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Hello from my heart, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.      Bless the Water
Global Meditations Network.

Beth Corbett asks you to pray for the Water flooding New Orleans in order to help heal this Water just now filled with poisons.

We know that Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto has proved that Water, when blessed, reacts and begins to change its molecular structure into a perfect state, a golden hexagon.

New Orleans is a tragedy. Let us give Love and Compassion to the Water in order to help Veal it..

To help with your visualization, http://www.hado-life-europe.com/ has a brilliant photograph of a blessed Water crystal.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I Am Ra

We greet you in the love and light of the infinite Creator.

A holographic web of light is being constructed around the etheric body of your planet.It is in the shape of the logos....the star tetrahedron.

This is an ongoing project which is being accomplished with the assistance of others from the Confederation of Planets.

In the course of this work, it was discovered that we were unable to ground a key geographical location, specifically, the gulf area in and around the southeastern United States.
Several ley lines merge there, but due to magnetic and thought form interference from your peoples, we were unable to establish a portal in this location.

The purpose of this project is to stabilize the structural integrity of Earth as she moves through her transition.
Without this key point secured, we were unable to move forward.

The Confederation was given permission to allow a build-up of forces to accumulate at this locale, in order to bring about an opening through which the portal could be created.
Though seen from your vantage point, the resulting hurricane and flood is a tragedy and disaster.  From our point of view it contains the possible salvation of the Earth.

What is the Law?
The Law is One.

I am Ra.


Truth will prevail, for Truth is Love, and Love is the Truth of your being. The cleansing of energies of Duality, of the Illusion, of all that is Not Love, must happen to reveal the Truth of your being, which is only Love.   Gaia has chosen to raise her vibration to higher levels; levels that she last experienced eons ago.   All on the Planet who wish to move along with her, must also return now to higher vibrations.   The energetic cleansings of her body continue, and many suffer as her energies shift.

It is possible to move through this process in a gentler way, but that involves having awareness of the process, and choosing that path. Many who are not yet awakened, aren’t yet aware of the choice. And some, aware of the choice, refuse to make it. This path is difficult to experience and difficult to see occurring.

Your heart goes out to all the people who are experiencing losses at this time. You feel the grief and despair, and wonder how you can best help them, comfort them. Yes, there are many things you can do on the physical level, and so many of you are doing what you can, with donations of money, goods, food, and water. Bless you for all these efforts, they are indeed making a great difference. People from all walks of life are coordinating many relief efforts. Be encouraged that so many are willing to do what they can. Be encouraged that Love is being revealed in the midst of pain and turmoil. Many are awakening to Love, because of this process. See this Truth. Understand that the layers of other-than-truth are being washed away, and that Truth...that Love, will prevail.

There is also the spiritual level to consider, and so many of you are making a great difference in this way as well. Through prayer and intent, through meditation, through your compassion and your love you are maintaining the highest vibrations, and making this energy accessible to others. Be sure, also, to take care of your own energies throughout this time. It is loving energy that reaches out to help others in need, but it is also loving energy that insures that one does not bring about a state of exhaustion to self. Balance is needed.

How do you best help Gaia as her process of ascension continues? Find ways to honor, with gratitude and love, this home that she provides for you. It does more for her energies than you might understand.  Also, your own energy is part of Gaia. As you clear and maintain your own vibration, you are helping not only Gaia, but all of life connected to her. You are, truly, Love, and this is the Truth that will prevail. Loving blessings to you all.


Through Bonnie Waters


Note from Bonnie: I couldn’t find my own words to address this situation, and so, have decided to continue with the channelings at this time. Blessings to all who have lost so much, and to all who are reaching out their hands and hearts in love.

IndigoNews -3- Sept. 1, 2005

Notes on Hurricane Katrina

Many of you have felt extremely jittery last weekend, when the hurricane Katrina was on her way to landfall.

Many of you have picked up loose strands in your own life, not understanding that what you were feeling was caused by the seismic and magnetic disturbances related to this huge weather system.  Mother earth is shaking on her axis.   Misalignment in your own thinking and your interpretation of life came to the surface. Pay gentle and loving attention to what needs to be adjusted in your own life.  Take charge and take action.  Release what needs to be let go of, be courageous in what Love and Light is suggesting you put your focus on.

Interpret what happened during the last weekend in your personal life as “meaningful coincidences” and change your reality into boldly desiring the dream that has lived within you to come true. It may be shocking to acknowledge what that Dream really entails. Allow yourself to connect with it. This is your personal message, while a disaster hit the country.

A huge need for peace, harmlessness and love exists and there is a huge “lack” in knowing how to create it. Personal is politics, so extend your personal learning. A disaster like Hurricane Katrina with so many innocent victims has much to teach us. Becoming aware and working with “thought fields” could be the greatest help we can give to support and honor those who are suffering.

Morphogenetic Fields

Thought fields, called “morphogenetic fields” are precursors of manifestation. Morphogenetic fields are created by the pictures, visions, and interpretations that people have in their minds. Our minds need cleaning up, as well personally as on a national and global level, because thoughts become things.

Imagine what it means to find competition more important than care, now that competition does not make sense. “Things” we take for granted, without giving thanks, disappear. What we are afraid of manifests itself. What we fight against becomes stronger. The loss of lives, the manifestation of scarcity in oil and gas, the pollution of air and water, the immense loss of property, the many people who are homeless, the sorrow and suffering in the wake of hurricane Katrina are expressions of a collective morphogenetic field that is in dire need to be changed into something better.

What have years of mindlessly watching horror movies and acts of violence created? Many have paid their cable companies, blockbuster and movie theaters to be amused (& relaxed) by the same sort of pictures, that are now for real on TV. There must be a correlation between those subconscious images and the manifestation of this kind of horror all over the world.

Rescue and Relief thru Awareness

Ask yourself, what is poor, not valued and drowning within you. Ask yourself where within yourself are you fighting a dictator, another religion, a terrorist so much, that you cannot muster the strength anymore to gather your inner forces and “help” the values that are in need of rescue and support. Ask yourself where you are depending too much on outer means of communication, instead of relying on what you already know. Do you need to perk up the telepathic and energetic/resonant communication with your spiritual/loving Self, Guides and loved ones? Which “levees” within yourself need strengthening so that you do not break down? Which “properties” do you find so important that they create fear in your life?

This is not about blaming and pointing fingers, this is about a huge rescue and relief, which can only be done with the power of the mind, with the use and knowing of morphogenetic fields as precursors of manifestation.

Stop within yourself any attention to blame shame poverty horror disease. Stop any thought of competition, being or feeling better than or worse than. Know that you never cry for yourself alone. Let your human anger and fear come out in save ways, make a sacred space to let them go. Ask a friend to listen to you and release it. Be gentle with the smallest anger and express it, so that it does not have to grow into a huge army that creates havoc within you. Rock many boats so that you do not have to create huge waves. Face your fears; do not put them away for later. Muster the courage to care for yourself and another. Dare to love.

Do not wait for a disaster to get you together. Stop the need to be approved of, honored by or listened to by abusive people, abusive organizations or institutions. The Light does not need permission from the darkness to shine.

Strengthen your Imaginary Muscle

Use the information about the people in distress to create pictures in your mind of miraculous help and healing. See an army that serves to assist people and a government that knows how to organize care and nurturing. Imagine trauma to be converted into wisdom, the rubble of houses and businesses into peaceful communities. Strengthen your imaginary muscles to bring about peace beauty and cooperation within yourself and others. Put that mindfulness into action.  

© Mica M. Renes, N.D


Floor Statement of Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich:

The Supplemental for Hurricane Katrina

 WASHINGTON - September 2 - Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) gave

the following speech today on the House floor during a special session

to provide relief money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina:

This amount of money is only a fraction of what is needed and everyone

here knows it.   Let it go forward quickly with heart-felt thanks to

those who are helping to save lives with necessary food, water,

shelter, medical care and security. Congress must also demand

accountability with the appropriations. Because until there are basic

changes in the direction of this government, this tragedy will multiply

to apocalyptic proportions.

“The Administration yesterday said that no one anticipated the breach

of the levees. Did the Administration not see or care about the 2001

FEMA warning about the risk of a devastating hurricane hitting the

people of New Orleans? Did it not know or care that civil and army

engineers were warning for years about the consequences of failure to

strengthen the flood control system? Was it aware or did it care that

the very same Administration which decries the plight of the people

today, cut from the budget tens of millions needed for Gulf-area flood

control projects?

“Countless lives have been lost throughout the South with a cost of

hundreds of billions in ruined homes, businesses, and the destruction

of an entire physical and social infrastructure.

“The President said an hour ago that the Gulf Coast looks like it has

been obliterated by a weapon. It has. Indifference is a weapon of mass


“Our indifferent government is in a crisis of legitimacy. If it

continues to ignore its basic responsibility for the health and welfare

of the American people, will there ever be enough money to clean up

after their indifference?

“As our government continues to squander human and monetary resources

of this country on the war, people are beginning to ask, “Isn’t it time

we began to take care of our own people here at home? Isn’t it time we

rescued our own citizens? Isn’t it time we fed our own people? Isn’t it

time we sheltered our own people? Isn’t it time we provided physical

and economic security for our own people?” And isn’t it time we stopped

the oil companies from profiting from this tragedy?

“We have plenty of work to do here at home. It is time for America to

come home and take care of its own people who are drowning in the

streets, suffocating in attics, dying from exposure to the elements,

oppressed by poverty and illness, wracked with despair and hunger and


“The time is NOW to bring back to the United States the 78,000 National

Guard troops currently deployed overseas into the Gulf Coast region.

“The time is NOW to bring back to the US the equipment which will be

needed for search and rescue, for clean up and reclamation.

“The time is NOW for federal resources, including closed Army bases, to

be used for temporary shelter for those who have been displaced by the


“The time is NOW to plan massive public works, with jobs going to the

people of the Gulf Coast states, to build new levees, new roads,

bridges, libraries, schools, colleges and universities and to rebuild

all public institutions, including hospitals. Medicare ought to be

extended to everyone, so every person can get the physical and mental

health care they might need as a result of the disaster.

“The time is NOW for the federal government to take seriously the

research of scientists who have warned for years about the dangers of

changes in the global climate, and to prepare other regions of the

country for other possible weather disasters until we change our

disastrous energy policies.

“The time is NOW for changes in our energy policy, to end the

domination of oil and fossil fuel and to invest heavily in alternative

energy, including wind and solar, geothermal and biofuels.

“As bad as this catastrophe will prove to be, it is in fact only a

warning. Our government must change its direction, it must become

involved in making America a better place to live, a place where all

may survive and thrive. It must get off the path of war and seek the

path of peace, peace with the natural environment, peace with other

nations, peace with a just economic system.”

Hurricane Katrina: A Disaster Worsened by Capitalism

By Bryan Koulouris, New York City, USA 

Hundreds of thousands are left homeless. Tens of thousands have been shipped to Texas as refugees. Buildings have collapsed. Entire communities have been reduced to rubble. The city of New Orleans, one of the centres of history and culture in the US, will likely be uninhabitable for months. The death toll from Katrina is certainly in the hundreds, and it will probably reach the thousands. Some commentators say this was all unavoidable, but that is a lie.

Even the Wall Street Journal printed an article entitled, “Evacuation was a model of efficiency--for those who had a car.” The Deep South in the USA is riddled with extreme poverty nearly comparable to a Third World country, and New Orleans, despite all the flashy tourism, is no exception.

For the over 100,000 poor residents of New Orleans without any access to cars, there were few options. You could cough up the few pennies you have to take a bus out of town, leaving your belongings, friends, and community behind in order to end up sleeping on the street in some other city. Or you could go to the Superdome, where over 23,000 people decided to wait out the storm in an arena intended for watching American football, only to eventually be shipped (after a dangerous evacuation) to the Astrodome in not-so-nearby Houston, Texas.

Or, as thousands of people decided (or were forced to decide) you could wait it out on your roofs or in your attics, surrounded by destruction and floating dead bodies; you could only hope not to become one of those floating by. The working class and poor have the least stable housing, so it is disproportionately the houses of workers that were destroyed.

New Orleans (and other places throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, etc.) have no clean drinking water, and food supplies have been desecrated. Desperate working class and poor people have resorted to “looting” in order to get a hold of food. People have restored to get food, water, and other necessities, people should not be punished for the tragedy they are experienced. WalMart can afford to give up some food; working people faced with disaster can't.

As this crisis hits, over 6,000 National Guardsmen from Louisiana and Mississippi are in Iraq helping the US ruling elite's attempts to occupy the country for the benefit of Halliburton, Texaco, Bechtel, and other US corporations. Theoretically, the National Guard is supposed to deal with domestic emergencies (they're often used to break strikes). If there was ever a time that real, dedicated civil servants were needed for a domestic emergency, this is it. The priorities of big business and their two parties are really exposed here

It is currently estimated that damage done to New Orleans alone will amount to tens of billions of dollars. This sounds like an unattainable sum. But think about it: in just a few months, Bush and his buddies spend hundreds of billions of dollars on the war in Iraq. Now the occupation of Iraq is costing $5.6 billion a month.

Clearly, in the minds of the millionaires and billionaires who rule this country, war and profits come before relief for ordinary people faced with the most difficult of situations. Partially due to the huge amount of resources devoted to a war for oil, profits, and prestige, state and local governments have implemented viscous budget cuts that have caused, amongst other things, less money to be devoted to dealing with natural disasters.

Prevention: Profits over People

Recent years have seen a marked increase in the number of hurricanes and other major natural disasters, some of which the probably the result of climate change. Of course, it would have been impossible to prevent all the damage done by Katrina, but much of the damage was preventable. New Orleans, surrounded on three sides by water (Mississippi River, Lake Pontchartrain, and the Gulf of Mexico) has a record of flooding during hurricanes.

The city is built below sea level, and it is kept from constant flooding by a system of levees and pumps. The levees are set up to withstand some “level three” hurricanes, but Katrina was a level four hurricane. There is plenty of technology to create levees that withstand even level five hurricanes.

Also, the system of pumps that gets water out of the areas furthest below sea level runs on electricity, not generators. Of course, electricity has been knocked out not only in New Orleans, but throughout the Gulf Coast. The system could have been run on generators, but this would have cost money, money that big business politicians weren't willing to spend.

In an interesting article in New Orleans City Business from February 7th, 2005, the US Army Corps stated that millions were needed for flood and hurricane protection in New Orleans, but “most projects will not be funded in the President's 2006 fiscal year budget.” From 2001 to 2005, government spending on projects to protect New Orleans from massive flooding dropped drastically from $147 million to $82 million.

The Army Corps of Engineers are responsible for maintaining flood defences and in June last year its project manager, Al Naomi, went before the East Jefferson levee authority to request $2 million for “urgent work” that Washington was not paying for. “The levees are sinking,” he said “Everything is sinking, and if we don't get the money fast enough to raise them, then we can't stay ahead of any settlement.”

Study after study has shown that working class and poor areas, like the destitute “Lower Ninth Ward” of New Orleans are hit the worst by flooding due to the lack of investment in prevention.

They claimed there was no money for prevention, but United Airlines was just given billions in corporate bailouts from the federal government. Billions are spent on destruction, occupation, and oppression in Iraq. And they can't fund projects to minimize damage from inevitable disasters? Ridiculous.

With big business controlling the relief strategy, the situation looks bad for the poor masses of the Gulf Coast. Even if the water level subsides, the dead bodies, rancid food and raw sewage would lead to a massive outbreak of sickness and disease for anybody who goes back to the region. Electricity and drinking water won't be ready for mass use either.

Right now, Wall Street isn't worried about the dire situation faced by millions due to this disaster. They're worried about the bottom line: profits. Specifically, they're worried about oil. The Gulf Coast has many, if not most, of the oil refineries in the USA. With skyrocketing gas prices and a looming energy crisis in many areas, the big shots on Wall Street are worried about “investor confidence” and a “knock on effect” in the fall of stocks.

They should be worried. The US economy and the world economy will be massively affected by these events. Working people have already been hit hard. Workers can't let big business put the burden of the economic problems on our backs; that's what they'll try to do by calling on us to “tighten our belts.”

Bush and his gang are worried. Anger is mounting against Bush on many issues, ranging the war in Iraq, the unstable income and his massive tax cuts for the rich. Already suffering his lowest ever approval ratings Bush fears that this disaster will further undermine him as the realization sets in that his government cut the spending on flood defences and sent the National Guard to Iraq. Hurricane Katrina could be a turning point in which passive anger turns into active opposition.

We need to fight back to make big business for a disaster that they helped to bring about and worsen. We should demand worker and community control of all relief resources. We should demand billions in spending on relief from and prevention of natural disasters. The Federal government must provide full unrestricted maintenance for all those who have lost their jobs, there must be an emergency program to build good public housing for all those now homeless, interest-free loans must be given to small businesses and farmers to enable to rebuild and the States must be given Federal finance to replace their lost tax income. We need to organise mass movements of demonstrations, strikes, and direct actions to reverse the budget cuts, tax the rich, and get funding for programs like universal healthcare, decent education, and public works programmes that provide decent jobs.

The capitalist system has its priorities: making stockholders happy by making more profits. To make profits, they want to keep our wages low. The big corporations don't want to be taxed to pay for our social programmes, so they pay off politicians to pass laws and budgets that benefit the super-rich. We need a party that represents working people, a party with a programme to end poverty, war, racism, and environmental destruction. We need a workers' party with a socialist programme that will fight big business to the very end.  


Saturday, September 3, 2005 8:16 AM

‘This is criminal’: Malik Rahim reports from New Orleans

You’ll find this Bay View web exclusive at www.sfbayview.com/083105/thisiscriminal083105.shtml.
<http://www.sfbayview.com/083105/thisiscriminal083105.shtml> There you can read more about Malik in a flier from his recent run for New Orleans City Council. Please distribute widely.

by Malik Rahim

Malik Rahim, a veteran of the Black Panther Party in New Orleans, for decades an organizer of public housing tenants both there and in San Francisco and a recent Green Party candidate for New Orleans City Council, lives in the Algiers neighborhood, the only part of New Orleans that is not flooded. They have no power, but the water is still good and the phones work. Their neighborhood could be sheltering and feeding at least 40,000 refugees, he says, but they are allowed to help no one.
What he describes is nothing less than deliberate genocide against Black and poor people. – Ed.

New Orleans, Sept. 1, 2005 – It’s criminal. From what you’re hearing, the people trapped in New Orleans are nothing but looters. We’re told we should be more “neighborly.” But nobody talked about being neighborly until after the people who could afford to leave ∑ left.

If you ain’t got no money in America, you’re on your own. People were told to go to the Superdome, but they have no food, no water there. And before they could get in, people had to stand in line for 4-5 hours in the rain because everybody was being searched one by one at the entrance.

I can understand the chaos that happened after the tsunami, because they had no warning, but here there was plenty of warning. In the three days before the hurricane hit, we knew it was coming and everyone could have been evacuated.

We have Amtrak here that could have carried everybody out of town. There were enough school buses that could have evacuated 20,000 people easily, but they just let them be flooded. My son watched 40 buses go underwater – they just wouldn’t move them, afraid they’d be stolen.

People who could afford to leave were so afraid someone would steal what they own that they just let it all be flooded. They could have let a family without a vehicle borrow their extra car, but instead they left it behind to be destroyed.

There are gangs of white vigilantes near here riding around in pickup trucks, all of them armed, and any young Black they see who they figure doesn’t belong in their community, they shoot him. I tell them, “Stop!
You’re going to start a riot.”

When you see all the poor people with no place to go, feeling alone and helpless and angry, I say this is a consequence of HOPE VI. New Orleans took all the HUD money it could get to tear down public housing, and families and neighbors who’d relied on each other for generations were uprooted and torn apart.

Most of the people who are going through this now had already lost touch with the only community they’d ever known. Their community was torn down and they were scattered. They’d already lost their real homes, the only place where they knew everybody, and now the places they’ve been staying are destroyed.

But nobody cares. They’re just lawless looters … dangerous.

The hurricane hit at the end of the month, the time when poor people are most vulnerable. Food stamps don’t buy enough but for about three weeks of the month, and by the end of the month everyone runs out. Now they have no way to get their food stamps or any money, so they just have to take what they can to survive.

Many people are getting sick and very weak. From the toxic water that people are walking through, little scratches and sores are turning into major wounds.

People whose homes and families were not destroyed went into the city right away with boats to bring the survivors out, but law enforcement told them they weren’t needed. They are willing and able to rescue thousands, but they’re not allowed to.

Every day countless volunteers are trying to help, but they’re turned back. Almost all the rescue that’s been done has been done by volunteers anyway.

My son and his family – his wife and kids, ages 1, 5 and 8 – were flooded out of their home when the levee broke. They had to swim out until they found an abandoned building with two rooms above water level.

There were 21 people in those two rooms for a day and a half. A guy in a boat who just said “I’m going to help regardless” rescued them and took them to Highway I-10 and dropped them there.

They sat on the freeway for about three hours, because someone said they’d be rescued and taken to the Superdome. Finally they just started walking, had to walk six and a half miles.

When they got to the Superdome, my son wasn’t allowed in – I don’t know why – so his wife and kids wouldn’t go in. They kept walking, and they happened to run across a guy with a tow truck that they knew, and he gave them his own personal truck.

When they got here, they had no gas, so I had to punch a hole in my gas tank to give them some gas, and now I’m trapped. I’m getting around by bicycle.

People from Placquemine Parish were rescued on a ferry and dropped off on a dock near here. All day they were sitting on the dock in the hot sun with no food, no water. Many were in a daze; they’ve lost everything.

They were all sitting there surrounded by armed guards. We asked the guards could we bring them water and food. My mother and all the other church ladies were cooking for them, and we have plenty of good water.

But the guards said, “No. If you don’t have enough water and food for everybody, you can’t give anything.” Finally the people were hauled off on school buses from other parishes.

You know Robert King Wilkerson (the only one of the Angola 3 political prisoners who’s been released). He’s been back in New Orleans working hard, organizing, helping people. Now nobody knows where he is. His house was destroyed. Knowing him, I think he’s out trying to save lives, but I’m worried.

The people who could help are being shipped out. People who want to stay, who have the skills to save lives and rebuild are being forced to go to Houston.

It’s not like New Orleans was caught off guard. This could have been prevented.

There’s military right here in New Orleans, but for three days they weren’t even mobilized. You’d think this was a Third World country.

I’m in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans, the only part that isn’t flooded. The water is good. Our parks and schools could easily hold 40,000 people, and they’re not using any of it.

This is criminal. These people are dying for no other reason than the lack of organization.

Everything is needed, but we’re still too disorganized. I’m asking people to go ahead and gather donations and relief supplies but to hold on to them for a few days until we have a way to put them to good use.

I’m challenging my party, the Green Party, to come down here and help us just as soon as things are a little more organized. The Republicans and Democrats didn’t do anything to prevent this or plan for it and don’t seem to care if everyone dies.

Malik’s phone is working. He welcomes calls from old friends and anyone with questions or ideas for saving lives. To reach him, call the Bay View at (415) 671-0789.

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