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Dear Ones,
I just received this wonderful holiday message from my dear blessed friend, Taansen and just knew I had to share it with you.  Taansen is a truly higher consciousness being and no matter where he goes, he shares his wonderful light with all who are receptive to receive.  Bless you Taansen for all that you do!
 I hope you will enjoy the encouraging message he sends us and receive comfort in knowing we are succeeding in our mission of flooding our beautiful Gaia with our light.
Feel free to share this with your friends also. As you know, love is a circle, when given freely, always comes back to you. TOGETHER WE ARE HEALING THE WORLD!
Love & Blessings,
Suzy Star
In the Fulfillment of the Now
Update from Taansen
 December 1, 2005
 My Treasured Fellow Wayshowers of the Dawn,
         The more we ascend into the Light, the more interesting world events become, don’t they? nnThe brighter the Dawn becomes, the more the shadows are exposed.  But as the Native Amerindian proverb goes, “He who keeps his face towards the sun will find that the shadows fall behind him.”
        The following chart from the book The Pillar of Celestial Fire, by Robert Cox, page 167, illustrates where we are in the planetary ascension around now:
Figure 29­Forty Year Period

The graph above shows that we are still in a period of relative slow transformation.  However, around the year 2000 the subtle matter levels are predicted to increase dramatically, and they are expected to go completely vertical on the day of Illumination, which is estimated to occur around 2010.
        The book came out in 1997. “Subtle matter” refers to the celestial energy coming from the Great Central Sun which is raising the vibratory frequency of our region of the galaxy.
To anyone who doubts the speed of projected acceleration shown in the chart, simply show the following list of superlative events so far in 2005:


        The events of this year confirm the chart on page 167 of the book The Pillar of Celestial Fire, by Robert Cox, which shows the rapid increase in the infusion of celestial energy on the Earth between 2005 and 2010. They also confirm many other prophecies, including the inter­pretation of Mayan prophecy by Ian Lungold who said that the “conscious­ness of NESARA” would happen in 2005. That definitely has been the case!

*      Tsunami - began 12-26-04 - estimated quarter million dead - one of the largest in history
*      Largest number and intensity of Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) from the sun in
          history -- far beyond scientific expectations
*      4000+ under-ocean volcanic eruptions to date; only 200 last year
*      More federal arrests of innocent people than ever before, including mass
          arrests of freedom teachers
*      By mid -- 2005, an estimated 60 million people worldwide, about 1% of the
         world’s population, have 24 codons of their DNA turned on, rather than the usual 20. This has only     happened since the year 2000, and has resulted in psychic abilities, immunity to all disease, and other         miracles. (from:         http://www.drunvalo.net/bio.html)
*      Far more public UFO sightings than ever.  Only one example of which was the entire fleet which hovered over      an outdoor Mexican political assembly on 6-25-05, in full view of police, TV cameras, the press, and the        governor, for half an hour
*     The Dawn of Sat Yuga (the Golden Age) announced July 21 by Maharishi
*      The Vatican has been announcing the reality of ETs and UFOs recently
*      Largest number and intensity of hurricanes in history, including Katrina’s effect on New Orleans, called the     greatest disaster in U.S. history
*      Highest gasoline prices by far than ever before in U.S. history
*      Bombings of the mass transit in London; and also attempted in New York
*      Pakistan-Kashmir earthquake, one of the largest, 87,000+ dead
*      Tornadoes ripping eastern states in USA
*      More political exposes of crimes and more opposition to U.S. presi­dent than ever before in U.S. history
*      Largest wave of indictments against any U.S. government administra­tion in U.S. history beginning to flow,       with largest number of top officials to be indicted, and the most serious crimes
*      Worst riots in France since uprisings of 1968 -- over 300 cities burned, starting Oct 27; spread into Belgium    and Denmark
*     November 25: A major tragic explosion on this date almost came true.  KSFO radio in San Francisco reported        that in Los Angeles the morning of Nov. 25, a surface to air missile was fired at an American airlines  passenger flight - - and just missed.  Were it not for rising world consciousness, that very well MIGHT have    been a major tragic explosion.
*      Fifth dimensional Portal of the Immaculate Concept opened for Earth in Bali on 11-11-05, according to    Patricia        Diane Cota-Robles

. . . And the year is not even over yet, at this writing . . .

 *    For an excellent 1 page summary of the Mayan Prophesy of the year 2012 and the implications in this decade        of this transition in to a new 26.000 year cycle, see http://www.2012.com.au/Site.A.html
        Despite the turbulence from the rising energies, there is nothing to be afraid of.  I Love this saying from A Course in Miracles: “Nothing real can be threatened.  Nothing unreal exists.  Herein lies the peace of God.”
Viewed correctly, even the turbulence can be seen as the dissolution side of creation, like leaves falling in the forest, fertilizing the soil for new life to be born. For example, the dark forces have had yours truly illegally incarcerated since March 30. The limited, lower perspective sees this as a tragedy and a source of fear.
        However, F.E.A.R. stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. The True View is that the victory that is coming is going to dismantle a big chunk of the credibility of those operating in darkness, and so it will not have been a tragedy at all . . . it will be a glorious achievement.
        Even so, for a long time I wondered, couldn’t I have been more effective in channeling the light into darkness without having my body placed right into the heart of The Beast? Couldn’t I have done more good from home, in freedom?
        Apparently not, because this is where divine guidance has led me. Then recently I saw it very clearly --  my presence here has created a vortex where the collective fear of the federal government and all the demons that it represents, is being absorbed and dissolved.
        Some of you might tell me, “I could have told you that a long time ago!” And I would respond that I knew it vaguely, but in recent weeks I have directly experienced it with great vividness.
        I have shown a growing number of other innocent inmates how to be effortless in their meditations, diving into the depths of universal consciousness daily.  Together we have been transforming the atmosphere in the detention center.  Periodically I feel powerful waves of fear, not coming from me or the other inmates, but coming instead from the government, the international bankers, the court system, and their bosses in the Illuminati.  I feel it swirling into the periphery of my atmosphere.  Then I watch as I go into the silence of the universal consciousness, the Atma in deep meditation --  and the fear energy is drawn in and dissolved. The surrounding environment is then much lighter and brighter. This has been happening repeatedly all year, but I have only noticed it much more clearly and vividly in recent weeks. With all the increasing number of other inmates going into it as well, the light is accelerating and building exponentially.
        This reminds me of the story of Buddha, who when he arrived at the Gate of Heaven, was welcomed by millions of angels celebrating his arrival. Fully expecting him to come in at that time, he surprised them all by declining to enter.   Instead he chose to descend to the hell, because in his state of Nirvana, Enlightenment, the hell would not affect him; but his presence would certainly affect the hell.  The legend has it, that he has been in the lower worlds ever since, spreading his light, and that he will not come back to Heaven until all the rest of us can come with him. It is a beautiful story.
        Many of us have lived in Heaven already, and have overwhelmingly blissful memories of it. We came into the Earth to accelerate our own transcendence of Heaven into the Sat (Truth) Chit (Consciousness) Ananda (Bliss) of the Unmanifest Source, by contributing to the smooth arrival of Sat Yuga, the Golden Age of Truth, on Earth. This is further illuminated by the following quote from Metatron:
        “Many of you came to your human embodiments without karma. Did you know that? You chose to come here from the higher dimensions above duality in order to assist humanity in its ascension. You created karma for your selves, though, in your present embodiments, because Earth is a karmic plane. At the time of your arrivals here, it was impossible to do otherwise than create personal karma.   When one takes embodiment in a plane of fear, where the standards of good and evil are embedded so deeply in the collective consciousness, one cannot really avoid creating personal karma. The influence of the collective is too strong.
        “There was another important reason that you created karma for yourselves as well.  You created it specifically for the purpose of transmuting it.           You came to Earth equipped with the higher consciousness to be able to do that; to respond to the karmic experiences in a way which would not have been possible for the masses of humanity.
        “If you are following with me so far, you will remember that each individual consciousness is a part of the collective consciousness. As each one of you transmutes your individual karma by rising above fear and judgment, you are a powerful stimulus to the transmutation of the karma of the collective.  When karma is transmuted, there is always change, upheaval, as the karmic patterns are broken. This will be true whether in your own life or with the events of your world.   Since the evolution your world is undertaking now is an accelerated one, the karmic transmutation is also accelerated.  For this reason, there are many turbulent events occurring in your world, and they shall continue to do so until the collective karma is transmuted.”
               -- Metatron, through Reniyah Wolf 4-18-05
              http://loveandempowerment.com/metatron_karma. html
        In my own case, I have realized that this is a tremendously vital service to the planetary ascension, and that it would be nowhere near as effective without my body being physically located in one of the key nodes where the fear is channeled. I don’t like it, naturally, but I also see how valuable it is to be in this sacred work . . . and it won’t last much longer.  Now my victory and release is looking like it will be sometime in December or January, so I just have to be patient a little longer, and then this chapter in the work will be finished.
        Meanwhile, some of my more wise fellow inmates and I have a great sense of humor about it.  After all, we’re in the penthouse suite (highest floor) of Club Fed in downtown Los Angeles -- the “City of the Angels” -- a high-rise “executive” building with the finest security system money can buy!  No robbers or burglars will get to us in here -- no siree!   We’re safe as can be!
        We have lots of time for meditation, reading spiritual books, studying law books, and writing letters.  My legal invincibility will be 100 times or 1000 times greater than ever before after coming out of this, because never have I studied so much law in my entire life. Several of my fellow inmates are doing the same.
        We are turning the “lemon” of illegal incarceration into the “lemonade” of unprecedented new legal mastery and spiritual advancement.   It’s definitely an uncomfortable place to be and I positively want to be out as soon as possible -- I miss the physical presence of my Loved ones dearly, and the friends who are on my wavelength; but while I’m here there is certainly a major good work being accomplished. This is benefiting the entire world.
        I know that you, my esteemed readers, are serving as similar Lighthouses of Heaven on Earth in a wide variety of other circumstances as well . . . and we are each in the places where we are supposed to be for the unfoldment of the highest good.
        I feel so much unfathomable Love for all the people everywhere who are pouring Love and Light into the world daily. My family sends me printouts of the emails, because they don’t give us Internet access here, so I keep informed about many of the most beautiful unfoldments in the accelerating upliftment of world consciousness.  It is glorious, and my Love for you is boundless.
        We are Friends Forever . .  . we are One . . . and I honor with sublime profundity the sacredness of your coexistence with me in this Transformation of the Ages.
        I have also been given a first class expansion this year in the energy of “Love thy enemy”. I have seen more than ever before the weakness and emptiness of the dark forces, and I have felt infinite compassion for them. The following wisdom in this regard is relevant to nearly everyone:
“It helps to realize that hostile people will attack anyone or anything, especially if they detect weakness in another.  They shoot their arrows wildly, and if one happens to fall on you, it is merely accidental.  You are not a special target.   Hostility needs as many targets as possible.”
                    --  Vernon Howard, from “The Power of Your Supermind”, p. 104
         Hostile people, whether they’re the common criminal or the president, the king, or the Illuminati, are simply unevolved, that’s all. Their spiritual light is weak, they don’t know the joy of Love, and we should have compassion on them and help them to rise up.
        Did you ever see the movies “The Yellow Submarine” and “The Dark Crystal”?  If not, I highly recommend you rent the videos or DVDs and watch them. “The Yellow Submarine” is the 1968 Beatles classic animation which tells the story of the war between the forces of good and evil, in which the Good wins in the end solely with the power of peace, music, light, and Love. An Age of Enlightenment dawns in the end. On the way to it, though, the dark force is epitomized quite humorously by the Blue Meanies, and their actions exactly parallel what the governments are doing in the world today. The film was very prophetic.
        Likewise, “The Dark Crystal” was the 1983 masterpiece of special effects by the late Jim Henson, who created the Muppets, and who practiced Transcendental Meditation. Unlike the Muppets, “The Dark Crystal” was more serious - - it again depicted the parasitic symbols of the Illuminati, exploiting mankind. The Good Side was represented by the charming Elflings, who eventually restored the Crystal to its spiritual power, thus redeeming mankind and transforming the dark forces. The special effects are dazzling.
        A funny story I read recently illustrates the typical role of governments operating in darkness:
        “As a new federal employee, I felt a combination of excitement and anxiety about meeting the strict standards of discretion and respect that our government imposes on its workers.
        “Fearful of making a costly mistake, I decided to read up on procedures and standards on the federal Office of Personnel Management web page. I’m not sure if I was relieved or worried when I clicked on one page and found:
        “‘Ethics: Coming Soon!’”
                                   ­- James Restivo (Reader’s Digest April 2004)
        What a perfect description of government today ­­ “Ethics: Coming Soon!” That about sums it up in three short words.
        Swami Rama, in his highly recommended book Living With Himalayan Masters, was sent by his guru to a wide variety of teachers and situations for his spiritual training. In one of them, he had to spend six months in a small cave, where his only outer light was a pinhole at the top of the cave. It was training in refining his consciousness to transcend boundaries and find joy in the infinite awareness. When I think about that, I realize my jail cell is the Hilton Hotel compared to that cave! As Einstein said, everything is relative.
        I really like the story, though, of when Swami Rama’s guru sent him to a certain valley of flowers in Kashmir. Apparently there, is a type of pollen emitted by the flowers which fills the whole atmosphere in the winds and breezes of the valley, and when people smell the fragrance, they feel a kind of euphoria. They get so high, in fact, that they get spaced out, and typically forget everything for a while.
        Because Swami Rama believed that his spiritual progress had reached quite significant levels, his guru wanted to test him by sending him to this valley of flowers. He predicted that Swami Rama would forget who he is in that valley, because of the high from smelling the flowers.   Swami Rama knew that his clarity and strength of consciousness had stabilized at advanced levels, so he thought he would pass the test easily.
        Sure enough, the first day walking through the valley went well. His mental acuity was still quite sharp. However, after two days of walking through the flowers, he was getting pretty high, and spacey.  By the third day, he had forgotten completely his name, where he had come from, where he was going, or what he was doing there. The flowers had overpowered him.
        When he came out of it, though, he quickly regained his memory and had a good laugh over it all. With practice, further meditation, spiritual growth, and subsequent visits to the valley, he eventually conquered the flowers.  So it just goes to show, our ultimate tests may come in Heaven itself.
              Beloveds, in meditations and dreams lately I am realizing more and more how much need there is for emotional healing, for all of us and for everyone on Earth who is not already in the Realized state. I also feel that emotional healing is exactly what is seeping through into our dimen­sion from the Godhead.  Each of us has access to the Divine Light that is bringing this healing from two directions -- from our own Center of Being, also called the Mighty I Am Presence, into which we transcend in meditation; and, from the environmental graduation of frequency wavelength that is ri­sing steadily upward on an increasing gradient of acceleration with the increasing proximity of the Ray of Celestial Fire to our planet.
        So, from both an outer environmental enlistment, and from our grow­ing awakening to our own inner Source, the Light of Love is shining more and more powerfully into our hearts, and melting the ice of lifetimes of sorrows and negative emotions. In dreams and meditations I am feeling the heart-melting joy and happiness that this is bringing, and so I relate so much to the reports of so many other meditators and spiritual practitioners who describe the same thing. This influence is talked about in the Telos books (http://www.mslpublishing.com/ ) , and in thousands of other New Age sources.
        I am sure this is why techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique),
which is available on DVD (www.emofree.com), are effective in opening the channels to the flow of that inner Love-Light as a tangible experience, and are spreading to more and more people as welcomed practices. By just gently putting one’s fingers on certain points on the body, while speaking certain phrases and thinking certain thoughts, the inner cosmic switchboard of our being has its connections restored and the God-Love Power is felt again, healing traumas. It’s like electricity -- it doesn’t matter how much the power company sends us; if our wires aren’t connected, we can’t access it. Techniques like EFT are like plugging into it and restoring the connections.
        The sun shining on a block of ice and melting it is very much the way it feels when the Love Energy empowers us with its stepped-up frequencies. That is why people flow in tears of happiness when in the embrace of Ammachi and in the Presence of other Divine Incarnations and Influences.
        A lot of us still have inner children who never got beyond certain childhood obstacles in our emotional growth. Thus the phrase “inner child” became a well known concept in so many spiritual healing therapies. Swami Beyondananda made the joke about starting a business called the “Inner Child Day Care Center”, where parents could drop off their inner child on the way to work. But humor aside, for those still suffering from emotional blocks, the concept of healing the inner child is a very real, legitimate, and nece­ssarily serious one.
        Basically, unless one has begun to live in constant joy and playful­ness 24/7, and has raised that joy and playfulness to higher and higher levels and planes, to the point where one is stabilized in near-enlightened bliss all the time, I would say one still needs to heal the inner child. One cannot be­come a “spiritual adult” until a very powerful level of universal bliss has become permanently stabilized.  Long before that blessed state comes, or at least needs to feel rising levels of joy, and only in an abundance of energy and happiness does one feel constantly playful.
         Enlightened Masters have that playfulness. They may not always display it like children, but they have it and display it in more mature ways. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (www.artofliving.org) is a classic example, of whom it was said, “He has the Love of Jesus, the silence of Buddha, the wisdom of Shankara, and the playfulness of Krishna.” Osho said most truthfully, that “seriousness is a disease”. My my -- is that ever true of the prison system!  And the whole Illuminati mind of darkness worldwide -- nothing but seriousness, mediocrity, negativity, spiritual ignorance, and ultimate stupidity. They need to “lighten up”!
        One of the most important things to communicate about right now is emotional healing. This is especially true for us this year, with what the dark forces have done to me, and with the massive tragedies that have been happening to the rest of the world during the same time period.   The Love and bliss of pure Being are available in inexhaustible abundance within us, so there is no point in going on living our lives with any kind of negative emotions whatsoever. We should be quickly  engaging whatever practice necessary to access our inner ocean of bliss consciousness, to dissolve the clouds of negativity and charge our inner life with the radiant light of divine happiness and joy. How can we be of service or help anyone else if we haven’t first helped our­selves? Emotional healing is the foundation of every other kind of healing.
         Telos talked about this as the trauma that most Lemurians experienced when they went down with the sinking continent.  All but the small group of 25,000 lost everything overnight.  As stated in Telos 1 by now, former Lemurians who have reincarnated and are living today, in most cases have large areas of their being completely numbed and shut down because of the unhealed memory of that loss.
        The same is the case with those who went down with Atlantis, and with everyone who has ever experienced any kind of trauma, unless and until they were fortunate enough to heal it through spiritual practices or meeting with an Enlightened Master.
        The book The Return of Light and the related updates also talk about this ( http://www.returnoflight.com/channelledupdates.htm).  The November update talked about the fourth dimension as the repository of where all such negative emotions and evil spirits are stored in the Earth’s atmosphere. That seems to be the last barrier to Heaven on Earth. It said that all the higher dimensions have been cleared, for the most part, and that HUGE WAVES of very powerful Divine Light from the Godhead have already arrived at the Earth, but that very little of it has gotten through, because of the thick pollution in the fourth dimension.
        This reminds me of the vision that George Washington had, remember that? It is when an angel appeared to him and showed him the future of the USA. The events that he was shown from the 1700s up to the present, led up to a very intense situation in which the energy keeps building, but like a pressure cooker, a dark cloud overhead prevents the energy from being re­leased. This “dark cloud” sounds exactly like the fourth dimension pollution spoken of by the Heru and Sananda in The Return of Light (http://www.returnoflight.com ). Countless other New Age channelers and authors have spoken of this same phenomenon. It is certainly exactly what is happening to this planet right now.
            In George’s vision, he saw the energy build and build and build until finally it sort of exploded, instantly dissolving and dispersing the dark cloud. Then a blindingly bright light issued forth from the people, and an Age of Enlightenment commenced. There is a Knowing in me that that is precisely what is going to happen soon. Every email we receive further confirms it, and it is obviously the view of all the other seers as well.
            Individually, the more each of us can heal ourselves ahead of the collective, and the more we can rise into the Love and bliss of higher con­sciousness before the global transformation, the smoother and the more grace­ful the global transformation will be. And the more helpful we will be to all the others who will be disoriented and who will need assistance in adjusting to the new vibrations.
        In closing, you may enjoy this:
                 “Wouldn’t you love it, if there were only 3 reasons that anything ever happened in time and space:

        Because I love you . .
        Because you love them . . . or
        Because they love you?
        Yeah, that was a trick question. There are only 3 reasons that anything ever happens.
                I love you, The Universe”                  (www.tut.com)
                                Namaste.  I AM Love Always,
12-16-05 update:  It is our deep regret to say that we no longer have the presence of Mr. Van A. Brink on this planet.  He passed away in the night of December 10.  We will greatly miss him.  We are looking into whether that would affect Taansen’s case.


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
 “It is a fact that people who are
worthy citizens and stand up for the truth
are harassed and hunted in a way that is frightening.
With your backing and support, they will find the strength to carry on
until their goal has been achieved. Remember this is your fight,
and you are at a most crucial time in your lives.”
St. Germain  - 08.06.05 through Mike Quinsey

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
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* “The dawn comes to dispel the darkness of night,
allowing us to enjoy the light of the sun (which is self-illuminating). 
Spiritual teachings destroy ignorance and therefore remove darkness, 
but they cannot throw light on the inner Self,  for the Self is Light.” 

Guru Dev

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
 From Taansen's last letter:

""I was recently re­reading Ashtar’s Aug 16 channeling, through Susan Leland, about me. I was amazed all over again at the depth and accuracy of Ashtar’s insights about my case.   He said in part:
“Question: I’d like to ask Ashtar if the concept that Taansen is working on for his freedom is the correct one?
 “Lord Ashtar: It’s the only one that has any possibility of working for him.   Beloved one, he has, it is your Constitution, and all that comes from that.  It has the only possibility of securing his physical freedom, for the simple reason that the conventional system that wants to entrap him, as it has so many others, has already made the decision of what to do.   The only chance that he has is not to dwell upon the circumstances of his indi­vidual case, because there isn’t one, but he would be unable to prove his innocence by the conventional means.   So he must challenge the system itself.
“This is what he is doing.  This is the best way for him to proceed.  The best support he can have, is that like unto which has been given here in this gathering tonight, that support has been coming, it is growing, it will continue.   We are with you.”
And another good one on the next page:

“He’s already made the decision that this is the only way that he can possibly have any hope of gaining his freedom, and you have supported him beautifully in that decision, and we are simply saying this was a valid decision from our perspective. . . He has no need to defend. He has done nothing wrong.”
Ashtar is confirmed by this quote from A Practical Course In Miracles, page 222:

“Now what happens when you deny or traverse or argue? You DISHONOR! And at that point, all the rules go out the window. Whatever the ‘statute’ says the fine is valued at no longer matters. It’s up to the magistrate to make the arbitrary value. NO MERCY!”
“It is becoming more and more obvious what the courts are really about. It has nothing to do with justice or the ‘law’; only about accounting.”

"In one of Taansen's previous letters, he mentioned that "A Practical Course In Miracles" may have been written by someone practicing the "Course In Miracles" level of consciousness ...""

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
We are all one.
When one is harmed, all are harmed.
When one is helped, all are helped.
in the name of who I AM,
and I am One with all there is;
I ask that only that which is the
happen here.
I give thanks that this is done.
So be it.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

~ Love and Truth Always Prevails! ~

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