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   Ronna Price

 Living Light Group    8-31-05   AZ    Kuthumi

Please speak to us about Hurricane Katrina.  What do we need to know, to do, to integrate and to bring to light, in order to aid and assist our fellow beings at this time of challenge? 

WE welcome you, our dear friends in light.  I AM Kuthumi, coming to bring hope in this time of despair.   I come to console.  Yes, these two things are the keynotes of our discourse this morning.  For what great good is it, we would like to ask you, to speak of love, compassion, happiness, joy and even light, at a time when so many are in need of consolation and so in need to be reminded that indeed, there is reason to hold hope in the heart?

 We know very well that Love is All. We know that beneath all moving forces in the universe is the impelling energy of love, the opportunity for one to love another or the cry for love beneath all experience of human trial.    You see, the expression of love is that which brings all other qualities of the healer to light. To be a healer at this time means, very specifically, to know in your heart what is needed in the Now.  Many of you who work in the direct healing modalities will sometimes forget to go to the heart of the healer, and feel into the situation; many of you are so mired in technique and talent that you forget to go to the heart – for there are indeed times when all you have ever learned, all you are used to doing, and all you know by experience, is not enough.   And why, when one has intention to be of service, is it not enough to use what is the most familiar? Because our dear friends in light, it does not necessarily center one in the heart and through intention, allow one to open to the high heart. What is the high heart?   Well, we will suggest that it is not only the connection between the heart and the throat center of communication, it is the intelligence of the Soul. What is the intelligence of the Soul, you ask?   It is the expression of your own I AM presence through the heart of love, communicated in Truth, through every thought, word and action.  This is not a circular definition, for those of you analyzing this so quickly in the mind.

Subtle Anatomy of Man

  You see, if you seek to be of aid and assistance to humanity, and you do not access the intelligence of the Soul, most effectively through the high heart, you will, by habit, very often connect to the mind of the healer and think through the situation before you, rather than feel into it. Thinking is indeed an important faculty, but when healing is required, the intelligence of the Soul must be brought to the fore. In the depiction in the link above, which is the Subtle Anatomy as depicted by Aura-Soma, the Soul star connects to the heart through the vibration of unconditional love. (Note from Ronna: As defined by Aura-Soma: “The Soul Star is above the head and carries the blueprint, our mission and purpose for this life.”) The Soul Star connects us, through the beautiful energy of magenta, Divine Love, to the heart. It reaches the heart through the turquoise color of expressing through the feeling nature, transforming to the pink of unconditional love, into the emerald green of the heart. For those seeking to aid and assist those in need, this is a perfect depiction of the activating energies of the healer’s heart.

 Do you see the mind, the ego or the ideation of who we are, engaged in this energy? Not directly, our friends in light, for we must first activate our Soul intelligence through the heart in order to connect to that which others need most, not what we think, in our intellect, is required. 

 We suggest in this moment, if you wish to activate this process, to center yourself in the Now, to ground to the earth in whatever method you normally use. Then with intention, bring in the intelligence of your soul:

                I AM the Soul, breathing in through the top of the head, allowing my crown chakra to open fully to Divine Source. I breathe in this beautiful energy of magenta vibration, in actuality, connecting in and through, to the emerald Heart of Love.**

 **The link-image of the subtle anatomy shows an arcing effect of the Soul Star energy going directly from the crown into the heart. The energy dynamic is both arcing (as in the image) and spiraling down, in and through, energizing each of the higher chakras as it reaches into the heart.  

As you are grounded to earth and to your soul star energies, you may now wish to receive the Divine In-formation about how you can be of service. For truly, you have all you need. You do not need an ascended master to tell you how you can best serve, for we hold each one of you in the highest regard, in the knowledge and wisdom that you each have a unique gift to offer the world. Our hope is to remind you to open to the heart and to serve from this place of Love.

 What we do not wish to do, is to give you so many ideas of the mind, that you forget the simplest, yet most supreme connection: that of the heart.  We provided you with a symbol of manifestation in our previous discourse of the Pyramid within Metatron’s Cube (see discourse from 8-9-05). This is an interesting symbol, but we have seen many of you use it as a mental process alone.  This serves no purpose, other than to entertain your mind.   It can even trick you into thinking you are manifesting something from divine source.  The symbol is to be used in the heart, our friends, of course, through the Soul Intelligence, as described above.   All things of Spirit come from the heart, all things of Spirit are activated through love. All things of Spirit are simple, subtle and profound.

 Now, we must turn to the true reason for this discourse and the nature of your questions: if Divine Love is in and through all things, what is the purpose of such suffering that we witness resulting from events such as natural disasters on a large scale?  It is one thing to be able to understand one person’s inhumanity to another through an explanation of cause and effect, but quite another to comprehend the purpose of natural disaster. Is a tsunami or a hurricane or a tornado or an earthquake a sign of God’s retribution? Is it a sign of the Earth’s suffering? Are these things a process of energy seeking to regain balance, to purge what is no longer necessary in order to heal? Is this our opportunity to ask “Why?”, our friends in light? Or is this our time to ask, “How can I help?” We will suggest what you already know in your heart, that the answer to this question is the later: “How can I bring love to this situation through my heart as a healer?” The highest good may be served in many, many ways. But, to console those in need and to bring hope, are the qualities of the high heart, in connection with the Divine Mind.

How does one console and bring hope in the face of such devastation? We believe that each one of you has a unique gift to offer: a prayer, a meditation for healing, a gift of material nature, offering not out of obligation but out of joy in being able to help, an offering of time or talent, a simple acknowledgment in your heart that in helping others in time of need, you help your self. For to be human is to be able to see outside the self.

 To exteriorize suffering is both a challenge and a gift. The challenge is to not enter into judgment. For you may look on the television screen and see others’ experience and think: “this is not mine, I am different from these people, for I would have left my home in time, or I would not use misfortune as an excuse to loot”, or you may even rail and blame the authorities for not having done enough to prepare for such an event. This is judgment and judgment never forms the basis of healing and restoration of hope. 

In Truth, what you see on the exterior of your life, also exists on the interior. Thus, the gift, is the opportunity to Love. Their suffering is yours. What does this mean?, you ask? Does this not trivialize someone else’s loss to say “this also is mine?”. Or perhaps does this level of compassionate empathy allow you to serve from the high heart, in the intelligence of the Soul which is connected to All of Humanity?

 We will use one teaching from the Master Christ, to illustrate: after he washed his disciples’ feet, did he not say:   “I have given you an example to follow.   Do as I have done to you.   How true it is that a servant is not greater than a master.  Nor are messengers more important than the one who sends them.   You know these things – now do them!   This is the path of blessing.” (John 13; 15-17).  This passage is placed here not as a Christian concept, but as a Universal concept of Love and the activity of Divine Will.  The path of blessing is to aid and assist your fellow humans, to wash the feet of all those in need from the compassionate heart of the Christ that exists within each one of you.  The path of blessing is to console and to bring hope, not to judge and ask “why?”   The path of blessing is to serve humanity from the heart of love, for this is the Return of the Cosmic Christ.

 To console, to offer hope, to serve humanity. This is your purpose in the Now.  We offer a prayer, or if you will, an affirmation of Love, to those in need at this time of difficulties:

                I AM here for you, my friend.   Even though you may not see my eyes, they see you in your time of need. Even though you may not feel my touch on your skin, I reach out to you and wash your feet, in a gesture of supreme compassion.   Even though you may not hear my words of consolation, I speak to your heart:  I love you and I see the greatness of your soul in your time of trial.  Even though we are separated by distance and space, my heart reaches out to your heart, to offer hope.   Hope that you will see a better day, hope that you will rebuild your life, with many helping hands.   For you are not alone, my friend, you are not alone.   I am here for you, in love, in service, in compassion.   I am you and you are me, and in this way of Love, I have no need to judge, only to offer you hope for the restoration of your home, your livelihood and, your heart.   For we are all One in the Mind of the Creator.   Many blessings my brother, my sister, many blessings.

 Do you see, our friends in light, that in healing others, we heal our own self? This is not a prayer of the mind, but one of the heart, especially when one places the energy in the high heart, as described above.   

We offer to you all, in this time of crisis, the opportunity to Love in the deepest way possible, through consolation, through aiding others thus restoring hope, and by serving your fellow humans in your own unique ways of the Heart.  

 Many blessings, our friends, many blessings are bestowed upon you all. 

For the greatest good of all concerned.



 © Ronna Prince 2005 (This document may be forwarded with permission with the attached copyright.)

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