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  Your Spiritual CNN   Right Avocation  Rona Prince  11/1


Kuthumi Addresses Right Avocation

Group Discourse, Live Channelling Event, November 2005


 We welcome you, and we would like to say first of all by way of introduction this evening, speaking to you on this topic of Right Avocation is the I AM presence of Kuthumi, the World Teacher.  I have worked very diligently through many incarnations on the Ray of Love and Wisdom. As many of you know, I serve now in the office of World Teacher with Sananda, the one many of you know as Christ, Jesus.  Yes, we work together in co-creative relationship.  My office requires me to do many things for humanity, and oftentimes it is to remind you that all of this wisdom is contained within your own heart. 


The Crystal Cave with the Heart


This evening, we will work in the energies of what is referred to by Aura-Soma, as the Crystal Cave within the Heart. This is where your inner treasures are. Throughout the discourse this evening, we will tie a thread between many modalities, and many realities.  There is also a very beautiful, newly created flower essence which is entitled “Finding My Treasures” which aligns with this modality of Aura Soma.  This flower essence centers your heart in the treasure box of humanity:   Love.   Many of you are now opening to the higher possibilities on the spiritual pathways that you walk in this time of great transition and change. 


I Am here to remind you that all of this wisdom lies within, precisely in your own Crystal Cave in the Heart.  Perhaps it appears to you that there is a person sitting in front of you right now, bringing forth an ascended master consciousness.  We are here to tell you that this wisdom is truly a reflection of the wisdom that lies within the heart of each one of you.   You cannot enter into an experience such as this, unless you already contain it within your own heart. 


So, if you are willing to work through the modality this evening of your own heart, you perhaps may hear at depth and from a different perspective, this information about Right Avocation. Most of the time, you experience information such as this, as something external working into your Auric field and in through the energetic bodies. Perhaps this evening, you may do the following: center yourself by bringing the I AM presence of your own soul through the crown chakra on a beautiful ray of golden light; bring this light into your heart; connect it with the beautiful vortex of Golden Light already open within this circle.  Experience from here, and feel the difference.


You see, if you begin to experience from deep within the Crystal Cave of the Heart, indeed you will find a different resonance of wisdom: inner wisdom  This is very different than experiencing wisdom as coming from the exterior into your energy field.   A very important step that we would also remind you of before we enter into this topic, is that of discernment


Discernment of your Truth


My I AM Presence is not here to stand before you to tell you your Truth.  You must continue in every moment of your life, to exercise your Divine Right of discerning; Ask yourself:


“Is this information my Truth?    Does this resonate within the depth of my soul?”


And if it does not, my dear friends in light, you must cast it out!  So, if this information does not resonate, you simply leave the room and close the door after our session, and say:  “Oh!   That was an interesting experience but it has no bearing on my life”, and that is fine.   My I AM Presence has no great need to be right. (Huge sneeze from the audience.)   And you see, even the energy of explosively releasing something in the form of a sneeze is a message.  There are no random vibrations in any of this, our experience together this evening.


When we enter into group consciousness, a great sneeze symbolizes the ACTION of  saying:  


“I am willing to release that which no longer serves my highest good!” (Laughter)


Humor and the Treasure Within


This discourse is not about heaviness and seriousness.  There is a great deal of humor involved in the process of Remembering who you are!  All of your own guides are wishing to join you in this laughter.  In fact, if you could see them – and many of you do, they are slapping each other on the back, because the Truth of the matter is, that it is very amusing to them that you have forgotten so much of this.  It is amusing that you think perhaps you need to be reminded.   Your guides do indeed get quite a kick out of this experience, because you are truly beings of Light and Love, on the path of remembering your own Divinity. 


This evening’s experience is not the business of seriousness.  This is the businesses of light-heartedness and joy.  This is the color language and energy of yellow.  Yellow is the color of the inner teacher.  Yellow is the color of Kuthumi, the Ascended Master of Joy and Happiness.  Yellow is the color of awakening, sunshine, and enlightenment.  The more that we enter into this experience as very serious and heavy business, the less that we are able to open up to the Treasure Within. 


When we open up to the joy and the sunshine of life, we are opening to the wonderment of the child who wakes up each morning with great anticipation for the new day. As a child, you allowed yourself the great joy of skipping down the road. Many of you have forgotten this joy, incidentally.    If you reclaim it, you will have the great joy of watching a butterfly, or of watching the leaves fall.  Many of these things you have forgotten about also, in your seriousness of adulthood and responsibility and busy-ness.  This is why it was very important to have this explosive energy of sneezing: so we can remember to lighten the atmosphere somewhat. Because the more serious we become, the heavier the atmosphere, and the more we truly anchor in heaviness and hunker down in our physical being. And the more we are hunkering down, the less we have of an opportunity to allow the spirit to soar to the heights of our spiritual mission and purpose.


Right Avocation: Part of the Eight-Fold Path


This evening, the topic we will enter into is - What is right avocation? 


At its very root, this is an aspect of the Eight –Fold Path of Buddhism.  There were very many avocations at the time of the Great Buddha which were not for the greatest good of humanity.  Buddha taught that in pursuing right avocation, one must avoid things such as warfare, money lending, and gambling  - all sorts of things which devalued the human soul.  And those things are very much pertinent today; the 8 fold path teaching was given in language of the ancient times but is still one of the greatest practical teachings.


The Eight-fold Path


Right avocation emerges from other aspects of the Eight-Fold Path, beginning with Right Vision and Right Values.  The combined concept of Right Vision and Right Values is the first step on this path. It is followed by Right Intention and Right Speech.  Next comes Right Action. Finally, we get to the unfolding of Right Livelihood which is Right Avocation. Then, as students of the 8 fold path, we progress from Right Avocation into Right Effort and Right Meditation or Right Concentration.  Thus, you see, Right Avocation is an integrated part of a much bigger whole.


The Beauty Way Foundation


We address Right Avocation as a primary topic this evening, because so many of you are experiencing urgent shifting in and out of new realities.  We cannot address this topic without, first of all, discussing Right Thoughts, Right Actions, and Right Words. This is also known as the Beauty Way of Native American tradition; this tradition is imbedded within the Eight-Fold Path.  You see, you cannot be in alignment with Right Avocation if you do not follow, in the very first place, the Beauty Way. 


Misalignment with the Beauty Way


Many individuals come before the consciousness of Ascended Masters and say: “I cannot find my way to a meaningful job which creates abundance in my life.”  If they were willing at depth to explore the blocking energies in their lives, they would find that they are not in alignment with one or more of the Beauty Way Truths.  Perhaps they are not in alignment with Right Thought.  This can be something as simple as allowing your “inner critical parental voice” to continue to tell you what you can and cannot do, what you should and should not do, what you have to do, what you need to do.  This is very different from making a clear, conscious choice. Instead of activating one of the most important principles of Divine Creation, which is the energy of “I AM”, you become entrenched in the energy of  “I AM NOT”.  This is the same as focusing on what I SHOULD NOT do, or what I CAN NOT do.  So indeed, you cannot very easily be in alignment with Right Avocation if you are manifesting negative thought patterns. 


Consciousness of your Thoughts; Owning your Mastery


As an activity of Spirit, it is important to become conscious of every thought. From here, you can observe how the thoughts translate into words, and how the words create your actions.


“There are no such things”, as our brother Master Christ said, “as idle words”. 


All words have meaning, all words have purpose, and all words contribute to your reality and carry resonant energy.   This is true.


We will use the example of someone who is drawn to creating flower essences, but has never done this in this lifetime yet.  If you are entering into the Avocation with the thought: “I am not worthy to be a Flower Essence Master”, you will sit in your garden and dig in the dirt, and think that perhaps there is something you are missing.  The energy that you are missing is the thought form of: “I AM a Flower Essence Master”. From here with great conviction, one is able to create the energies that launch a new project into the universe: I AM a Flower Essence Master!  This is a very important part of the process of the spiritualization of the self.


You must understand that these projects do not materialize in the small mind.  They do not materialize in the personality, or the ego. For we ask you: what is the ego?  It is the I without the I AM - a very important phrase which you may wish later to contemplate.  It is no more complicated than that.  When you act from the small mind, it is in the following energy:  “I want, I wish, I desire to do these things.”  That is the ego mind.  “I AM a Master”,  has nothing to do with the ego.  It has to do with inner divinity:  recognizing the power and co-creative ability of your own soul.  When you become the energy of “I AM A MASTER”, you no longer sit in the dirt idly digging. You dig, cultivate, water and tend with Intentionality to bring forth, in the way of all Masters, Creation from the depths of your soul.


Out of Darkness, we create New Light


From the dark inner womb of the Mother Earth, whether you are male or female, you create in great darkness.  A number of you in this room are in a period of great darkness, yes indeed, and we ask you not to despair.  Because, our friends in light, from darkness comes the great creation of New. When you combine these elements that we are unfolding to you with great grace and ease, you will create that thing of your greatest dream into your reality in the Now.  When you drop away improper thoughts, and enter into the spiritual activity of “I AM”, you begin to fertilize the ground for Right Avocation.  You begin to plant the seeds.  You begin to bring the dreams out of the future timelines by planting them into the Now.  This is a very sacred activity. 


Transformational Tools


You may say, “Well what am I a Master of then?”  This is why we have brought forth concept of the crystal cave within the heart, and the newly created flower essence of “Finding my Treasure”.  You have before you two very important transformational tools at your disposal; all you need to do is receive that which has been gifted to you from the very highest degrees of consciousness of humanity’s transformation. 


When you enter into the practice of  “I AM”, you begin to create your reality from Intention: 


“I AM a being of light.”


I AM a magician, perhaps some of you wish to say, who think you have no power, (which is very laughable because you all do have the power of the four elements at your disposal!) You simply begin to create from that place of “I AM”. 


I AM a musician. I AM a sage.  I AM a wise woman. I AM a crone.


Reclaiming Crone Wisdom


We would like to speak momentarily about owning crone-ship.  The energy of the Crone has been devalued to such a great degree that those of you entering into the phase of the wise woman have suffered tremendously in your physical bodies.  This is no longer necessary.  All you need do is own the wisdom, power and might of the Crone wisdom within, for you are the leaders of the younger generations of women who are trying to find their way in very stormy spiritual seas.  When you invoke the energy of “I AM the Crone”, you become the high priestess of your own sacred self.  You may dive into the depths of that dark womb that has indeed borne fruit of many sorts throughout your lifetime; now, is the time to reap the rewards.  We will discuss that topic on another day at great length, but we could not resist the energy of “I AM the Crone”, because for many of you women, this is owning who you are and what you are here to do. 


The Emperor is surrendering some control in the Intention of Balance


We emphasis this because the male counterpart, “I AM the Emperor”, is going by the wayside throughout all of humanity.  For the Emperor no longer needs to control all aspects of his Reality; he is now more and more willing to release his hold on all things.  So, when we begin to balance the Emperor and the Crone in great perfection, you see, all of humanity aligns in balance.  None of this spiritualization of the self can happen in a position of imbalance. It happens with great Integration of Intentional Activity.  It is owning that which we are, and allowing that which we are not, to simply fall away. 


The co-creative Relationship with Mother Earth


And where do these energies fall to, you may ask? Because, as you know, energies do not die and cease to exist.  If you have been engaged, for example, in the energy of defiance, you may have spent much of your life pushing against the forces of life. You may be  resisting very strongly all of the people who have told you who you are supposed to be. You have defiantly said:  “You are wrong: I am not this, I am not that”. Well, what happens, our friends, is that you hold on tighter to all of those things that you are trying to rid yourself of.   Because you see, the great secret in all of this is that  Mother Earth gifts us with unconditional love.  When you are becoming alchemically changed into a conscious spiritual being, there are many things which fall away from your energy bodies.  And where do they go? We say again, energy does not die, this you know.


Energy releases from your own physical and energetic structures and is returned to the Earth.  This is the Service, among many things, that Mother Earth willingly performs for us: She takes that which no longer serves our greatest good. 


You humans are the transponders between the celestial beings and the devic kingdoms of Mother Earth. You too are a transponder of energies providing a service to Earth.  Everywhere you walk on the Earth and on her ley-lines, you have the ability to consciously heal the earth’s crystalline structures. The co-creative service between you and the Earth, is that the energy of defiance or of “I AM NOT” which no longer serves you, is accepted in gratitude by the Earth. The Earth can then take this energy and regenerate it into the crystalline core structure to be returned to Light.  When you have that piece of the puzzle, you are able to say with great grace and ease;


“I allow these things to fall gracefully from my energy bodies so that now I come into my full power and alignment of my spiritual self. The Truth is, I AM a Master”.


Making a Conscious Shift


Some of you still have to make the shift in your own conscious minds, that you are Masters. Some of you still wish to think of yourselves as rather small beings, you see, and this is not the Truth of who you are, but you must discern this for yourself.



Right Words; Spiritual Immaturity of “I Don’t Know”


We have covered the very important prerequisite of Right Thought, and the importance of maintaining the sacred activity of “I AM”.  Next, you follow Right Thought by the affirmations, the Right Words, and you go about creating reality on a new plane.  The thing that becomes the most detrimental is the spiritual immaturity to say,  “I don’t know”.  And this is where we have become rather impatient with those of you on this pathway who we have directly spoken to and are still engaged in the energy of running around in a circle like a dog chasing its tail.  Your potential to create is so much greater than you acknowledge at this moment. 


To say, “I don’t know, well I am being called to do something new, but I don’t know, it might not work out.  I don’t know, it might be too difficult.  I don’t know, I might be criticized.”  Well, this is outright spiritual immaturity.  And we invite you to be conscious of that energy.  For what we are asking you to say in the moment of Now, the period leading up to great transformation, is to either say “yes”, or to say “no”, to that which you are being called to do from the depths of your being.  You see, the “I don’t know” is the equivalent of a nine-year-old who cannot yet do the multiplication table, but has the capacity to do so with determination and practice. 


We think that every one of you in this room has the capacity to say “yes” to your highest calling, but you still maintain a free will choice to say “no”.  And we will tell you those being called in Service to humanity may say “no”.  And if you do such a thing, this is fine.  Those of us in the Ascended Master realm of consciousness still hold you in the highest degree of love and respect, for this pathway is not easy.  It is simply to ask you a very important question, perhaps the most important of the entire evening:


Why would you have agreed to come into this circle of inner knowing, having broken through many of the barriers of illusion and fantasy, to sit before the feast table and not partake?


Simply think on that, on your own time, our dear friends.  On this topic of resistance, we say nothing else. 


Right Action


After formulating Right Thought and Right Words, you may embark on Right Action. When you combine those three sacred activities, then the pathway for Right Avocation becomes very open and fluid. 


Right Action is aligning yourself with the higher mind.


We use again the example of creating Flower Essences. The process of creating Flower Essences is about incorporating Intentionality in every step along the Creative pathway.  If you would see the beautiful process by which these flower essences are manufactured, you would perhaps wish to express a great degree of joy. Because each one of these essences, these devic beings sitting here in this room, are energized with the fairy essence of two beautiful children. The two children, 4 and 6 year old daughters of a Master, put a great deal of innocence, light-heartedness and determination in these bottles as their unique service to humanity.  So, within these flower essence bottles, there is something much greater and even more Divine than sacred Flower Essences- it is the energy of light-heartedness and joy.


This is the activity of the Spirit moving through all things, the rightness of maintaining activities which harm none and benefit all.


This is the way of the Buddha, the middle way.


Now, with those prerequisites in mind, we may truly enter into Right Avocation. We have all of these things lined up in our consciousness and in our hearts to proceed.  We did not wish to cross the road before the light was green.  Now, the light is green and we can proceed ahead.


Right Avocation – An important Lesson


What indeed is Right Avocation for those of you who are in the process of transformation?  We will tell you one small thing about Avocation:


The important factors are the Intention in your Soul

and the Attention of your Mind.


Our messenger had very great need of a lesson the other day. That lesson was to be reminded to hold every being she meets in light and love.  She was rushing around in a very great hurry, trying to get everything ready to go on this trip. It was no small thing, as those of you know who multi-task ad naseum, and forget to sit down and enjoy yourself for a moment.  This happens very frequently because energies are accelerating. This is true. You feel the great urgency to pack in many more activities into a smaller period of time. We suggest that perhaps you may consider giving yourself a scheduled time to rest every day, but this does not always manifest. 


So, to return to our lesson, our messenger was rushing around trying to fill the car with gas, rushing into the service station wishing to throw the money on the counter, because of all things, she had “lost” her credit card (the symbol of great convenience in your society now). She was ignoring the person behind the counter. She just wanted to pay and run around some more.  And you see, the person did not acknowledge this money thrown on the counter.  This then became a very beautiful Re-minder for her:


It is not Right Action to allow personal busy-ness as an excuse to disregard another human being.


For you see our friends, that person behind the counter in the convenience store in the gas station, was a Master.  When you rush about and you disregard the spiritual opportunities to connect with another being, you are not in Right Intention.  That person was a Master of Light, behind the counter.  And when our messenger took a moment to engage through the eyes and the heart, there was an energetic exchange of great significance.  And what was that, you ask? Is  was the sacred “Namaste”:


“I see the Christ in you, I see the Buddha in you”.


Here is the Key:


You can be in Right Avocation no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing.


You can be in Right Avocation at the cash register all day when you engage at this level of energetic interchange – “I see the Christ in you” – this is one of the highest and greatest spiritual gifts that you can bestow upon your fellow humans. 


How many of you have truly been seen at depth, by another being in incarnated form? How many of you have been seen by someone who can look into the depths of your soul, and say:


“Namaste. I see the Christ in you, I see the Buddha in you.”


So, you see, if you think you need to be on a grand stage to provide this service, you are quite mistaken.  As many of you know, there are no mistakes in the universe.  There was no mistake that there would be a Master of Light behind the cash register on the day that our messenger was frantically trying to get ready to be here to address this topic!  The urging of your soul to call you into some great vista of spiritual service is nothing more than the calling to recognize where you are, exactly where you are, is where you are meant to be!  Or else simply you would not be there! 


“But my soul is calling me for something bigger, greater, I just don’t know what it is!”


Yes, we do hear that quite frequently. Well, our friends in light, perhaps it is time to recognize your fellow Masters first.  Because when you can see a Master at the cash register in the Wal-Mart or the convenience store, you will undoubtedly begin to see your own Inner Mastery. 


It is no great Right Effort to go about your day in busy-ness and cast your money about buying your things. You can go to the grocery store and get a banana, and not even be conscious of what it took to bring that beautiful piece of fruit into your Reality. 


It is when you walk the path of Intention to be a World Server of Light and Love, that new vistas will open up without any forceful activity on your part.


You simply say:  


“I AM open to receive all the great treasures which lie within”.


It is simply reaching into that treasure box, as so beautifully represented in this flower essence and the crystal cave, and relaxing into the breath of knowingness that I AM on the path of light and love, “I AM a Master”. 



Accepting yourself where you Are


When you begin to accept your own sacred self where you are, then of course, energies do shift.  And perhaps that person behind the cash register goes on to do some great spiritual service because he or she has been seen as a Master. Perhaps behind the scenes, that person is writing the book that will transform your very life!  You don’t know what that person does on their day off!  Nor do they know what you do with your dreams and your visions, and this is where you create your reality. 


From where you are, you Create Dreams into Reality


There has been an energy of,  “I create my reality from my dreams”. We will suggest a small shift in that thinking pattern.  We will suggest to you, that you create your dreams into your reality, not the reality into the dreams.


You dream the biggest and greatest thing that you can imagine in your mind, and what might that be?  Do you really and truly wish to stand before a stage of two thousand people, and give a discourse such as this?  Perhaps that’s not your dream.  But you see, if that is a dream, you begin to envision (or dream) that with all the great elements of sound, light, color, scent, touch, feel; everything you have at your disposal as the Masters of this reality.  And then, you energize that with the sacred activity of, “I AM A MASTER”. Thus, instead of pushing the dream out into the timelines, you begin to draw the dream into your reality Now.  In this way, it comes into your life with great grace and ease, because you have so dreamed it exactly how you want it to be.  Then you enter into the third sacred aspect of this work: which is to “ask, believing it has already been done”.


Ask, Believing


This concept has come up several times in private sessions today. Because it is so very important and pertinent to the topic of Right Avocation, we will elaborate on it once more. 


Many of you have the approach of saying:  “Dear God, please help me find my pathway, I am in need of some great form of abundance, I am in lack, I am in such distress, help me, God!” 


This is a very ineffectual way of asking, because you do not believe when you ask in that manner.  This is what was taught by the Master Christ, who said also, “Ask, Believing.” Instead of this pitiful whining and moaning, we suggest, perhaps you would wish to say something in the energy of: “Divine Mind, I give great thanks for creating the venue for me so that I may stand upon a stage and speak in front of two thousand people eagerly awaiting to receive this message!”  That is a very different energy.  Do you wish to speak to twelve people, we say to our messenger, or twelve hundred?  Being a Leo, of course she would prefer the twelve hundred.  And of course, that will come to pass, because she is creating the dream into her reality, instead of the pushing it away, which she had been doing one year ago in this way:  “Well maybe someday I can speak to a big group of people.” 


Now, it is: “Thank you, Divine Mind, for providing the venue and the stage for me to unfold these messages to humanity for the greatest good for all concerned.” 


This reality, we will tell you, is on the timeline and is coming into her venue.  Very simple, this is Truth.  This may not be your Truth.  Your Truth is most likely something very different.  You each have a unique and individual gift to share. 


Three Sacred Activities


We have suggested three activities:


The activity of the Beauty Way.

The activity of the “I AM” energies.

The activity of “ask, believing”, thus, creating dreams into your reality.


This is the trilogy of activity that creates the Pathway to your Right Avocation


So, if you have a dream (and we hope you all do) we suggest that you dream it with great courage and conviction, to the greatest degree of detail that you can muster in your imagination, and then stretch that even further.  This will create the pathway and openings into your unique Right Avocation. 


Being Conscious of what you Choose to stay engaged in


Now we will hazard to say that there are some of you who also feel that there is truly some shift that you need to make; that it is no longer meaningful to sit in a conflicted work situation thereby, choosing to stay involved in the energies of bickering and strife and jealousy and negativity.  This is why we began the group experience this evening by clearing  your energy bodies with the pink pomander of Unconditional Love. (Note: this is an Aura-Soma product that I use before group meditations to clear the electro-magnetic field of any energies that are less than love.) 


So many of you work in this bickering atmosphere, that the energy in the room initially felt thick and cloying, or what you may describe as nauseous.


You must be aware of your current choices before you can make new ones.


Say “Yes” or Say “No”


This evening what we wish to say to those of you being truly called into a new avocation is this: this is the time to take your spiritual assignment very seriously.  We are going to be asking a number of you to do new things.  And if you wish to say “no”, we need to know that in rather short order because we will assign the job to someone else.  Now this is true, so those of you who have been waiting quite a long time, for example, to grow sacred grasses which will restore right energies into the heartland, you may wish to begin this in the Spring. Otherwise, we are asking you to get off of the pot!  Very dramatically in this way, you see we have no more patience for this “I Don’t Know” energy.  Because you are being called!  And how many times do we have to send out this call? Within the next few weeks those of you who have received your assignments already, we await your answer. If you say “no”, this is fine and we will assign your project to someone else. This is true and is stated in great seriousness because Now is the time. 


Germinating the Seeds until Spring 2006


When you are being called to create a new healing modality for humanity, or when you are called to create a center which will expand consciousness in great light, as we have said, it is Now the time to bring these dreams out of the ether into your reality. We have given you every single key you need.  And now, it is simply up to you.  You now have before you, a window of opportunity to allow these seeds to germinate, each and every one of you in this room, in the period of the Fall and into the winter. If you do not answer your calling by the Spring of 2006, we will simply move on.  And this is Truth. 


This is the time of Great Change:



Do you wish to be part of this beautiful picture we are painting or do you wish to say this is a fantasy?  That also is your choice, and your opportunity to practice great discernment and discrimination.  If you wish to believe in lack and limitation, you may continue on in this path of spiritual miasma of the soul. That can be your reality.  But we tell you that just around the corner, is a great balancing activity. The more people who participate in this new reality, the sooner this comes about for all of humanity.  We remind you that you create from the Crystal Cave within your heart.


Example of Following Right Avocation


Now we could also speak of an example of someone who is following her pathway in the now. For example, individuals such as animal shamans are providing great service.  Every living creature on the Earth is here for express purpose.  In your community, you are gifted with a person who has the great calling to honor the spirit of animals.  This person is able and willing to say:

“Yes, I heed the calling of my soul and the Divine Mind.

I will be of service”.


Her service is not only to humanity, but works through the multiple kingdoms of heaven, earth and the Devic and animal kingdoms.  She is able to communicate with the souls of animals, enlightening many people about animals’ service to us. This aids in returning inter-species relationships to a state of balance and joy.  This is following a very high spiritual pathway, the calling of the soul. This is representative of tuning into and touching the gifts that each one of you bring forth from your internal treasure: the Love in your hearts. 


There are many ways to serve.  We require service from every single one of you in this room and beyond.  Yes indeed. We have said a very many things this evening, and we would wish to pause for several moments while all of us breathe and experience our own internal treasure within our hearts. 


If you choose to participate in this, envision the beautiful colors of turquoise and green in the high heart and the heart center; we now invite you in this moment of time, to listen to the internal voice of your own inner teacher to determine what are you being called to do.  Which one, if not all of these tools, do you need to tend to so that this period of darkness and germination of the Fall into the Winter provides you with the most fertile ground to burst forth with the New in the spring of 2006?  Yes indeed, and we will pause for several moments for this time of internal introspection. 


(Pause for meditation.)


Yes, our dear friends in Light, now from this place of inner peace, centered in your own hearts, we invite your questions on the topic of Right Avocation.  If there is some clarification you would like, some question about a specific avocation, transformation, or transition, we are open to receive your questions. 


Group Questions:


Question:  I would like to know what my avocation should be?


Your avocation “should be” exactly what it is right now.  It “should be” that which you dream, and that which you create.  You see, your avocation is carrying the great light of your soul and opening up to a more balanced place in the heart to do the work of the Divine. 


We believe that you have a very great facility for working with symbols and dreams.  For allowing people to see the un-manifest form within, in order to create more light on the exterior planes.  We believe that you are being called to a service of counseling individuals, working through the dream state to realize that there is no such thing as an irrelevant symbol, there is no thing as an irrelevant occurrence.  Even when you are driving your car, and out of the middle of nowhere comes a deer in a very unlikely place, this does mean something?  Does it mean something in the dream state, or does it mean something so important that this has manifested in three dimensional reality?  Does it herald the fact that something very beautiful is coming into creation because you have said “yes” to this assignment, or perhaps does it mean something else? 


Question:  I would like to know if my avocation is to write a book about healing through the pain of divorce, and carrying that message to others through workshops and some sort of ministry.


Well, we believe you have answered your own question, because this is indeed the most important service that you can provide, and we will tell you that no one else can do it in the way that you are able.  This is exactly why you are being called, because the modality of divorce has become so rampant, but the cleanup which comes after has largely been left untended.  And when one has walked this pathway and has learned to heal at depth as you have, this is your treasure.  Through suffering and pain you have come to a place of wholeness, is this not correct?


Answer:  Yes, it is true.


You see, and no one else is qualified in all of humanity, to teach this thing from your perspective.  This is precisely why you are being called to heal the human heart.  This is what we are here for: to heal the human heart.  This is the activity of going into the crystal cave. How does one do that? One delves into the depths of darkness to walk a path, to know what it is like, to experience broken-ness, deception, despair, and all of these things which are very common.  And then, we emerge as stronger, more compassionate, and more loving.


Are we here as spiritual beings to suffer at this point in time?  The truth of the matter is, no, but the truth of the matter also remains that while we exist in this lower-dimensional space, suffering continues to be a modality of learning.  That which we have overcome, and, so to speak, conquered, in the realms of light and love, has great depth and meaning for our soul.  So, for you to put the pieces of your life back together after this broken-ness, is to show the Truth to others, that you cannot be broken!  You cannot!  If we tell you no other thing, this is to unveil the illusion behind all aspects of divorce: you cannot be broken!  You have brought yourself to the place of wholeness that was always within. 


This is such a great gift to humanity that there is a great gathering of angels singing a  chorus of halleluiahs that you finally say:  


“I will do the job! Yes! I have been called, Yes, I agree. Yes, this is the Divine. Yes, I accept and I acknowledge the sacred activity of the Light Worker.”


If you can tune in to the great celebration going on around us, there are projects for every one of you of just this nature.  So if someone in this room says, “Well I don’t have anything that important to do”, you are very greatly mistaken by that attitude.  Each one of you has just such a sacred calling, and the celestial host gathered around you today says: “Jobs well done, our friends in light!” It is now time to bring this sacred activity, the calling of your heart and soul, out of the ethers and into three dimensionality.  Does that answer your question, our dear heart?   


Answer:  Yes.  I have a calling to heal the collective heart of man, one person at a time.


This is correct, other than your last phrase: for you are never healing only one person at a time, you are healing many, many more, because your work will have a rippling effect.  It will not be only one person. It will be one, and then it will be ten, and then it will be one thousand, and then one hundred thousand.  So do not underestimate your work, our dearest heart in light. 


Question:  I have a question; it is a boundary question which is hard.  I am in a situation

where in a small company I have gone to work for, the mother and son are in some sort of huge karmic tie. The son is not in right relationship with the mother, or in right relationship with the group.  And my question is, where do the boundaries lie, in the sacred honoring of someone else’s ties or in the sacred honoring of the whole? 


You see, this is a topic which we could carry on at quite some length, because the truth of the matter is that the correct answer always lies on the path of compassion.  Where is the greatest amount of love? Is it in the deception or is it in the truth?  For you see, many of you will be called to unveil the activities of deceptiveness.  There is a great deal of energy of deceptiveness going about in your government at this point in time.  And every bit of individual experience is a microcosm of the macrocosm.  So, this energy of deception, of wrong action in this small environment, is representative of the greater experience of humanity. 


The greater good is that which must always be served, because that is the path of compassion.  Even when that puts you at risk, and you know directly what we mean.  When you uncover these things, you will be at risk.  Pure and simple.  This is the choice of the server of humanity.  “Because I am at risk, I am going to stay in hiding.  I will not speak of these things which are not in right action.  That way I preserve my job, I preserve my livelihood, my position.” Perhaps, but then you do not preserve your integrity!  So you see, it is very clear which pathway you must take.  It is not a matter of boundaries; it is a matter of Truth.  It is a matter of saying,


“I am willing to be of service to the higher pathways of Light and Love.”


There must be someone willing to step forward, just as there will be someone in your government soon willing to step forward to uncover these deceptions.  This is why your question comes up as a microcosm of the macrocosmic illness of societies:  the importance of stepping forward for the greater good, the importance of the path of Truth and compassion. 


Do we see in reality a very great example of compassionate leadership in this country at this time?  No, we do not.  Do we see a very important example of compassionate leadership in your company, yes we do.  It starts with you, our dear friend.  It starts with you, in your heart.  To follow that which you know is right for the greatest good, in compassion, in love, even at the risk of your own livelihood.  For you are protected in the light of the Divine Mind, and you will always be safe, you will always be provided for.  It is simply following the path, taking a deep breath, affirming “I AM A MASTER”, and diving into these depths, and then you emerge to this place of great light.  Do you understand?


Answer:  Yes, thank you.



Question:  What is my sacred calling, what is my right avocation?



Well, you see we were waiting for just such a test case.  Because you would like the Ascended Masters to stand right here and tell you, well we would like you to do x, y, or z thing, and we provided you with the opportunity, did we not, to go into that sacred place of the heart, and what did your heart say to you?  Nothing?  Or something?  We would like to know if you are willing to share that sacred information with the group for the edification of the greater good. 


Answer:  A Healing Center.  I got a feeling of a healing center, opening up a center.


Well, you see this is true.  This is your calling, and there are many such projects under way in this geographical area, and this is the thing we would like to bring forth:  It is that you do not have to do all of this alone.  This becomes a very daunting project to take up on your own. Many of you are laboring under the illusion that you must do it all.  Even our dear heart who is going to do this divine sacred work with counseling divorced couples, is not going to do it all on her own, not even the writing of the book! She will have a great deal of assistance. And we may talk about the levels and layers of assistance through the Ascended Master realm, which will bring into her circle editors, friends, and people willing to say: “I will help!” 


You are not alone in doing these projects. You must let that fall away to the center of the Earth to be recycled back into light and love.  You are not the only one in this geographical area considering the opening of a metaphysical center.  There are very many who have this project in their heart, on their mind and their soul.  You will be involved with the co-creative relationship of establishing many more centers of light and learning. Each one will have its unique form and will serve in perfection for the greater whole.  This place right here, Morning Light, is the centerpiece of this plan.  What happens next is that hubs of light emanate from here, expanding this beautiful vortex energy maintained by our friend in light anchoring the space. All of these places work in beautiful harmony together in synchronicity to create an expanding area of light and love in this region of the heartland. 


You are directly heeding your calling. We remind you simply that you will not be alone, that the people who are ready to step forward will manifest for you very quickly.  All of the financial concerns will also be taken care of, not through effortlessness, but by Right Action, by Right Thought, by Right Words, and by Right Intention.  All of these things are manifesting and lining up for the greatest good.  And we do honor your willingness to share, because that is the important aspect of our experience together: it is not to hide our intentions but to share, the great joy and gifts, and all the things that we bring together in co-creative relationship with the Divine Mind.  Does this answer your question?


Answer:  Yes, and thank you very much.



Question:  I would like to request a little more direction for my project.  I feel like I have too many projects and I am not sure which direction to go with which ones.


Once again, when we entered into the sacred space of the heart, what was the image, what was the sensation, what message did you receive?


“I received a message of growing things, a healing place, teaching of respect for the Earth by example, and healing with animals, working with herbs and grasses, a variety of things all connected with honoring and teaching about the Earth.”


Well you see, and this is why we like to have you elaborate this plan, because it is not too many things to do.  These projects are all in direct alignment; they are all in synchronicity.  They all fit together.  If you were, for example, to attempt to work only with the grasses, you would not have the energy of the beautiful alpaca animals which will bring the children into the healing center who can not express their feelings. We have spoken to you about the autistic children who will relate very beautifully to the nature of these gentle beasts of service. It all fits together, and it does seem to be rather a large project.  Once again, we reiterate that you will not be alone. 


We believe that there will be a great many people enthusiastically wishing to support you in this project.  It is important to clear the land for this project. There are many people who are shamans in this area who can energetically clear the land. Remember that the fall and the winter are the times for putting the pieces together, one by one by one; it is not the time to hold onto the whole entire picture and say, “Oh my god in heaven! I cannot do it, it is too much, I give up!”  You have tried that, have you not?  And that did not manifest from the dream state into reality. 


You see, this is time, one by one, of taking the seeds and planting them, of taking the measurements of the land, how much lumber do you need, how many animals, what is the financial situation, and not get overwhelmed.  You may even find yourself delegating certain parts of the project, because you do not need to do it all alone. 


We need to take a deep breath or we will become agitated once again.  And at the same time, you need to take a deep breath or you will become agitated.  This is a mirroring reflection of that which we all need to be reminded of:  we all have very large assignments and if we try to tackle the whole project in our mind all at once, it does not manifest or materialize.  However, we can take the project apart to create it step by step, by beginning to make lists.


We see that most of you work on the computer.  You do not realize that when you put pen to paper, this is a different activity of invocation of Divine Will.  When you tap away, and in the Ascended Master realm we like to think of this as: “hack, hack, hack, hack, hack”, this is a very different energy from the beautiful looping of writing with a beautiful flowing pen, these gel pens we very much enjoy that you have created, smoothly flowing. You do not have to dip and mess your hands to write anymore, and this is quite different energy. 


When you write your ideas and steps on a piece of paper, it creates through the activity of sacred symbols. The encodings within written language are a modality of transformation.  You write down the lists on a piece of paper.  And then later, if you are paranoid, you put it on the computer so you don’t lose it, but many of you lose things on the computer anyway.  So, writing down your steps with pen and paper is a very sacred activity of setting the steps in motion.  Make the list, because then you get the great satisfaction of crossing it off when you are done.  You cannot cross something off the computer, you hit the delete key or “hack, hack, hack, hack” at those little dashed lines. Those are annoying sounds, to many of us.  On a piece of paper you can just very elegantly cross off the step you just accomplished.  So be it and so it is done.  This is a small, little fact that we can suggest to you that will actually be of great use. 


So you see, one by one by one, these projects will come together into a unified whole.  They all fit together.  There is not part which is too much, or is inconsequential. Every part will fit together very beautifully and we will tell those of you in the room that when this soul of light opens her healing center, you will all be invited. You will be invited to experience the most sublime interaction with these alpaca animals who hold the energy of unconditional love.  The animals will be providing service to the children of autism, and the children who have been told that they are attention-deficit people.  They will relate to these animals, and their energies will be calmed.  And they will be healed.  In case you doubt that, we state that as a reality.  So take your assignment or say “no” and we will find someone else.  We will say no more.  So be it and so it is.  Does this answer your question?


Answer:  Yes it does, thank you.



Question:  How do humpbacked whales relate to my project?


Well, you see this topic will be addressed on Monday night when we discuss the healing of the Earth’s chakras.  We will give you a small preview in telling you that the animals, the mammals of the oceans, carry a very high degree of consciousness. They are here to serve.  And you can very easily take your consciousness on the back of the great humpback and go on these journeys that they are traversing beneath the oceans, healing the ley-lines. Yes, you are invited to take your own consciousness on the backs of these Ascended Beings.


What they are doing is healing work below the surface of the waters.  Whenever you are involved in healing the Earth and the ley-lines of the Earth, you work very closely with the humpbacked whales that traverse the entire planet.  There have been colonies of whales that have attempted to reach the interior places of the continents. These are energy points on the planet of the sacred healing places, such as the interior jungles of Central America. These sea mammals have attempted to access the central pyramid forms which are underneath the ground and are not being tended to by humanity.  These great mammalian beings have tried on occasion to get there by beaching themselves.  But, the more that we become activated in the human light worker way of healing and balancing the Earth’s chakras, which we will begin to do on Monday evening, the less need there will be for these humpbacked whales and other creatures of the sea to sacrifice themselves. 


This is a very large topic once again, but the interweaving with your own project is very evident. Your project of healing the Earth and restoring things to right balance can take you on this voyage of consciousness beneath the sea. You will begin to see where these ley-line connections need to be repaired.  And you will perform your sacred service to humanity as a light worker with the beautiful mudra that we will discuss on the seventh chakra of healing; healing the oceans and the ley-lines, transmuting all to Love.  Does this answer the question?


Answer:  That is enough for now, thank you.



Question: Could you please tell me about my assignment? 


Once again we ask you to elaborate from your own center of being, what is in your heart;  perhaps a background check on what you are doing now, and what you are feeling you are being called to do -  if you wish to share that within the context of the group, knowing that it provides service for the whole. 


“During our exercise today what I was getting was the Virgin Mary’s energy, and people coming to her, especially folks that were extremely physically impaired, coming for healing.” 


And in relation to your current avocation, how does this fit in to the picture, please?


“I am an occupational therapist; I work at a state facility where I have just recently started working with people who are multiply handicapped.”


So you see, you are already on the path of Right Avocation.  It is simply bringing in the qualities of the Divine feminine.  You are already doing your service to humanity; you need not shift into some other modality.  It is bringing in that great depth of feminine healing through the Ascended Master Mary.


First, would you please give us the resonance of your name?


“My name IS Mary!”


You see this is no small thing!  Mary is going to speak to Mary, yes indeed! 


We pause for one moment to bring in the Divine Presence of Mary.


The Ascended Master Mary speaks:


“My beautiful daughter in light, now is the time to burst forth with the energy of co-creative Divine Feminine Love.  What you are being called to do is to heal those who are in greatest need, for in walking the pathway of the Mother, the healing energies of Mary, it is a necessity, to expose oneself to some degree of suffering.  As I stood at the foot of the cross, and saw my beloved Son give his life for humanity, in the depths of my soul I experienced great lamentation and suffering.  I knew that there was some greater purpose being Served; and this is what I wish to say to you now from the depths of the feminine voice of God.  These beautiful children and adults that you offer Service and Healing to -  all of the people coming into your reality Now, serve a great purpose.  Through suffering, they are teaching the way of Love.  They all come in through Divine Right Order to be in this place. And what is this place? To be in your sacred presence, our friend in light Mary.  Through the energies of Mary, sharing a name of great spiritual significance, they come to You, just as they came, and still come, to me.  They come into your Presence because you can look at them and say:


“I see you, not in your brokenness, but I see your wholeness.  I see your Divinity.  I see beyond the confines of this body into your soul.”


You carry the energy of Mary within your own soul - this is your name, this is your reality.  You bring to these people, the opportunity to be seen as whole and complete.  And this is such a great gift, that we rest in the sacred space of the heart because this is where true healing energies come from – the crystal cave of the heart.  My daughter in Light, my friend, my co-creative companion, we will walk the highest of all paths of spiritual light-worker together, to create healing among the broken.  To say to these people:


“I see the beautiful Light of who you are, in spite of your limitations and no matter in what way your pathway manifests, I am here for you.”


This is the energy of Mother Mary at the foot of the cross.  In spite of all difficulty, I was there for my beloved Son.  In spite of the energy it takes on your own behalf to stand in front of these people who have suffered greatly, you say:  “I am here”.  This is the peace, our friends, the peace that surpasseth understanding. 


If  you choose to rest in the energy of the heart center, the space of expansion, the place that you are all heading to in the next six months in the spring of 2006, if you envision your purpose in the heart center and listen to the calling that is within, this, This is the Avocation of the light worker, no matter what form it takes.


“I am here for you my friend, I see the greatness in you, I see the Christ in you, I see the depth of your soul far beyond the constraints of your physical body - for that is a thing that will pass, but your soul lives on into eternity.”


This is the message of the Mother Mary that you will be imparting to many.  Our friends in light, the message of Mary is this:

Love is eternal.

Love never dies.

Love needs no teaching.


Yes, Love is eternal.

My Son is eternal.

The great Buddha consciousness that exists in and through

 all things is eternal.

The Divine Mind is the eternal energy of I AM that I AM that I AM.


This is the very sacred space of the heart that we enter into in great perfection.  Each one of you feels this space in the heart at this moment.  This is the place from which you all create your reality: 


The peace of that passeth understanding.

Thy will be done through me.

All of the Masters coming, one by one by one, in front of you Now to give your assignments into your heart, in great joy and great solemnity and great celebration.

I AM here for you.


Mother Mary, the companion, the co-creative equal of all of the Masters.  Lest we forget, it is through the feminine Divine body that all life is created, and all life bursts forth in a beautiful partnership of balancing male and female, yin and yang.  Our friends, we have discussed and shared a great many things, and the Master Kuthumi has allowed my I AM Presence to finish this session with great perfection, because my compassion and grace is what is greatly needed by humanity.


I AM here for you my brother.

I AM here for you my sister.

You are never alone, and love needs no teaching.

Love is.

This is the energy of your pathway, Mary.

Your birthright.

Everything that you have come to do, in the moment of Now is to take the mantle of the feminine healer, extend your hand in mine, your consciousness, and your light to those most in need to be seen as souls that are eternal. 


This is Divine Love, which never dies,

which needs no teaching, and is the essence of all things.


With that message, we wish to say, we honor each and every one of you, we give thanks on behalf of the Ascended Master Kuthumi, who has given our I AM presence the sacred task of closing the circle. We ask all of you to be gentle on your souls. Even though some of these words were rather pointed, it is the Purpose of Love to awaken you to your Divine Service and that is all.  Even though we have interspersed this energy with humor, there is a very great urgency and necessity for you to take up the mantles that you are being called to in the energy of Right Avocation. 


Yes indeed, we say to each and every one of you, through the Master Kuthumi, the Ascended Master Mary, and all of the assembled hosts:


We see the Christ in each one of you;

we behold the Buddha consciousness in each one of your souls.


Yes indeed, it has been an honor, and we say on behalf of all the Masters, for the greatest good of all concerned,




© Ronna Prince 2005

This document may be forwarded with the copyright attached.


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