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 Arcturian Command (and other light beings)   7-3-05

 Please discuss the two photos with light manifestations in them from Sedona.  Why are these manifestations here?  What is it you would like us to know at this time, from the highest source of light available (the inter-dimensional severs of humanity’s ascension) and from 100% pure Love. Thank you.

 WE welcome you from the galactic federation of light.  We are the same team as has spoken to you in Sedona and thus, represented the essence of our presence in several of your photos. Yes, confirming from your earlier work: the Arcturians, the Orions, the Sirians, the guides from Taurus – the Aldebaran masters of crystal regeneration, the team of your solar system guides, and the representatives of the great central sun, led by Hermes of Helios.  We would like to first speak of the spacecraft manifestation. As you focused your digital camera upward in the photo of the three children, you were able to catch a light refraction in the atmosphere – a bending of the spectrum so that in ordinarily visible light, you could not see what is hovering above you.   But in refracted light, many light entities and higher realities appear.  This image shows both the shield and the craft.   It also shows an aspect of our work – an over-lighting of the atmic body of the Christ-Buddha energies – (the purple light ray).

Energy Light patches over rocks in Sedona AZ.
Trying to show this from a word document.

Note: The Atmic plane is generally known as the plane of pure spiritual life-substance used by consciousness.   Ascended spiritual masters, and anyone else that has achieved the ultimate "Nirvana" resides here.

  We often appear around children for they have no fear of our presence unless you instill it in them.  We also appear to those of you who are open to our presence as welcome visitors and not marauding conquerors –for this characterization, now vibrating in your motion picture theaters, is a misrepresentation and an insult to the nature of our work.  But we understand the power-control issues at work on the plan of light-dark scripted plays. You are indeed very capable of catching these images in photos and of interpreting them correctly, thus we show our essence to you.   We are here not as simple observers anymore. This we did for quite a long time. We are here now on direct assignment from the central galactic command, working to accelerate the atmic light bodies of those who are willing to work for humanity’s ascension.

 Now, you would like to know more about the atmic body of the Christ-Buddha energies. We first showed this to you one year ago in Sedona at a meditation retreat.  You may wish to review the Buddha presence in that photo and recall why we have sent it into your reality.  From 8-6-04: “If you will ac-knowledge at the surface of the water, the ballooning effect of Light, you will see in this the energy of the ascended master Buddha.  Yes, Buddha.  But we will tell you that the Buddha is much more than an ascended master.  He is of much higher, refined and pure Spirit than those of us who are committed to working with you.  He manifested the Presence in this photo as a violet being of purity.  He came to demonstrate that peace and inner stillness, on the surface of the water but radiating down through the water and rooting all the way into Mother Earth.  He came for you, for others and for the touching of Mother Earth. His energy is still and silent, yet so power-full that great opening and serenity is brought forth and gifted to that moment in time.  And captured on a photo, that moment becomes ever-present, permanent and in-dwelling.  He anchored in the energy of Atmic Initiation.” (See violet Buddha in center of the pool-photo taken 7-04.)

 Rainbow flare and light rays over swiming pool picture.

Part of this energy has been called into North America from the Wesak celebrations, bringing in the over-soul of Buddha and the over-lighting of Christ.  These are not mere thought-forms, but actual energy bodies of light, accelerating the pathways of return to Love for all of humanity.  The vibration of Love is increasing every day.  Evidence of this is overflowing – yes, the worldwide concert for Africa is a beautiful example of this.  As you know, Africa must be reclaimed, restored and returned to its rightful place in humanity as part of the world community, not as a piece of the globe that most of you may choose to ignore since "it doesn’t concern me”.  We would have you review the status and role of the African continent.

 From 10-1-04 Channeling on the Chakra System of Earth

 This was an individual channeling where a past life was revealed about a program of global diplomacy which existed pre-Atlantis and was involved not only with people and nations, but  an understanding  of the earth’s continents as living, charka centers with specific energy functions.

 An example of Geopolitical Order, Function and Dysfunction:

 While the continents were different at that time, we will use the continents that you are now familiar with to give you an example of one system of international energy: 

The Artic and Antarctic regions are the hidden areas of the high-mind and the below the root chakra energy bodies – they represent all that is known to be present but believed to be covered in cold, darkness or, perpetual light. These areas served in one sense as the repository of unprocessed emotion and energy, for energies were flowing either “north or south” from the veins and arteries of the earth body.  In another sense, these areas contained great potential for transformation.  Very few humans explore or live in this area – it is seemingly inhospitable but a few know that great wealth of energy and information is stored in both polar regions.

Elf positional awareness

Now, we will tell you that one of the aspects of this system that you worked with in this past time was that of self-positional influence. So that and individual diplomat had to be very aware of his/her cultural bias and influences.  So for example, now, you in this lifetime are located in the North American continent.  So you would have a tendency to see your area of the world as the pinnacle of all consciousness and interpret all relational positions from that perspective.  So in order to avoid this, one had to travel widely, speak many languages and study with the great minds of each culture.  So you see this was a very disciplined and dedicated path and avocation. 

 Classification of the 7 Centers of Earth

With that in mind, we will say that the continents and ocean may be classified as follows: (We will remind you that the Antarctic in this system would not be classified as a continent but as a below the root center.) 

Australia – root – the area of grounding energies of the world – the geopolitical task of this continent was to remain conscious of the usage of the earth resources and the abundance realities – to secure the possibility of a fair and even distribution of all of the earth wealth to all nations – if this continent became unbalanced (or began to deny the aboriginal culture and then serve as a repository of other nation’s unwanted criminals), the earth’s resources would begin to be horded by those in possession of the resources of earth in global power positions 

Africa – second – the area of creative generation and the expression of natural energy based rituals- this area, because it is governed as an energy pattern by rooted feelings and sacred respect for the earth energies, has no mental concept of power and accumulation of power by others.  When this continent becomes unbalanced there is very little ability of the people in power to act on a large scale and mass illness, starvation and lack occur

 South America – third – the area of emotional based activities – cultures of great feeling and depth generate the energy to move through cycles and changes in the earth’s physical, mental and emotional bodies.  If this area becomes imbalanced, it is ignored and disregarded as an important area of the earth – others know it is there but fail to want to support the functionality of the area – thus, rather than flowing the energies through the area and processing them into higher energies, they become stagnant and blocked.  Unrest develops in other areas of the world as they are cut off from the flowing of emotions through this center.

 Europe – fourth – this is the heart center where creativity is expressed into reality.  Great cultures of the art, music and literature are generated here and then revered by the fifth continent as the pinnacle of creative expression.  All emotion of universal love is generated here and then, in a functioning body, would positively impact all other areas.  Love would be generated and expressed through great beauty and respect for all areas and shared equally throughout the world. If this area becomes imbalanced, it simply begins to function out of lack and fear.  This area experiences itself as having lost its status as the center of the world -  this occurs after a period of attempted hegemony and colonial domination.  Then all areas of the world begin to experience lack and fear, begin to horde and attempt to dominate or, conversely, become too involved in survival issues to be seen as belonging to the productive community of nations.

 North America – fifth- this is expression of ideas, feelings and spirit.  The geopolitical task was to be the clear and open channel for all areas of the world.  To act for the highest and greatest good of all.  To serve as the mouthpiece of all nations in expressing the fair and equitable distribution of resources and the expression of abundance for all.  (This is different than the root continent which is simply conscious of the abundance reality – for North America served to communicate this reality as it was consciously created in the root continent).  When imbalance occurs in this energy body, domination results, pure and simple. 

Asia – sixth – this continent serves as the intuitive center of the world.  All is known with the inner eye, all mystery is contained here and expressed through the vibration of respect and harmony.  Intelligence and beauty are cultivated and revered. Things do not need to be seen in the exterior in order to be known to be true with the mind’s eye. The soul of the world resides here and may be expressed as great wisdom through awareness in all other areas.  When this area is out of balance and disregarded, great waste occurs – waste of humanity and the collective vibration of spirituality.  Massive thoughtless explosive growth occurs without regard for the sanctity of earth. Repression of ideas generated by pure soul energy is common, rulers of areas attempt to suppress the consciousness of spirit in the all things. Control of individuals to conform to strict ideas is the norm.

 Oceans – seventh – the oceans, like the mind, flow through all other systems.  Awareness of all areas is the key – and the health and respect for all resides here. The connection with the Divine Source resides here.  The creatures of the oceans are the most highly evolved in a spiritual sense.  These creatures work for the greatest good of all and often engage in sacrifice of entire communities in order to attempt to mirror and reflect the imbalances in the rest of the system.  When this area becomes imbalanced it is a result of the lower energy body imbalances. The self equilibrating system becomes malfunctioning – pollution results, loss of entire ecosystems results and a vibration of imbalance is the primary moving energy.

 Return to this Global system in the Ascension process

 Now, this system of diplomacy and collective cooperation may return to earth during the process of ascension.  A rebalancing of the continents may come about without the destruction of land masses.  In prior times, even though these large energy systems were known and worked with, the awareness and knowledge of these systems was held as secret in the hands of few.  This was an occult society. This very fact was one of causes of the inability of those in geopolitical power to create productive and harmonious use of the system as a whole.  Some representatives of nations could not reach agreement in that reality as to the functioning of each part – much like Europe today struggling with the concept that it is no longer the primary world power, thus not being able to function well as the heart center.  We will tell you that it will take much time and a slow dawning of awareness for this system to come back.  Can you imagine the protest for example, of this systematization of continents and their functionality if it were released today?  This is in fact how the continental centers operate – but the personalities in power at this point cannot transcend to this level of diplomacy and global mentality.

 Similarity of individual body to the Earth body 

We hear you asking what all of this has to do with your questions.  Well, it is related through the energy meridian question. If you would see your own body as similar to the earth continents and this tapping therapy as a way of releasing imbalances, you would be able to understand this entire issue as representative of a way of achieving balance on a global scale. One can discharge negative and unproductive belief systems and imprints through working on the meridians – these same meridians are present throughout the earth.   

New, Global Earth Healing Process

Now, another new healing form may be coming into reality, that of using people who act as light-workers to create the energy to tap on the earth’s medians to help re-establish balance.  Now, this does not mean that those of you aware of this “therapy” will have to physically go to areas of the earth and jump up and down!  No, you may simply form healing groups for the benefit of the earth, and with the power of mental projection, begin to release negative patterns and imprints through these meridians. 

 An example of how to use this process and awareness

 For example, in North America, you may place your consciousness in the area of the Grand Canyon, this deepest of all meridian lines above water on earth, serves as the purest form of communication with all other areas, the clearest channel for the greatest good. Now, you may begin to “tap” on this meridian line with your consciousness and say those things that will begin to release the need to control and dominate other nations through imposing a single value system.  Yes, this is possible as a beginning way to transform the patterns spinning out of control at this point.  You are also aware of the power of Stonehenge, the Carnac stones, the great Wall of China, the Great Barrier Reef, the Iguasu Falls, the Nile and the Great White Plains of Russia.

 Transformation for the greatest good

 Your group’s collective awareness of this system,  serves a greater good at this time. It is through you lightworkers that the greater transformation occurs.  Did we not recently explain that you humans serve a purpose to transmute light to that of ascension of the earth?  Yes, and that light is not mindless.  Part of that transformation is through the translation and remembering of the lost arts – which now may be brought back and serve as integrative for the very first time. For the whole may be seen by all vs. the prior ages when the whole was not seen entirely and those in the occult arts kept the power and knowledge secret.  Do you understand the very different nature of reality at this time and the great potentiality?  Yes, this is a most exciting time for all who are willing to be open, to experiment and to work in Light and Love.

 Yes, we thank you for returning to this discourse.  For it indeed came through the Arcturians and the Command.  We would have you understand that in this global representation, much has been accomplished since 10-01-2004. Yes, both days are 8s, and important number for revealing new realities. (7-3-2005)  8 = Justice, Strength, Money, Will Power, Hard Work. Eight is also the symbolic representation of infinity and the manifestation of new realities. It is important to be aware of the vast interconnection of humanity in the worldwide event on 7-2-05: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8434048/

From this event, we will have you acknowledge the most important statement and declaration:

‘Declaration of interdependence’
In Philadelphia, on the Independence Day weekend, actor Will Smith called the festivities a worldwide “declaration of interdependence. Today we hold this truth to be self-evident: We are all in this together.”

Yes, the restoration of the African continent to balance heralds in the beginning of yet another cycle of accelerating energy for humanity’s ascension.  For when the second chakra area is restored to its proper place of creative manifestation, the birth place of ideals and interdependence through the vibration of common love, a new world order may be established. The G-8 meeting will attempt to maintain the power and control mechanisms through the supremacy of the North American continent.  But you see, there is too much awakened consciousness about the global responsibility for humanity.  The tsunami served to actualize the global responsibility reality, much more so than the 9-11 incident.  For there was no one to “blame” in the geological event.  There was no “bad guy” mentality, only the shifting of earth, which many continue to see as without consciousness.  Thus, the tsunami was more effective in awakening the global village mentality of mutual love and respect.  A “man-made” event could not have done this.  

The European and Asian island powers (4th and 6th chakras) are balancing the outspoken North American power (5th chakra). However, not until the G8 becomes the full G13 will the full balance of the global system occur.  "G8+5" = the world's leading industrialized nations: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, (the G6), Canada (the G7), and Russia (the G8) PLUS:  China, Mexico, India, Brazil, and South Africa.

 We have told you in your session with your Pleadian friend that Brazil will be instrumental in releasing documents about “alien” (or ALL-E-IN – all energy within) activities since the 1947s.  At this moment, the summit is ongoing to discuss the implications of this decision. The US and European governments would like to prevent this, for you see, it signifies a massive shift in power which is already coming into reality through the interdependence declaration. Those in power wish to control the process within the hands of the few, but this is going by the wayside, into the anus of history, as we have stated. 

 We would like to mention to you that this is a very opportune time to end your conscious, subconscious, and unconscious agreements with any of the aliens who are not working for humanity’s ascension.  The greys and other non-light beings have been prevented from manipulating humans without their free will consent for a number of years now. This has been a direct occurrence of humanity’s ascension work.  We can do nothing about those who wish to be in direct contact with the grey contingent and ask to be “abducted” and experimented upon. But those of you who are interested in clearing all agreements, conscious, subconscious or unconscious, may now, if you have not already, make your own declaration of sacred interdependence with the forces of light – (this by, the way, includes independence from the other-than-light forces). Most of you have attempted this in some way, but using out-dated an imprecise language has not been 100% effective.  You have indeed worked through the changing of your own guides to light beings but you have perhaps not effectively removed all vestiges of agreement to work with the grey contingent.  You see, if you have been in fact “abducted” you may have had a promise or contract (not a vow for that must be made without coercion) to continue to allow them to access you. Thus, we enjoin you all to state the following:

 “I hereby, through the power and right of Divine Will, cancel any and all agreements, promises, contracts or other statements made with or through the grey contingent (including all other-than-light forces) , to continue to work with them, be accessible to them or to make any member of my family accessible to them from Now until Eternity, throughout all layers, bodies, levels, dimensions and realities. I hereby invoke the power of Love and Light, to work only with light beings, through my free will, who are 100% dedicated to humanity’s ascension. So be it and so it is.”

 Feel this clearing deep within your cellular and energy body structures. This is perfect in the Divine Order of the Plan. 

Now, back to the photos and your questions.  The spacecraft simply shows you that we are here, working with you, as you go about your conscious intention to do the energy work and the work of Christ-Buddha to restore Peace on Earth.  As Kuthumi enjoined you the other day, there is no need to wait and expect something, for we are here Now. This is the primary thing we would like to continue to remind you of.  When you go about your daily busi-ness, we are here.  When you enter into sacred meditation, we are here. When you dream and sleep, we are here, now protecting and guiding you. When you enter into energy, spinning meditations, we are here providing you with the sacred geometrical light downloads to heal and clear all chakra systems, your own, the lower kingdoms and the earth. There are so many ways we work with you that you would be astonished. These things will be coming back to your consciousness as you elevate your intention, willingness and awareness of our presence.  Yes, we will remind you of one of the ways we are working, just listed above from 10-1-2004 : we are using people who act as light-workers to create the energy to tap on the earth’s meridians to help re-establish balance.

 Now, we will speak of the purple light rays and circular manifestation on the second photo.  For this we call in the Archangelic Command and the inter-galactic healing team.  We also call upon the Arcturian and Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. For in this photo, we are signaling the multi-dimensional reawakening of the Plan-ET.  (Pleadian Light Ascension Network Earth Trans-mission).


 We welcome you also and we will have you know that there are many instances of Light intersecting with your realities from ours at this time.  While we acknowledge that this light figure is somewhat difficult to see on the representation above, we will still explain it for those of you who can see the picture within the picture.  At the upper right side of the photo just below the white light is a purple orb.  This is the amethyst ray presence of the angelic command. The archangels wished for you to see the out-picturing of their presence – for Love is a shining violet ray of light and this light is bestowed upon all of humanity at this time.  When the angelic ray-light comes through the sunshine, it will manifest the sacred symbol most needed at the time. The smaller violet orb on the center tree trunk represents the earth as over-lighted by of the atmic body of the Christ-Buddha energies – (the purple light ray). The smaller purple orb is surrounded by two purple circles, the outer arcs of which can be seen on the red jeep intersecting with the driver and then further out, just in front of the rear wheel. This is the representation of the two circles of over-light – the inner circle the Cosmic Christ and the outer circle, the Universal Buddha.   

What we in the command and the emissaries would have you know, is that once this sacred symbol of the shining violet orb surrounded by two perfect circles manifests on earth, it heralds great change and transformation.  There is no turning back at this point. Love and Light have returned to the planet as we have spoken and decreed. Humanity will no longer be able to consider itself as separated by continents, states, races, creeds or artificial divisions, be they vestiges of economic, political or financial power.  We wish to have you know that this is about a power of Love that you have before now only thought about and not yet been able to experience directly in incarnation.  Those of you who have walked with the Christ or with Buddha, will remember the feeling the moment it returns to your heart.  The divine beauty of this shining violet ray has the capacity to transform your reality right Now! The Truth is no longer that ‘God so loved humanity that he has given you his only Son”; it is that The Divine Mind Loves so completely that the reality of Love has returned to the planet, not represented by one man on the exterior of your consciousness, but the return of Love to each and every one of your hearts, a Love that defies description and definition. This is the Holy Grail of the Cosmic Christ!

 In case this seems to vague, we will suggest that you each ask for a Divine Revelation either in your meditation or in sleep. Then you will see what reality manifests for you! We will insert below a similar pattern in crop circle form which demonstrates the sacred symbol of Divine Love from the Source, through the energy of the Angelic Realm intersecting with humanity from the over lighting of the atmic body of the Cosmic Christ and Universal Buddha circles. (Large circle=Source, Divine Love; circle around it=angelic command-intersecting with it in the second circle, is the Universal Buddha, inside that is the Cosmic Christ, inside that is the earth and humanity on earth.  The two small circles on either side represent the Arcturian and the Pleiadian emissaries and light councils, aiding assisting and protecting. The entire pattern is circled by the Plan-ET. 

We will close in saying that all that will come to pass with be by Divine Right Order. The Live 8 and the summit heralds the consciousness raising for humanity as One Being, One Light, One Soul and One Purpose.  

In gratitude and Love, 

All beings of light contributing to this work, from the central galactic command, the PLANET and the fifth dimensional servers of humanity’s ascension.


 © Ronna Prince  (This may be forwarded with the copyright attached.)

6-15-04 Sedona   (revised 7-4-05)

 Please speak about any topic which serves the greatest good, including self, family, community, nation, and world.

 I call on the inter-dimensional servers of ascension, the ascended masters and any other being of highest light to aid and assist this beautiful morning.

 WE welcome you and will be speaking to you from the Pleadian perspective. We wish to make known to you that there are very many forces over your state: Around the area you call Arizona, and extending into Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and part of California, is a gathering of galactic federation of light. Yes, it is amusing to you that we use this Star Wars term and Star Trek term. But it is a very good descriptor of our group. You are aware of many of the gathered group: the Arcturians, the Orions, the Sirians, (we will speak shortly of them), the guides from Taurus – the Aldebaran masters of crystal regeneration, the team of your solar system guides, and the representatives of the great central sun, led by Hermes of Helios. 

 Star Children on Earth

 Yes, let us tell you before we continue, that many children in the world are not of earth-based origin.  They are Star-based and Galactically oriented.  So you see, while you are able to relate to this dimension with relative ease, they are not.  For example, there are children here now from the Aldebaran center of crystal matrix healing on Taurus.  They are masters of manipulation of light through crystals and through energetic frequencies of sound.  They are here to perform a service to humanity, just as you are. They struggle with your dimension all the time.  These children come from a place where fairness and calmness is supreme.  There is no bickering, emotional upset or injustice.  On Aldebaran, the crystals are attuned so perfectly that there is no strife, discourse of mal-vibration.

 Just imagine, with your sense of intuition, what it is like for them to be here.  To be part of a normal earth family with all the interconnections, personalities, stories and struggles.  Even if their families are rather balanced, they feel every slight vibration of disharmony.  This is like putting a master musician of the harp, of the very highest talent, with a beginner orchestra!  Do you see the difficulty they face every day?  And when they believe they are being treated unfairly, they cannot focus their minds, gather their thoughts, or take action other than out of the strong emotion of frustration and anger.   Our “grown up” friends in Light, you have all the knowledge and wisdom to help these children with the coming transition.  This change is not just about adults who have access to multi-dimensional thinking and realities.  For the children are among the most sensitive of all of your groups.

Health and Psychological Issues of Children: How to Help Them

Think of the number of children now manifesting struggle through behavioral problems, allergies, chronic health issues, and increasing physical weight as they attempt to manage the heightened energies coming into your planet. They are not simply playing video games to entertain themselves, they are seeking an outlet! An outlet of heightening energetic tension.  Video games and television shows help them to out-let the tensions for you have given them no other acceptable alternative!!  What would help these children the most, is a return to the art of crystal gazing. Also, they require tuning the physical body with sound-tuning forks.  These children are suffering from a build up of accumulated tension in the physical body and you can help them.  We will not begin to discuss the emotional body, for this is a large topic for all children at this time. We simply ask you each to consider how you may bring your skills to help them.

 We will indeed discuss how you can help children at this time prepare for shifts.  The Master Christ taught that the meek shall inherit the earth. He was speaking largely about children. For you, the adults, sow the ground for the season of great change, preparing the way, and the children will inherit what you create. This is very important for the new times.  Also part of this teaching is that those outside of the elite power structure will create the change of the new reality. Children relate to stories, do they not? They also relate to games.  If you attempt to begin to describe what is happening energetically to children below the age of 12, they will not be able to take it in, shutting down the information by focusing their attention on other things, becoming agitated and also, becoming afraid.  Thus, you must work with children through stories and games.  You will write and speak stories of shifting times for the children, so that they can begin to understand that change does not mean devastation and destruction. For this is the only memory being allowed with constancy into their mental and emotional bodies.  They see the examples of wars, “might makes right” and struggle and fear. 

 The Beauty Way and New Tolerance

 Many of your cartoons and movies for children are based on fear and strife.  We would like children to understand that change can be and will be beautiful – this is why, the Beauty Way is a key transformative tool for changing consciousness. It is very simple, it is very honoring and it is very clear to children.  “May all my thoughts, words and actions be beautiful.” For if they were to be encountered with a non-earthly being Now, they will jump to fear and to a strong vibration of confusion.

 What if they learned from you, the next level of tolerance? To give a chance to things that they do not understand?  To turn to their hearts and their solar plexuses to test the true nature of things?  For if they do what they know now to do, to analyze something unfamiliar with their minds, they will not have a means of knowing if it is for good or for ill. They will simply fear the unknown. They must learn to reclaim their intuitive powers of perception. We do not wish to tear apart the mental bodies of your society and the future of your society as represented by the children by appearing here and accelerating fear.  No, indeed. Thus, you must begin working on stories and games for your children, you must begin to take heed of your older children and their ability to work through changing times and to manifest as the future reality shifters of humanity!! Do you understand? We see that you do.   

How much do you tell them you are asking?   First you teach them to connect to the heart, to feel the solar plexus and to use the mind as an instrument of practice.  (There is a specific meditation for children: if you are interested, please email Ronna). Thus, our friends, you give them a tool to manage their energetic reality.  These are the things you all need to teach your children, the bearers of the new reality. You adults are the transition team and they are the anchors of the change. Your spiritual group is interesting to us, but the future lies with the children.  How you teach them, how you model living now is of utmost importance to the nation and the world. You cannot proceed without including them for they are the living legacy of your work, just as you are of ours!!

 The Sirians

 Yes, the Sirians are with us in our craft.   You will wish to understand that they are a sort of rehabilitated group of beings.   For they have caused much strife in the galaxy. We are cooperating with them much like the truce modeled in Star Trek between the humans and the other race of war-like star beings.  This is very symbolic.  You see, we cannot come here to teach harmony and peace and unity, if we ourselves, on our dimension, cannot get along.  This is a parallel universe.  We have had strife and wars among the galaxies and among the races – there are indeed those who wish to live in peace but are under attack – and our task, just as is yours, is to FIND A DIFFERENT WAY! 

 As Above, So Below

 DO you understand that you are the living library of the galaxy? Yes, you have heard this but what does it mean? You teach us as we teach you. We must include the Sirians in our contingency even as you must learn the art of negotiation, diplomacy and holding the greatest good in your hearts and minds even if it means to co-exist with ideas and ideals that are different than yours. As above, so below.  This is the true nature of higher level dimensions.  You are struggling to end wars and so are we.  So we have with us, Trydjia of Sirius who is a great states-being as you would call her.  But we are struggling to trust her and we are attempting to the best of our abilities to open our hearts.  As you clear on earth, we are clearing on our systems also. 

 We have much mis-trust and suspicion in our energy bodies of the Sirians’ motives as your nation does of the Islamic countries.   The parallels are so close that you would be astonished.   The middle eastern countries are populated largely by Sirian-origin beings.   Your country of the Americas is populated from beings largely of Arcturian and Pleiadian origins.  In the “past”, we sought out a place for peace and a place to inhabit without strife. As part of that effort, we entered thoughtlessly into the vibration of conquering our own selves!  As Europeans, many of our star seed beings crossed the Atlantic, in search not of a new country, but of the lost Atlantis for the Ideal of Peace, Prosperity and Unity.   And we found ourselves in the “New World”, looking differently in the form of native American peoples, and in our attempt to gain peace, we made war, on our own families of light!!   This was a great tragedy and a choice of karma that we enacted and are now righting in the universe.  We looked outside ourselves for peace and unity, and met our own families (the native Americans) in war and conquer!   Now, we must learn again, with you, from you and you from us, as above so below, that we must face ourselves in the mirror before we have the capacity to help others. 

 What suffering we caused among our own star families, to see each other fighting, destroying and killing, all in the name of seeking the lost Atlantis and Peace.  We could not find peace in an exterior place, so we killed and conquered others, just as your race is killing each other out of confusion, desolation and despair!   You, like us, must now find a different way – the way of truth and light.  You must work with us, as we work with the Sirians, even though the energy bodies of our incarnated people are in cellular memory and morphic resonance as fear.  You see, we can and have made restitution with our own families for the conquering of the Americas, but we have not yet made final restitution with the Sirians and vice versa – we must wait for your own process of peace before we can complete our deep healing with the Sirian beings.  We hope that you understand the parallel.

 We are telling you this since you have asked your opening question at the level of nation and Earth.  You must learn to love the Islams and Muslims and other peoples based from other star systems, just as you love yourselves – the Judaic peoples, the Christians and the Christian offshoots – the star beings from the galactic federation of light.  So Trydjia from Sirius has come to humanity to share her great wisdom and knowledge and to be the torch bearer for your leaders as they learn to make peace with the middle east.  The far eastern peoples are yet another star seeded race. There must be a balance achieved in the Tripartite council – the Galactic Federation, the Sirian councils and the far eastern star systems.  AS above, so below.  This is the message for today, use it wisely. 

For the greatest good. 

The Galactic Federation of Light, represented by Alhim of Pleiades.

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