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Chironic Time and Dancing Photons


This newsletter is a little late due to travel complications and, perhaps, a dash of Mercury retrograde—see below.

This July Full Moon highlighted one of the key turning points of the year. A till in Cancer at the Full Moon, the Sun cozied up to Saturn, conjunct on Saturday, the 23rd. The Full Moon in Capricorn edges in on Chiron, crossing it right away.

SATURN entered Leo just a week ago, inaugurating a new 2 1/2 year cycle. Its opposition with Chiron, exact on the Full Moon, shifts the change to another level, altering our time-space experience.


*Chiron sculpture by Ben Fryman

This is an incredibly kairotic time in history....we have extraordinary access to the sacred principles, powers and creations that are yearning at the crossroads of existence to enter into time. --Jean Houston

Kairos means "the loaded time" or "the time of bursting potential," according to ancient Greek usage. In honor of Chiron, let's call it Chirotic time. Saturated with synchronicity and serendipity, kairotic time opens the door to timeless eternity.

"Eternity has nothing to do with time," said Joseph Campbell in The Power of Myth. "Eternity is that dimension of here and now which thinking in time cuts out....The experience of eternity right here and now is the function of life."

These are moments when something extraordinary catches our breath, reminding us of the universal life source. These are the "thin places" of Celtic mythology, places where the veil of illusion between the visible and invisible is most transparent.

The experience of time is variable, highly individual and related to our state of consciousness. On the threshold of a consciousness shift or when synchronistic circumstance takes us by surprise, our sense of time is altered. We pass through a membrane of awareness, where time-space and soul meaning are aligned. Time curves from the gravity of meaning, bending around the curve of the spiral that alters our experience momentarily or inalterably.

Each time the world surprises us with its twisting time-bends,
a shiver runs through our soul...time bends to meet the curve of our souls....parallels for a fleet, poignant moment. Either we meet it half-way or we don't.
--Phil Cousineau,

Chiron seeks fusion of psyche with soma, infusing the here-and-now with psycho-spiritual immediacy. Let's take the time and space apart from our "normal" lives to allow a new level of consciousness to manifest in the immediacy of our daily lives. It is the quantum leap that evokes synchronicities as it brings our multidimensional bodies into alignment. Chiron is shamanic in its capacity to alter/altar time/space reality--to render it universal and sacred.



Time stood still, caught between the Pole Star, the Great Bear and the Southern Cross--though I do not know, for it is not my job to know, whether such in fact were the constellations, so numerous their vertices, their sidereal fires, mingled and combined, shuffling the allegories they symbolized. And even now the brightness of a full moon paled beside the whiteness--how portentously renewed at that moment!-- of the Milky Way. --Alejo Carpentier

At the Full Moon, Mercury/Venus in Leo, Pluto in Sagittarius and Mars in Aries form a fire triangle, a positive energetic pattern, full of vitality and motivation. Mars in Aries also square the Moon, taking center stage, strong in its own sign. Uplifting the pushy Martian aggression, we can use this energy with clear Aries integrity, freshly ready to step forward in each moment.

We witness the difference between Power vs. Force. In his book of that name, subtitled The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, Dr. David R Hawkins writes about high and low energy patterns that influence our actions, based on what vibration we choose. Power supports life; force exploits life. Power is principled, attracting, unifying and serves others. Force is defensive, divisive, aggressive and egoic, coming from weakness and has a superficial illusion of power. Power is self-evident and heart-centered. Force must justify itself. Power expresses beauty and grace; force is destructive.

Power moves with the universe, as the planets circle the Sun, forming a coordinated, choreographed system. The Sun itself is part of a larger galaxy of billions of stars. The summer season is the best time to see the thickest, creamiest section of the Milky Way river. There we gaze to the impenetrable mystery of the Galactic Center.



Basically right on the Full Moon, yes, here we go again with another 3-week session of Mercury retrograde, the Trickster in action. If you feel like it has already been retrograde, you're tuned in. The full round of a retrograde period starts when the planet comes to the degree that it revisits when retrograde and lasts until it passes by the degree it got to before stopping. That span is called its shadow. So, the full retro Mercury cycle started on July 4 at 9 degrees Leo, stops at 21 on July 22, back to 9 degrees and turning forward on August 17, then up to 21 out of its shadow on August 30.

With Mercury in Leo, for an extended time this can be a very creative period. Diving to the heart of chaos, in what can feel like a regressive state, one can tap a highly creative impulse, the dance of photons.

At the center of an atom is the nucleus, composed of protons (positive charge) and neutrons (neutral charge). Around the nucleus dance electrons, rather like the planets revolve around the Sun. These three types of particles emit energy called photons, which are minute packets of light. Electromagnetic force is mediated by these photons. We are all electromagnetic beings. So this following discussion is all about human consciousness.

An electron is constantly emitting photons, called virtual photons because they are re-absorbed too fast to become "real." Photons (i.e., light) can become real. There is an uncertainty principle in the relation of time to energy. The more precise we can be about time, as in the above timing of the photon emission, the less able we are to measure the energy level. The more precise we are about energy level, the less we know about the time. This is a major clue about how Chirotic time works. Chiron can change our experience of time perhaps because of its heightened energy level. An excited electron emits a real photon.

An excited electron is in a higher energy level than its ground state--its lowest energy level where it is as close to the nucleus of an atom as it can get. An electron considers the ground state to be its home. It doesn't like to leave home. In fact, the only time it leaves its ground state is when it literally is pushed out of it with extra energy. In that case, the electron's first concern is to get back to its ground state (provided that it hasn't been pushed so far from the nucleus that, in effect, it becomes a free electron). Since the ground state is a low-energy state, the electron must lose its excess energy before it can return to it. Therefore, when an electron is at an energy level higher than its ground state, it jettisons its excess energy in the form of a photon.

Electrons are always emitting photons so they have an aura-like swarm of virtual photons around them. If electrons come close enough to each other, their virtual-photon fields overlap and they exchange photons, absorbing each others virtual photons. The closer the electrons come to each other, the more this happens. Because electrons are all of negative charge, this will cause them to repulse each other, the closer they get the stronger the repulsion. (Doesn't this sound like some relationships?)

Like charges repel, so this happens with protons in the nucleus as well. They emit photons and exchange them as well and repulse each other. They are held together in the nucleus by a much more powerful force field called the strong force (karma or destiny?) that keeps the protons together in spite of the urge to repulse each other-- so the nucleus remains intact. On the other hand, when an electron and proton exchange photons, they attract each other because they are of opposite charges. Opposites attract--we've heard that before. Also, a proton can emit a little energy packet called a pion and temporarily change its identity. It can also interact with a neutron in a way that they exchange identities.

Interactions happen when one thing influences another. An electron interacts with another particle when that particle absorbs a virtual photon emitted by the electron. If the electron re-absorbs that photon, it is interacting with itself. "Self-interaction makes the world of subatomic particles a kaleidoscope reality whose very constituents are themselves unceasing processes of transformation." That's us!

We can learn a lot about human interactions and the dynamics of our own unconscious processes from this subatomic model.
On the edge of transition, there is higher excitement, often accompanied by anxiety. There is more energy that can propel our virtual photons to spin off freely, becoming real thereby changing reality as the light is a form of new consciousness. And we can exchange more virtual photons with each other, subtly changing our energy fields and our inner substance. Shared photons, shared light, shared imagination, shared visions. We unite to awaken soul and re-weave reality through bringing virtual reality into form. This creative process happens in Chirotic time/space.

You don't really need to understand all this, you're doing it anyway. With the extraordinary solar flares coming into our atmosphere and charging it up, we're all dancing with the electrons!



Astrologer Dr. KELLEY HUNTER is an internationally-known astro-mythologist. She is astrologer-in-residence for the Omega Institute winter programs in the Caribbean. Kelley was recently named to the Board of the International Society for Astrological Research. To be on her e-mail list for Cosmic News articles, click on the link below. For an astrology consultation, email kellhunter@earthlink.net of call 1-888-7ALTAIR. Explore her website at www.heliastar.com.


extended until Equinox, Sept. 22.
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