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 From the Sedona Journal of Emergence August 2005 Issue

The Future of Earth and Your Connection with God
Monka from Mars through Commander Aleon

Greetings to all in the name of the most radiant One. In this communication, I wish to speak about the future of planet Earth. The
atmosphere of your planet is now undergoing great changes in your time and space.
  We of the Ashtar Command would like you to observe your sky in the days and months ahead.   You will start to see changes in the color patterns within your atmosphere.   These colors will include purple and varied shades of blue and gold.   These are representations of the various levels of the vibrational frequencies around Earth.   These colors will also at times become brilliant to the human eye.   The veil between your dimension and the spiritual levels of Christ consciousness, as well as the higher levels, will be seen in these colors.   Your human consciousness will also affect the atmosphere, including weather patterns and other cosmic events.

You have always been connected to all within the universe; you were never truly disconnected.  Any feeling of disconnection has been
created by your mental state, which many times interferes with your true state of being.  The times ahead will be wonderful ones to see,
feel and live through.  You will no longer wonder when all will be within the divine plan for Earth.  That plan is happening all around
you-above, below and within.  Every life form will be affected and included in this great change. "Immanent" is how we will speak of this event on and off your planet.


How many years do you feel that you have to live on this planet?   The
answer is that many will, shall we say, disappear from existence on
this planet and within the framework of your time and space as you
know it. Many before you have ascended in this way, leaving no trace
of their existence. That's how many humans will go soon. You will
switch from one state of consciousness and reality to another, more
spiritual, cosmic state of being. Your surroundings and your
atmosphere will be different, with your land, water and vegetation
in a pristine state. Cities and communities on the new Earth will be
always connected with not only the planet as a life form but with
God's rays of light and vibration, which always surround all who
reside there. Crystallized structures within this new reality will
also give you the energies needed to power many of the living spaces
that you will have, which will be unlike those within this time and space.

You will also find the foods to be quite different than what you are
used to in this time and space. There will be no KFC, but there will
be many foods to eat in the higher dimensions of planetary light. You will find that some exist only within the source of light that flows within the universe. You will see that beings from other worlds eat food that provides pure energy in its organic state. We are from the higher dimensions and other planets, and we have a wide variety of what you would call healthy foods available to us. Some civilizations create what they want just by a thought. This is something that in your current state of being does not exist. The animal and what you call your water life forms will be alive and well. Some of these are ones who were taken off the Earth before they were killed off by humanity through the destruction of their habitat. They are safe now within the new Earth.


The Ashtar Command has many who specialize in diverse areas of mission work on our ships. Protecting animals and sea life is very important to us. As we respect all life in the multiverse, we have a great love for all beings. You who live on the Earth in your dimension now will experience direct connection to us. You are already living in and feeling the excitement of these times ahead. Your future is brighter than it sometimes appears within your everyday newscasts. Like attracts like. You have heard this before, have you not? As the future unfolds for each of you on the planet, you will find that you can only commune with others who are of pure heart and love. If you find that you have friends who do not operate this way, you will see through them, disconnect from them and then reconnect with those who are also in the final stages of your same cosmic consciousness. The ones who stay within this illusion and are distorted in their frequency will find others like themselves. So in a sense, your realities will separate, one going into a higher state of consciousness, the other remaining trapped in a lower state.

You must always be connected to God in these times. It will not be a
free-for-all as these changes happen to humanity and Mother Earth. All will go through the cosmic Christ, known to all planetary worlds as Jesus Christ, and your alignment with God will be most important.
Without it you will not make it to the new Earth that awaits you.
Remember that God created all beings in the multiverse, and those who have decided to try to spiritually do whatever they choose without God's love will be in a place that does not resonate in the frequency of God's divine plan and love. It's time to clean house within and around you through your acceptance of the cosmic Christ as you come closer to home.

If you wish to look at it as your karma, then that is what it is. The main thing to understand is that it exists. Come to completion with the limitation in which you have lived. When you move into a new home, you clean the old home first. That's how it is within your current state of existence.


Once your body, mind and soul have aligned completely with God and Christ, then your lightbody will shine as it was meant to in this
time. Many who are not aligning with the Christ consciousness will disappear out of your vision and spectrum forever. There is a bright
and wonderful future waiting for humanity and all life forms on this orb who connect. No one is left out. There is a place for all to
reside, even those who have not yet finished their work on themselves.  How many have gone to school and were held back a year, and then after completing that year, they moved up the grades until they graduated? All who are ready will graduate within God's galactic levels of understanding.

Being a Christed Being of Light

I want to talk about being a christed being of light. What does this
mean? When you are a christed being of light, you are fully conscious of your lightbody and etheric self, all in one shell. As you walk on Earth and become fully aware of this, you look at and think of things very differently than those who remain in an unconscious state of mind. The unconscious state is asleep, waiting to wake up to another, completely different reality. Once the body, mind and soul have aligned with the encoded frequency of what we call Christ consciousness, then all will be self-realized and interconnected.

It is extremely important to be connected. As in electrical circuits,if the wires are not connected properly, the system will not operate correctly. It's the same for the human body on this orb. The body is a cosmic temple, and one must keep the core clear of the
third-dimensional energies that hit you every day on this planet. You were all sent here to experience life on Earth through being born in human form. You have also attained the ability to get involved in human ways of processing things in your mind. Just like watching a TV set, it is easy to become sucked into the ways of limitation on Earth. Staying out of this mode takes focus and detachment from religion, politics and power. You have reached the time to start remembering who you are. You're not a preacher or a president but a messenger of the Ashtar Command, here to bring forth and touch as many hearts as you can with Christ consciousness, cosmically and spiritually.

When we speak of being born again in galactic terms, we mean going
back to where you started when you were in your true state of cosmic
consciousness. Your Earth-based religions have all been fighting over who will save the unsaved. We speak of bringing spiritual
enlightenment to those on Earth who are asleep. The struggle for
humanity is one where choices will be made. Many on Earth are
disconnected and confused, and we have a mission to accomplish: to
assist these misguided ones into the light. It's time for the Ashtar
Command to step up to the plate on Earth. That means helping people


There are many influences on Earth, such as TV and videos, that are
major distractions from staying connected to the cosmic realities of
your existence. Your body will at some point go with you, or you will leave it behind and be in your lightbody as the radiant beings all of you within the light truly are. Living in an illusion is a test of your will to exist in this plane. You test yourself every day when you wake up on Earth and go about your normal routines. Though you might work at a big company, be a schoolteacher or own your own business, the reality is that it's all an illusion. It's real in one sense  and not real when you sleep. When you sleep, you switch realities. The dynamics are very different as to who you are and what you are doing within the cosmic realms. Some of you are cosmic teachers, others are scientists and some are spiritual teachers within the christed areas off planet.

Each of you has a very important aspect to your being. Remember who
you are when you get up in the morning. When you find that you are
here for a purpose and serve the highest good, then you will flow
through this lifetime with ease. Blessings in the light of the most
radiant One. Adonai.

Commander Aleon
203-269-4053 evenings

From the Sedona Journal of Emergence August 2005 Issue

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