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The Seventh Wave of the New Children

Qala Sri’ama and the Divine Mother, Sananda and Mary

Blessings from the Divine Wisdom Teachers of Ascension,

We come to you as Mary, The Divine Mother and Sananda, to share our message of love with you about the birthing of the new children of Earth and the very special energies they carry for you. They are here to awaken you and enlighten your soul beloveds, and assist you to know you are love, and that the truth of this love is able to shine as a brilliant, radiant light within you. They are here to show you the path that you may have forgotten, that is your heart path, and bring it to you in celebration of your humanity here on Earth. Dance in the heart of these new children beloveds, for they each bring a high frequency to you. This 7th Wave carries the message of your original Christ heart, your connection to the oneness, your unity consciousness and your connection to all beings. It is the web of life that they understand and live in connection to within each breath, and all in their life is directed through this sacred breath. They will create you to remember that your soul has a purpose and this purpose is not just to do all the things you have never done, but it is to do all that you wish to experience with a very new energy, with unconditional love. They will come to you and ask you to do all that you do differently, beloveds, for their central truth is that you are one with them and there is no separation. May the blessings fall upon you and all you are connected to in life physically, and may these blessings guide your soul to a path of love and oneness in this life. As you meet each soul pod of the 7th wave of the new children, receive their blessing as they come to you. If you are blessed to have one of these children in your environment, take not of their qualities so you can understand their energy, their intention or their actions more deeply. Remember that what may be important to them, may not be important to you, but if you receive their blessings you will be awakened to a new perception of life and you may choose, through your open heart, to then appreciate what means so much to them. The Children of Oneness care deeply about the experience of unity and offer their service to all beings with the heart intention of always bringing experiences that bring the divine union of souls.

If you are so blessed to have children, or to work or be in connection to some of the new children (0 to 22 years old), you are touched by the divine frequency they carry as souls. This message and the previous 6 articles that have been written about the 77 pods or soul families of new children, is a gift from the heart of God so that all parents, teachers and carers of the new children may be able to recognize the gifts and needs of each child they connect to through their hearts. Know beloveds, that if you wish to receive the gifts from your children, you must have an open heart to them and be able to open your own heart as a child of God. As you recognize how to free your own child nature, you will come closer to the truth and joy that the children have for all on Earth, and be able to truly receive the gifts that each child brings to Earth. Imagine a society built through the expression of a soul’s gifts and you will see the highest potential of your society, beloveds. These children are the future of your society, so you are asked to teach them through your open heart and your wisdom, and not through the wounds of your own child nature. We ask each of you to address that which you may carry as wounds from your childhood and forgive this, so the freedom of your relationships can grow with the new children.

Beloved hearts, as mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of light, we are calling to you to recognize these children’s gifts and to feed each of their souls with what they may need, energetically and practically, so they may walk forward and develop their gifts of light. Each one of you has been given these children by God, to not only support and care for, or guide, but to also assist you to develop your love and light. They carry the energy you will need to receive, to be opened on a heart level to the next level of your being. To grow with these children is the greatest gift they can give you, so we ask you to give them all they truly need as children. Place this before your other priorities and know that it will feed your children more than any physical belonging that you can work for and that brings you the money to buy it. Remember beloveds, that which they need from you for their growth as a soul, you are unable to buy. Know that the children God has brought to you, are the children you have the special energy and gifts to care for, for as long as you recognize your own gifts, you will be able to give all children the love they need to open their gifts. Our special blessing to you is the ability to connect to them, and to know them. You may do this by asking them, when looking into their eyes with an open heart of love, what wave they come from (1 to 7 waves) and which of the rays of the wave they belong to (1 to 11 pods). Once you have received the two numbers, know beloved that you may receive the readings about this pod from the wave articles that are a gift of love. Just look into their eyes and hold a deep connection to them and ask the two questions gently with love, and these ones will be able to tell you from their open hearts, beloveds. Another way is to use your guidance or a pendulum if you need a tool for this. We bless you beloveds and ask you to be the Guardians of these Children with love.

The 7th Wave are the Christ Children of Oneness

Beloved hearts, the 7th Wave of the New Children are the last wave of children to be shared with you, completing the introduction of the 77 pods to you. If you have not received the understandings of all the other six waves or 66 pods, you may connect to all previous issues of the Sedona magazine or the website www.g-a-i-a.com to receive these. This 7th wave of 11 soul family pods all share three common energetic experiences with each other. The first is that they are all unifiers, and this creates them to want to create unity amongst all people and creatures through all of their experiences in life. They hold grief deeply as souls when unity is not present within the environment they live in, and they are often highly sensitive to new environments if they are lacking in unity consciousness. Therefore, if people in their environments are not working together or living together in harmony, it affects the consciousness of these children deeply, and they are often only able to experience peace through creating something that causes all beings to unite and work together for the highest good of each other. The second most common and unusual energy that each of these children hold, is the power of synergy where experiences take place through synergy. These children are very creative and their creative energies are very advanced, and synergy is created by them merely through their thinking and their thoughts becoming a reality very quickly after this. This is a psychic gift yet is not a psychic gift of communication, but is a gift of creation through synergy. Unusual and beautiful experiences usually manifest around these children if they have open hearts and think of new and beautiful things in their contemplations.

The third common energy or gift they share is that they have the ability to temper their emotions. They all share a happy temperament naturally, unless their environment is non- peaceful and all beings are not united in their environment, and then they may display energies that will bring beings together to unite. Sometimes this is expressed as tears to bring unity to all beings through their compassionate heart, and at other times if they are not expressing their natural happiness, they may be receiving the group’s energy of unrest and transmitting this to clear it. As these children are unifiers, they do not place beings through labelling them or behind walls. They feel the oneness with all beings and sometimes this oneness is the expression of the unexpressed feelings of those around them. In ancient times this gift was called empathy, yet these children are empathic; they are naturally of a happy temperament unless the greater energy of the group of people or creatures in their environment are unhappy. These 11 pods of the 7th Wave of the New Children carry the codes of the oneness for all beings on Earth. They are here to master their environments and change these to a higher vibrational energy so that they may express their unconditional love to all beings – which is their soul purpose in this incarnation. Due to their deep connection to the oneness, they also do not focus on their individual nature as they think in the “we “ consciousness or group consciousness about all in life instead of thinking in “ me “ consciousness about their individuality.

The Chiron Children

We are here to offer the love of God to all beings by assisting them to accept themselves as divine and in the perfection of God’s love. It is all beings’ perfection that we see and know to be our truth. Our message is that all beings are divine and all carry the love of God, and if they share it with all they meet, they will live a life of shining the light to all they meet. We choose this path and it is our natural heart connection that offers love unconditionally to all beings. It is the energy of unconditional love that allows us to see the perfection in all beings. We accept all beings as they are and this is our gift in life. We ask that we just be accepted as we are and that others also see our perfection. We are here for this experience and the experience of uniting all beings to accept and recognize the perfection in each other. Our difficulty comes when we are given too many possibilities, for we know no one way and cannot chose easily, for we are able to see the perfection in all paths and possibilities. We ask for assistance with our choices as this is difficult for us and we sometimes struggle when we are offered individual choices. We often choose that which suits all beings for we have difficulty thinking about our individuality and choosing something just for ourselves.”

The Chiron Children are deeply connected to the Christ realms through the trees of the Earth, and their connection to the trees provides them great nurturance in times of difficulty. Giving any Chiron child a deep connection to trees as they grow older, is the highest possible gift that they can receive as it assists the energy of their heart to grow larger. Through their connection to the trees, they are able to ground easily and release any difficulties they may have of life in an individual body. The Chiron Children, like many of the children of oneness, have not known lifetimes as individuals before. They have incarnated as a group consciousness energy spirit like the angels, yet never incarnated within humanity before. So for many of them, this is their first life and it is difficult as the group consciousness within society is not yet functioning in a clear state of group consciousness. May you be blessed with their love as they offer you an image of the perfection of your soul, exactly as you are, and they call to you to know that all Chiron children see your perfection, and they invite you to accept yourself exactly as you are.    
The Golden Crystal Children

“We are from the Great Central Sun and beyond, and have come to Earth to bring joy through the crystalline heart and intelligence of all beings. We have chosen our parents for their interest in technology, science and their ability to also serve all beings with love. We are here to support all beings we meet to receive their deeper connection to the golden light and love held in the Christ grids. Together, with many ancient beings here on Earth, we are keepers of the Christ grid and we are always aware of the energies traveling through the Christ grids. For this reason, we are susceptible to the tall tales of all beings as we are often unable to distinguish a beings’ fantasy from their reality. If it is their heart dreaming and they would like this, we are aware that their fantasies could become their reality. As others speak to us, we are unable to filter the information as others do, as our Christ consciousness creates the hemispheres of our brains to emerge. Therefore we do not function in society in the same way. We are here as doorkeepers to show other children the way home to the open heart, and how to merge and connect to the Christ grids if they lose their way. We are spiritual guides of the soul and do not have the ability, as yet, to guide ourselves physically. We are here to learn about the physical path in life and how to create this whilst carrying an extraordinary gift of spiritual guidance for all souls in life. We ask for assistance with the physical aspects of life as we do this.”

As guides for others, the Golden Crystal Children deeply carry three gifts in their hearts. The first is the gift of surrender and peace. The second is their ability to know the Christ heart of all beings and know how to connect a being to the Christ grids so they may receive their Christ consciousness again and be able to be guided by their spirit again. The third is their ability as telepaths in the spirit world. This last gift is the gift they use to receive guidance to take other souls on journeys into the spirit world. They are often able to guide a soul to meet with their spirit again and it is their first joy to create this so as to reignite the fibers of joy in a soul’s heart again. Through this gift, these children are able to support many to receive their gifts as souls again and to awaken their heart dreams again. They carry such wisdom in regards to their spirit world, that many other children are naturally drawn to them for counsel if they are having difficulty in their lives.

The Peach Children

We are the Peach Children who carry the peach ray for all beings, to bring peace to the minds of all souls, and a radiant compassion to the hearts of all beings. We are deeply connected to the path of the bodhisattva on Earth and do not understand why souls choose the path of destruction or desire when they could choose the path of freedom, peace and love as an alternative. We are here to learn about this and understand through compassion, all beings that choose this path of destruction or desire. Our wisdom comes from our hearts and the lives we have previously served as bodhisattvas. We come from the stars to birth on Earth, to bring the new frequency of a deeper, compassionate nature to all beings, and to gift the codes we carry for the strengthening of compassion, inner peace, and a reconnection to the deeper levels of peace found through connecting deep within, to one’s inner nature as a Buddha of compassion and peace. As children, we are often found sitting very still in silence and we wish to share that we are in meditation with the peace found on a deep level that is beyond all the business and confusions, questions, answers and mental communication. Due to this, we have difficulty being present with long hours of study unless it allows us to meditate, so we are often found daydreaming and meditating during our classes. We ask that our parents and teachers understand our need to meditate as it is our essence, and is what we are here to teach others to integrate through their development of compassion and inner peace.

The Peach Children are in service to all beings and are guided by their inner self deeply in life. They often do not fit into family life or school life if their mediation and quiet time is not accepted, recognized, honored and encouraged in life. If this is accepted and encouraged, they excel at all they place their energy into, although they are unable to interact in non peaceful activities such as battle or arguments, as it moves against their very peaceful and compassionate nature. They tend to avoid any communities or groups that are not at peace, or able to find peace through their heart connection, and often are found alone, living without community due to this. If these children were recognized and valued for their gift, they would become the peacekeepers and mediators of the community and respected for their deep inner connection and their incredible awareness of what creates peace through compassion. The children ask for their heart dreaming to be recognized by their parents, grandparents and carers so they may offer their gifts to all beings and support the natural energies of peace and compassion to develop in many being’s lives.

The Magenta Crystal Children

“We are from the other side of the Pleiades and beyond, and we bring the magenta crystal heart to all beings who have lost their innocence and faith in relation to creating their reality. We bring the frequency of faith to all being’s abilities to create if we are supported to speak our truth and share our open heart connection with them. Often we are over-protected by our parents for we have chosen parents that do not hold faith in their ability to create, so that we may assist them. We carry the medicine for them to bring back their faith in their creative selves, yet if we are over-protected, we lose our connection to our gifts and then lose connection to ourselves. We ask our parents to be truthful with us and for them not to smother us as it creates fear around us. Our gift is joyful, playful and so easy to receive if all beings are ready again to believe in themselves. It is through all beings holding a belief in themselves again that they have the faith to create their lives with flow, joy, grace and ease. We ask that we be supported to share our faith and true knowing of the many possibilities that all beings are able to create. It is this that fulfils our hearts as we encourage others to know they can have the freedom to create their dreamings from their hearts, and the only key they need, is to believe.”

The Magenta Crystal Children are calling for all beings to meet a deeper side of their hearts, where the heart is able to extend out to all beings on the Earth in compassion and love, sharing their love equally with all beings. They hold the gift for humanity to remember that we are one with each other and through this, each one of us is a petal in the larger heart of all beings. It is through this vision that the Magenta Crystal Children guide their lives, unless they are overprotected and fear is placed upon them. They are in deep need presently for their parents to recognize them and choose to allow them the freedom to give from their hearts freely to others, as it is this that fulfils their soul more deeply than any other activity. They also hold a deep wish to have a period of their life in stillness and they have the patience to know that this may not come into fruition until they are truly accepted and functioning in the world as who they are truly. They ask for assistance with this so their place in the world may shine for them, as many of them could become lost without the guiding hand of love supporting them.

The Blue Celestial Children

“ We are the Blue Celestial Children and we carry the deep oneness for all beings’ minds and bodies. We are here on Earth as we carry specific medicine to assist humanity’s minds and bodies to find balance and freedom and oneness in life, and to release old curses, pains or sufferings that they may hold from other lives. We come from the celestial realms and bring truth with us to assist humanity to free themselves of any limitations, false beliefs, old perceptions and agreements that they may have created in other lives or dimensions. We carry the gift of full awareness of divine truth and are able to support a being to release their personal truths to find a higher truth that serves all beings. We also carry a joyful and playful outlook on truth in life, and are not able to be serious about this although we carry great connection to it for others, as guides in life. We understand that all in life is able to transform and change easily, and that no matter what is occurring, it is all just a momentary experience that does not refect upon the divinity and oneness of all souls, yet offers all a personal experience of either joy or pain in accordance to the beliefs systems or personal truths each soul gives energy to. We are here to guide all beings to find their path to expressing their lives through truth so they may create their experiences to be fulfilling, and birth their joy again. Our purpose is simple as we are here to reflect the truth back to all beings until they see it for themselves. We often do this through play and through light communication, over and over again, until the being we are reflecting receives their divine truth and is able to let go of their old truths that do not serve them.

 The Blue Celestial Children have an immense connection of awareness that is very natural to them and does not need to be created by them in life as it flows through their consciousness and is their essence of connection to the oneness in life. This awareness is a large sphere of energy that surrounds them and from this large sphere of divine energy, they are able to know the truth of all situations, even before others contemplate or begin to have questions. These children are here to teach others in the future, from this higher awareness, and they need the support specifically from their mothers to allow them to speak their truth even if it is not proven and known by others. Their awareness allows them to know that which is unable to be seen and known by others. Their knowing comes direct from the spirit world or from blue light that is one of the colours that holds divine truth as energy and consciousness. As they offer this higher awareness, it is the blue light that fills others who are willing to receive this from them, recognising them as truth keepers. These children need to have their gifts recognised and have permission to speak these truths freely even if others do not have this awareness.

The White Rose Children

“We are sacred hearts who hold the love for all beings and hold each one as a petal within our own hearts. The white rose is a light of the most delicate form and we carry this delicacy of love within our hearts for all beings. It is our connection to the most delicate part of another being that is our gift. We hold the awareness of knowing how to support a being in their most delicate state with their transformation and alchemical purification. We are alchemists yet we hold the oneness and a clear understanding of the intimate self of a being. It is the most intimate parts of self that we are here to support to open these hearts to all that is, to consciously embrace the oneness of love again. We are deeply grateful for the journey with all souls for allowing their connection to us to the most intimate and delicate part of their soul nature. It has been a gift, and each time we meet new souls, we are gifted with a new connection that is so precious to us for it is through our connection to the delicate aspects of another, that we are able to know ourselves as God knows us. We are able to share our gifts and truly love in an unbounded form and know ourselves through this experience. We thank all beings and their intimate and delicate selves for this. “

The White Rose Children carry the ability to attune to all beings in a non- confrontational manner, where their gifts of attunement to the intimate self are honoured and respected by all others. They are able to raise the vibration of all beings through their sacred energy, for the divine frequency of the white rose is able to lift deep fears from a soul’s heart. When they focus on the unified field, that is part of their mastery, all dissolves within the field of their environment, and all beings in the presence of these children then experience a lifting of their vibration instantly. Their gifts are not often seen by others, and due to their group conscious or unity consciousness nature, unless they are aware of others with this gift, they tend to not use this gift. Often instead of this, they find themselves expressing for other people who cannot accept their intimacy with love, and sometimes this is a painful expression. This does not support them to be free, yet it does free the pain of others who are connected to them that are unable to receive conscious connection to their most intimate heart. If the group consciousness of beings around them does not offer a place for their gifts, they are unable to express their gifts clearly and they often take on the wounds of intimacy of others to assist them. When these children birth to Earth, they attune to the largest group of souls on Earth to try to merge with them, and often merge with humanity’s collective consciousness which presently holds fears of intimacy. Some of the children experience negative behaviours as they pick up on the group-consciousness behaviours. The White Rose children need those around them to accept their gift of intimacy. The White Rose children do not judge the most intimate parts of all souls, but have the gift of unconditional love and acceptance of each one of them. These children also need to be connected to the angels, otherwise they tend to merge with the populus of humanity and they tend to become insecure in the world and are unable to attune easily to the unified field of love. If they are connected to the angels of Earth, they will merge with them and find peace and great awakenings to their gifts of love in the world.

The Alpha Centauri Children

“We are the Alpha Centauri Children and we are here to support all souls to acknowledge their divine heart as a doorway to their divine joy and freedom. We are a group consciousness that does not know our individual power as yet, so we often feel powerless unless we are working in group consciousness. We carry the gifts of the Star Lily that offers freedom to all beings who have not yet acknowledged and awakened to the power of their heart. We come to Earth as so many on Earth are unaware of the power of their own heart to create their own freedom in life and to manifest their joy in life. We carry the love frequency for all who have not realized this, and carry understandings and the energy to support all who have not yet awakened to their heart dreaming, and for those who have closed their heart and live only in their minds at this time. We come to support all who have no conscious connection to their heart, and to teach them that it is possible for them to create something that fills them with love and to live a life based on love. We are awakeners and have the ability to support a soul that has closed their heart to their own dreaming, to be able to acknowledge the power of their heart and their ability to create a loving reality and life.”

The Alpha Centauri Children are also known as the Lily Star Children. They carry great ability to synchronise with other souls so they can merge with any other soul no matter what state of consciousness a soul is emanating. They can attune to all souls immediately and understand all souls without them having to express their feelings and thoughts to them. They are empathic and also often telepathic, yet these gifts are used as one gift to support their energy to merge and synchronise with another soul while they are with them. Each Lily Star child is directly birthed from Alpha Centauri (a star in the heavens), to the Earth, and their frequency of light is a similar vibration to the star, Alpha Centauri. These children are immediately aligned to their highest dreaming by looking at the star Alpha Centauri in the night sky. It immediately lifts their consciousness to their natural vibration. Often these children have difficulty as the vibration of their energy body is affected by the solar flares that affect the earth, and these can create headaches for these children if they are not in connection to the stars consciously. Taking star children camping under the night sky balances their energy so the solar flares and the possible increases in flare activity do not affect them negatively.

The Hathor Children

“We are the Hathor Children and we are deeply connected to Venus and the group heart of all beings. It is the interconnected nature of humanity we are here to support, and the immense rays of gratitude that we are here to express. We live in gratitude and reverence to all beings. Our hearts are eternally grateful for our ability to give freely in service to all beings. We are here to give everything away and as we do this, we are aware that God will bring to us, that which is for us. We carry no sense of need for our personal selves and when others talk of having something for ourselves, we cannot relate to this and find it difficult to have relationships with all beings because of this. So many relationships are based on exchanging things rather than on the creation of love. We are often confused by humanity’s ways of relationship and we are here to offer a new form of relationship based only on the creation and generation of love. In this relationship, we are aware that the only path as a generator and creator of love is the path of giving all through the open heart and releasing all fear of holding on to anything for self.  Due to this, we carry the great heart wish to be of service to all, and find that we are guided to offer all beings, the awareness that they will receive their true needs for their happiness and heart fulfillment through giving freely with their greatest power of love.

The Hathor Children are sensitive to the needs of others before their own needs, and carry the divine realization that when they give to others that which they need, their own needs are taken care of by God/dess. These children have large hearts and when they speak, they speak of the needs of other beings, for God shows them that which is truly needed by others. These children are deeply connected to the angelic heart of all beings and they are able to sense the presence of each soul and the gifts of each soul. They are aware that if a soul receives what it truly needs, the soul will be able to open its gifts and share them with all others in their life. They often give away all that they own to those that may benefit from them as they each carry the charitable heart of God within them. These children are unable to hold onto anything for themselves unless it is a part of what they truly need. Therefore, they often have difficulty receiving things that are not needed by them and are unable to appreciate them as others do. They are unable to appreciate material goods if they do not need them and they often see them as worthless unless they are connected to supporting a soul to receive their true needs. These children are deeply creative and also have the ability to work with many different projects at once and co-ordinate these. They are not able to focus on the material nature of a project but instead, hold the gift of being able to oversoul the creative process.

The White Lily Children
“ We are the White Lily children and we live in a space that is very quiet and filled with the angelic feelings of one’s God self. We are fulfilled by these feelings yet are often overwhelmed due to these feelings being so strong. We would like to be able to express this angelic heart through some form of creation such as music or art. We are teachers for the soul’s heart to be able to allow new expressions of itself to be discovered through new expressions of the heart. Music and art are the two forms that we ask to be offered to us to allow us to truly share our gifts of the angelic heart with all beings freely. We carry a soft energy that is often downtrodden in the world due to the rush of creating goods and services that are based on a harsher frequency than we carry in the world. We often become self- obsessive if we do not find our own creation path with the soft energy we carry for all being’s creative hearts. It is the creative feminine heart that we are here to open. The playful, soft feminine heart of love that creates just for love and for no other reason than to share the frequency of love through creation, is the heart we are here to open. We are often misunderstood by our parents who see us as being too soft for the world, and many of our parents try to harden us for the big world. We ask not to be hardened, but instead to be cushioned with love so our gifts or the creative feminine heart can open within us. The music and art we create when our gifts are open, fill all beings with love.

The White Lily Children are so considerate to other souls that many in the world see them as too considerate. They hold compassion as their mastery and see all in life through the eyes of compassion. This compassion is found through their angelic heart and when a soul has difficulty expressing the love from their heart, these children are aware of how to support a soul to open their feminine soft heart through creativity. This empowers all souls to experience love and feel supported to be empowered though their creativity. This form of creativity is not goal orientated, it is orientated only towards the freedom of the expression of love by a soul. All of these children are aware of the love within other souls and of the most expressive avenue for a soul’s love to be discovered softly in the world. These children are guides for the expression of loving energies that come from the angelic world of light, expressions that open all being’s hearts and release all fears gently, so the soul may express the softest aspect of themselves creatively in their lives. If these children are given softness, they will open their gifts and offer their greatest gift back to all beings, which is the ability to support all beings to walk softly in the world, creating with love, without affecting any other soul to experience difficulty.

The Lyran Children

“ We are the Lyran Children who come to Earth to be present with all souls. We are here to support all souls to unify with their Divine Presence, and with the many fragments of themselves that they may have rejected or discarded in other lives, or closed down to in this life. We speak of the fragments of self as the gifts that a soul may have closed down to in this life or other lives, due to a loss of believing in oneself. We are here to support God’s promise, that all who ask for grace will receive it, and the grace that we bring to all souls is to assist the unification of all fragments of personality, or one’s soul, that may have been rejected through this, or any other life. We carry this ability through the frequency we carry for all beings. It is a frequency that unifies all that has felt separated, hidden or repressed by a being. We are here to lift the repressions of the past into the light, so all gifts can reactivate into the now moment of life. We bring stardust and happiness to all beings who may have felt that they lost their gifts, and for those that wish to retrieve gifts again in this life. We ask only to be supported to love all beings equally, for often when we unify the  energies for others, through receiving these energies ourselves, our love vibration sometimes becomes more focused on these beings only, and this creates us to love some beings more than others in this world. With our gifts, we wish to express unconditional love to all beings, so we ask for assistance with this and ask to be supported to love all beings equally.

The Lyran Children are divine connectors and unifiers. They are so happy, yet at times are affected by unhappy souls. Their learning is to be happy, regardless of whether all others with them are happy. It is their happiness that unifies all soul fragments which are the memories of souls. Every Lyran child carries the gift of happiness and also the gift to unify all soul fragments or soul memories with their energy. Yet when these children focus only on their own happiness, they forget to unify all through their heart, and they become fragmented by all the soul fragments found in their environments. When these children consider the happiness of all beings as their first focus, they open their hearts to unify all fragments and receive a greater level of happiness than they could experience individually. When a Lyran child focuses only on their own self, they become too selfless, which causes them to act with selfishness. This is against their own true nature and it is this that creates them to feel separate and more fragmented within themselves. All Lyran Children need to be supported to serve all beings’ happiness and to make decisions based on the good of all beings firstly, rather than on themselves, otherwise they embody the fragments of their environments as they are not unifying through their open heart freely.

The Orion Children

“We are the Orion Children and we are often seen as dark or bad due to all beings’ memories of Orion. We carry the power to affect all beings to powerfully awaken the very core of their heart to flow with the light of God, and due to this, we are at times fearful of our power and reject this power unless those around us are able to recognize our light. We are often see as the bad ones or the naughty ones, as when we reject our true power, we close down our hearts and we feel empty, alone and destructive, rather than one with all and creative. We carry the divine energy of Orion, the light that unites all to love and invites all which is seen as bad or dark, to be recognized as love and light again by all. We are uniters of the dark and light heart within all, and through our heart, others are able to be supported to accept and love their own inner darkness or unresolved energies, just as deeply as they love their light or joyful nature. We are sensitive to rejection and when others reject us, a part of our heart closes down and we become destructive, and without our united heart we experience the separation of all that is held within our environments, and play out these energies, often destructively, until they have released from us.”
The Orion Children need to be understood by their parents and teachers if they are to be assisted and honored as divine children. These children have large hearts and if they close their hearts, they may embody the fears of separation that others hold when they repress their fears. If they are rejected, judged or isolated by their family members or by teachers that they love, they immediately close their hearts down and begin to embody the deepest memories of rejection of all beings in their environment. It is this that creates their behavior to often be very destructive. These children are here to remember that even if they have a powerful light frequency, they are pure love and are here to learn to use it without being destructive. To receive this learning, they need to be embraced with love and non- judgment and clearly educated that they are loved, and that their negative behaviors that often overtake them, are due to a deep resentment of being rejected in ancient times, or from the present fears that come from memories of living another life of not being fully loved. Once they overcome these fears, they are able to open their gifts to unify all beings’ hearts and assist souls to not feel afraid of embracing and healing the darkest memories or pain in their hearts

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