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Edna G. Frankel
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Sedona Journal Of Emergence
November 2005 Article Submission


Greetings, dear ones, from the Brotherhood of Light. We gather in great numbers to share our energies with you as the year 2005 draws close to ending. Interesting, is it not, how quickly time is passing? Yes, and as time spirals faster, your lives increase in pace and drama. These go hand in hand, donít they? (Chuckle.) So it is more important than ever to find time to "wind down" and float with us in the soothing energies of the Circle of Grace clearing meditation.

The more you clear your bodies of internal pressures, the lighter and brighter you will feel.   Indeed, you will begin to sense the heavy compression in others, and may even get uncomfortable in large crowds of people for that very reason.   Since your dense etheric bodies extend as far as you can reach, when you overlap auras with others you will feel their levels of energetic vibration.   Yes, this is part of the sensory expansion that you have been seeking!   Remember, we keep warning you that while it is wonderful to feel your auras, what will come into your awareness first are all of the over-pressurized parts of your etheric layers that need clearing.

In this segment, we would like to focus on an aspect of the Circle of Grace clearing process that is crucial to your understanding of the physical shift involved in the ascension path.   In prior material we have stated that the left brain connects you to and directs your awareness of your physical body.   That is why your body is so solid, visible and tangible.   Your right brain connects you to and directs your awareness of your aura, or etheric body.   Now where did that go?   (Chuckles.) Invisible to most, intangible as well. But ≠ the more you clear your meridians, and clear and balance your chakras, the faster you reach the level of right and left brain integration!   These steps, and more, are all part of the list of questions to ask the Brothers in Circle of Grace healing sessions.

Dear ones, have you figured out yet that the more you clear out your low-frequency (etheric) baggage, the more you will grow into communication and communion with your auras?   Yes, it is all part of the process, and vital to your rising in a balanced, harmonious way with the earthís changing frequencies.  What is making time go by faster? The earthís vibrational frequencies are rising more quickly now!   You are beginning to feel this is a much more visceral way.  m As the exponential curve of change pushes onward and upward in a fast-accelerating rise, these last seven years will speed by.   You will feel this increase as unbalanced weight. As density itself changes you will feel the tug of gravity more clearly than you used to.  Specifically, you will feel those low-frequency pockets you carry in your auras weighing you down, while other parts of you are trying to rise!

So lie down, say the Healing Prayer out loud, drop your jaw open and relax into the heightened energies we offer to share with you.   The more often you clear yourselves, whether it is with a sedentary or moving form of meditation, the better you will feel.   It will become almost addictive for you, your limbs and body will feel heavy with the need for release.   You will feel thirsty for the new, life-giving energies that pour into you as you drain away your pain and stress. Remember, there is never a drain without a gain in the Circle of Grace!

If you remain awake, remember to track out loud what you feel happening inside.   The value of talking out loud goes beyond giving us permission to work with you by saying the Healing Prayer out loud.   Yes, talk to your body, too!   It has a separate consciousness submerged beneath your mental awareness, much like your aura does.   Tell your body what you wish to accomplish, tell it how much you love it, how much you appreciate being supported by it.   Pray out loud to your body for health and balance!   Discuss your body image out loud in the mirror, and see how you really feel about your vehicle!  
If you are at odds with your body, it will be very difficult to achieve full-hearted self-love and self-worth.   Do you see how all these things are connected?   If you know that you need to exercise but donít, your body will get stiff and sore very quickly.   Once you do start moving and walking and exercising more, it will feel very good!

In other words, you are manifesting more and more quickly in the new energies. You will manifest good or bad, depending on what you feel, think and do! Once you start cleaning up piles and clearing out closets, you will even breathe better. You will see how those piles cause stagnant energy to pool around you, and feel the difference when the clutter is gone. You will feel lighter and brighter, yes, indeed! Now that you are getting more sensitive to energy flows, within and without, you will start to appreciate more simplicity and clarity in your lives. You will find great relief in "less is more."

Another point of focus we would like to bring forward to your attention is the fact that your bodies are made up of mainly water. Yes, just like the earth is covered by more water than land, you have much more water than minerals, bone, tissue and skin. Now that you have tangible proof in your linear awareness that water responds to human intent, you will soon understand ≠ and fully believe ≠ that your intent can shift your biology!

Yes, just as your bodies have a separate awareness or consciousness separate from your mental "beingness", so too does Mother Earth have a consciousness that is found in her waters. The water of this planet has an awareness of its balance and its flows. The water element protects and supports all the life forms within its body. Any outward change to water that does not come from within its own cycles can be very disruptive to the health of all water around the planet. Yes, all the oceans, rivers and waterways are connected, either above or below ground! The water of this planet is similar in function to the life-giving flow of blood in your bodies. Do you see where we are going with this train of thought? Yes, altering the natural flows of water with dykes, dams and levees does have a negative impact on how water flows, and on how the earth regenerates herself. Stopping water from flowing causes earth erosion, causes stagnation and putrefication, causes toxicity to develop, even without the dumping of harmful toxins into your waterways. Now add that to the mix, and see how the earth is suffering. When the waters are polluted, the earth cannot "breathe" in those areas.

What is happening now, in the last quarter of these shifting times? The earth is trying to cleanse herself, trying to rebalance her plates, trying to slough off all the damaging baggage that is clogging her elements, below the earth, within the waters, and above, in the atmosphere. Yes, the cataclysmic weather is increasing, but you have already seen that there is enough warning, if you heed the signs, for most to reach a level of safety. Thanks to the dedicated intent of so many lightworkers around the globe, the intensity of damaging weather has been reduced, and could have been much worse by now. Yes, there will be more such events, but they will be spread far apart in time and in location. Different parts of the world will be affected, but all parts of the world can gather to aid their brethren in times of need.

With so little time left before the full shift in dimensions, these events also hasten the gathering and learning of lessons. As you all watched in horror a few weeks ago, (written mid-September 2005), sixty miles of American coast line were wiped out in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Yes, there was time to flee, and many did. But as we have said, all lessons are increasing in tempo, and all that has been hidden in the shadows is now being revealed. The human awareness in each area is being exposed for its weaknesses and faults. Many died as a result of lack of preparedness, the lack of regard for human life, and too much red tape. The major tragedies occurred when people were not allowed to exercise their free will, to use their common sense and do what was right in the moment to save others. As sad as this was to watch, it also revealed much to the world about the true state of things in this country. This country is going though its own brand of lessons, and yes, there is lesson at every level ≠ personal, local, state, national, cultural, and global.

And yet, dear ones, times of adversity are the truest test of lessons, and the quickest way to completing those lessons. So many opportunities arose for people to do good, to help others, to give of their time, their energy and their money to support those in need. Yes, there are many silver linings here, if you step back to really look for them. This was also a good exercise for the next catastrophic event, and will help to save many lives the next time around. The weather is as varied as the speeding increase of the Millennium Shift, which is also reaching new levels of intensification. Rather than make predictions, which is not our way, we will offer the positive perspective of "youíll do it more gracefully next time." Just as the Indonesian Tsunami took its toll, and Hurricane Katrina in the United States, the earth changes will continue. Our best advice to you is, donít invest in coastal properties! (Chuckles.)

May our love, light and laughter surround and support in you each living day.
≠ We are, in All Love, the Brotherhood of Light.
Copyright 2005 by Edna G. Frankel
Edna G. Frankel
P.O. Box 62, Blue Bell, PA 19422
Phone: 215-653-0339

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