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Ascension Day Channeling


Johannesburg – 05 May 2005


Please keep in mind that just reading this information will activate a process and shift for you. It is not the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, but you will still benefit from reading it and aligning your consciousness with the associated Master.


I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet you at this time and to bring unto each of you the blessings of lightness, of awareness, of peace and upliftment, greetings beloved ones.   And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day, as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.


Sisters upon this ascension day a new wave of energy is currently filtering into the etheric sheath of your world.   This energy pulsates through every atom of energy, which in turn feeds every reflection of its energy.  This grid is meant to accelerate humanity’s collective awakening process as well as serve as additional support for you the light workers so that you have an easier time penetrating the defenses, the distortions and the destructive beliefs brought about by the old paradigm.  The integration you are experiencing will continue to serve you as a light worker and over the past 24 hours you have been experiencing an even deeper shift, one where you have stepped into the grid of the new earth.   We have spoken before of the different earths.   We have spoken of the new earth.  This is a reality.  The process of transition is fully active.


I have mentioned to you before that you are in the world but no longer of it.  This is another dimension of the energy we have been working through with all of you.  This is a blessing in exchange for the time and energy you have invested in your personal quest for truth, healing, remembering and awakening.  Penetrating the grids of the old world are essential for the purpose of manifesting higher frequencies and therefore purer qualities of energy so that you as light beings may continue your service work.  The penetration is also necessary for the indigo, the crystal, the golden children and a number of the new races of children coming in the not too distant future. 


The purpose of this is to ensure that they, the new children are supported in maintaining the high vibration of energy, even though their parents or other members of society who they will be interacting with is locked in old paradigm consciousness.  This new grid ensures a higher level of light making it possible for the quantum field of energy to penetrate the conditionings you still hold onto and in so doing taking your personal program of development and ascension to the next level.


The next level is relating to the consciousness of the eight dimension.  Today is also an eight vibration supporting all of you in integrating two new layers of quantum consciousness. These layers are rooted firmly in the 8th dimension.  Tapping into this frequency of light is your Divine right because you have committed to a path of awakening, because you have chosen ascension, you deserve the opportunity to explore the realms of higher wisdom and of greater knowledge, you deserve to integrate it consciously and apply the wisdom you gained as a result. 


You will continue maintaining this flow of energy for the remainder of the year 2005.  In the year 2006 the 8th dimensional energy will be more held by ones such as yourself.  As a maintenance program, that is you, you will find it necessary to involve yourself in activities regardless of their nature which will enhance your sensitivity to the quantum field of energy.  Electromagnetically you have already set this in motion, because the intentions you have set, you will now come to see with greater clarity how your intentions impact on the world you live in.  The impact of this energy will reveal many new opportunities as a result of the quantum world you have chosen to be a part of. 


This will continue to assist you in building your confidence and your self- assurance in your ability to lead your life as a leader of light.  It is important to realize that the old paradigm is old, it is the past.  Take time to consider the prophesies of the past. These have been written down in a number of different books including Holy books, yet a number of them have not come to fruition.  Why?, why is it current activity and recent past activity has not been predicted by the prophets of the past.  The reason is because the world you live in has moved into a completely new time line, a new dimension of _expression.  You still observe your world as it was years ago. You still perceive it as the world you were born into.  In fact, you do not walk the same earth you did when you were born. 


The most mind boggling thing for you to know realize is that you are now living in more than one dimension at the same time.  Your conditioning perceives the old world you were born into, yet your actions are taking place in a different world. You are creating new ways in different a dimension.  You are already in the new world.  Your vision is all that needs to catch up with the change in frequency so that you can perceive the new world. 


When a person leaves their physical body, they are still very aware of the physical world. It takes time to getting used to being in a new energy field.  Being in a completely different world.  And realizing the world you have just left, you cannot return to in the form you inhabited prior to your leaving.  The same applies to the ascension you have all made in the very, very recent past.  Your journey began on the 31 March 2005 and today you have taken your final step into the new world.  You are living multi-dimensionally.  This is the reason why you are here, receiving the energy and the blessings we deliver today, because you are the leaders of the future, the pioneers, that shall bring those who are ready into multi-dimensional living. 


Parts of you, your human nature, still reacts to your perception of the old world. However other aspects of you are responding differently.  This is one of the reasons why you are experiencing rapid shifts in your perception of past behaviour and your present behaviour.  You are seeing the world shift not because it is, but because you are. Every thing you perceive is as a result of what you are experiencing.  Your perception of other people changing, becoming different is not them changing, it is you changing.  Your transformation results in a different perception, different observations, opinions and acknowledgement.  Your truth changes, therefore, how you observe the world you are in and were a part of changes and every person who undergoes this, will experience a change in the world.  The world is not changing, you are.  This results in changes happening within the world.  You need to integrate, and to accumulate the energy and see it as your change, rather than something separate from you or outside of you changing. 


You have successfully manifested a different world because you are different.  How many times have you heard, “in order to change the world, you must become the change”  you have done this beloved ones.  You have achieved so much on your path already and on this Ascension Day we take great joy in acknowledging this with you and we ask as your celebration to do exactly this.  To look at your perception of the world and to observe how your transformation has transformed everything else around you, as a result of the way you see things as being different. 


The energy you are currently absorbing into your energy field and into the cells of your brain specifically will assist you in grasping the notion of perceiving yourself as currently living multi-dimensionally.  You have ascended. This is been part of your ascension program and every year on this day you will experience another aspect of your ascension, and much smaller ascensions which you will undergo.  Over the past 7 days there have been 177 000 souls who have stepped into 8th dimension to hold the light with you - their fellow brothers and sisters currently working between fifth and seventh dimension, to help you draw the energy of humanity into the higher world. 


Sister Carol, this is the journey sister Jackie has made, therefore, drop your sorrow, for she has taken on the next level of her journey as a Soul of the higher orders of light.  She has stepped into the Order of Melchizedek in a more physical way than what any of you have.


May I ask a question?  I think for me, what was so shocking is the way that she died, I don’t understand that Lord Kuthumi…..


When one creates the plan for a life time, from the perspective you come from, everything is perceived in its quantum potential.  There are many opportunities to experience a reality.  The transition she made is one of a number of options. The choice lay within the soul who performed the action which became the catalyst for her transition.  The initial shock was a reality for her and for all of you. But it is also important to acknowledge the opportunity of healing that has come in the method in which she passed on to come to a level of understanding the power within life.  The quality of a life being in the moment is vital because of such experiences taking place.  In truth none of you know when exactly you will make your transition. No one can predict that for you either, not in accordance with the Higher Laws.  Many souls sense a level of change coming along and many have spoken of the person putting their life in order prior to their passing over.  Take the opportunity to acknowledge the gift of life she experienced and embrace and acknowledge the mark she has left in the world.  She has prepared projects for the future.  Ones that others will come and nurture into reality, with her guidance from the 8th dimension. 


Many of the people, the retired people whom she can help, will be from that dimension, because many of them have already stepped into a level of disconnection with the physical world.  From that perspective she can help them reconnect, if it is their wish and their will, and those who come from the earth world, will be able to do good quality work, if we can call it this, with those who are willing to reclaim their power and life force. 


  1. May I say something more?  I think what this has brought up is a lot of fear around; it feels as though I have phantomed an illusion with Jackie’s help of protection, I don’t know if that makes any sense to you, but I feel as though I am walking around in a bit of a bubble, a part of me says that I am safe, and a part of me doesn’t.  I am struggling with this.


Let us talk about your vulnerability then, and the vulnerability that every other human being experiences.  Vulnerability usually ends in the person feeling weak, helpless, even hopeless.  Yet vulnerability is in fact a powerful force on its own, you see beloved one, the fear is what dis-empowers one and leaves one feeling weak.  Trusting that you are safe strengthens your energy. You are safe wherever you go. When your time comes to move on it does not mean that you are unprotected because you are making a transition.  What it does mean, is accepting what is happening in that moment and surrendering to it.  The fear of death is what brings another level of vulnerability to the fore, that is in fact a sense of un-safeness that you now feel, because death now stares you in the face because one of your “own”, so to speak, has now made the transition in a way that is not considered gentle, peaceful or blissful. 

This is where I have been stuck!


It is your perception, your observation and opinion of it.  Her physical body will have experienced a level of shock.  Are you aware of her state of consciousness when she realized what was happening? 


Precisely.  It is natural for human nature to place judgment upon the circumstances of a death.  Her level of wisdom placed her in a very powerful position.  Her physical self reacted, was shocked initially, when she realized where she was going, what was going to happen, she surrendered.  Do you understand?


When a person leaves the physical body, there is the physical aspect of self, the personality that is still part of the soul, often the aspect of the soul considered the earth bound aspect of the soul.  You have the emotional aspect of the soul and the mental aspect of the soul which makes up different parts of the collective soul making its transition through the worlds.  In general it is the personality or ego aspect of the soul that experiences the earth bound experience.  As the soul is supported like she has been, with the love and light, that all of you have projected towards her, it has been easier for her to reconnect with the other higher aspects of herself and already her energy has increased in vibration dramatically and now she stands still within the earth realm and she comforts those who mourn her passing, especially sister Sarah.  Therefore we suggest you let her hear the words we are giving you now to put her own mind at ease.  Sister Jackie is certainly in a state of peace as we speak. 

She has been able to integrate those levels and stands with her guides in preparation for her final transition, which will take place in a couple of days time.  Do you understand this sister?  Very well.  Let this be a lesson in the sense of a teaching for all of you related to the perceptions of death and violent death.  Humans are not aware of the state of consciousness at the point of death.  Not every transition is as sister Jackie’s was, as with regards to her level of consciousness at the time of passing on.  The old paradigm world  is very different, but now you are in a new paradigm, a new dimension and this is where things are very different. This is why in truth there are no prophecies for the new world,  2012 is simply a time line and every 2500 years there are shifts in energy and every 25 years there are shifts in energy.  Every 25 to 27 000 years there are even greater shifts taking place.

Geologically you will be able to pin point many of these cycles, they are time lines bound to the linear world that you have become accustomed to.  You now are moving out of linear time into quantum experience therefore time lines which separate disappear and everything becomes an integrated experience, a multi-dimensional world of experience so everything moves through every level.  This is how you come to see the impact of energy projected, thoughts projected.  You see how quickly the energy manifests.  You know it as instant karma.  That in fact is not truly a proper description of the energy but certainly a description that your mind will understand.


Many descriptions have been given to people to help them understand a concept, Spirit is trying to present them with.  Now you are ready for much more than what you have been accustomed to.  You have been prepared for this some of you a little faster than others.  Crash courses in the energy, but you have certainly been prepared.  You asked for it and you have got it.  You have grasped it.  And now it is a new world of experience.  You will interact with people of the old world, but you will not be bound by their demons.  You are not bound by their conflicts, their fears and their conditioning. You have studied for a very long time.  Now the demonstration, the practical application of all the theories you have indulged in is before you.  It is in your lap.  So where others get caught up in fear, in the collective consciousness of poverty, lust, feeling/being victim, being controlled by conditions, you are not.  You have taken so much of your power back. Now you have the opportunity to apply it, to live it, to walk your talk, to put into practice. 


For years great teachers have presented wisdom such as this, urging humanity to move forward to reclaim power, to look at the self, to feel for the self, to think for the self, to be in the moment to protect oneself and make choices regarding environments one places oneself in willingly, to realize that one has the inherent power to change every single situation one finds oneself in.  And viola, here you are.  You have worked through many of those levels, you have moved through and “peeled many onions”. In fact you have pickled them, now you experience your just reward of expanded awareness, of an even greater unlimited potential.  In fact reaching for the stars now is very mediocre.  Reach much higher beyond what you can even imagine, living quantumly brings an abundance of  possibility and potential into your space. 



Remind yourself that when you look at your world, you are perceiving it the way you have been conditioned.  The more you remind yourself of that, the easier it becomes to see it from a multi-dimensional aspect.  This is where you begin to disassociate yourself from the issues of others.  This means you become empathetic, you become compassionate but you do not become caught up in a process.


When a person becomes caught up in another persons process it draws their energy down.  When you stand in a point of centeredness, a point of power, standing within the power of your inner knowingness, that the person you see or the people you observe are going through the initiation out of the old world into the new world, you will be in a position to facilitate what they need to ensure their transition be completed, for you will have completed it and you will begin to see and feel that no longer do you have a desire to rescue and make the other person’s world better. You will be able to stand there as a pillar of energy and let them make their transition.  Do you all understand the difference, still a little new to you, or do you truly grasp it?

I understand.

And the rest of you?

Think so.

Very well.

What part do you not think so. 

It is so different, I suppose we all do, we dive in with friends and family and drag them along to bring them up to our level but I suppose they have to do it themselves.


Precisely, it does not mean that you are disconnecting and denying their feelings, their pain, their sorrow. You are simply standing from a different perspective observing, you are an observer of the situation.  You will still be able to give love, support, and advice, but you will not become lost in their pain, sorrow and suffering, do you understand?

Remember this, how many times, if at all, but maybe you have already experienced this. How many times have you been in a situation and you thought to yourself, I should be feeling sad right now, but I am not, or I should be feeling guilty right now, but I am not, have you experienced that?


There you go, you see?


Your conditioning tells you, you should be feeling a certain way, but your authentic self is showing you, you do not have to.  You have broken the mould, now it is a matter of getting your ducks in a row, do you understand?  So instead of forcing yourself back into the old way, because that is how you are supposed to be feeling, simply embrace that sense of centeredness in the midst of chaos.  Do you see how you have already stepped into it but not recognized it?  Now you can own that feeling and feel safe in it, knowing that even though you stand feeling free, clear, and conscious, that the person who may have manipulated or who may be experiencing lack or loss is undergoing their personal journey. You can honour and love them in that without feeling guilty. Without having to give your power to them so that you don’t feel bad about what you have achieved. 



Beloved ones celebrate your success and achievement.  You have worked so hard to achieve it, you do not have to hide your success, or your achievement, you do not have to stand in the shadow and put on the face of pain to be accepted and acknowledged.  You are not of the old world. You are already in the new world, you can still see the old world, but it is not your home any longer.  Is this clear?



As the energy mantles filter into all your energy bodies as we speak you are developing a magnetic system within your electromagnetic field which will act as a mechanism of support, maintenance and guidance for those who are ready to leave their old home and step into the new world, into the new home.  Ones such as yourself who are integrating the energy we deliver today, are the gate keepers of the world being created between 5th and 8th dimension.  And you specifically here today, assisted by the 177 000 who have made their transition over the past seven days are the gate-keepers to the 8th dimension. 


You shall make many transitions over the next few months in preparation for stepping into that light.  The 8th of the 8th will be another very important day for all of you, as you integrate another level of your 8th dimensional consciousness.  Now you have only just begun to grasp the 7th dimension so we will not short circuit you completely however as one level of energy is brought in, the more it is integrated so the next level begins to come.  Imagine an escalator as one of the steps of the escalator emerges another disappears as the next one disappears a new one emerges and it is simple, a cycle, a rotation of the same stairs but being seen as at different times, and this is how you can see the rotation of energy through the dimensions.  As you filter your current 5th and 7th dimensional awareness through the other levels it will move into third dimension, that movement of energy will cause shifts, it will begin to shake the dirt  and as it moves it brings back up with it some of that dirt which the higher vibrations then begin to clean away. So it becomes kind of recycling plant.  Do you understand? 



So what you are working with now is moving into a Higher vibration but as you bring in from the higher vibrations so it comes down and meets with what you are bringing to the fore and what you are integrating and so it causes even greater shifts within the being.  How many of you are finding that one day you feel a certain way, and a few days later you suddenly realize you have changed something, you have shifted a perception, you have dropped a heavy energy, but you are not clear as to exactly how you did it.  Have you experienced this?  This is a taste of the higher dimensional ways of moving through energy.  As you build more of your 8th dimensional body you will become aware, slowly but surely of how important it is to keep your consciousness aligned with abundance consciousness.  Abundance consciousness is quantum consciousness. Understanding the quantum grid or the quantum field is vital in order to understand abundance.  (end of tape one side one)


The quantum field, is of such an immense energy and power that one cubic meter of that energy is enough to boil all the oceans on your planet.  Imagine how much power is in that energy. You can’t.  But that gives you an idea of the immensity and power of energy available. The abundance of it. Therefore aligning your consciousness consciously with abundance consciousness means that as the 8th dimensional energy filters into the earth plane you will have stepped into that abundance awareness and you will be manifesting abundance over and over and over again. 


This is not limited to finance and that is in actual fact far down the list.  We are speaking of the abundance of life.  Energy to motivate your bodies, the abundance of joy. The abundance of healing energy available to humanity, the abundance of energy available that can fuel your lives physically, electrically, therefore your homes, your motor vehicles, this then moves into sustainable development within all areas of life, and it is the grounding of this abundant force of the 8th dimension that will manifest as the catalyst for the old world and the new world in bringing in new systems of energy to propel your world in the future.  New technology, but technology that uses the power of nature, the power of the quantum field.  Do you all understand this?  Yes


So now as you go forth on your path into the world you have stepped into you come across people.  In your interactions with these people, know that you interact with them from another level, and that standing by your side are the masters of light assisting you and guiding you, your actions, your thoughts and your words.  Beloved ones with your ascension initiation today, embrace your ability to be conscious of what you feed your body.  What thoughts do you feed your body?  What truths do you invest energy in which in turn feed your body?.  What words do you speak and do they feed your energy or deplete it?


What are your actions? Are they for your higher good or do they create chaos, limitation and frustration?  This is your time to be observant of your behaviour, to be aware and conscious, alert to patterns that show part of their face. Being alert to those patterns means you can nip it in the butt before it becomes a cycle you need to tackle all over again.  This wave of light is about reminding all of you of the power inherent within you that empowers everything else around you, or dis-empowers everything else around you. The energy you weave through your intentions, through your thoughts, through your words, through your truths, creates spirals of energy and light which move in all directions, these spirals penetrate all areas of life and either empower or dis-empower.  You have created billions of these spirals already, the result of those spirals is what you experience now, as an ascension being actively, consciously experiencing an incarnated form working multi dimensionally. 


One of your challenges will be to stand confidently in your truth and not be swayed by the skepticism and the fear of those still in the old world.  Root yourself firmly in your new home. Do not take their processes personally.  Always be considerate, acknowledge and listen.  But do not take it personally.  The ego reacts and takes an attack as personal.  As the masters teach, you have no enemy.  You are only teachers and students mastering an experience called earth life.  Is this all clear to you?  Beloved ones, this is wonderful.


We shall take some questions now, as you ask your questions, the final phase of integrating the ascension grid for this cycle will complete itself.  Let me add at this point that in the completion of this integration you will have been fully integrated into the first few levels of your new world.  Very similar to the process an infant undergoes when it is born into the earth world.  You will undergo similar transitions, similar developmental stages.  This will be measured and can be measured with brain waves and activity in different areas of the brain. Another effect of this transition and ascension taking place today is higher, greater activity with your brain in other words your brain becoming more alive.  When a child is born there are areas of the brain not active to stimuli, so to speak, of the earth that adults are aware of.  You are an infant coming into the new energy world so there are areas of you that are not as active as the greater masters are already but you will achieve it just like you have moved from an infant human being into an adult human being.  Is this clear? 


Very well.

Are there any questions that we can assist you with at this time?


Q. Kuthumi, I was speaking to Michelle and at least the two of us are experiencing this, sometimes when you look there appears to be a heat wave in front of you..  Can you explain what it going on?

A. Beloved sister this is one of the first phases of penetrating the denser vibration of 3rd dimension.  As one works with this higher vibration one begins to visually experience shifts in density as well.  The heat waves that you are seeing is the other dimension, 5th dimension in fact that you are beginning to perceive.  Some people have also been experiencing it in the sense of a mist as if there is a fog or  smoke in the room, they may even rub their eyes but it is still there, but there is no fog or mist or smoke which is another common perception of the 5th dimension.  Does that answer your question?  Yes.  So you are seeing things! (laughter)



Q. So Lord Kuthumi does that mean that before long or over a period of time one will be able to actually see things of the 5th dimension?

A. Yes you will, the more you work with the conditioning that you were programmed with in the old world and transcending it into the higher worlds, into the new world that you are currently a part of,  you will see more. As more of your brain becomes active the easier it will be for you to grasp new concepts which will automatically dismantle the old concepts and you will see a lot more.  Is this clear?



Q. I have been like a sleeping beauty, and it has been going on for quite some time now, and for me its like amazing at the same time it is pretty shocking, because I can sleep almost all day  long and even when I get up in between, I keep telling myself, sleep, sleep and I just fall asleep, and I am really scared about that.  Is this laziness, to be able to just fall asleep just by saying sleep.

A. Do you see how the human nature puts one in a position of guilt based on the perception that sleeping is lazy behaviour.  In fact, the sleep you are experiencing is a healing sleep.  In that state your Higher Self, the Guides and Masters and healing Angles who work with you can work a lot easier than when you are awake and all sorts of other things are filtering through your mind.  This is the inner child’s safest space of healing, the sleep state. So go with it and surrender to your healing taking place.  There is absolutely no harm in it.  If you have the time and the space to do it, then why not?

Thank you, I feel so good about it.


Q. I would like to learn more about the quantum field.  Is there any book that you can refer to or shall I get some information on the internet or I need to ….

A. Sister, for you specifically, we would recommend the work of Deepak Chopra. This will resonate with you and you will understand it, and there is much that he speaks of regarding the quantum world, quantum physics that is.


Q. I started reading that book about ten years ago and never finished it.  I guess I was not ready for it?

A. Precisely


Q. Lord Kuthumi, every now and again, with my eyes closed, I see scenes where the latest one was seeing people at a beach.  What am I looking at?

A. You are tapping into the other dimensions.  You are seeing into the other time lines.  When one moves into a state of multi-dimensional living, such as you are all doing now, it becomes easier from this higher vibration, so to speak, to see into the parallel realities, into the other dimensions and that is exactly what you are doing.  Some people are able to sense them and feel them, other people are able to see them and others are able to hear them. There fore clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience are not mystical gifts, they are simply a science, which each and every person can master when the quantum world is discovered and understood. Do you understand? The fact that you are now getting pictures, which do not mean much to you, will begin to expand. The more you feel comfortable with seeing the different time lines, you may find the snap shots in time becoming clearer, more realistic and perhaps lingering a little longer to show you something specific, is this clear? 



Q. Lord Kuthumi I would like for you to please explain a little bit more about this living multi-dimensionally and a new world, I am a bit confused.

A.  Well that is quite normal, it is a side effect of moving into multi-dimensional living, because you are coming out of a world that has been flat so to speak, it has been one way or another, yes or no, black or white.  The conditioning you have been raised with has rooted that perception in you mind.  First of all understand your perceptions are what determines how you experience the life you have created based on your conditioning.  Do you understand that part? 

Q. That is also a part that I am working with.  What is happening now is that I am witnessing in the work that I do obviously, I suppose not much change in consciousness although I see the structures crumbling around me, but the people seem to be still very stuck in old paradigm consciousness. 

A. This is why, and I hesitate to use this word, but, separate worlds, separate earths, the parallel dimensions. Imagine an echo, an echo taking a physical form, being a ball called earth and that physical echo is experienced in a number of places, all at the same time, each of those going through a life experience Where you are now is the point that every ascended master reaches in his or her transition into fully embracing the quantum world.  This is where one realizes that everything that is being considered mystical and illusionary is in fact science and truth and often what is believed to be truth is the illusion. The tables turn, you see the other side of the coin, initially it is confusing, so allowing you that confusion is important but do not become complacent in it. Bearing in mind what we said to you earlier on about perceptions and conditions, you will begin to sway more and more into the understanding of how it is possible to perceive consciously, different realities at one time. You are already doing it. You are perceiving the old world paradigm where you are saying not much is shifting there, yet in your world, things are.  From your perspective in what you are doing, you are like a guide or master working from another dimension assisting a lower consciousness, just like all the guides and angels that are unseen are working to assist a lower consciousness, and this I do not say in a derogatory fashion.


The only reason you do not see us is because you believe you can’t. But as that belief changes and you become more familiarized with quantum energy and the structure and mechanics of it you will hit yourself on the third eye  and say, “why did I not see this before?” 


Q. The books that I have been gathering about quantum consciousness are very scientific, I presume that is to help me understand and gather the scientific stuff and then the more esoteric side.  It is quite difficult to understand scientifically, for me, it is quite a challenge.

A. Perhaps what would be better suited is to work with some scientific material perhaps a section of scientific material and apply it into the more spiritual, metaphysical or esoteric aspect of it, seeing how the spirit and science are in fact working together which will give you the understanding of the scientific aspect and then you can move into another aspect of it.


Q. I have noticed particularly in the last two days with regards to the place of work that I am at, I almost felt, I don’t know if “disconnected” is the right word, but I got eight new cases referred to me at once, it felt like that, given to me all at once and I felt myself kind of, I don’t know if “not really caring” is the right words to use, but at this time, oh well, I did not engage in it, is that what you are speaking of, I have been feeling a bit traumatized over the past few months.

A. Sister it is a bit of both and your disengagement is in actual fact part of what is required to help you process the trauma that you have experienced so that you can apply the higher dimensional energy that you are currently integrating and learning about to assist those in the old world. 


Q. Lord Kuthumi, I know I have made changes within my attitudes and perceptions in leaps and bounds every since I have had so many of these initiations, and I have to say I am really proud at where am I at right now, but Lord, (you notice the but), I am finding it difficult to understand that this is keeping me stuck here and I really want to move out of this rut. I am talking about this place where I work and because it is intimate, I have to say, it is the SABC, I realize that the quantum-ness of everything, I find it difficult to understand why I cannot get into doing what I want to do, the news on televisions or a talk show, to talk about Spirit matters, there seems to be such a block, I cannot seem to move around that.

A. Beloved sister you need to trust Divine time.  The SABC is still part of the old world.  The transition is taking place slowly but surly. Noleen is taking care of this. There will be others who will come.  Her soul contract is to prepare the way for others such as yourself to deliver the “bomb of new energy”.

Q. If I talk in linear time, how much longer do I have to wait, I feel like I have waited all my life but nothing is happening.

A. Beloved sister perhaps then you need to explore other options within other companies or corporations that will give you the opening you search for. Perhaps you step out of the SABC for a while, and in future return to take up your rightful place.  Don’t place a limitation on your experience by setting an expectation in place.  You have very important work to do, and your work is involved in delivering these messages to the public, via the media. There are other routes to it though, and there are other things you need to gather along the way before the full parcel can be presented.  While Noleen is busy living out her soul contract, there is research work, preparation work for ones such as yourself, so open your arms now to your quantum potential and let it come to you so that if it is that for now for a time that you move away from your location to another one, then so be it, for if it is your Divine plan to work with them, to work through them, your soul will take you back to that point but at the right time.


Q. I just want to know, as far as metamorphoses goes, I do understand that I am going to be teaching it.  Do I have to engage with the correct channel in South Africa or is that unnecessary?

K. Q. Are you speaking of the originator of metamorphosis?

A. I am talking of Gene (Jean)  Inaudible ….the originator is no longer with us.

A. K. You can still connect with the originator as a channel., you being the channel. You see this is very interesting, let me quickly go into this before we move on.  The questions determine the answer, so always be clear about the questions you set forward in all areas of life beloved ones, this was just a very appropriate opportunity for me to mention this. Because a question is a quantum energy, there are many possible answers to the question, based on what you have asked, do you understand?  Now connect with the originator sister, call forth that energy and allow it to channel through you, if that is what unfolds, the work that you will do is an extension of that particular modality. It may be necessary however for you to be transparent in your intentions to ensure no clashing with the ego.  Is this clear? Yes.  How do you feel about that?

A. I just feel that it would be honouring the ground work that she has done and if I take it in my own direction then that is my own choice but I have gone through the correct channels and it feels more respectful to her for the work she has done.

K. Precisely.


Q. Lord Kuthumi, if we are living in a multi-dimensional world, does that mean that we can go back to past lives and future lives also?

A. Absolutely yes.

Q. My next question is, I seem to be accessing past lives quite easily, now if somebody gives me permission to go into their past lives, is it ok to do so?

A. If they have given you permission, then yes it is.

Q. Because until now what I have seen is that people go into their own past lives not like every one else do it, and that was quite new to me, and I was very hesitant to do that.  But if they give me permission it is ok to do that.

A. Yes it is, there are many ways to skin a cat.


Is there anything else beloved ones before we end this transmission?


Q. Kuthumi any messages for me?

A. Beloved sister, the journey that lies before you, is one that will turn your person into a new _expression, this means your journey is a voyage of rediscovery of aspects of your soul. These aspects are ones that have been frozen in time in a manner of speaking which you shall reclaim, reintegrate and create a new you.  It will enhance what you have become, it will strengthen feed and nurture all those beautiful parts of you and so your preparation to move into the world of ensuring the light be maintained within the hearts and the souls of the children of this planet will come into being


We have not spoken to you before of the children, yet, you are surrounded by thousands of them.  You are a light in the dark, for the new children.  You yourself are a living manifestation of the full combination of the Indigo, Crystal, Golden, Rainbow, Amethyst and Emerald.  You will find what that means.  All of those aspects of you form programs, mechanisms and tools that the children that shall come, the Emerald children, the amethyst children who are here already in different levels through the crystal vibration, some of the Golden’, the Rainbows and the Indigos will find you, even if it is just for a moment to make eye contact with you. 


People do not know how powerful eye contact healing can be.  People can look into one another’s eyes and with a focused flickering of eyes looking into certain eyes, holding certain intentions one can trigger a whole new reality.  It can activate codings.  This is another reason why it is important to look a person in an eye, and shifty people have been considered ones who do not make eye contact. The eyes hold the core light of the soul as you know. When you connect with children, they see your light, as you see theirs and just that glance, that recognition, you acknowledging their light is sufficient boost of energy to keep them on their path and you have done it. 


There have already been three occasions where you have made eye contact with a child and that eye contact has resulted in the child reversing potential life/death decision, because of the level of intensity and difficulty of having to be in a situation of unconscious parents.   That is part of your greater role sister, and this is one of the reasons why you are traveling to the crown chakra, to retrieve many aspects of energy and information that have been left there by the Sirians and the Pleiadians, and it will be necessary for you to travel to Ireland which I am sure you are already aware of and that is if you don’t already have one on your itinerary, to reawaken that energy in you.   And you will understand exactly what we speak of now, when you are there.  Is this clear?  Yes thank you.


Q.I just want to thank you very much Master Kuthumi for all the support and love and kindness that you have given me over the years. Thank you.

A. You are always welcome.


I echo that Lord Kuthumi, in this physical manifestation I have known you for a little while and the wisdom and the love that you shower on us, I have learnt so much and have grown so much in just a few short months and I want you to know how much I appreciate this and how much I love you.


You want to make me blush yes?   (laughter)Thank you and blessings be with you.   You are all always welcome.  May you all be blessed.  And so it is then beloved sisters that we embrace you in the new world in the new light on your new way in new ways and may you still on your new path and in your new way continue to trust in the many invisible arms, invisible for now, that still hold you, that carry you and comfort you, and know that we are always there.   May the Light of Mother-Father God be eternally with you nurturing you, protecting and guiding you and may all always be well in your world.   I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love and Wisdom, and I greet and bless you in Love.   ADONAI.


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