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    New Earth
Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
4 Cauac, 2 Zip, 1 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We come before you once again, dear Hearts!   Your World is preparing herself for vast changes to her surface.  This radical surface reconstruction will reduce your planet to a diameter of 7800 miles (4847 kilometers) at the equator and just less than 7500 miles (4660 kilometers) at the 70th degree of longitude. This process will make her more ball-like in shape and permit Mother Earth to again lock in the 24 major tectonic plates that comprise her surface area.   In addition, the mantle that lies below the surface crust will thin out slightly, causing a series of massive upwellings of magma in the precise locations to enable the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria to rise once more.   Finally, the rotation of your planet is to be increased so that one Earth solar day will be exactly 24 hours long.  With the accelerating rotation and the mounting energy production from the core, the Earth's electromagnetic field can return to its former high levels.  As the planet reaches her natural level of health, her high-energy environment can sustain an even vaster and more complex ecosystem.

      Besides these transformations, the Earth's two firmaments are to be reinstated and the oxygen levels of the lower atmosphere increased to 33 to 36 percent.  This Earth is quite different from the one that you now reside on.  A number of extinct floras and faunas will reappear.  These plants and creatures are to be reborn so that they can fill in many of the niches presently unoccupied.  With the guidance of Earth, Heaven intends to reforest the continents of your globe.  The rise of the two firmaments will reduce the big differences in climate; the sweltering heat of the deserts and the frigidity of the Arctic and Antarctic will cease.  In their stead, a semi-tropical climate will predominate across the globe. The tropical and temperate forests will merge, and the vast plains will shrink. Moreover, the cycles of drought and flood will disappear, and the oceans will become slightly warmer toward the poles and cooler toward the equator. The giant ice floes that break off from the polar ice sheets will be gone, as will the glaciers that spawned them.

      The configuration of many continents will change, and the submerged land bridges are to be restored to their former glory.   For example, in North America the Rockies will subside and will be replaced by a great inland sea. This will change the river system, and the Missouri and the Colorado Rivers will flow into it.  The Mississippi will lessen in size due to a number of new and smaller river systems that will replace much of its former magnificence.   Newly restored Atlantis is to include many land bridges that will unite her with Europe via Spain, Portugal, and France; with North America via the Yucatan and Florida; and with South America via Venezuela and Columbia.  The rise of Atlantis will swallow up the many islands of the Caribbean and those in the Atlantic off the coast of West Africa and Southern Europe.  The changes in the Pacific and Indian Oceans are to be almost as dramatic: Lemuria will absorb the plethora of large and small islands to the north of Australia, and those stretching from Asia almost to North America.

      Lemuria will once again be a paradise, noted for her high mountains, enormous valleys, and cliffs plunging into the ocean.  Many exotic plants and animals will populate this land.  Her former capital, Hamakulia, is to be one of only a few settlements to be built there.  Her purpose will be to regulate the twelve major nodes that form the Earth Crystal.  The prime node, located on Mount Haleakala, will be less then 200 miles (124.3 kilometers) from the capital.   With the exception of these special settlements, the human population will live in beautiful crystal cities situated in inner Earth.  The forest of Lemuria will contain an ancient redwood that grows nearly 800 feet (243 meters) tall, interspersed with many presently extinct ferns, shrubs, and other similar plants.  These lush forests will be broken up by large mountain meadows.  This landscape will seem quite unusual to you as it has not really been seen on your world for tens of millennia.

      In the northern and southern polar regions, the collapse of the great ice sheets will provide an opportunity for a new and more varied ecosystem to emerge.  The northern-most sections of Europe, Asia, and North America will blossom with great temperate forests.  The demise of the tundra will let loose an explosion of life.  New river systems will form and the cold desolation of the north will be replaced by flowering meadows, a huge migration of wildlife, and lushness never before dreamed of!  Mother Earth is to flower from pole to pole and will be known as one of the most physically beautiful planets in the galaxy!  This wondrous realm is to be the place where your responsibilities are to be the greatest.  The amount and variety of animal and plant life and the majesty of her high mountain chains, her vast meadows and oceans make this world a great natural treasure.   Indeed, the huge diversity of life throughout this solar system ensures its uniqueness.

      Another major change in Mother Earth's planetary system concerns the present Moon. This satellite of Earth was put into orbit nearly 27,000 years ago. The Moon was originally an artificial battle planetoid built a million years ago by the former Draconian Empire, and later modified by the Orionites as part of a massive attack that laid waste to much of your solar system.  When the Galactic Federation returned around 900,000 years ago, this Moon was badly damaged and left adrift in an orbit between Mars and Earth.  Now the time has come to replace this artificial realm with the two natural satellites that once orbited your world.  These are to be placed on opposite sides of Mother Earth, about 240,000 miles out.  When the time for this arrives, the Moon will be towed out into interstellar space and destroyed.

      Like the Earth, Mars and Venus will once again become fully-fledged water worlds.   Since Venus is only a tad smaller than Earth, she will closely resemble your prime home world.  However, she will lack the vibrancy and energy of her sister. Nevertheless, the resemblance will be startling. Mars is much smaller and currently lacks the two moons that she once possessed. As with Venus and Earth, these moons are to be recreated by the planetary Elohim. When completed, these moons, with dense atmospheres, plentiful water, and beautiful mountains, can again teem with life. As you can see, the inner solar system is to be quite transformed from her current appearance. The outer solar system begins with the largest water planet, which we call Bellona. This world was once about 29,000 miles (46,990 kilometers) across, and its remains now form the Asteroid Belt.

      The new solar system is to be a veritable jewel. And its crowning glory is your home, Mother Earth. The remarkable energies produced by her core give birth to especially magnificent and exotic physical beauty in both her inner and outer realms. Inner Earth is to take on a splendor unlike anything in this galaxy. Your planetary refuge will be suffused by an intense loveliness and an energy that makes your soul sing with joy!  Here you can at last delight in the creation of rituals and procedures for sustaining your home.  But first, a great deal of physical transformation, involving massive earthquakes and volcanic upheavals, must take place in order for this new realm to be born.   So, during this time you will be relocated to either inner Earth or to a number of Motherships stationed in or near your solar system.  Indeed, your adventures are just beginning!

      Today, we have given you more details of the way Mother Earth and her three sister worlds are to be changed. These transformations are to coincide with the huge physical and spiritual changes that you, too, are to go through. We ask you to remain patient and prepared for the great victory that is ready to manifest before you! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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