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Ascension Update - September 2005
by Jelaila Starr
written September 6, 2005

Shift and change, that’s what we see all around us now as we enter into the 3 ½
years of intense change.
  This was predicted in the Bible as the Great Tribulations,
as well as, foreseen by many ancient cultures, left behind in their writings.  It is a
time of cleansing and clearing in order to make way for the new, but even so, it’s

We are at the end of a Grand Galactic Cycle wherein many cycles complete.  We are
moving into and through a band of very high energy that surrounds our solar
system.   As a planet moves into this band of higher frequencies, it must lighten its
own frequency in order to stay intact through that shift.  The earth changes we are
experiencing are part of that process.  Mother Earth is sloughing off and forcing
change in her inhabitants so that she and we can survive.  Hurricane Katrina is part
of that cleansing process.  There are areas on our planet with very old stuck energy. 
Though I don’t like to say it, my beloved South ( I was raised in the South) is one
of those areas, especially the southern most parts of Alabama, Mississippi and
Louisiana.  When I checked in with the 9D Nibiruans, asking about Katrina, I was
given the following information.  Take it as you wish.

“When we projected out along the timelines, we saw that a major clearing would
need to take place in this area in order to prevent a far worse earth changing event:
the giving way of the New Madrid Fault.
  If that Fault line gives way it will split
the US in two, creating an inland sea as the Great Lakes poured into the Mississippi
river.  The devastation will be so massive and so wide spread, the US will not
recover and America as you know it know will cease to exist.

As we have said before, Mother Earth needed to cleanse this area.  The solution she
chose was a hurricane of great intensity that would localize the damage to the area
where the change was needed.

In regards to ascension, though there has been much suffering and loss of life, this
hurricane has served a great purpose. Many have spoken of the desire to create a
new reality, one in which Earth will be restored to her original state.  This hurricane
has provided an opportunity to cleanse and clear this area.  When rebuilding begins,
many areas will be left in their natural state.  The area will also be less populated
bringing about a balance of man and nature.  At the same time, those who needed
assistance in moving out of old beliefs and patterns will through circumstances not
return and so will have the opportunity to embrace other cultures and beliefs and
they make their homes in new areas around the US.  Additionally those who are to
return will have had a change of heart.  They will be more open to spiritual
guidance having in many cases survived due to heeding ‘inner messages’ from their

We see an increase of Light energy or rather integration of Light and Dark energy in
this area as a result of the storm.  This sudden lightening of energies in this area
will hold the southern part of the Mississippi in tact thus helping to circumvent the
giving way of the New Madrid Fault.  On that note, Earth has not completely
circumvented that probability. We intend, with your help to anchor a grid point in
the vicinity of the Great Lakes soon that will end that threat.”

When I asked about the hurricane being manipulated, they agreed that it was adding,
“Remember, the Dark always ultimately serves the Light.” Just like 9/11, this
hurricane is a spiritual wake up call, not only to those who live along the Southern
coast of the US but to all Americans.  If people heed that call and begin their
spiritual path, it will further accelerate Earth’s ascension thus assuring that more of
the population makes it out of 3D.  Moreover, it will help prevent future earth
changes from reaching the devastating levels that are currently foreseen.

As I watch the daily news coverage of the hurricane, my heart goes to out to all
those who have been affected by this devastating hurricane. I hope that you will join
me in doing the emotional clearing needed to prevent more major catastrophes.
Safety comes through changing our DNA. Hurricane Katrina provides a powerful
opportunity for that change by transmuting our feelings of anger and rage about it
into compassion.  This clears and lightens our individual and collective frequency.
We have the Formula of Compassion, given to us by the 9D Nibiruans, to do it.  By
doing this we will ensure that the sacrifice of the Hurricane Katrina victims does
not go in vain.

In Service,
Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council

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Author Info:
Jelaila Starr, author of We are the Nibiruans
is an internationally known channel, teacher, and counselor. Through her lectures,
workshops, and articles, Jelaila's message of compassion has touched the hearts of
people around the world inspiring hope and understanding while providing solutions
to some of today’s most pressing challenges.

As a psychic/intuitive/counselor, Jelaila works with individuals to help them
complete the ascension process by coaching them through emotional clearing and
DNA Recoding.  Jelaila's unique approach enables her clients to heal relationship
wounds, clearly discover who they are, what they came to do, and how to achieve
it.  Jelaila can be reached at (816) 444-4364.  Email:
Jelaila@NibiruanCouncil.com - Website: www.nibiruancouncil.com


My Brothers and Sisters, On Saturday night, September 3, the New Jerusalem was created on earth, located above Maui. It is 80 times larger than anticipated (the original size is given in the last chapter of Revelations) and is not yet visible to the human eye. It is possible that some of the advanced kahunas of Hawaii who see energy directly may be able to see it.

As the goddesses have descended to Earth, they have had to come through the gate in my house. Each one has left behind the lords that accompanied them, until for the last month I have had a multitude of lords surrounding my house.
On Sunday, September 4, one-half of them left to get the New Jerusalem prepared and ready to be inhabited.

The kings that have come to Earth (a lineage of Fathers in Heaven of the one we know as our Father in Heaven) have been gathering in a large cave in the crust of the Earth. On Sunday they too went to take up residence and oversee the preparation of the New Jerusalem.

Currently the lords in the Halls of Amenti (many more have been added since we went through more layers of light) are in a meeting to determine whether they want to move Amenti from its present location to the New Jerusalem - as far as I know, our original 9 lords are advocating moving but the others have not yet decided.

Lord Enki is preparing a coronation for Thoth approximately 4 weeks away and must also decide on the location where it is to be. There are certain things that must be accomplished by the lords to bring the New Jerusalem into physicality, which should happen in an instant. I have been working diligently for certain things to be in place for the “First Father in Heaven”, or king to enter a body which he has already prepared for himself. Thoth incidentally will not be ready until February of next year.

What you can do as the major Light Promoters is to eliminate any doubts that the unseen realms are less ‘real’ than the tangible ones. This is a future I need your help to materialize. Read the last chapter of Revelations, envision it, see how wonderful living on Earth will be when it is governed through pure light and love.
The size increase is due to the fact that the site is no longer just for the Earth government but Earth as the Wayshower of the cosmos is now to house a cosmic government. I have been assisting to gather energies from other kingdoms for their important roles as well.

You will be receiving multiple higher aspects of yourself every day - in fact from today that input doubles - to prepare you for your part in this future. You may feel cold, spacey or be very energized. Sometimes you may feel an unfamiliar frequency in the cells as though you want to jump out of your skin, with nerve ends tingling. It will help if you are aware of what is happening. In creating a new method for the cosmos to move up, yesterday was the first day that some of my students worldwide have had their names written on the gates.

With Love,

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