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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
10 Eb, 15 Uo, 1 Caban          8/30/05

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you! In our last few messages, we gave you some insight into the natural symbiosis that exists between planetary guardians and their home world.  We expanded this to include the caring for an entire solar system.  Such guardian groups lie at the heart of how Heaven cares for these great physical Beings (planets, suns, et cetera).  Your additional life mission is to come together with the other guardian groups in this sector of physicality. This includes not only the rest of this galaxy, but also a plethora of other nearby galaxies. As physical Angels, you lovingly and graciously bless and assist these enormous life forms in keeping their optimum state of health and well-being.  Suns and their solar systems are clustered in immense numbers throughout this galaxy and in over 15,000 galaxies close to ours.   Each one of them deeply appreciates the care given to them by you and your brethren. T he matrix that forms this sector of physicality has produced galaxies similar in their makeup, but also quite different in shape.

      Despite minor differences, a great kinship formed eons ago between these many galaxies. Each sentient life form, as it developed its own society and technologies, learned of the importance to their societies of this fundamental stewardship.   While each of us has unique historical precedents, we all share this great Love of helping our home solar systems and strive to unite our respective galaxies using harmony, sovereignty, and creative self-expression.  This purpose has forged many societal models and numerous galaxy-wide umbrella organizations.  We all possess a cornucopia of knowledge and wisdom to pass on to each other.  This ever-growing union has enriched us all; it has vastly expanded our knowledge of physicality and taught us the unique lessons provided by each galaxy.  It is this wisdom that has largely helped us to better understand what each of you is presently going through. The process of ascending from a troubled limited consciousness realm to a fully conscious one is never an easy task. And in your case, this ascension is happening in a world long ruled by the dark.

      This process of moving your world out of its many millennia of enforced slavery and lower life vibration is rarely done in this galaxy. In fact, we now believe that Anchara, the dark creator Being of this galaxy, only decreed galactic peace because of the immense success of your ascension in spite of all that was stacked against it.   Hence, we see you as the great harbinger that is to end millions upon millions of years of seemingly unending warfare.   For this reason, we deeply believe in you and completely support what you, with the help of Heaven, are currently accomplishing.   This operation has reached a point where the final aspects of this ascension can begin.  Our task is to ensure that you have those things long promised you by Heaven.  These include prosperity, freedom, global peace, and a much-needed cooperation. To boot, there is the prerequisite to end the power of the dark and to bring forth a huge amount of hitherto concealed technology. Most of these devices were given to the dark by an empire in the former Anchara Alliance.   Now these devices are to be shared worldwide and we intend to ensure that this does happen.

     In our last message, we described to you how we intend to complete this first contact mission.  This particular first contact has been a much prolonged and quite unique process.  Since the late 1990s, we have worked with a number of different groups that have the same objective, namely, the end of your enslavement.   As this developed, we gained a valuable education in the methods of the dark to ingrain fear, distrust, and doubt in all of you.  These emotions have surfaced in all our interactions with you, be they diplomatic negotiations or the sharing of general information with individuals.  We have, over time, surmounted this xenophobia and gained the trust of our Earth allies.   During these interactions, we made an inventory of all the inventions, formulas, and exchange technologies that your various secret governments have kept so long suppressed.   It is to these that we alluded in this message.   Trust us; the time for the rule of the dark is coming to an end.

      First contact and your ascension have developed a symbiosis of their own. Each day brings us more proof of how these two closely interact. Around your planet are the final destructive workings of the dark; hatred, strife, and war are still rampant. Everywhere, there is subtle enslavement that frequently becomes more overt. Too many children are daily denied the chance to grow gracefully into adulthood. This is coupled with senseless violence and a highly abusive misuse of adult sexuality. We greatly deplore these circumstances and are working diligently to end these vile situations. Yet, we have been cautioned by Heaven to do so according to the prescriptions of the divine plan. Only you, as a global society, can act to end these distortions so long used by the dark and its minions to sustain the crazy reality that you have endured for such millennia.

      The new society, to be formed after the changes of government, is to give you the time to show your sincere Love for Mother Earth and for each other. The abuses of your planet and a large part of your population need to cease. The ecology you long for requires that you treat Mother Earth and each other with equality. Love and caring are qualities latent within all of you, and so is the ability to manifest what you truly feel. The fear, doubt, and mistrust within needs to be healed. The time has come to heal the Earth, heal your society, and above all, to heal yourselves. In this, we can only watch. This process is your responsibility! You need to come together as a people and as dedicated individuals to solve this creatively. Remember, Heaven has lovingly given you both the inner and outer means to do this effectively.

      Our role is to remove those elements of oppression that have until now restricted you. We intend that these new governments support the formation of problem-solving forums, both large and small. We want you to experience how creative and solution-oriented you truly are and to understand the vastness of your individual and collective potential. Bear in mind that you are so much more than you believe you are. Each of you is a gifted Being capable of working miracles when necessary. The cultural differences found in your global society can be used to stimulate a "quiet revolution" within you that can spread like lightning around the planet. This "revolution" can easily transform both your society and your planet in an instant! The foundation stone for this is to remove the fetters from your unlimited innate potential.

      True freedom and liberty have been denied you for millennia. Although what we have talked about may seem daunting and even rather frightening, remember that this fear comes from the many deep schisms laid on you for eons by your former masters. When these fears and doubts are allowed to relax, your reticence will evaporate and you will become a dedicated advocate for your dearest dreams and desires. In this environment, where long pent-up concepts and deeply cherished ideals are released, all challenges are solved. All manner of age-old divisions rapidly melt. In their place, a new realm of Love and mutual support bursts forth. In this world, all you long to accomplish can swiftly become a reality! In this world, all the tasks for restoring Mother Earth can be quickly done. And in this world, you can at last be truly Victorious!

      Today, we continued our discussion of what first contact means to us. We look forward with great joy to watching the finale of the dark game that has long shackled you. Now you are to spread your wings and let your Spirit soar! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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