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  Into The Light June 14 , 2005




We're in the next phase of energy movement now, and there is much to tell. There is a lot going on at once, so let me try to break things down as simply as possible!


We recently entered into a phase that felt like much darkness within and without, as much was being shaken up by the newest arriving energies and brought to the surface. When we make big energetic and vibrational leaps into higher realms of reality, this usually occurs. It is part of the process, and IT ALWAYS PASSES. At times it can feel as though we are losing it and going insane, but we will always come out on the other side in a much more incredible space of being.


Also during this time, many experienced what I refer to as the “roadblock” energy, or interference energy. This can be felt as not getting anywhere no matter what you do, or having to do the same things over and over with little or no resolution or results. And in addition, during this time it felt as though there was way TOO MUCH for us to do!


This is why: Big, deep and more powerful energy (the shifts upgrade in exponential amounts, so they feel stronger and stronger each time) arrived and dug deep within the Earth and within us. Much was “shaken up” and brought forth. As the shifts involve more and more light (or higher vibrational ways and means), anything not in alignment is “moved out” and transmuted.


During this time, many of us had a “falling out” or almost a separation from significant others that were close to us, but for most, this is only temporary, as I will go into later.  The denser energies were simply “up” and bouncing around.


We were also in the middle of a substantial shift which results in much realigning and “re-matching” of energies. When this occurs, these higher vibrating ways we are now embodying, along with out own personal higher vibrations, simply do not match what is currently existing and what is offered to us.


In other words, we are in and vibrating higher dimensional realities in a 3D environment, and can therefore, not produce much of anything due to the mismatch. Things were needing to be “re-adjusted” as there was basically a “collision” of mismatched energies. Things needed time to catch up.


And there is another explanation as well. We are REALLY going into the New World now, and much is being orchestrated at all levels. All the dots need to be lined up before we can move ahead. If we experience a “roadblock” during this time, it is usually because things in another arena are not lined up yet. When all is in order and all is lined up accordingly, we will blast off into the next step for us.


There is a considerable amount of change occurring now, and it just takes a lot to line everything up in all ways, as so much is changing and shifting. We need only trust and know that all is being taken care of, and at times, we can be “in the way” when we try to do it all ourselves! Simply ask your angels or guides to take the reigns, as they are all simply higher aspects of ourselves anyway, and surrender as much as you can to these incredible higher energies that are arriving so rapidly now. We need not do it all ourselves. The roadblocks almost always mean that something MUCH BETTER is coming your way.


Basically, we are moving ahead so forcefully and rapidly, that the outside world no longer fits where we are, and this is really a great thing, as it means that it will soon be changing.


A friend of mine recently spent some time with her chiropractor who is “re-aligning” her neck. She is undergoing a physical re-aligning process and her muscles seem to want to revert back to the “old ways” of being. As she continues her process, she is fairly uncomfortable now as her neck is in a New but better aligned position. But she will only be uncomfortable until the rest of her body makes the necessary changes and begins to support the New position of her neck. Then she will feel so much better and so very different!


This is basically what the energies are doing for us right now. Our society, beliefs and cultures have been upside down and inside out and have got to change in order to be in alignment with the higher dimensions. And get ready for some surprises, as much of what we believed to be true about higher ways, simply is not.


During this time of great movement and change, some are letting go and experiencing closure with “old” lives and scenarios and some are really moving into creating the more highly evolved world and ways. We are really in it now and it is HERE, ready for some wonderful and exciting changes in the physical.


Letting go of the old can be much easier if we realize and come to know that we can create again fresh and new at any given moment. What we are letting go of is NOT the only opportunity and only scenario we will ever experience. And I can tell you with complete certainly that what is coming for all of us is FAR BETTER than we could have ever imagined. I can tell you because I have been there myself, as have others.


So then, we are now poised to enter another threshold for accessing the higher realms, and is it exciting to see! As we loose more and more of our density through this on-going process of ascension, we are then able to go higher and higher into the other dimensions.


The further we are along in the process, the more different our experiences will be. For example: As we vibrate higher and higher and lose more and more density, the “darker” periods of the process affect us to a much lesser degree.


For some who were more at the beginning stages of ascension, this latest period of darkness may have felt quite uncomfortable and extreme, but for those who were further along in their process, the “darkness” cannot really affect them much at all. They are vibrating too high to attract and interact with much, of any, of this type of energy.


So now, some are then having quite different experiences than others, depending on where you are, and also depending upon where you “choose” to be. Two explanations are really required here. Before we were born, we chose our path and our “role”, and therefore some are way ahead of others. This is not a judgment situation here, as it is simply a process according to your “role”. Those who planned to go first are in a different reality than those who did not, but all is in order according to pre-birth plans.


In addition, there is also an element of choice involved. As of this past week-end, we are being given an opportunity to arrive in a very New reality and world. The light is incredibly brilliant here, and I can only describe it as Heaven on Earth.


How do you get here? Let go, surrender, relax and bask! Put yourself first, let go of all the responsibilities, and do what feels great. Again, I can tell you because I have been there myself. In these realms, for those of you who are here, all that one seems to desire to do is look at the clouds all day, sit and daydream, “float” around, not care about much of anything while you are just “being”. Nothing really seems to matter much and everything just feels too good to be true. And concentration can be difficult as well, as we are really “up there”.


Another scenario that is occurring now is very rapidly moving energy. This can manifest as way too much going on for us. It may seem that we just pulled those weeds or watered those plants only yesterday, and now we have to do it all over again. Our normal routines and activities are severely bumped up, and we may seem to have way too much of everything moving way too fast!


So then, the energies are really moving, much is changing, and we can barely keep up with it all. But remember when we all complained during the “lull”?


Now for all the good news. Really good news. We are again poised for this incredible opportunity for living in Heaven here on Earth. There is a distinctive “line” from one reality to another. It involves leaving that old world behind. And it also involves going back and forth from one reality to another. We navigate the dimensions for awhile, and eventually we find ourselves completely in the higher dimensions. The process is totally and completely natural.


What can one expect to experience in the higher realms? Relationships are amazing and wonderful. We may find ourselves rekindling old relationships and now they feel totally different. The reason is because we have basically been reborn and reincarnated again into a totally new reality and experience. This is part of the process and it all unfolds perfectly as we have dropped much density.


When we drop density, we are dropping “issues” or what I refer to as “misperceptions” of who we thought we were and what we thought was real. And in that way, we now interact differently because we are no longer relating through a veil of darkness and density. We are seeing and experiencing who we REALLY are and can now simply just enjoy each other's company as brothers and sisters of light.


In the higher realms our geographical locations affect us greatly as well. When we arrive at our new destinations of the New World , we are totally in alignment with that particular energy on Earth and this is when our real work and joy begins. All the dots have lined up. This is part of the process. We totally integrate and become one with our particular place on Earth, and it is glorious! And does it feel like Home!


I suppose I could go on forever, but in a nutshell, we are simply experiencing great movement and change as we are on the threshold of entering a brand New reality. Much had to be “re-aligned” and “re-matched”, creating roadblocks. But if things had manifested during this “re-aligning” time, they would not be nearly as great as what will soon be manifesting.


The possibilities are endless for what we can create and the energies are certainly ripe for creating much. As the energy has now shifted, get ready for some rapid fire movement! All is in accordance with what we BELIEVE is real and what we BELIEVE we can create. The ball is in our court now. How high and far can you believe?


Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contribution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,



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