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Suzan Caroll, Multidimensions.com    November 22, 2005


We, the Arcturians, return to assist you in the process of “Becoming One.”  As you accept, ground and integrate the higher frequencies in your earth vessel, you will automatically release the illusion of polarities.  Yes, our ones, polarities are, indeed, an illusion.  The TRUTH is we are all ONE.  Just because your 3D vision cannot see the connection between All That Is, does not mean that the connection is not there.
Each of your chakras represents a different area of your Earth experience, as well as a specific illusion that condenses your reality into the third/fourth dimension.  As a result of the recalibration of each chakra, another veil of illusion will be removed.  Since we have the honor of serving your galaxy during times of descension into the lower worlds and ascension into the higher worlds, we are to be one of your Guides during your experience of Return to SELF.
Let us begin by reminding you that polarities are not “good” or “bad.”  Polarities are what separate the Oness into the experiential realities of the third and fourth dimension.  You chose to “play the 3D Game,” and very bravely so, we might add.  We have watched your process since you first lowered your resonance to enter this 3D Matrix.  Just as you are recalibrating your form, via your chakras, to accept and live within the fifth dimension and beyond, we were there when you recalibrated your Lightbody to live within the fourth dimension and below.
We realize that your ascension process can be quite difficult for you, as you have lived many thousands of incarnations in that low vibration.  Fortunately, after lives of great spiritual progress, you were able to visit some of the myriad higher dimensional realties of your Multidimensional SELF.  Unfortunately, after lives of extreme attachment to the physical reality, you could barely raise your consciousness enough to realize that you had, in deed, crossed over.
You see, you never “die,” you just shed your earth vessel and return to pure consciousness.  However, the manner in which you created each life predisposes the manner in which you create your death.  Yes, of course, if you create your life, you also create your death.  When your illusions are all released you will fully realize that “birth” and “death” are actually the process of your consciousness “entering” and “exiting” the 3D Matrix. 
As you recalibrate your chakras back to their original bandwidth, your consciousness will no longer be restricted to the third dimension and below.  Your current earth vessel, without the modification that you are now making, is calibrated to the light frequency of above infra-red and below ultra-violet and the sound frequency of about 50Hz to 8000 Hz.  Light creates the matrix for the reality you wish to experience, and sound activates the matrix: “in the beginning was the Word.”
On the other hand, your Multidimensional SELF has no such restrictions.  Already you are all beginning to experience the greater reality that hides just beyond the veils of illusion.  When you first lowered your resonance enough to go through the “reverse filter,” the duality of 3D, polarized reality “separated” you from your Divine Complement, the other polarity of your SELF.  Many of you are growing weary of the restrictions and limitations of the third dimension, while your heart longs to reconnect with the other polarity of your SELF, your Divine Complement.
The urge to go Home is ever-present, yet you remain to fulfill the promise you made before this incarnation. You, our brave warriors, are the members of the Planetary Ascension Team.  Not all of you remember that fact, but as each one of you awakens, your first act will be to go out and awaken others.  We wish you to know that we are ALWAYS with you in that endeavor to speak your Truth.  Just as we can speak to and through this channel, we can easily speak to and through each and every one of you.  All you need “do” is REMEMBER that we are HERE!
But where is Here, you may ask.  HERE is EVERYWHERE.  We resonate to the fifth through eighth dimensions. Therefore, just as you are easily aware of the first and second dimensions, we are easily aware of the first through fourth dimensions.  Also, just as the first and second dimensional kingdoms are “inside” of you, you are “inside” of us.  It is the “outside” reality that is the illusionary 3D matrix.  YOU are even “inside” of the 3D matrix for your earth vessel.  YOU have “logged onto” the 3D Game of Separation and Limitation.  The “virtual reality” is outside, and YOU are playing that virtual reality from “inside” your SELF.
Fortunately, because you are a multidimensional being, you can be simultaneously inside and outside of the 3D Game. In order to remember that ability, you will need to release the illusions that are created by the polarities of the 3D Game. You may ask now, “How do polarities create illusion?”  We are happy to answer that question.
The first illusion is the separation of “I” from “We.”  In TRUTH your “I AM” consciousnesses actually is a “WE ARE” consciousness, as there is no separation between the two.  Even so, your physical perceptions are limited to the bandwidth of the third dimension and below, and cannot perceive the “in-between” I AM and WE ARE.  From our perspective in the higher worlds, we can easily perceive what is in-between the polarities.  In fact, we see “polarities,” such as you/me, good/bad, love/fear, as only the edges of a spectrum. 
The reverse-filter of the earth vessel through which you “log-on” to the 3D Game, is a filter that “filters out” the in-betweens of the “polarities.”  As you recalibrate each chakra, you change the filter for each chakra to allow the in-between to be “filtered-in.” Once you can consciously perceive and experience the entire spectrum, there is no longer a polarity, and hence, no longer a reason for judgment. Judgment is based on separation, even separation from SELF, which is why you too often judge yourself. Using simple Earth logic, if judgment is based on polarities, then releasing judgment will assist you in releasing the illusion of polarities. 
As you can see, the release of judgment is a vital component in your ascension process, and one that you will likely find VERY challenging.  Judgment has served you many lifetimes in staving off fear.  When you fear something or someone, you can judge them as “bad” to place them “out there,” away from you.  Think about it.  How often have you judged someone, or something, that you fear?  That is a bad storm,” or “That is a bad person.”
These statements separate you from who or what you fear.  On the other hand, when you have “good” judgment of love, you place them “in here,” inside or close to you. For example, if you make the judgment of “I love you because you are so good to me,” or “I love this beautiful weather,” you want to be “in” the weather or “with” the person.  This good/bad judgment is the basis for conditional 3D love.  When your ego/self judges someone or something as “bad,” you place them “out there” and withdraw your love. 
On the other hand, when you see reality from your Eyes of Soul, you release all judgment and love everyone and everything unconditionally. Even “bad” weather is not an enemy. Instead, it is seen as a manifestation of the collective consciousness of that area of Gaia’s planet.  Furthermore, since you are not “separate” from the planet, you take responsibility for your contribution to weather and endeavor to “clean up” your thoughts and emotions. 
In fact, YOU are the planet, because without the polarities of illusion, there is no separation.  Even in your third dimensional reality you invisibly connect with where you live and with whom you live.  Also, you are now, and have ALWAYS been, connected to your true, Multidimensional SELF. As you become fully aware of this fact, you will realize that YOU cannot die, as you are ONE with infinity.  YOU have chosen to “log-on” to the matrixes of the 3D experience with many planets, galaxies, and dimensions—including your present 3D life on Gaia.  It is our Mission and our Commitment to assist you in remembering that, just like we, the Arcturians, YOU are pure Multidimensional Consciousness. 
When you can realize that fact, amidst the illusions and dramas of your 3D reality, you have returned to your SELF.  For when all illusion is released, all that remains is the TRUTH. 
Dear Ascending Ones, because you have recalibrated your first chakra, the polarities associated with that chakra, the polarities of “I AM/WE ARE,” will slowly blend into the Unity of the ONE.  We, the Arcturians, are here now to assist you with that process of “Becoming One.”
The filter in your first chakra creates the illusion that you are an individual entity who is completely separate from everyone else.  In the early days of Earth, while the planet still resonated to the fourth, and then the third/fourth dimension, everyone could perceive and experience the fact that all reality was interwoven into a common tapestry. 
In the early days of 3D reality, after the fall of Atlantis, the Borderland between the worlds was common knowledge.  Also, the “primitive” tribal people saw everyone in their tribe as an extension of themselves.  Even modern day children are not aware of their individuality until at least two years of age.  As you “grow up” in today’s modern world, what is it that so convinces you that you are separate from others? 
The main thing that happens is FEAR. Something and/or someone frightens you, and your first instinct is to SEPARATE yourself from the source of the fear.  It gives to safety to separate from what frightens you. Especially when you are a child and have little control over your life, one thing you can do is to believe that you are separate from the source of your fear.  Whenever you “believed” that you were separate from someone or something, a wall went up in your mind and in your heart.  Then, you truly were separate.
Now that the integration of Higher Light has raised your resonance, you are able to perceive realities that were once filtered-out of your conscious awareness.  As you recalibrate each chakra, your ability to take in higher dimensional realities is increasing “at the speed of light,” and everything around you is changing so fast that you often feel like you can hardly keep up with your self.  If that is not enough, fear constantly threatens you to go backwards to what you once thought of as safe. Fortunately, you have promised to ground your power and initiate the life you KNOW you deserve.  Because of this promise, the inner Warrior of your First Chakra urges you onward.
As you fulfill that promise, there are many things that you just can’t tolerate any longer.  It is not that you have a judgment against them, it is just that they don’t exist for you any longer.  They are “not YOUR reality.”  You can feel that something is shifting very deep inside of you.  The regular world is still “regular,” but you are not a part of that world.  You are in it, but not connected to it. Instead of being connected to what is ending, you have decided to join forces with that which is beginning.
The old world is much like a parallel reality going on around you.  You see it and it sees you; but your worlds are so different that, even though you are both “here,” it appears that you see that world “through the glass darkly.”  It seems as though you are ½ octave above that vibration. Because of this, you have no emotional connection to that reality.  Hence, you are completely neutral, not connected by ANY emotion. You feel this way because it is true.  Your resonance is rising and your attention is being captured by the many higher dimensional realities beyond the physical plane.
You realize now how emotions work to bind you to a certain reality.  Once you disconnect emotionally, it is as if you are not really “there.”  Instead, you are observing “there.” Unfortunately, you still likely have doubts about your perceptions, and still you doubt that you can trust your new experiences because you want them so much.   
Ah, there it is—an emotion.  However, the emotion is actually a desire.  However, this desire is different.  It is not that you want something.  The feeling is more that there is something, or someone, that is beckoning you.  This call is like a homing beam and a compass in a starless night. The only thing that gets you off course is self-doubt and its best friend, fear.
When you stay out of doubt and fear, this desire pulls you along, as you journey deeper and deeper into the unknown.  Even though the world around you is the same, your place in this world is vastly different.  Again, it may not seem different to others, but only seem different to you.  However, different it is, as all around you illusions are being unveiled.  Your desire, your inner compass, is the only thing that you can trust as being “real.”
Why does your life, your reality, feel so different when is looks the same?  The answer is that you are a pioneer, a spiritual warrior, constantly navigating between your doubt and fear to find the WAY. You sense that your time in this reality is coming to an end, yet you simultaneously know that YOU are not going anywhere.  Both options are correct, both are real!  It is the old concept of your ego/self, and the reality that “self” lived, that is leaving.
You are learning a new WAY to deal with your personal relationships as well. You can fake your appearance for others but not for those who know you intimately.  They probably wonder why they see you so differently when you “look” the same.  On the other hand, most of them are also changing so much that they are too distracted to even notice your transition.    
Your male and female energy polarities are more intermingled now, and any gender roles you once had are scrambled. You are aware of your Divine Complement inside you, rather than above you, which makes you feel more androgynous.  At the same time, you also feel more feminine and concurrently more masculine.  With the integration of your Divine Complement and Soul/SELF into your consciousness, instead of being who “YOU ARE,” you are BEING who “WE ARE.”  We, confusing as it is, are the many people inside of you, as well as the many people outside of you.
You observe yourself wishing to project your fear out to your mate; after all, what is a relationship good for if not for having someone to blame? You were not as conscious of this behavior before, but now that your male and female energies are blending into one, you can no longer blame your mate for what you are hiding from yourself.  You can no longer say, “It’s not MY fault,” as everywhere and everyone is an expression of YOUR reality.  You can no longer say, “He, or she, did ___ to me.”  “He/She” “You /Me” are the same.
The tactics of “blaming another” no longer works since your vibration has risen into a higher dimension.  Of course, that does not mean that your ego does not try to repeat those behaviors.  It is just that those old behaviors no longer work. Fourth and fifth dimensional relationships are not the same as third dimensional ones.  In the fourth dimension, it is much more difficult to “hide” from each other, and in the fifth dimension, “hiding” is impossible.  However, in order to “let go” of hiding from your mate, you must be willing to “let go” of hiding from your SELF. 
As more Light has entered your being, more inner darkness is also revealed.  You would love to project that darkness “out,” but it cannot leave you now, as there is no “OUT.”  All is “IN.”  There can be no “victim” in higher dimensional relationships as there is no separation.  Without separation there can no longer be the “him vs. her” or the “you vs. me” dynamic as there is only “us” and “we.”  Therefore, WE must take full responsibility for the reality that WE create alone, for that is the reality that WE create TOGETHER.”
Your relationship with Soul is no longer “separate.”  Your Soul is “in” your human form, and your human form “contains” your Soul.  However, the rules of your human world are different.  Your grounded 3D self creates conflict in your life so that you can externalize your darkness into your environment. Then your darkness appears to be “separate.”  You understand now that in order to “win” the 3D game, you must realize that NOTHING IS SEPARATE, not even what, or whom, you “hate,” “judge,” “fear” or “love.” 
Once, it was easier to project your darkness “out” rather than dealing with it “in” yourself.  Now, the opposite is true. When you externalize your Darkside away from your SELF, it takes on a life of its own. Once outside your “spiritual responsibility,” your Darkside merges with similar emanations that others have projected out to create new and improved versions of victimization, which are then projected into the 3D hologram to create new disasters and “bad” weather. Then you feel victimized and “separate” from your environment, as it is “out there” and beyond your control.
However, you can only be a victim if you are separate from the world around you.  With the recalibration of the First Chakra, your individuality of “I AM” is blurring into the unity of “WE ARE.”  With no YOU or ME, there can be no Victim or Victimizer.  There can be only the reality that YOU choose to create and share with THEM, the other members of the reality in which your consciousness is presently vibrating.  The filter of separation in your Root Chakra has been altered by your recalibration and by your rising Kundalini force.  
Once you had to “learn the rules” and “balance your Karma.”  Now YOU are creating your own rules and karma is of the past.  The fifth and sixth dimension exist in the Flow of Now.  Within this Flow there are no thoughts of limitation, or feelings of separation, as there is no polarity to separate you from what you want or limit you in your expression of SELF.   Without the rules of karma—limitations, separations and most of all, polarities—the 3D matrix begins to degrade.
Your Soul whispers to your heart,
“It is ALL Perfect, for this is the Reality that YOU are creating.”
 If you can say this mantra many times during the chaos of your transition, it will allow you a better sense of being in control of your life and the earth vessel in which you live it.  However, which YOU is in control?  Do you choose to repeat, AGAIN, the reality in which your ego is in control, OR are you ready to choose the reality in which you allow your Soul to be in control?
Your ego is attached to being a victim and has gained a sense of control from believing “it’s not MY fault.”  No it is not your FAULT.  It is YOUR CREATION.  Would you rather take responsibility for your life and gain power, or would you prefer to be a victim and allow “them” to have “your” power?  Therefore, if your life appears to have completely left your control, say, “It is ALL Perfect, for this is the Reality that I AM creating.”
You are remembering that there is no person, place, situation, or thing outside of you onto which you can project you fear and darkness.  There is only HERE and NOW.  Your inner “WE ARE” expands as more and more fragments of your Multidimensional SELF are integrated into your consciousness, as well as your earth vessel.  Your ego, the one who was once “I,” may feel overwhelmed.  Fortunately, your Soul, the one who was always “we,” says, “The ‘time’ of awakening is no longer ‘soon.’ It is NOW. ”
We the Arcturians wish to confirm the message from your Soul.
The time is NOW, the place is HERE, and WE are Becoming One.
We return you now to the portion of your SELF known as Gaia.
The Arcturians
Dear People of my Planet,
You have done well with the conversion of your First Chakra from “ego operated” to “Soul operated.”  Your Kundalini Energy has been re-calibrated from the third/fourth dimensions to the fifth/sixth dimensions.  Because of this, you may experience more physical symptoms of transformation than ever before.  Your grounding force and main power house is in the process of reconstruction.  Be patient with your self.   
With each chakra that you recalibrate to receive and integrate your Multidimensional Soul/SELF, your ego/self surrenders more control of your physical body to your Soul.  With the recalibration of each chakra, your SELF is able to more completely integrate into another area of your body, consciousness and behavior.  Of course, all of you have “life issues,” which will be the most time-consuming and challenging to transform. 
You may have to return, again and again, to certain body issues, thoughts, emotions and/or behaviors.  Please be patient with yourself, for these life-issues are your teachers.  When your “lessons” are learned, the “teacher” will depart.  Hence, listen closely to these “problems” as they will greatly assist you in your transformation.
Listen to your body.  What does it need you to do, or change, so that it can heal and transform?  Be conscious of your thoughts in order to determine the reality for which they are creating, and re-creating, a matrix. Feel you emotions in your everyday life.  Do not judge or amplify them.  Simply say, “Oh, I am releasing the emotion of_____.”  Notice how your consciousness expands and contracts, and how your behaviors change when your consciousness changes. 
Again, do not judge your behavior, or it will be too problematic to consciously view it.  Instead, pull your focus into your Higher SELF so that you can observe your behaviors with Detached Compassion.  Then Unconditionally Accept the you that you are in that moment. Unconditionally Forgive and Unconditionally Love your Grounding Point, the you who is undergoing this major conversion.  With the transformation of each chakra, your environment will begin to subtly alter as the extreme polarities of your 3D reality begin to blend into the ONE of the higher worlds.
I wish to congratulate you on your progress and thank you for your commitment to personal and planetary ascension.  You are now ready to recalibrate your Second Chakra.
Your partner and friend,
My Dearest Beloved Ones,
I AM IlliaEm, here to commend you on your progress.  Now that your Inner Warrior is calibrated to filter-in your Soul Light, you will have the power to initiate the great Return to SELF.  You have integrated your Soul/SELF into your consciousness and recalibrated the Root Chakra of your earth vessel. 
You may now feel a deep inner struggle while your ego/self fights to maintain its position as Captain of your earth vessel, as your Soul/SELF has already begun a reclamation of your everyday life.  I say reclamation, My Ones, for it was your Soul that ushered your Great Spirit into your current physical form. 
Then, it was your Soul that was in constant communication with your Divine Child as you “grew up” and again accepted the limitations of the 3D Game and the sorrowful separation from All That Is.  Fortunately, your Divine Child has protected the Truth of your identity for you.  It anxiously awaits your recognition so that it may enter your conscious reality, just as your Inner Warrior has.
I give you now a lovingly warning to recognize any external dramas as mere projections of your frightened ego/self desperately trying to maintain its former position as Captain of your Earth Vessel.  But you need not indulge in the “battle,” for your Soul is patiently and lovingly guiding your ego into its new position as First Mate in Change of Mundane Life.
All you external focus needs “do” is to settle into the protective custody of your Soul/SELF.  Relax into the ensuing drama and surrender to your Soul again and again and again--  As you close your eyes to go to sleep at night and immediately as you open them in the morning, call from the core of your First Chakra,
“I now surrender all control of my physical body to my Soul.”
Dear ones, you may also call on me, IlliaEm. Just think my name and I shall envelope you in my Patient and Unconditional Love.  Relinquish your turmoil and challenges into my Essence.  Release you mental chatter to my heart, and unload your emotional burdens into my presence so that you may more easily “Surrender to your Soul.”
Congratulations my Ones, for your process has begun.
I AM IlliaEm
And I AM always with you.

To come alive to peace and calm
And open up your heart

To look into another
And know them from the start
For all of time within the Now
The world a speck of light
The journey is returning
Your wings have taken flight
To know the door and have the key
To set your spirit free
You lay your hand upon the Earth
And Gaia speaks to thee,
 “Our lovers are coming.
As we journey into ONE.
You shall become a planet.
I shall become a Sun.
“For as we can surrender
To something yet unknown
The questions will be answered
The pathways will be shown 
“When we surrender to the moment
 Surrender to the day
 Surrender to the reason
And surrender to the way
“For living in surrender
We have no need to hide
No ego to get wounded
No damage to your pride
“Completion is a promise
Understanding builds a trust
To live within our Soul’s desire
And see the world as just
“The dark, the light, the love, the hate
Are joined into ONE
In love and sweet forgiveness
Our experiment is done!”
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