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9 September 2005      "a Loving Voice'

Fresh Start in Life

Dear Ones,
How would you feel if you knew that today was truly the beginning of your new life?   What would you feel if you could actually face today, right now, without having any thoughts of the past?   What if the past doesn’t repeat itself?   What new thoughts could you think today, would you think today if you weren’t still carrying around the past?   What if there were nothing to weigh you down?   No past . . .no future . . .just present moment living . . .

Well, you can live this way if you choose to do so.  What you think today, what you allow yourself to think today, creates your experience.   So if you want to have a dreary do nothing, accomplish nothing, no energy day, go right ahead and have one.   Just remember to think the most limiting negative thoughts possible.   Wake up depressed.   Remind yourself that you are getting older, that you’ve messed up your life, that nothing has ever worked out in your favor and that nothing will.   There you go, choosing to have an awful, self-limiting day . . .enjoy it, you created it with your very own thoughts!

Okay, perhaps we are being a bit harsh, but at least you get the point. You are 100% responsible for where you are in your life and for what you think and feel. If you are in a good place, that’s great. If you aren’t, remember what was already said in one of the other messages and we repeat it here:

“If you do nothing to change your life, you can be sure it won’t get better.”

Have you ever noticed that everyone handles things differently?   One person is out of work and decides to go to the beach and goof off, another decides to use the time for self improvement and inner reflection, another sits at home and bites his fingernails with worry, and another gets up, goes out, and gets a new job. Each person is in the same situation, yet s/he always has the choice to make lemonade out of a lemon or to pucker up and drink the juice straight.

What if your past were wiped away?   This morning when you woke up you knew your name and nothing else.   Now wouldn’t that be an interesting day – actually living with no past. Imagine the day – you roll over and see the person next to you for the first time. You go to the kitchen and see your children for the first time. Who are those people? Wouldn’t you like to get to know them today? In fact, this is the truth of the situation – the person you were with yesterday doesn’t exist today. You change every time you make a decision, every time you have a new experience, every time you speak or are spoken to and so on.

How would your work look if you were doing it for the first time?   What if you are an artist and you look at a blank canvas for the first time? What would you create if you leave your style behind? What colors would you use if you were completely free to use any color you wanted?

What if you try something completely unknown today, right now?   What if you act in a way that you’ve never acted before? What if you put on that Indian outfit or that Hawaiian shirt that you bought on vacation? What if you decide to listen to foreign music, eat something you’ve never eaten before? What if you grab a poetry book and read a poem to the family at the breakfast table while you’re eating a big bowl of chocolate ice cream?

What if you smile more and complain less?   What if you tell a joke for the first time in your life? What if you go online and use a dating service? What if you go out on the street and yell at the top of your voice? What if you call someone and tell him or her how much s/he is loved and appreciated?

Why don’t you paint a whole new life on that blank canvas?

Who gives you the right?   Who gives you that blank canvas? You give it to yourself each time you agree not to relive the past, to forget you ever had a past. Don’t try to paint on a canvas that you’ve already painted on – it never works – the colors always bleed through. If you take the old canvas filled with past experiences and thoughts, you will never be able to create something fresh and new.


We encourage you today to break out of your old patterns in order to break into a new life. Step into your new roles . . .let go of the past.

So, to sum it all up: Why not wake up this morning and every morning thinking today is the beginning of your new life.   You are the creator of your life.   Start thinking about the excitement of being alive and about the possibilities that are offered to you in each present moment.   You live in a world of infinite possibilities.   Open to your happy life – break in to a new way of being.  See sunshine before you and walk into it.   Be optimistic no matter what and watch miracles happen everywhere.

We are with you.

(Message received by Phoebe Lauren: MmePhoebeLauren@aol.com)

Ms. Lauren is an international author, lecturer, workshop leader, and artist,  specializing in issues of self empowerment through embracing spiritual truths.  She also works as a “spiritual counselor”and takes down messages which come through her from a “loving voice”.. She lives between Santa Fe, New Mexico and Paris, France and considers herself a citizen of the world,   and currently gives workshops and lectures in Europe and the U.S.A

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