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Hole in The Sun?
We have come at the request of our messenger to comment on the new activity on the Sun.  We have spoken several times in the past that the Sun is a transmitter of sorts.  It transmits energy from the center of the cosmos, and we would consider it spiritual energy. There are many spots along energy lines that carry information from the center of the cosmos to every universe and the galaxies within those universes.
Usually this energy transmits a life source and a source to keep balance throughout the cosmos, but there are times when there are special energies that are also sent to bring up the energy level of evolution.  This is just such a time.
Ever since the fall of Atlantis, the energy forces on this planet have been tuned down from what is possible.  This is because the energy that comes from the sun is attuned to the consciousness of those who live on the planet in question, and this planet has not been developed to the point where it is aligned with the cosmic center energetically.
These energies follow a pattern within a pattern, and it is part of the blueprint that was designed during the creation of planetary systems.  There is a basic arrangement in all of the universes allowing differences of development for each planetary system.
If you notice, this planet is changing dramatically.  Recently there was a breaking up of an ice pack at the North Pole, and scientists are noticing that currents are changing, which transmits warmer waters to Europe and the British Isles.
This news is not news to cause concern as all follows a divine plan.  What scientists judge to be destructive is but an arrangement which is changing.  There is nothing different now, as in the past there were changes also, and like fields that must lay fallow and fields that must be planted, there is simply a change in design.
These designs are repeated and the Earth has survived.  Do not believe that the Earth will be destroyed, as it will not. Change is necessary, and I believe you understand why.  The planet must purge itself of all the abuses that have been inflicted upon her, but even in this she can do this gracefully if you as human beings keep a balance in your electrical fields.
This might seem strange to say this, but keep in mind that you as a human being are also electrical in nature, and your electrical systems fit in balance to the electrical fields of your planet and your planetary system.
Your electrical field is tempered through your thoughts. This may seem strange at first until you consider that the entire cosmos along with all that exists in this wondrous cosmos began its journey as a thought in the mind of your creator. Because you have a soul, your thinking process reflects the processes of this creator, as you were made in the image and likeness of God.
What is happening in the sun is an acceleration of the process.  Since January of this year, the activity on the sun has been increasing and it has been stepped up gradually.  Blasts from the central sun find their way here and are assimilated into your sun and into your very bodies along with all that lives on this planet.
The reactions are monitored very closely by angels.  These are special angels who govern this part of creation. This is their only responsibility, as bringing up energies in the development of sections of the cosmos is their role in the angelic realms.
Each round of development is being intensified as there is a clear reaction to growth of the physical and the ability of the physical to be ramped up towards a higher energetic level. This reaction between the energy source and the integration in the physical is happening in a balanced manner except that there will be clashes in the plate system.
This even could be developed in a more peaceful manner if the thought patterns of humans were more peaceful.  What expresses itself in the material plane from the energetic level of unmanifested design is tempered by thought as it rounds the bend to become solid matter.
We have come along with others to plead with humanity to meditate with the purple flame and see the planet soothed and in balance along with a balanced humanity. If your thoughts were strong enough along this line of visualizations, it would be so.
You understand the power of positive thinking.  I suggest that you take it a step further and expand that concept to define a broader picture that encompasses the planet.
Some have noticed that there is a connection between sunspot activity and changes in the Earth, and we would add that this is by divine design. Prayer is important now, but we would also suggest that envisioning peace, balance, and love among all the people and all the systems of Earth and that which resides within the Earth and on the surface of the Earth is extremely relevant at this moment.
Blessed be to all that was created, and blessed be to you, the children of Earth.
Your friend,
Pope John Paul II
Dear Ones,
The following article was sent by a friend who wanted my rocket scientists friend's take on it.  Following the article is his response.   I thought you might enjoy reading his take on the erroneous path our 3-D scientists are taking.   Those of you who are either in the Ramtha school or have privy to his tapes and books will be especially interested in my friends answer to our friend.   Interesting reading and much food for thought.
Love & Blessings,
Suzy Star
Robert Roy Britt
LiveScience Managing Editor
SPACE.comTue Nov 29, 8:00 AM ET

In 1998, astronomers studying distant exploding stars stumbled on an amazing discovery: the universe is not just expanding, which they knew, but it is expanding at an ever-faster pace.

The distant supernova, bright stellar explosions inside other galaxies, were fainter than expected; their light was being stretched. With the exception of localized galaxy groupings, all the galaxies of the universe are racing away from each other like spots on an expanding balloon at an accelerating pace.

Gravity as we know it seems not to be in control of things on large scales.

Scientists soon invoked a thing called "dark energy" to explain the unexpected acceleration. But in the years since, they've not figured out what dark energy is. They have, however, determined that the universe initially expanded rapidly, then slowed down, and then sped up again about 6.3 billion years ago.

New observations put the tightest constraints on the whole phenomena yet, confining the very nature of dark energy while not yet explaining it.

Einstein's greatest mistake?

The new results also reinforce the validity of the "cosmological constant," a fudge factor that Albert Einstein introduced into his equations to balance the force of gravity.

Einstein called the cosmological constant a great blunder and retracted it. Yet theorists have re-employed it in recent years to account for the effects of dark energy. In the modern view, dark energy should not characteristically change over time. If that's right, the universe will continue to expand forever, ultimately leading to a rather lonely cosmos in which residents of one galaxy could never see or communicate with the others.

It seems to work nicely. And, with the new results from the Supernova Legacy Survey (SNLS), an international team of researchers says some of the offbeat explanations for dark energy appear less likely to be viable.

“Our observation is at odds with a number of theoretical ideas about the nature of dark energy that predict that it should change as the universe expands, and as far as we can see, it doesn't," says Ray Carlberg of the University of Toronto.

The results were announced last week and will be detailed in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.

The w factor

The survey pinned down with greater accuracy the distances to supernovas that are so far away they are seen when the universe was about half its present age of 13.7 billion years.

Carlberg explained that the secret of dark energy boils down to what scientists call the "w parameter."

If w equals -1, then Einstein was right, however unknowingly, and the strength of dark energy does not change over time. If w is less than -1, then we're in what Carlberg calls a "very weird situation" in which the dark energy will get stronger until everything, right down to molecules, is torn apart in what one research group described as a Big Rip. If w is in the -0.9 to -0.7 range, things don't get much less weirder, as several fantastic theories involving multiple dimensions, cosmic strings and quintessence remain viable.

"We find that w is within 10 percent of -1," Carlberg told SPACE.com. "So, it looks like the 'best bet' at the moment is Einstein's cosmological constant is the right idea."

The results come from observations by the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, the Keck Observatory, the twin Gemini Telescopes and the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope.

The data is just one-tenth of what the SNLS survey will ultimately collect, so the constraints are expected to be improved by two or perhaps three times.

That doesn't mean dark energy will be described, but its effect on the universe will be better understood.

“Improved observations of distant supernovae are the most immediate way in which we can learn more about the mysterious dark energy,” adds Richard Ellis, a professor of astronomy at the California Institute of Technology. “This study is a very big step forward in quantity and quality.”

Dark Matter and Dark Energy: One and the Same?  New Observations of Early Universe Help Confirm Theories of Formation Universe Has At Least 30 Billion Years Left

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