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End Time Now                                                   


What is the End of Time?

Is it the end of our story?

No more humanity?

No more earth?

Could Love intend for our story to end?

Or does the end of time mean we stop thinking in terms of time?

That we have no perception of time’s passage?

That we have no dependence on time?

No attachment to the past.

No projecting into the future.

All minds clarified.

This would mean instantaneous manifestation.

This would mean that consciousness would truly, experientially, be here now.

For all of us.


The End of Time is the Beginning of Heaven.


It occurs to me that the awakened, those humans consciously living in the present, are given abundant opportunities to collapse time simply by remaining present.  For example, driving home a while back, the traffic was heavy and slow due to an earlier accident, and I couldn’t see ahead more than one car length.   I decided to find some energizing music and glanced toward my CD case on the seat beside me.  But before my eyes actually connected on the CD case, there was a nanosecond flash of light that drew my attention to the road ahead and left, causing the slightest movement of my steering wheel.   Just then my front tire passed by a large shovel that was lying with its handle protruding about a foot into the lane.  My tires missed the shovel by millimeters.  


Instantaneously, so immediate that it was difficult to decide what actually was happening, an entire accident scenario played through my mind, one in which my rear tire hit the shovel handle, propelling the shovel behind my vehicle into the windshield of a pickup truck.  For a brief moment I couldn’t tell which reality was which; did I hit the shovel or did I miss it?  Then the Voice:  I protect all beloveds this way.  I realized with a rush of energy that what I had envisioned was not some negative mind-stuff, but was an alternate reality that did not occur because I paid attention to the flash of light that was God’s warning signal!


We have these little flashes of other possible decisive outcomes, but most are not awake and conscious of them as opportunities.  Sometimes we believe the alternate realities into existence.  Or we fall into a fearful state, following the non-reality into a negative imagined outcome.  We all have similar “premonitions,” and all of us have acted on them, sometimes creating havoc in our lives.  Or we just worry.  These flashes are then a common indication of the extra-dimensionality that pervades our lives and thus one more indication of our ability to perceive extra-dimensionally. 


These are also indication of our ability to collapse time.  By choosing to live awakened lives, consciously listening for the still small voice, we end all the suffering that comes from tuning out God’s Voice.  We collapse time by preventing the effects of the negative outcome for all who would have been affected.  We eliminate effect by eliminating cause.  The alternate realities simply do not manifest.  And without the resultant suffering, we are free to live in joy, to grow in joy, to become Joy.  Sustained, effulgent, abundant Divine Joy is our inheritance.  To know this Joy requires awareness, availability, presence.  Know this Joy.     


Our smallest choices add up to big changes in the collective human consciousness.  You are far more powerful than you know.  Be still and listen.  Live now, to collapse time and draw heaven into the present.  The end of time is the beginning of heaven!


Libby Maxey, May 15, 2005


Beloved Keth,
    I'm an avid reader of your webpages and perpetually thankful that you provide this service.  My human name is Libby Maxey.  God calls me Liberty.  I would like to submit the following article, entitled "End Time Now."  As of this moment, people don't know me but I'm ready for that to change.  I've written and published a book,  "I Am Liberty, One Mind's Journey Through Ascension"   about which Jean-Claude Koven, author of "Going Deeper" (LightNews, Oct. '04) has commented 

 "Libby Maxey is a true mystic with the courage to dive deep into the bottomless waters of discovery. As her personal story unfolds, the reader is transported on a startlingly intimate journey into the heart-mind of ascension. I Am Liberty provides a wondrously clear roadmap that gently allows us to follow her footsteps into the higher dimensions."
My website is www.iamliberty.us where you can read the introduction and first two chapters.
Thank you again.  I honor you and your service to the All.
Libby Maxey


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