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 Hi everyone, from the precious Brotherhood of Light. Embracing all in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka

Edna G. Frankel

July 2005 Sedona Journal of Emergence


Author's Note: This channeled session contains many questions being asked right now by metaphysical seekers.   As always, the Brothers' answers contain simple messages, love and humor that are so needed to create and maintain that higher perspective.   It is an honor to share this text with thousands of Sedona Journal readers. - EGF

Greetings, Dear One, we are honored to be sharing energies with you today. And would like to say first off that what you are creating for yourself is wonderfully unique and difficult, and that is a clean slate.   Clearing so much, having learned so much, you are being handed the opportunity not only to rewrite, but to invent your own future.   For you do already stand in Now time.   It is a matter of focus, intent and dedication; you will indeed create all that you desire and require from this moment on.   And always remember, if something comes in that does not resonate for you or is not to your liking, you have the power to change it!   Always remember, the choice is always yours. And indeed, we are very grateful for the bright light that you generate, that has truly enhanced the electromagnetic grids all around you. Every little drop helps to create an ocean of change. So dear one, we ask you not to give up, not to lose hope. Always look for a silver lining, and there will always be something around that will make you laugh.   Focus on that, let the rest go, and you will indeed glide through life in a very graceful way.

Q: What is it that I most need to learn right now?

A: This is probably the best question anyone can ask!   We prefer to save this question until the end, so that we may tie all the threads together.  Do you follow?   So we will ask for your second question.

Q: What, if any, are my delusions?

A: Interesting. We will recalibrate and scan.  Yes, you are indeed coming upon the most difficult lesson, and that is stepping beyond the illusion of being a finite being.   Of being in debt, in trouble, in lack, none of those things truly apply, for you have the power to change and create anything you wish.   So you are up against the "duality reality" paradox.   Look beyond what you see and experience, look for the "triality", as it has been called.   We prefer to call it the "unity" of all.   Also, there is the delusion of not enough love in your life.
   We say to you, once you pierce that Veil and begin to see and sense the spiritual realms, you will be overwhelmed with the amount of love that you find coming in from your own Higher Self, coming in from Spirit at large, coming in to reinforce the divinity that is within you.    Many people are processing this level of evolution at the moment.   It is the front line of human consciousness-raising, if you will.  

 Once you step beyond this, one day you will find it is a very easy side-step, not a heavy forward push, you see. The easiest way to see beyond the illusion is just to step back, cross your arms over your chest, watch it play out and stay detached.   You can create your own "invisibility", if you will.    You will soon find that "being in this world but not of it"  is much easier than being embroiled in the drama. Do you follow this? You are also very much nurtured and supported, there is so much Spirit around you.   Notice each time that you have needs, those needs are met, in one way or another.   And pretty soon you will start to see that it is indeed a flow, not a static starting and stopping.   As all things flow together, so will your life.   Once you release worry over the mundane things, you will find that you have less and less to worry about!

Q: How do I become fully clothed in my Divinity?   To act from a place of Be-ing, rather than doing?   To be able to function in my job where things move so fast that there is no time for calculated detachment?

A: In your auric work, we ask that you see your energetic field as a big golden shield all around you, extending as far as your fingertips with your arms outstretched, and extending above your head with your arms raised as high as you can reach.   (This also is the distance of your aura that exists below your feet)  Your energetic field is a big, gold-white oval.   Each time you do your daily practice fill this field, breath in Divine energy from above,
gold-white light, exhale it through your skin and let it fill and feed your aura.   With your next breath, bring in green earth energy from below your feet, breathe it in, exhale it through your skin and let it permeate your aura.   In this way, you are feeding your energetic self.

We call this simple meditative exercise "The Breath of Life".   We urge you to do anything you choose as a visualization in which you cleanse and refuel your energetic self.   Know that your energetic field can carry any intent that you wish.   So start programming it as an inviolate shield that will only let love in or out.   In this way, no matter what you are doing, no matter how fast you are moving, you will find that all the drama around you will slide off that shield and nothing will get through.   In return, all that you will feel is a balance, a gratitude, and a knowingness that you will flow through every day and walk out, intact.

So we say, intent, visualization, and gratitude, those are the three biggest strengths of any lightworker.  You can create anything you desire or require, you see?    There is nothing better to diffuse drama as a simple smile, a little shrug and nod, and move on.   You can allow it to all flow by and yet not allow it to touch you.   This is the power of Divine Creation, which every person has.   Yet most people are unaware, unaware of the Spirit in the vessel, unaware that God is peeking out through their eyes, unaware that they are only temporarily in that physical body.   Unaware of all the choices that slide by them, that they do not see.  They are unaware of all the knee-jerk reactions that just incite more drama around them.   But you are beginning to see all of this by being in that higher frame of mind that you can, for example, don with your work clothes.   Before you leave for work, stop and look at yourself in the mirror and say, "Hello, God.  I'm off now.   Be with me, all around me, within
and without
." Do you follow this? Yes.   It is important to take off those clothes when you get home, and do not wear them again without washing them.  Also to shower, even if only to rinse off before you go to bed, so that you do not carry anything of a lower vibration into your sleep state.   It is insurance, you see.  For people carry so much negative energy in their clothing because the clothes are within their auras.   So we give you the same advice we would give a healer:  Never wear the same work clothes twice, and always shower when you are done for the day.

Q: What is the fear that I cannot see, that is hiding from me, that I cannot embrace?

A: There are several fears at work here. One is the fear of abandonment, which all human beings go through.  You do feel so alone and so cut off in the physical body.  It takes a great leap of faith and great wielding of will to see beyond the physical limits and know that you are part of Nature, part of this earthly plane, part of all the dimensions that go beyond it.   So there is a built-in residual fear in every human being that they have been abandoned by Divinity, though it is only the conscious connection that has been severed.   But it leaves everyone seeking for proof that God exists.   Again, this is a very basic fear that everyone carries, and you have done much work already in order to dig down to that one!

The other fear that you carry is fear of failure. Very often, the fear of failure will cause someone to not take the courageous leaps that they would like to make, know they should make, and yet, oh my God, what if it doesn't work?   Then where will I be?   Well, dear one, you'll still be in the same place! (Chuckles)   You won't have gotten very far!   Yes. So there is a fine balance, some people fear failure, some people fear success, because oh my God, then they have to carry that success and the whole new life that goes with it!   And what if they failed in that?   So, again, all of this is part and parcel of coming up against that duality-reality matrix, and indeed that is where you are.   As we said at the beginning, dear one, that is one of the biggest lessons to be learned.   So to this fear, we would have you say, "So, what?" So what if I fail? There are so many things I can do. And so what if I succeed? There are so many things I can do! (Chuckles).   Indeed, those are two different sides of the same coin.   We give them the same answer - this is a zone of free will!   If one thing doesn't work, dear one, you can change it.   Choose again. Try something else.   Your own self-worth will negate all fear, there will be no place for fear to flourish.

Q: How do I raise my vibrational frequency through thought?

Yes, by having a big heart (energetically speaking), and truly wishing it into being.  All creation is a matter of focus and intent, and then perseverance.  You were programmed for this final battle in this lifetime.  This is what you came in to do, this is your lifetime of ascension.  It truly matters not whether you die in the body or go beyond it, what matters is that you enjoy every moment of the process!   So, just living longer and feeling younger, that is half the battle right there!   It is all a matter of perspective, and we say the more you embrace your divinity, the more you see from that higher perspective, the more joyous all of life will be. And the less dramatic it will be. For it is perspective that truly raises the cellular vibration.   It is through will and dedication to clearing the vehicle, to re-energizing your aura, to doing the daily homework, you see, that supports the transformation you seek. So in being the seeker, you become that which you seek!   A lovely circle, and
you really don't have to go anywhere in order to accomplish this journey.  Do you follow this?   That is why all of these teachings are so natural for you, you swallow them whole and keep saying, yes, I get this, yes I get that, now what?   (Chuckle.) Where am I going wrong?   What haven't I looked at? What haven't I done?

Yes, what needs to be done is to let it all go. Once you have learned all of this, it is time to just accept it and release it. So as you bump up against that Veil and cannot see beyond it, just accept that your Higher Self is peeking through from the other side, waving frantically, going, I'm here, I'm here! (Laughter). Accept that you are part of a beautiful, eternal being, a small portion of which inhabits your physical vehicle at the moment. No matter how you travel through this experience, no matter what shape you're in at the end, indeed, you are part of a greater whole that does continue on, you see. With or without that body is irrelevant because it is the eternal energy that is the most vital.

The closer you get to "feeling" this higher perspective while you are in body, the longer you will carry that body, and the healthier and happier you will be. Once you have reached a certain level of metaphysical aptitude, then it is a question of simplifying. Stepping aside from the "trying to be" to just the being. We have offered this small poem before on this very subject: Achieve a state of Be-ing and from that being, do. Don't run around just doing or you'll forget to be.

Here is a simple example: When you turn on your radio and choose FM, everything that comes in to that radio will be FM stations. If you turn on the radio and switch it to AM, that is the vibrational band you will be tapping into. Going back to what we said earlier, greet yourself every day, before you set on your way, say hello to your self, look yourself in the eyes and say, "I know you, I love you, I Am God. I honor all life, in all forms."  And that will put you in the mind frame that you need for the whole day.  It will allow you to see from that perspective until it becomes your comfort zone.

Q: In regards to healing, at one level I know that everything is healed and in perfect balance, and yet at another level there is so much pain and drama in the world.  How do I adopt a proper healing perspective?

A: First and foremost, while at one level a healer looks for those imbalances that are present and seeks to rectify them, on another level the healer must hold an image in their mind of that person, thing or situation as already healed, already balanced.  So it is an overlay perspective.  At one level, yes, everything is perfect, but at another level, it still needs work!  Again, it is that duality-reality matrix tangle, and Nature itself contains a birth-life-death cycle supported by and truly guided by the linearity of time.  For birth-life-death requires past-present-future.  So that is again, stepping into the human drama, stepping in to that 3-4D level of reality.  But we remind you here, as we have written before, that you have been, are, and always will be in Now time.  Since you cannot access your past or future from where you sit, linearity requires that you only experience your present moment, the "Now" that your senses perceive.

Ah, there lies the key to this paradox - if you were to see each dimension as a band of frequency, know that you are in one band, at a conscious level that you see, feel, hear and sense everything richly.  Yet there are many overlapping levels above and below you that you cannot access with your 4D senses.  For example, it has been recently discovered that elephants communicate over great distances with sonic booms that are too low for the human ear to comprehend.  Yes, but that hasn't stopped the elephants!  They have been communicating in this way for thousands of years.  Just because humans weren't aware of it doesn't mean that it was not occurring.   And that is also where proof of divinity lies - just because humans have never come face-to-face with God and remembered it, doesn't mean God isn't there!  It doesn't mean that all those other dimensions aren't there. They're just not part of 3-4D.  They are not easily accessible.  You keep bumping up against this Veil, almost like a bubble that can feel suffocating and you just want to pop through to the other side so you can breathe better, yes?   It is indeed the biggest battle of any lightworker.  The depths of illness and imbalance are equal to the level of blindness of each person. The deeper they go into the drama, the more they let it affect them.  With those who are totally "blind", you will have much more trouble in working with them than with someone who is awakened and aware.  

It is also essential to remember that you are like a string on a guitar that is better tuned, you see.  When someone comes into your vibration and theirs is lower than yours, your vibration is stronger and will raise theirs to meet yours.  It is an overlay, again, not only of perspective but of vibration. This happens naturally without any bleed-through, you see.  You don't have to go into fear that if you overlay your vibration on top of another, you will then go down to their vibration, for the higher cancels out the lower.  They will walk
away, nicely tuned up!   And you will be untouched.  Again, within your perfect auric bubble.

Q: You speak of operating within a shield but I see this as being a limited being, as opposed to merging with All That Is and operating from that perspective.  Please explain.

A: If you were already doing that, dear one, you would have no questions for us!   (Laughter) When we spoke of the bubble and shield, we were referring to your work.  So there are times when, yes, you will consolidate your field and intensify it, and thereby strengthen it.  In one way this can be seen as limiting, but in another sense you are establishing and stamping in that vibration and saying,  "This is what I will carry and nobody, nobody will drag me down."   You look to become that lighthouse and maintain that higher vibration no matter what happens to you, but we gently point out that it is easier to function in a quickly-paced job if you're not blended at all times with the universe!   It is a question of which dimensional band you choose to focus on and work within during a finite stretch of time.   Once you do reach that perspective full time, we do feel that your work will change dramatically.   Best of all, that sense of "urgency" will be gone.

Q: In regards to the global situation, I don't want war, I don't want the annihilation of any species, yet I am faced with the need to just allow everything to be as it is so it doesn't drive me crazy.  How do I accomplish "feeling peace" in the face of global war?

A: Again, it's part of that duality-reality matrix.  Life and death is part of nature.  In every second of every day, one part of the food chain is feeding on another part of the food chain.  And yet, all through Nature, there is no species that kills just for the joy of killing.  They only kill to survive.

We recently added to the ten commandments, yes, we added two more (chuckles.) One is - Honor all life. And two is - Give and receive only love.  Indeed, you could replace the first ten with those two.  But we feel that most of humanity is not ready, they still need all twelve! (Chuckles.)

When we say honor all life, we offer the Native American Indians as a fine example.  Though they carried war lessons like all other cultures in their time, they hunted within Nature only to survive.  When they did so, they stood over the animal, blessed its passing, and thanked it for giving its life in order to sustain them.  They made ceremony around this, and they were truly caretakers of the earth.   Nature was their temple, you see.  This is honoring all life. This is very, very different from the current perspective of global political dynamics, and yet, it is a process that must be played out.

It is necessary for this process to be played out at all levels from the personal, individual to the societal and global levels.  For each person that steps into a peaceful heart space, he/she brings that society, that culture, one step closer to denying war.  When enough people lay down their weapons and choose not to kill, then you will see the effect that will have at a global level!   We are waiting for those ripples to begin, dear one, we are so patiently waiting.   So we would say, imagine a perfect earth already here.

Yes, honor and bless all that is happening, but in your heart and mind see it all done, see it finished and finished well.   Imagine for a moment, if and when ET communication begins that people are aware of, imagine the scrambling that will occur when humans realize that they are indeed all brothers!   One of the reasons this has not happened is that it is much better for this lesson to be learned by yourselves, rather than have it inflicted upon you.   It begins in every person's heart, and from there will spread.

Your part in this, dear one, is to hold peace in your heart, to hold abundance for all in your heart, to hold joyful experiences between countries within your heart.  It may seem as if you cannot by yourself accomplish this, but the more of you who focus on that vibratory creation, the more you will help to push it into reality.  Within that energetic creation, you cannot "do", you must simply "be" to anchor it.   At this moment in time, it is important not to go into despair, not to focus too intently upon it and allow it to drag you down.  For indeed, the media does enough of that!  When more and more good news starts to be reported, ah, then you will see that the tides are turning. (Laugh).  Just fill your heart with love for all of it, and let all the "battle" go.

Q: Why do you, the Brotherhood, recognize Karma?   If it is the old paradigm, the reincarnation cycle at a very high level, how do all of the human energies interact for the total fulfillment of soul lesson?   How is Karma played out in the higher realms?

A: Good question!  Again, back to the duality-reality matrix!   It is part of how this part of the galaxy has functioned for thousands of years within the human awareness.   It would be the same thing as saying to us, what's with re-incarnation?   If we're all eternal, then why do we keep coming back?   It is part of the energetic matrix within which the human body is designed to exist.  Karmic laws have been labeled such by humans to help better understand what happens when good and/or bad is done unto others.   There is an emotional, mental and spiritual component to every physical action.  That is why it is said, when you do good unto others, it comes back to you.  That simple statement says, "This is Karma!"  Yet, that is karma from the human point of view, and has been seen more as negative than as positive.

From the higher perspective, there is no good, bad, right or wrong.  There is just a balancing, you see.  So it is not Spirit inflicting anything on humans, it is not a battle at the energetic level, it is simply a readjustment -  How much love have you given?   How much love have you received?   Therefore, the other side of that coin is how much negativity have you offered to others, and how much has back-lashed upon you?   In energetic terms, your positive and negative experiences eventually balance out when full understanding is achieved.   Your soul requires balance to assimilate its lessons, in order to "lay them to rest" (chuckle.)    Remember, your Higher Self is playing out those lessons in many bodies at the same time, all lifetimes being in the "Now!"

In a similar vein, we have been called the Order of Melchizedek, the White Brotherhood, and the Great White Brotherhood. Now, finally, we have chosen a name for ourselves (chuckles), the Brotherhood of Light.  Yet we say to you, naming things in the human mindset helps you to qualify and quantify, because of the separation you see between "up here" and "down there".

From our perspective, we are all One, no matter what you call us.  No matter how you call upon us, we are there for you.  When we say "we", it is such a huge, huge group of spiritual help!   The Brotherhood, the Ascended Masters, the planetary logos, the galactic logos, all these different levels you have identified and thus separated are all indeed just one continuous, ever-rising scale of energy.   So if we said to you, you are speaking to God right now, we would be correct.   If we said to you, we are speaking to God right now within your physical body, we would also be correct!   (Chuckles.) The idea of positive and negative karma works from a human perspective within the duality-reality matrix.   Do you follow this?   From the spiritual perspective, there is no judgment, there is no good, bad, right or wrong.    It is all part of the drama. In order to balance the flow of the drama, to harmonize a lesson so that it can be assimilated at the soul level, it must be energetically balanced to equal  "All One."   And to answer your next unspoken question, Love is the answer.   Understanding all facets of love is what the soul seeks to learn.    Love, in the forms of forgiveness and allowing, burns away all karmic imbalances!

Q: Though I have strong roots where I live, I have an intense inner desire to "wander."   Why do I keep looking to move?   Where would I go?   What would I do?

A: What lovely questions!   The desire to wander is a part of your personal soul programming in this life, your path of ascension, constantly seeking to climb over all those lessons and be done with them.   It is much harder to do when you are anchored in one place.    A moment, please, to recalibrate and scan your location.   Ah, yes, lovely area to be in, the mountainous energy of that region is just beautiful.

We offer you this - it is a matter of changing jobs that will lead you in different directions and locations.   But you do not feel secure at the moment to do so.   Is that correct? Yes.   Well, then, we also say your work is also portable and can be done anywhere.   It may be yes, that you will travel into a warmer, flatter part of the country.   And yet, there is an anchoring vibration where you are, you see, for that area energetically is very healing for you.   So we would say there is great opportunity for just taking off and traveling a bit, it may be that you start to travel, here and there, and at some point you will find a spot you would like to stay awhile.

We do see that, no matter where you go, there you are! (Laughter).   That is the beautiful anchoring of God-self.   Now, is your question - would I be doing more good elsewhere? (Pause.)    Oh, are there areas with higher energetic levels that would cause a raise in consciousness?   Yes, absolutely.   A change of location can cause a change of consciousness.   There are many areas of the planet that are increasing in vibration, and other areas that are decreasing, as the grids continue to shift and settle.   Where best to be?   The best place to be is where you feel home.   There is a very strong connection within you to mountains, to changes of seasons, to this part of the country.   Your soul chose to be here.   That is why we would recommend traveling, several weeks at a time, perhaps, going here or there, having wonderful experiences.   Some areas will cause a consciousness shift for you.   We don't see you moving for a few more years.   But there's nothing wrong with traveling around and enjoying yourself.
Whatever conscious shifting you do, you bring it back with you! (Chuckles).

Q: So my final question was my first one - what do I need to know for now?

A: Yes, we will gather all the layers together here and say simply that you are doing quite well!   You have accomplished so much.   You are, indeed, up to the highest edge of the 4-5D vibrational band, that null zone between dimensions that is there to keep the reality-duality matrix in place so that the other dimensions do not "bleed through" in a vibrational sense.    You are constantly bumping up against that null zone and stretching it because you know you can get through it.   This will begin to happen more and more for you, the more you lie quiet and the more you surrender to bringing all that higher energy down into your cellular structure.   It is a question of totally assimilating that energy.

You are down to the cellular work, down to the core belief structures that govern your biology and keep that null zone in place.   If you fully believed down to your cells that you are All That Is, as we said earlier, you would have no more questions for us!   So we say, congratulations, you are more that three quarters of the way there. And yet, the hardest part is knocking on a piece of wood and thinking, that's not really there. (Laughter).   That is the final frontier for every human being, coming face-to-face with an invisible God.    And learning fully, totally, that you are I AM, that we are ALL ONE.    Welcome to the biggest paradox of human life!    Do you see your progress here?

It is a matter of stepping beyond the human time frame, stepping beyond your hard-core wiring, so to speak, and getting out of your own way.   Look to having more experiences along the veins of expanding your physical self into your auric self and beyond, and floating in the sea of consciousness that becomes just a bed of energy.   The more you do this, the more you expand yourself into the infinite.   The more you clothe yourself in it, the more you become it.   We say, practice, dear one, daily practice!   Your daily practice is essential whether it is sedentary or motion, whether it is lying down to meditate or a brisk walk in nature, it matters not how you make that ultimate connection, it only matters that you keep doing it.

We liken this to exercising any muscle that you would work every day to create more strength.   It is so difficult for people to work on their energetic self because it is invisible!   So it is difficult to establish its health, to work on its progress, to keep it clear and bright, and to assimilate that you actually are doing all this and that it is having an effect.   So, you have heard this before, no doubt,  it is time to get out of your own way, release the last of those   "I Am a physical being in a small shell"   type of feelings, and constantly replace that with the infinite I Am self.    The more you do this, the better you will get at it, until that becomes your knee-jerk reaction, until that becomes your comfort zone.    In that space, you will have infinite patience for anything and everything that occurs around you.    For you will be in the space of All Love.   So, when none of it matters any more, you'll know you're there! (Laughter.)

This has been a truly stellar meeting for us.   Discussing these concepts at this level of understanding truly brings us much joy, and we are so honored to share this time with you.   We say to you, dear one, you are so loved.    You are enfolded in Higher Self at all times.   You are overlighted by your own future self, which is beyond the Veil and with us and still within the circle of Now time.   So if it is easier for you, see your future self as totally ascended and keep calling him back to you, for in Now time you stand shoulder to shoulder.  
It is merely one side-step, as we said earlier, to becoming that future self.   An easy glide, not a hard ride.    Forget the linearity, don't assume it's a heavy forward or upward "push."    You have this potential to just side-step into it, for in "Now time" it is already done!   Your future self says, "Congratulations, I will always be there when you need me, for we are One, as we are All One."

So we give you our parting blessings for health and wealth and peace of mind, and say that is your last obstacle, that peace of mind, that state where nothing in the world will matter. For indeed the mind is in charge of all matter, and you will prove this in your lifetime. Many blessings, dear one.

- We Are, Ever-Loving, The Brotherhood Of Light.

Copyright 2005 by Edna G. Frankel

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