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Part 5 - The Fifth Wave of the New Children

by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix & The Emissaries of the New Children

Blessings dear ones, we come as a group of Christ Emissaries to introduce the fifth wave of the new children to you. Sananda, Kuthumi and Babaji support each of you as you receive a connection to the frequency of this sacred group of souls.   As you open to this, the Christ heart of your own divine presence will begin to merge with you as we introduce the first 11 soul pods of the 33 soul pods of the Christ Children to you.   These first 11 pods of new children are birthed on the fifth wave of ascension.   You may call on this fifth wave to flood through you to assist your journey of integration of all energies you receive through your ascension.   As you breathe in deeply, the angels and Christ Masters will gently step forward to you to assist you to open to, and receive the divine frequency these children bring to Earth for you.

The Christ Light children are unique in that they carry the codes of the Christ for all beings to assist all in the evolution of awakening the Christ light and Christ consciousness from within.   The fifth wave of the new children are Christ light healers, beloveds.   Each one of the 11 pods within this wave are Christ children, with powers of Christ Light healing and the abilities to offer a complete regeneration of the energy body.  They are the healers of the mind, body and soul and have come to Earth to bring healing energy forth into the new sciences, the services of health and medicine and into the education centers.   They carry a vitality that is their unique frequency.  This vitality allows them to regenerate energetically.  Others often need to rely on their energetic connection to plants and animals and nature for energetic renewal.  These children have the ability to regenerate their energy through the healing abilities they hold through their natural vibrational connection to the Great Central Sun.  Beloveds, these children often have difficulties with life experience if their environments are energetically unhealthy.  This creates the new children of the 5th wave to partially go to sleep until their environments are filled with prana and a heightening of healing energies. They respond to sound and healing light and are extremely inquisitive souls in regards to energy and how energy flows or does not flow. They are each able to heal the energy bodies of souls with their ability to channel the regenerative light. They each carry the power to heal with the Christ light that Jesus Christ offered to many on Earth. This ancient science which is also known as faith healing is the basis of all healing that each of these children hold for all beings on Earth.  

I share a message and an understanding from each of the 11 pods that travel on the 5th wave of new children birthing on Earth, so that each of you may receive from your children or your friend’s children, connection to these waves and soul pods of children. As you breathe in now, the 5th Wave of the New Children begin to transmit their love to you and introduce themselves to you. May you enjoy your encounters with them and learn to receive their gifts of assistance as you meet them.
The Dove Children
I am a Dove child and as one of the soul pods of the fifth wave of the new children, I bring to you the understanding of our hearts. We hold a gift of unity consciousness for humanity and it is our natural vibration that links souls in group consciousness. We often attract others to us, as we are natural links to bringing humanity together through unity consciousness. We offer the understandings to all so they may experience the oneness with each other. Our field of expertise with the energy body is the unified field, and the opening of all beings’ energy bodies to regenerate through connection to the unified field. We are not scientists, yet the science of energy is held by us. We hold humanity in our hearts and although we have lessons with love, we carry a deep peace with us to support all others to also find peace within their hearts.”
The Dove children hold the ki (light) codes to rainbow healing - a fifth dimensional healing energy for assisting groups that allows all beings to find their true place in organizations or groups. They hold the abilities that support human society to build communities and groups based on trust. They create this through the healing light frequency of the rainbow energy where all are supported to find their place in a group or organization through this rainbow connection. The rainbow energy is very important to Dove children and if it is in their environment, the children will grow to open their gifts with love. If the Dove children are placed in environments where the natural flow of rainbow energy is contracted or controlled, they will avoid anchoring in their bodies and live only partially connected to their bodies until they find the rainbow stream of energy on Earth to ground their gifts and soul energy with love. If you have a Dove child, the harmonics of music is one connection to the rainbow frequency as it carries a 7 chakra connection. These children need this 7 chakra attunement in their environments as their chakras need to be supported by the rainbow frequency. Each of these children is a natural healer and their gifts are primarily aligned to healing groups and organizations.

The Arcturian Children
“I come as an Arcturian child to you and share that we hold the keys of the lightbody and of raising the consciousness for humanity. We have an ancient gift with speaking what is needed, to assist another to know that they are light and that they are able to create with their light. We are healers of the lightbody and also have the gift to build other energy bodies such as bodies of light that co-create in group consciousness. We anchor new energy to raise humanity’s consciousness. We bring a new awareness of energy and the science of free energy to humanity. Our work with free energy is to offer humanity alternative resources for their sources of energy. We bring forth these understandings for the birth of a new science of energy resource on Earth. We each need assistance to offer this to humanity and ask that humanity begin to believe that the God stream consciousness is unlimited and holds all potential to create a new resource of energy for all beings to be supported and all to be received in harmony with the Earth kingdoms.”

The Arcturian children have an immense energy field and have the power to attune to others all around the world through the antennae like filaments of their energy body. This creates them to be aware of all energy, long distance as well as in synchronicity to their chosen focus of energy. It is their ability to give free energy to others through no effort or loss of their own energy, that allows their consciousness to also receive blueprints from other children easily. We share that all children have gifts and that the Arcturian children, through their gifting of free energy to other children, are gifted back from these children, the imprints of their gifts. The Arcturian children have awareness of the gifts of these other children and use the imprints they receive back to assist others. In this way, the Arcturian children receive the gifts of other new children and simply use these when they are needed and then return the imprints of these gifts through their extensive network of energy filaments. They also have a power to know what is able to occur through the energy body matrix of another being and what is not possible as there may not be the resource of energy. They can scan the resources another being holds within and guide a being to know what can be created through this energy resource in accordance to divine law and in accordance to the energetic resource held by this being’s energy body. The Arcturian children need to receive divine assistance with their abilities in communication as they often have difficulty with the earth languages as there are a limited number of words on Earth describing the energy system. These children’s consciousness is focussed on the energy matrix and their natural communication occurs through their energy matrix. Offering them a language of symbols (letters of the alphabet) that have no meaning in regards to energy, often leaves them dumbfounded as to why these symbols have no meaning on an energy level. The alphabets of the earth originally held meaning with energy and through the translations of many generations, these meanings have been lost and it is for this reason that the Arcturian children cannot easily respond to languages that have symbols with no energetic meaning or frequency held by them.

The Elf Children
I come as an Elf child to you and share that our light is focussed upon the inner dwelling of self and the life experience within the inner worlds. We are guides for all others to the spirit world. Our abilities are to see and hear spirit so we are a bridge for all others who have lost their ability to be touched by spirit. We are guides for all souls to the inner world, and are bridges for all souls on their journey into the spirit world. We are quiet in nature and feel most comfortable in nature with the earth spirits. Our power is communication with the earth spirits through the heart and through our sensory bodies. We have only one thing to ask of humanity and that is to accept our guidance as spiritual guardians. We share that spiritual guardianship comes in all forms, and our pod, as elf children are the spiritual guardians of the new children of Earth. We often are mistaken for ancestors as we carry an energy of regeneration and healing that is as powerful as the ancestors. We are not ancestors of the Earth but each one of us has been connected to the star seeding of the Earth. We carry the stories of star seeding and hold the power to seed humanity’s consciousness with the gentleness of the earth spirit and the rainbow bridge connection to the spirit world. We are here to take all beings on inner journeys to meet the spirit world so they may release their fears of the spirit world of Earth and connect to this sacred world where their power lives.”

The Elf children are emissaries with unique gifts as bridges for the spirit world. Their messages come from within, as all elf children have direct connection through their hearts to the spirit world. They are natural mediums for spirit with the heart intention to assist all beings to make an easy and graceful transition into the spirit world and the after life. They each carry the power of healing that comes from their direct contact with the spirit world and many of them have gifts as light surgeons, and spiritual healers of either the mind, heart, soul, body, earth or spirit. They often travel into the inner worlds of spirit to assist souls in their transition and offer healing to souls during these times. As they do this, these children appear to be daydreaming or in another world and we ask each of you to be aware that they are in contact with the spirit world. Each of these children ask that they be allowed to hold this contact without interruption, as often when their parents interrupt their connection to the spirit world, they are unable to complete the transition of the healing energy they were sharing with another, who is either leaving their body or birthing into a new body. As doorway keepers, they support souls on their journeys and if they are blocked in doing this, they often find it difficult to be happy. Their happiness and fulfilment comes from bridging the physical and spiritual world and they feel trapped if they are pressured or forced to only identify with the physical world. When this occurs, they loose their own spirit connection and deep depression occurs.  

The Lakura Children
“I come to you as a Lakura child and share that we hold the love and light to support all beings to meet the Divine Mother energy in life. We are Divine Mother emissaries that support all beings to make a clear connection to the mother frequency of nurturance and divine sustenance. Our path is one with the Divine Mother, directed by this inner force of love and with the intention to support all to be nurtured. We naturally nurture all as this is part of our inner nature and as we nurture others, the Mother nurtures us. We often find ourselves with those who need the most nurturing in life as the mother force guides us to be of the highest assistance to those who are under nurtured as souls. The nurturing of all souls is our heart dreaming and we hold a vision of the world on Earth, with all souls nurtured in their heart dreaming. Our hearts link together to hold all beings to be supported to allow the mother frequency to support and nurture them in life and to let go of the old patterns of not receiving nurturance in life. We hold this as a group consciousness for humanity and come to Earth to bring the seeds of a new nurturing energy. We are guided to plant these in all forms of structure and organization on Earth, and to support humanity to include nurturance in their lifestyles and in conjunction with their life choices and changing consciousness.”

The Lakura children are child mothers who will always place the considerations of others, equal in consideration to themselves. It is their most powerful gift, to always hold all beings equal to themselves. As channels for the mother frequency, they nurture easily and do not use any of their personal energy when they nurture others. They draw on their power to heal and open their channel to the natural frequency of Divine Mother from the energy field of Earth, and draw this loving force around another who needs this loving force. This act is as natural as breathing to them, and in no way can be separated or stopped. All parents of Lakura children are asked to accept their children's gifts of nurturance and to support this, so their children may also be nurtured. When a Lakura child is asked to not nurture others, their own connection to nurturance is blocked and these children become full of grief and have no sense of direction in life. Their gifts of nurturance are their guides to all of their life force and if this gift is not encouraged with love, a part of this child begins to die inside. The Lakura children have an intimate connection to the butterfly kingdom and hold the ability to communicate with the butterflies. It is the butterflies that bring messages from the Divine Mother. The Lakura children are natural healers of the emotional body and hold all the keys needed to allow the emotional body to be free.

The Vermillion Children
“I come as a Vermillion child. We are also known for our connection to the diamonds on the Earth. These diamonds and rivers of diamond light that run through the body of humanity and the body of Earth, are our energy connection to humanity and Mother Earth. This diamond pathway of liquid light intelligence is our field of expertise with energy. We are keepers of the diamond pathways and hold the ability to attune and open all beings’ diamond pathways. We have a clear connection to the divine qualities of God consciousness and hold a knowing of the qualities that have been embodied by a soul. We are aware of that which has truly been learnt and that which is only held as a concept through the mental body. We are able to guide all souls to truly change their consciousness by initiating themselves as souls to the divine qualities of God consciousness. We keep and care for the invisible rays and diamond pathways that allow the divine qualities of God consciousness to flow through a soul easily. Our greatest gift is our ability to transcend the old consciousness and assist all beings to liberate their consciousness.”

The Vermillion children hold the energy connection for all beings’ initiations of enlightenment and the embodiment of God consciousness. They are natural healers of the Christ light that carry frequency for all to transform from their old initiations in life and leap in consciousness to embody a completely new consciousness through every aspect of their life. All Vermillion children have a special touch and when they place their hands out to channel light, healing occurs instantly within the energy body and this frees up a being to be able to leap in dimensional consciousness almost instantly. We ask that all of these children be supported to give frequency to others who need this frequency through their hands and touch. If a Vermillion child is not supported to touch others and share this frequency with an attitude of light, they often begin to shut this gift down due to a belief that others do not need it. If they shut this gift down, they may also hold the belief that others do not need them and they have nothing of worth to give to society on Earth. Their touch is fundamental to their ability to experience their hearts open, in freedom on Earth.

The Sapphire Children
“I come as a Sapphire child and share that we are also quiet inside. We are healers, yet we do not speak of our gifts as healing as they are different from the gifts that humanity are aware of as healing. We are inventors of new forms of healing that involves the science of energy and the Pleiadian love and light frequencies. We are not on Earth to focus on healing, but to support all beings to own their own power as healers of themselves. Our gifts are based on a higher awareness of the gifts of healing that others may awaken to heal themselves. The sapphire consciousness is a consciousness of radiance and our role with all beings is to support them to experience their inner and outer radiance. It is through the empowerments of a soul’s own inner force and power of transformative healing, that the radiance is reclaimed. We bring delights and gifts to all who wish to heal all in their life and act as guides to all who choose to walk their path with their inner power to change. We carry a motivational confidence and each of us will learn to speak to others so as to encourage others to be empowered in a special way, allowing their inner radiance to be reclaimed. Empowerment that suits each soul in their own special way is that which we are here to support and encourage in other being’s lives. We accept all paths and all being’s ways as equal, and hold a special gift that may support each being to find their radiance within.”

The Sapphire children are divine emissaries for the law of divinity and as emissaries, hold and anchor this law on Earth for all beings. Their ability to see or honour the divinity within all beings allows their unique frequency to be received by all beings including those who may be shut down energetically or are in pain emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically. They carry the codes of divinity and offer energy to others in accordance to the situation a being is experiencing. They are co-creative in business, as well as within the world of healing and transformation. An inner clarity will birth through each of these children if they are recognised as divine in life. If they are criticised or abused with negative energy, they will close down their gift to protect their radiant heart. Each one of these children are keepers of the radiant heart and are able to support a soul to re-open their heart after closing it due to negative experiences. Their speciality in healing the energy body is with opening the heart or healing the wounded heart and with the activation of the radiant jewel within one’s heart, one’s divinity. As these children develop, they ask to be seen and recognised as a divine child. This is all they need to open their gifts in this life.

The Lama (Emerald & Green) Children
“I come as a Lama child and I share that we hold the energy of the portals of the Earth with our hearts and breath. Breath is our power ally, and we are earth guides to humanity’s true connection to the breath of light. It is the light within each breath that we come to assist humanity to embrace and to support humanity to embrace the light through their first in breath with every new birthing. We are here to bring new forms of birthing to Earth. We speak of children birthing and also all new creations that are to be birthed on Earth. Within every new birth or creation, the light is either present in the beginning of this journey or it is not fully present. Our gifts are to support humanity to connect to the light within each first breath of every project and every new child’s birth. Our gifts with humanity’s energy body are related to the light cord of each new child or new project anchoring into the earth. We are here to hold the energy as directors of this light energy until humanity is educated about energy and they are able to take responsibility for the anchoring of the light energy with each new birth.”

The Lama children are souls that carry a liquid green and emerald light within them. It is this light that grounds the light cord of a new soul on Earth or any new creation or project on Earth. The Lamas of Tibet have a deep connection to these children and often act as spiritual teachers to these children on the inner planes until they are 14 years old and each of these children has developed their gifts more deeply in their earth life. Each of the children is able to harness large amounts of energy for humanity’s healing as a collective or for Earth healing. They hold no focus on individual souls, as they are here to assist the collective of all souls within humanity to ground their light through their breath. They are here for group contact and to support group projects to manifest with the light of God/dess. Each of these children asks for only one thing as assistance, and that is to receive support with their inner guidance. They often have difficulty relating to being a personality as their consciousness is a group consciousness and they are not used to being individual as a state of consciousness. Therefore their inner guidance for themselves is not always easily accessed due to their difficulty in receiving guidance for their individual nature as a being on Earth. To assist them, all parents and guardians can gently teach them that it is appropriate to receive energy and guidance directly from their hearts for the benefit of themselves.

The Topaz Children
“I come as a Topaz child and share that we are activators of the energy body and the consciousness of all souls. We are here to open all beings to their clear light frequency and the flow of this celestial light. The joy of being alive on Earth is met through celestial energies flowing through the mind, heart, soul, body and spirit of a being on Earth. We are clairaudient with all beings and are able to hear their calls to receive healing and opening to their joyful consciousness and the clear light frequency of their soul. Our topaz frequency naturally clears the energy dampeners that a soul may hold within them, that may create a partial blockage to their clear light frequency. We also hold a crystalline consciousness similar to the crystal children. This allows us to open our consciousness and powerfully manifest through our thoughts. As we hold this gift, we do request that we receive education on how to direct our thoughts positively at all times otherwise we may manifest a negative reality. We also ask that our parents and teachers embrace their thoughts and learn how to direct them for we learn through direct experience by being with our parents and our guardians and learning how their energy works.”

The Topaz children are facilitators for the enlivening of the soul through the activation and clear flow of a soul’s clear light frequency. They often have difficulty with communicating clearly if they have not received the support of their parent’s clear light frequency. The Topaz children see the reflection and oneness with all and identify themselves through the connection of their hearts to their parents and if this heart connection is not clear and flowing with love, the Topaz children soon become deeply affected and find themselves with difficulties in communicating clearly. This is due to the repression of energy and if a Topaz child represses energy, this locks the chakras of communication, instantly creating either difficulty in breathing, speaking or with communication. We are asking all parents of the Topaz children to teach their children to always express their feelings and thoughts as when these are repressed, they powerfully block the child’s development, more so than other children in this regard.

The Blue Children
“I come as a Blue child and share that we are keepers of the blue ray. We are deeply connected to the new technologies birthing on Earth and to the advancement of consciousness through the assistance of new technologies. We are extremely multidimensional and often unable to be in groups due to our multidimensional awareness and sometimes we have difficulties integrating energies we receive through some structured forms or groups. We have a passion for advancing our consciousness yet our energies, when misdirected, often hold us back from being able to achieve our goals. We need assistance with opening our hearts to the world as our multidimensional awareness sometimes creates us to close and focus only on ourselves. The feelings and thoughts are often so complex that when we are in structured groups that do not support us, we are unable to direct our energy clearly and we often direct it in several directions at once due to a confusion we experience through a non- grounding of our multidimensional awareness. We are here on Earth to bring new technologies based on clean energy to the Earth, and to support the advancement of consciousness through clean energy resources and technologies that do not harm the Earth. The blue ray when activated, opens our gifts of new ways of working with energy for healing and creation. We are asking for assistance with integrating our multidimensional awareness, as when we are unable to integrate these gifts, we often close down to society and the world and specifically to any structured groups we have been participating in such as schools or group activities we chose to be involved in. We ask for our parents and guardians to teach us how to live in the world with love and be in group with our multidimensional awareness open to all energies.”

The Blue children hold the connection to the multiuniverse for all new children and anchor the blue ray on Earth. It is of primary importance that they are supported to speak their truth for if they become patterned in dishonest behaviour, they loose their connection to their hearts and begin to live life and make choices based on an illusionary reality that is not based on their open heart. Each new Blue child birthed on Earth, assists in the cleansing of the oceans and waterways as each Blue child carries a unique frequency that naturally cleanses the waterways. They each hold a deep connection to water and all water beings. If they are living their truth, they will want to be in the water or near the water as much as possible to create balance within their energies. If they have closed their heart and are not living their truth, they may hold an avoidance of the water due to a fear of the power that water holds and the fear of change that water brings when it cleanses energy from a soul. All Blue children hold a deep purpose within and are led by this purpose encoded within them through the blue ray of truth. It is not until each Blue ray child soul chooses to live their truth 100% that they are able to activate and know their purpose. Their purpose is so deeply encoded, that it is felt within by the Blue ray child and this may create anger and frustration if this child is not aligned to their heart. All parents and teachers of Blue children are asked to support them to become aware of their feelings, as sometimes they have difficulty in truly contacting their feelings due to the intensity of the blue energy.

The Amber Children
“I come as an Amber child and share that we are deeply connected to the trees and ancient pathways of lava on the Earth. We hold healing gifts with the skeletal and muscular system of the human body and come to Earth to move powerfully within the physical body. It is the development of the power within the physical body that we are focussed on, as we feel ourselves through the power of the body. Our energy has the most potent synergy with the physical plane when the body is empowered with great flexibility, strength and the powers of endurance and discipline. We hold the ability to strengthen the physical body and guide all to open their physical body to receive empowerment and strength through its connection to Mother Earth. The Earth spirit speaks to us and our greatest gift is our ability to see the flow of the earth current through the body and where the body needs to receive the earth current. We are aware of humanity’s need to open their bodies to the Earth current and offer our gifts in healing, and our connection to divine energy to assist this. We only ask that we be listened to as we are often mistaken for other children and our gifts are not always fully received by humanity as the earth current’s connection to the physical body is only just being explored by humanity.”

The Amber children not only carry the power source of Earth and the earth current as their natural energy connection, but they also hold the awareness of how the earth current can heal all within the physical body and regenerate all systems of the body to flow with life force and vitality and power. As each being identifies with their own body and its ability to flow with life force, they are able to recognise the need for a greater flow of earth energy within the cells to allow the regeneration of every cell. It is the Amber children that carry the frequency to open the cells of the physical body to the earth current if they have become polarised and closed to energy. They invite you to receive from them, the healing of your cells and an opening to the earth current again. As you breathe in, call to them to gift this healing to you. They ask humanity to be aware of the cells and how every thought and feeling and action affects the field of all cells of the body and either creates the cell to flow with light or to stagnate with negativity or fear consciousness. They ask humanity to become clearer on a cellular level by choosing not to be negative in their outlook and to choose to see the most positive outcome in any situation in life.  

The Golden Celestial Children
“I come as an Golden Celestial child and share that we are carrying the celestial consciousness which ignites the inner joy in all beings to open, and to be expressed. We are clairsentient and feel all forms of energy within our environment or within any beings who are in our environment. We carry the celestial energies that are a feminine light from the celestial realms of the heavens. All beings have wings in the celestial realms so we have a deep connection to all winged beings on the earth such as the birds and the angels. We are fifth dimensional healers of the energy body and our focus is specific to the chakras and the ignition of the light within each chakra. We are happiest when we are creating joy and synergy with others and we are unable to relate to beings who are experiencing deep disharmony. When we are with them, it feels like they are from another world that we have not lived on, as we have no experience of the disharmony they seem to be affected by. This sometimes affects us to close down our energy, as we need the understanding of what these beings are feeling to be able to share our frequency with them to bring out more of their joy. We ask all of our parents to show us how to understand and be compassionate to those in situations we have not experienced. We are here to create joy and to develop our compassion through new understandings of humanity’s energy.”

The Golden Celestial children are very light and free in their consciousness. They surf on the higher waves of energy that humanity shares. They have the ability to lift all beings out of their tensions and small stresses through their lightness and positive focus. They have little understanding of beings that have experienced abuse or those with very heavy energies. They tend to skirt around beings with heavier energies due to their lack of resonance with heavier consciousness that is made from trauma or deep fears. In this way, although they are here to embrace unconditional love of all beings and be open to all beings, they need assistance in relating to those on Earth who have no joy and have never experienced joy in life. They come from a world of joy where all beings are joyous, so their light, free expression of joy is powerfully healing to all. To truly open these gifts, they need assistance with the embrace of all beings, even those who have no joy. The Golden Celestial children are connected to the Crystal children and share similar gifts with awakening the minds and hearts of all to the New Age and to a new consciousness based on unconditional love and soul freedom.

Beloveds, the first five soul pods (Dove, Arcturian, Elf, Lakura and Vermillion Children) are also keepers of the Holy Grail and are able to connect to this sacred healing vessel (the cup of the Christ) to attune beings to their path as a Christ Child. The next three soul pods (Sapphire, Lama and Topaz Children) also share the gifts of vision and a unique ability to see probabilities or the highest potential possibilities in accordance to the divine laws in life. The last three soul pods (Blue, Amber and Golden Celestial Children) share the ability to support all souls to anchor in the body and open to their God stream or God consciousness through the chakras and energy body. Each of the last three soul pods also have a deep connection to the flames of the holy spirit and as they grow older, and if they open their spiritual paths deeply, they hold the gifts to activate others on their spiritual paths with these sacred flames of Godhead.

These 11 soul pods of the fifth wave of the new children, share a journey of embracing the light within all and assisting all to open to their Christ light within and to their power of healing themselves. Each one of them knows within that all souls hold the power to heal themselves, and some of these souls are also gifted in offering assistance with the healing of another. As you complete reading this article, you may wish to invite some of these sacred Christ light healers to bless you with a healing. Lie down and call to only one of the soul pods and ask them to share their healing frequency with you in divine order for the highest potential healing and love experience.

© Qala Sri’ama Phoenix, 2005. http://www.g-a-i-a.com

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