestowed upon you when you activate the energy within.

It is not a parlor trick. It is not for magician trick. It is so that you can be in the truth of your authentic being, in the reconnection with the one light of love that you are. Dearest children, you are here because you are powerful beyond measure. Be responsible. Show others how to be responsible. When those who are simply curious peek at you in another dimension and you are aware that they are peeking, love them back to their truth. Do not invite the phenomenon for the sake of phenomenon.

So many say to us, "What is this? What is my soul name? What is this?
What is that?" They ask merely for curiosity, not because they are ready. This is why so many believe they are never answered. You are all answered, and you have heard this response; sometimes the answer is no. You are always answered. You are always loved. You are always protected and you are never alone ever. We love you so much. The love that we share for you can only be matched by the love that you have for us, and how we know that is by the love you carry for yourself.

Do not deny yourself. Open your heart to the gift of you. Be responsible dearest ones. You have been gifted with much. It is your time as conscious co-creators to celebrate, to be in joy, to magnificently lift, to reunite in the Light with great expansion and joy.

Anything that is unlike joy truly should not be done. Ask yourself why am I doing it? Look deep within your own co-creative process. Many of you are gifted. All of you are powerful. In the gifts of the many come the gifts for the all. How do you choose to share? How to you choose to be? These are your choices. You see once you make the choice of which dimension you want to be in. Once you make this choice, then you get to make the fun choices again. How do I share? How do I grow? How do I expand? Don't forget to dance, too many of you are too serious.
Don't forget to dance. Don't forget to play. We encourage you all to find a big swing set of life; climb on and go as high as you can. And when you are done, jump off and get on the sliding board. Yes. When was the last time you did so? If it has been too long, do it again.
Find that playground, stop the car, screech the wheels, jump out, run over and go, "I can't believe I am doing this!"

Let yourself rejoice. It is time! It is time. It is time!

And so we answer your questions.

Question: With the economy perhaps collapsing, where is the best place to put ones money?

Archangel Zadkiel: Uh Oh, stock tips! (audience laughter) We do not do this. You must know this. No hot stock tips here today. Lucky numbers, you go open fortune cookie. OK, what we wish to offer you is this. The economy is not perhaps collapsing, it is. You must know that. It is.
It is not the perhaps. Let your own heart guide you. This question we wish to offer an extra piece. The extra piece is you are being gifted with the gift of preparation. Dearest ones if you know it is coming, why do you delay? What do you need? And what do you want?

So many say, "Should I dig cave? Should I live in cave? Should I go here? Should I do this? Should I put money in mattress? What should I do? Do I grow food? Do I not?"

We ask you to go into your truth evermore. This is why in this time now we have brought you to the culmination of the exploded crown energy. As you practice this, as you go through the portal you will know the safety of you.

Dearest ones if the collapsed economy scares you, imagine a collapsed planet. Holy Schmoly, yes! We know that the money is big 3d issue.
Money, money, money. We hear it all the time. Where is my money? Get me more money. I want money. OK!

When everything around the 3d begins to shift dramatically is when you can actually expand evermore and be untouched if you are indeed energetically prepared, and if you understand that the truth of your safety is already within you.

Yes, there will be a period of several weeks of readjustment. (Zadkiel had predicted the Hurricane which struck two days later) In this country, especially, it will look very different than it does now.
There will be many who will come to the streets and say we are here to protect you. And so you should be prudently prepared for a couple of weeks. This is all you will need. And in that time, you will readjust and you will be able to shift dimensionally. In the truth dearest ones, all you need is water. In the truth. You are being prepared because you know what is to be. As far as your money and where to put it, your heart will guide you. If you are in truth, this is why we go back to the truth chakra of the throat, if you are in truth with yourself, you will be guided properly.

Now we wish also to address, because we know those who will read this later will say, "What about where I live? Where should I live? Will this place even exist?"  We hear this one a lot too.  You cannot ever not exist.  Now you got that right?  Good!  Let's say it again.  You cannot ever not exist.  Ooh, double negatives, we like that. (much laughter) OK and so it is important to remember the following:

If you can go into the truth of this knowing, you will dimension shift when you need to, you will be where you need to and you will not ever experience terror or pain.
It is only the mind of the 3 rd dimension that can experience both terror and pain. Where do you want to be?
This is why we are asking you to make a decision.

It is a time of joyous, joyous, joyous being! Celebrate! If you have a week where you live on water, celebrate the purity that you are.
Celebrate! In your celebration there is no fear and in your celebration you are safe. This is all we wish to say about this now.

Question from a TOSA family member via email: We are requesting further clarification on the gifts that we have been given, the three pyramid energies, and how they relate to us and how all of this relates to this trip to Peru ?

Archangel Zadkiel: Be patient dear ones. If we were to answer this for you now, your trip to Peru would be indeed not as beneficial as it will need to be. Indeed the three pyramids that have arisen offer the unification of many energies for more than just the two of you which is why this question has come forward now. The energy of the three pyramids has come forward for many. It is the reunification of Tu'Laya, the reunification of Atlantis, and the reunification of the time you are within now. It is the three pyramids becoming the one again. It is the time for all to remember Tu'Laya, Atlantis, and be in the now. We will not reveal that which must be revealed upon proper timing. Many blessings.

Question: I wanted to know about how the animals are being affected by the ascension energy, the ones that are loose and also the ones that are kept in captivity?

Archangel Zadkiel: Many are transitioning off the planet now. This is a very powerful question. There will be many more of what they call extinct species very, very quickly. Many of these species are simply unable to stay in the energies of chaos on the planet. And there are also mutated forms. There will be new forms of what you call insects that will be discovered and say we never knew this exist before. Looks like this, looks like that, it could be both. Well yes it kind of is.
There are indeed many new forms of life that are budding and there are many that are leaving. Those that are in the care or in the comfort or sometimes in the chaos of those that are in a human body are very aligned with this energy. They are experiencing everything you are experiencing without any difference, only they have greater confusion at times and sometimes they have greater clarity.

Question: Where is Tu'Laya?

Archangel Zadkiel: Tu'Laya, dearest one, is a whole discourse in and of itself. However, we will share this with you, and we have talked about this before so you may go to any archive of our talks and find this. Tu'Laya is not a where, it is more of a when.

When Light began expanding, when you expanded from Source and said yes we will take on the great expansion, we will take on the great experience of density, the first form of density, which was very different than this form of density, has been mythologized on this planet as Lumeria.   Lumeria is a myth. The myth of Lumeria is meant to be able to keep one in density energy and to be able to prevent one from reconnecting with the truth of Source. The true experience of the first experience of density was the experience of Tu'Laya. Yes you were there and you know it.

Often times when people connect with the Lumerian energies, they mythologize, they romanticize, they come into a belief that it was a very similar societal structure, that there were all kinds of similar structures.   When the gift is that yes there was a densification, it was the first form of densification.   In the Tu'Layan adventure, for indeed it was an adventure, Light began to learn the expression of density.   As Tu'Laya shifted, there were two, as you would say forms of Light, that which is now what you call the Illuminati and that which is those who are now in Light.

The end time of Tu'Laya was the birth of both forms. There are those of you that said yes, we will continue in density and we will move forward because the greatest gift Light can give Light is expansion.
And there were those that have become what you call the Illuminati energies that said we must stop this at all cost because it is interfering with Light. You must know that both in their own belief structures or their own hearts, if we may offer that as a realm of connection, believe they are doing the best they can . Even that which you call the Illuminati believe in their heart that they are protecting.

Recognize that your heart sees the truth of Tu'Laya. As a conscious co-creator at the time of the 3 pyramids, you call forth this energy again. You are all at the time of complete conscious remembrance of every experience you have ever had. All of you have this ability, it is not limited. Many blessings.

Dearest ones, you are at the time of great powerful re-unification, re-juvenation, and re-membrance. Be in Joy! Be in bliss!
My goodness enjoy it! Many blessings. Many, many blessings.

"As you focus on the truth of you, the chaos will diminish. Just stay focused."


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