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Message One: "Daughters of the Divine Mother"
: Mary Magdalen through Celia Fenn.

I am Mary Magdalen. You may know of me, but few of you know who I really am, or who I was. For yes, I was the partner of the one called Yeshua ben Josef.  And yes, there are many stories about us and our lives.  We were both Avatars of the New Age of "Christ" Consciousness, but those who wrote the histories were influenced by their beliefs that only male experience was important, and so the life of the Female Avatar, Mary Magdalen, was forgotten and overlooked.

But, it was necessary, in order to balance the future Golden Age, that an Avatar of each sex should be born, and that they should unite as partners, creating the perfect Role Models for the Future Age of Light!  And so it was!

I was born into an ordinary family in Israel, but I was never "ordinary".  I carried within me the Sacred Flame of the Divine Feminine from the moment I was conceived as a Human.   I was born as a perfect "Christed" girl child.   I was the "daughter" of the Divine Mother incarnate.

Like Yeshua, I was trained by the women in the secret teachings of the Essenes.   Like him, I was a great marvel because my wisdom and knowledge of the ancient arts of the women's wisdom was beyond my years.

Yes, dearest ones, I was trained to be the Keeper of the Sacred Flame of Women's Wisdom, the power of the Divine Feminine.   And that is still my role and my work at this time.   I come to you now because the Ascended Earth is once more ready to welcome the Female Avatar - the daughters of the Divine Mother.

There are many among you who are ready to receive the training from Spirit, because you have reached the level of consciousness that will allow you to be as I was - the bearer of the Flame of the Divine Mother.

And how powerful this flame is - it is pure Unconditional Love, and it expresses itself on all levels, including the physical and sexual.

Yes, beloved sisters, as the Orange-Pink ray of Divine Love has washed through your being, cleansing and releasing thousands of years of mental, emotional and sexual repression and abuse, you are now clear and free to express the Divine Flame through your bodies.

The teachings of the Divine Feminine are Ecstasy and Oneness - the birthright of every woman.   And the right to the skills and wisdom that will allow every woman to express her Ecstasy and Joy through a relationship that will be a Sacred Union, an expression of spiritual wisdom and unconditional love.

It is this passionate union of the sexual and the spiritual that led to the removal of the story of Mary Magdalen and her Sacred Union with Yeshua ben Josef from the histories that remain of the life of Yeshua.   And yes, I was called a "prostitute" and "unclean", because of my knowledge of the gifts of sexual ecstasy.   How sad it was that the path of the Divine Feminine was not honored along with the path of the Divine Masculine represented by Yeshua.   This omission in fact led to the distortion of the truth of our lives.   For the true path of the Avatar was not suffering and martyrdom.   That was a later interpretation by those who had other agendas.   The true path of the Avatar was to create a path to Ecstasy and Oneness through Unconditional Love.   And it was achieved by us!   It was that achievement that allows us to bring to you now the teachings of Sacred Union and the paths of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.  This was the crowning achievement of our lives, and it is this Joy and Love we wish to transmit as our legacy, not the suffering and bloodshed of countless wars and crusades fought in a mistaken understanding of the nature of the Divine Masculine energy and the path of Yeshua!

Dear sisters, as consciousness dropped on your planet, you were led to believe that it was good to disconnect from your bodies and to repress your sexuality and desires.   You were taught to disconnect the spiritual and the sexual, and you lost the Joy and the Ecstasy of union.   You were taught that this repression was "service" and that it was approved by God.   And so you suffered and became angry and disempowered, and so many of you still are.

Dearest sisters, it is time to raise your consciousness again and see that your body is the Temple of your Soul and Spirit.   It is a Female body, a woman's body, and it is the Temple of the Divine Feminine.   This is a powerful and sacred energy, a flame of Solar Feminine energy that enables you to experience the Source energy as the Great Mother.   But it also enables you to experience the ecstasy of a Twin Flame relationship in which the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine unite in the service of the Source and its Love for All That Is!

There is much to be shared on the knowledge of the path of the Divine Feminine, and we look forward to sharing this Love with you in the months that come.   But let me end where I began.   For as you learn who I am, you will learn that I am a part of you - the Christed or "Crystal" Woman of the New Earth.

© 2004-5 Celia Fenn
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Articles 12/8/05


Yes, I borrowed the title from a Tracy Chapman song...it seems appropriate. Iíve just returned from a trip to the Mexican Caribbean, from a gathering with many other Lightworkers. The energy was so amazing. I hadnít met any of the participants except the seminar speakers, but the connection with people was deep and immediate. The walls were down. We went deep into each otherís eyes, and straight into each otherís hearts and souls.

We mingled with other people onboard the ship we traveled on (interestingly enough, there were quite a large number of children present around us, while we were busy activating Crystal energies), and for the whole week, it felt like we carried home with us. This is the New Energy. My deepest gratitude to all who participated so lovingly, for their generosity of heart and spirit.  Although we have all returned to our respective parts of the country, and the world, we know what is possible, and what is becoming reality for many of us already. Itís happening now, as we connect with other members of our soul families. This is Heaven on Earth.

We have cleared so much from our lives that no longer resonates with us. Weíve been letting go of what no longer serves our best and highest good, clearing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, and as we make room for it, we are being flooded with abundance, of love, of good health, of riches of all kinds. Yes, financial riches are included, once we find a new connection to the concept...one that is love-based and inclusive, rather than based in fear. Itís here whenever weíre ready to embrace it.

More powerful energies of love are flooding the planet all the time. It does shake up what is not in alignment with it. But we knew about that when we signed up this time around. It is most helpful to give your attention to what is working, and put your focus on whatever is your highest dream for the future...weíre building it now. And itís beginning to be seen in the world around us.

I send my love out around the world, with blessings of love, and joy, and peace. May we all open our hearts to each other. May we all, this Christmas, find the light of Christed love that lives within us. Happy Holidays, Bonnie



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