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Hi everyone, some wonderful information from Dr. Joshua Stone, this information was taken from http://www.iamuniversity.org/library/psychology/chakras.html  Also below this posting there are two wonderful books to be found in his library which can be read online or downloaded. Embracing all in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka

The Twenty-Two Chakras
"The chakras are in the nature of distributing agencies and electric batteries, providing dynamic force and qualitative energy to man."
Djwhal Khul
As Channeled Through Alice A. Bailey

Dr. Joshua David Stone

The most common understanding of our chakra system for most people, is that we have seven chakras. This is a valid understanding if we are only considering the third dimensions of reality. The fact is that we have eight fourth dimensional chakras and seven more fifth dimensional chakras.

There may possibly be more even beyond this on into the sixth and seventh dimensions of reality, however, this is far beyond my ability to explain or access information on.

This information concerning the 22 chakras was brought through by Vywamus through the Tibetan Foundation. The following diagram delineates these 22 essential aspects of our being:

The Higher Chakras Through the Dimensions
VYWAMUS/Dorothy Bodenburg

Third Dimension

Fourth Dimension

Fifth Dimension

0 - Earth

8 - Seat of the Soul

16 - Ascension, Universal Being

1 - Base

9 - Body of Light

17 - Universal Light

2 - Polarity

10 - Integration of Polarities

18 - 6th Dimensional, Divine Intent

3 - Solar Plexus

11 - New Age Energies

No Correspondence

4 - Heart

12 - Christ Consciousness

19 - Universal Energy

5 - Throat

13 - Manifesting Vibratory,

20 - Beingness

6 - Third Eye

14 - Divine Plan

21 - Divine Structure

7 - Crown

15 - Monadic Connection

22 - Source Connection

Our seven main chakras are the ones that connect the etheric body or energy body to the physical body. The seven chakras are within the etheric body, not within the dense physical body. Each chakra is a specific pattern of energy for a specific purpose.

Since the Harmonic Convergence there has been an energy structure developed to allow the fourth dimension to come into physical existence.

The First Chakra

The first chakra is the seat of the physical body. It is the connection that focuses our earth life. It connects us very specifically to the earth. It deals with issues such as grounding, and survival. In the early Lemurian period it was the base chakra that was most open. The first chakra deals with considerations about being here on earth. It is the color red, and is connected to the gonad glands.

The Second Chakra

The second chakra is the polarity chakra. It has to do with creativity, masculine and feminine balance, and our sexual energies. The back side of the second chakra relates to the seat of the subconscious. The gland that it is connected to is the ludig, or lyden gland which relates to the lymphatic system. The color of this chakra is usually designated as orange. This chakra was focused on in the latter Lemurian development.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The third chakra is the seat of the emotional body. The gland that relates to this chakra is the adrenal gland. The color usually associated with this gland is yellow. The Atlantis period of earth's history focused on the development of this chakra.

The Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra deals with unconditional love. The gland that is associated with it is the thymus gland. The color most usually associated with it is green. This has been the focus in the Christian era.

The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra deals with communication, expression, and the use of will. The gland associated with this gland is the thyroid gland. The color most associated with this chakra is blue. This chakra is the one that is being developed in the Aquarian Age.

The Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra has to do with inner seeingness or spiritual sight and vision. The gland associated with this chakra is the pituitary gland. The color most often associated with this chakra is violet. The third eye chakra also relates to the conscious mind.

The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra has to do with the superconscious mind, the soul, the Higher Self, the Monad and/or God. It is truly our gate to bring through the higher energies. The color most often associated with this chakra is white light, or a rainbow speckled white light. The gland associated with this chakra is the pineal.

Chakra Toning

Besides using light and color to work with and open your chakras, it is also possible to use sound. Djwhal Khul has channeled the sounds that correspond to the seven three dimensional chakras. On the third column of the following diagram are words that will help you to enunciate the sounds properly.


Djwhal Khul Sounds


Eastern Religion Sounds

Root chakra




Second chakra




Solar Plexus chakra




Heart chakra




Throat chakra




Third eye chakra








The Fourth Dimensional Chakras

My personal experience of becoming aware that we had more than seven chakras occurred a couple years ago when Djwhal Khul told me we had twelve chakras. I think we were working with my chakras at the time and he told me that as a person evolves, the higher chakras begin to move downward and descend into the former third dimensional chakras. In that conversation I asked if my higher chakras had descended. He told me during this initial conversation that my 10th chakra was in my crown, and my ninth chakra was in the third eye chakra. My eighth chakra was in my throat chakra, and so on all the way down my body and chakra system.

I found this piece of information fascinating. Since the time I knew that there were twelve chakras I began calling my twelfth chakra down into my crown. I also began working with focusing the energy and quality of this chakra more clearly in my life, which is the "Christ consciousness".

In a later conversation with Djwhal, he said I had stabilized the 12th chakra in the crown chakra and the eleventh in the third eye, and the tenth in the throat chakra and so on all the way down my chakra system. It was only in the last three months that I became aware from Vywamus that there are in actuality 22 chakras. My current focus in my own spiritual path has been to now anchor the 15th chakra into the crown. The 15th chakra having to do with our Monadic connection.

The 16th chakra, as I mentioned in a previous chapter, is the chakra that is anchored in the crown when an initiate ascends. Djwhal Khul has definitely recommended that prior to ascension that people not call down any chakra higher than the fifteenth chakra, for there is a danger of burning out the physical body with too high a frequency of energy. It is permissible to call forth the colors of energy that are associated with the fifth dimensional chakras.

These colors associated with each chakra will be explained as I go through the meaning and purpose of each of these chakras as explained by Vywamus through the Tibetan Foundation. I will begin with the fourth dimensional chakras.

Eighth Chakra

The eighth chakra is the first chakra of the fourth dimension, and is the seat of the soul. In the third dimensional chakras the earth designated number zero represents physical existence. It is solid and concrete. The seat of the soul now becomes the seat of our existence, just as the earth was the baseline for our existence in the third dimension.

The colors of the chakras eight through twelve are exactly the same as the colors of the higher fourth dimensional rays (These rays will be explained in great detail in a later chapter.) The color of the eighth chakra is emerald green and purple.

Chakras Visualizing

The standard, or most common colors that most schools of thought have used for the visualizing of the chakras are listed below. I have also included the updated colors that Djwhal Khul has most recently channeled to me.


Standard Color

DK Updated Colors

Root chakra



Second chakra



Solar Plexus



Heart chakra


Pink (with a hint of violet)

Throat chakra


Blue (with orange triangle in center of it)

Third eye chakra



Crown chakra


Rainbow white

The Ninth Chakra

The ninth chakra corresponds to the base chakra in the third dimensional chakra grid. The ninth chakra corresponds to the body of light. It has to do with joy. When this chakra is activated the body of light is now in your cellular and sub-cellular structure. The color of this chakra is blue/green.

The Tenth Chakra

The tenth chakra is associated with the polarity chakra in the third dimension. It has to do with the integration of polarities. The proper integration of male and female within self. This chakra actually starts functioning when the male and female energies are in total balance. This is experienced as a state of effortlessness, and alignment with one's soul. The color of this chakra is a pearlized color.

The Eleventh Chakra

This is the chakra of the new age energies. It corresponds with the solar plexus chakra in the third dimensional chakras, connecting the third chakra to the eleventh chakra allows us to diminish the present and past life trauma stored in the third chakra. The eleventh chakra energy feeling will be like a wave, and it will move through your body and out again without staying in the body or without attaching itself to an area of misperception.

Before the fourth dimension was available, when someone responded in an emotional way, it would attach itself to some misperceptions already in the body. The color of this chakra is pink/orange.

The Twelfth Chakra

The twelfth chakra is the Christ consciousness, which is a transformational energy that connects all energy forms. It is associated with the heart chakra in the third dimensional chakra grid. It is a shimmering gold color.

The Thirteenth Chakra

This thirteenth chakra has to do with the manifesting of vibratory communication. This is the chakra that is used in materializing and dematerializing things. It is also the chakra used in teleportation. This chakra is also used for healing. It is pale violet pink in color.

The Fourteenth Chakra

The fourteenth chakra has to do with the Divine Plan. It allows the mental mind to surrender. The fourteenth chakra is saying that you are allowing the Divine Plan to show you the way without reviewing or evaluating from your mental thought beliefs.

This chakra corresponds to the third eye in the third dimensional chakra system. It is bringing clairvoyance into the fourth dimension. It is beginning to activate your unlimitedness. The color of this chakra is deep blue/violet.

The Fifteenth Chakra

The fifteenth chakra has to do with your Monadic connection. It corresponds to the crown chakra in the third dimensional chakras. The seventh chakra is your spiritual connection. With the fifteenth chakra your new spiritual connection is to the Monadic level as discussed in the chapter on initiation, when one passes the fourth initiation.

At the fifth initiation we become merged with the Monad. This brings us to the doorway of ascension. When this chakra is operating it is saying that the structure of your soul is stable enough to handle the energy and the scope of the information coming from the monadic level. It is a light golden/white.

The Fifth Dimensional Chakras - Becoming Universal Being
The Sixteenth Chakra

The sixteenth chakra, as mentioned earlier, has to do with ascension and becoming a universal being. Again it is the sixteenth chakra that descends into the crown chakra at the time of ascension. When this chakra has been activated, the Master needs to decide whether he or she is going to stay in physical existence. The universal being moves from any time frame, any dimension into different bodies and can adapt to the energy form needed.

This chakra is the first chakra of the fifth dimensional chakra grid system. The chakra of ascension into the Monad and I Am Presence and becoming a universal being becomes one's new base line, just as the eighth chakra, the seat of the soul, was the base line in the fourth dimensional chakras. The color of this chakra is light violet white.

The Seventeenth Chakra

The seventeenth chakra has to do with universal light, which corresponds to the ninth chakra, or the body of light in the fourth dimensional chakra grid. We are going from the third dimension which is solid, to the fourth dimension which is solid and light, to the fifth dimension which is total light. It is multi white in color.

The Eighteenth Chakra

The eighteenth chakra has to do with sixth dimensional divine intent. This chakra when activated will bring in the ability to bring in the sixth dimension of reality. In looking at your charts of the chakras you will see that there is a gap between the eighteenth and nineteenth chakra that says, no correspondence. The reason for this is that at the fifth dimensional level there is no correspondence to the solar plexus because it has united with the heart chakra. It is pink/gold in color.

The Nineteenth Chakra

The nineteenth chakra has to do with universal energy. The heart energy was the focus in the third dimension. The Christ consciousness is the expanding energy in the fourth dimension. In the fifth dimension the correspondence is the universal energy. This universal energy is being felt by those that are allowing the new source energy to come through this source, through their Monadic level, through their soul level to their physical body. It is magenta in color.

The Twentieth Chakra

The twentieth chakra has to do with Beingness. In the third dimension you needed to communicate. In the fourth dimension you were able to communicate in a more expanded way through communication by vibration through light. In the fifth dimension there is no need for an exchange, it's a beingness where exchange is not necessary for communication. It is violet/gold in color.

The Twenty-First Chakra

The twenty-first chakra has to do with divine structure. it is creating from a point of evolution, which is really from a point of resolution. So as you have the third eye which allows you to be clairvoyant in the third dimension, now then you way in the fourth dimension, the Divine Plan. You are now beyond the structure of the fifth into the learning that took place during the Divine structure. Vywamus said in respect to this chakra, and I quote, "Now I must tell you that none of you have to worry about this in the next two or three years." It is blue/gold in color.

The Twenty-Second Chakra

The twenty -second chakra has to do with Source or Godhead connection. It is platinum in color.

Copyright 2004 Dr Joshua David Stone. All Rights Reserved.




The Human Aura and the Seven Bodies
"Our life course, our habits, our health and mental appreciation, in fact our life history, is written in color, forms, and lines comprising the energy fields of our several levels of being or conscious states."
Ronald Beesley

Dr. Joshua David Stone




Just as there are seven dimensions of reality we have seven bodies. Each body corresponds to the seven dimensions of reality. We have a physical body, etheric body, astral body, mental body, soul or causal body, buddhic body, and atmic body. There are other bodies beyond this level which I call the celestial bodies, which are beyond our comprehension at this level of evolution.

Each body also has a characteristic or quality of energy associated with it. The physical body has to do with instinct. The etheric body with the vital force and vital energy. The astral body with desires, feelings and emotions. The mental body with the concrete mind. The soul or causal body with the abstract mind. The buddhic body with intuition. The atmic body with spiritual will.

The Physical Body

Explanation of the physical body is not needed for we are all very familiar with this body. The only thing I would add would be to say that the physical body is the temple for the incarnating soul extension. It is an instrument, and vehicle for exploration of the physical world. The physical body is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this plane of existence, and the soul is the vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of spirit or the monad.

A great many people don't realize the importance of evolving the physical body along with the other bodies. For it is impossible for those with coarse, dense bodies to contact high vibrations. The refinement of the physical body is essential. Many spiritual aspirants work on evolving the other bodies and not the physical body, and end up getting sick because of the discrepancy in vibrational frequency.

It is not the purpose of this book to be a manual on how to care for the physical vehicle. However, it is suffice to say that the following simple suggestions would be extremely helpful. 1. Physical fitness program daily. 2. Eating of pure food. 3. Proper sleep habits. 4. Sunshine, at least ten to twenty minutes a day if possible. The sun kills all germs and frees one from disease, as well as vitalizes the etheric body. 5. Cleanliness, much use of water both inwardly and outwardly. 6. Stay away from sugar as much as possible and artificial stimulants (coffee and tea) and drugs as much as possible. 7. Make sure to create playtime.

The Etheric Body

The etheric body or the etheric double is an exact replica of the physical body. It is the archetype upon which the physical form is built. There is nothing in the manifested universe, solar, planetary or the various kingdoms of nature which does not possess an energy form or etheric body. This etheric body controls and governs and conditions the outer physical body.

The function of the etheric body is to store up the rays of radiatory light and heat which are secured from the sun, and to transmit them via the spleen chakra, to all parts of the physical body. The etheric body is a web or network of fine interlacing channels. These nerve channels are called "nadis".

This etheric web or network, during incarnation, forms a barrier between the physical and astral planes. People who have taken large amounts of drugs or psychedelics can cause this etheric webbing to be broken which can causes them to be unprotected from lower astral energies.

The etheric body can also be likened to the energy battery of the physical body. Etheric congestion in some part of the etheric body can lead to many forms of disease and mental un-clarity. The etheric body is vitalized and controlled by thought, and can be brought into full functioning activity by right thinking. Most diseases that the physical body suffers from, have their roots in the etheric body, and astral bodies. The principal factors in establishing a healthy well flowing etheric body are sunshine, careful diet, with emphasis upon proper proteins and vitamins, and the avoidance of fatigue and worry.

Astral Body

The astral body relates us to the astral plane and to our desires, feelings, and emotions. Most people in the world are run by their astral body. In other words they are run by their feelings, emotions and desires. The astral body ends up running the conscious mind, instead of the conscious mind having self mastery to the proper integration of their feelings and emotions.

Many people travel in this body when they "astral project". We all do this when we sleep at night and often have dreams of flying in this body. Some people have developed the ability to travel in this body consciously. The limitation of this is that one is then limited to traveling only in the astral plane. If one would travel in their soul body or light body they would have greater range of dimensions in which to travel.

The great teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism emphasize the need to eliminate desire. What this means is to make one's only desire the desire for liberation, and God realization instead of all the material desires of the negative ego consciousness.

The astral body receives the impression of every passing desire it contacts in the environment. Every sound causes it to vibrate. The great need of the spiritual aspirant is to train the astral body to receive and register only those impressions which come from the level via the higher self.

The aim of the aspirant would be to so train the emotional body that it will become still and clear as a mirror, so that it reflects perfectly. The words that ideally describe the emotional body should be "still, serene, unruffled, quiet, at rest, clear."

Ponder on This

Djwhal Khul, in the Alice Bailey books, has elucidated how this should be accomplished:

1. "By the constant watching of all desires, motives and wishes, that cross the horizon daily, and by the subsequent emphasizing of all those that are of a high order, and by inhibition of the lower."

2. "By a constant daily attempt to contact the Higher Self, and to reflect its wishes in the life."

3. "By definite periods of meditation daily, directed to the stilling of the emotional body... Each aspirant must discover for himself when he yields most easily to violent vibrations, such as fear, worry, personality desire of any kind, personality love of anything or anyone, discouragement, over sensitiveness to public opinion: Then he or she must overcome that vibration by imposing on it a new rhythm, definitely eliminating and reconstructing."

4. "By work done on the emotional body at night, under the direction of more advanced souls, working under the guidance of a Master."

When illusion and glamour have been overcome, the astral body fades out in the human consciousness. There is no desire left for the separated self. Ego disappears, and man is then regarded as consisting essentially of soul, mind, and brain within the physical body nature.

The Mental Body

The mental body is associated with the mental plane and the concrete mind. The refinement and development of this body is the result of hard work and discrimination. There is a great need for clear thinking, not on subjects where interest is aroused, but on all matters affecting one's life and humanity. It means the ability to make thought forms out of thought matter, and to utilize these thought forms for the helping of one's fellow man.

One of the great needs in respect to the mental body is to learn to still the mental body so that thoughts from abstract levels and from the intuitional planes can find a receptive mind whereon they may inscribe themselves. Two qualities should be developed above all else in respect to the mental body. First is an unshaken perseverance, and fortitude. The second being a progress that is made without undue self-analysis. Pull not your selves up by the roots to see if there is growth.

The capacity of perseverance explains why the non-spectacular man or woman often attains initiation before the genius.

The mental body remains clear because of keeping a good mental diet. Every thought that comes from your subconscious mind or from other people should be discerned and discriminated against to determine if it is of God or not of God, and if it is truth or illusion.

If it is positive and of God, the idea is to let it into your mind, like you would good food into the stomach. If it is negative and not of God, then the idea is to deny its entrance into your mind. It is the ongoing process of remaining conscious and vigilant and not going on automatic pilot that will keep your mental body clear.

By keeping your mental body clear it will help to keep your emotional body, etheric body, and physical body clear, for it is your thoughts that create your reality. This last point cannot be emphasized enough!!!

The Soul and/or Causal Body

The soul body or causal body is on the higher mental plane and the quality or characteristic of it is the abstract mind. The causal body is the temple of the soul. The causal body is the storage house of all our good karma and virtue from all our past lives and our present life.

The causal body is a collection of three permanent atoms enclosed in an envelope of mental essence. The three permanent atoms are recording devices for our physical, astral, and mental bodies. These permanent atoms record our karma.

In our very first incarnations on earth our causal body was a colorless ovoid holding the soul like a yolk within an egg shell. As we incarnated over and over again we began to build good karma and virtue into our causal body and it began to become a thing of rare beauty, containing within itself all the colors of the rainbow. Djwhal Khul has called this a form of "divine vampirism" where the soul sucks the good out of the personal life, and stores it in the body of the soul.

This building proceeds slowly at first, but towards the end of incarnation when one steps more firmly on the path of probation and initiation, the work proceeds rapidly. It is at the fourth initiation when one has achieved liberation from the wheel of rebirth, that the causal body is burned up and merges back into the monad, and the evolving soul extension receives guidance from the monad, rather than the soul. This is a great marker point in the initiation of a soul on the spiritual path.

The Buddhic Body

The buddhic body is associated with the buddhic plane and the characteristic quality of it is intuition. After passing the fourth initiation one lives in the buddhic body.

The Atmic Body

The atmic body is associated with the atmic plane and the characteristic and quality of it is spiritual will. This is the body one inhabits upon passing the fifth initiation.

The Glorified Light Body

There is one other body which I have not mentioned, which bears great importance on the spiritual path, and that is the importance of creating one's "Light Body".

The light body or body of light is the body we will inhabit at the time of our ascension. The ascension being the complete merger with the monad and/or I Am Presence on earth. It is at this time our entire being including our physical body merge into light. It is the light body that we will officially step into. It is in a sense, the "wedding garment" that we are building day by day as we travel the path of initiation. It is created by the light that we are creating in our daily lives. This body is not fully complete until right before ascension itself.

The Aura

Everything that has been created has an aura of some kind. In human beings the aura surrounds the central nucleus or soul fragment or extension of the overshadowing soul.

The aura is composed of four basic fields. These are the physical health aura, the astral or emotional aura, the mental aura and the etheric body aura. The astral aura is usually most dominant in most people in our planet although this is beginning to change as we move deeper into the Aryan root race which is a mental attunement.

The mental aura is usually very small in the average person, however, develops rapidly once the disciple becomes polarized in the mental body at the latter stages of the second and beginning of the third initiation. Djwhal Khul says in the Alice Bailey book, "Ponder on This", that the "mental aura will eventually obliterate the emotional or astral aura and then the soul quality of love will create a substitute, that is of a higher nature."

Every person lives and moves within their fourfold aura. This living, vital aura serves as a recording agent of all impressions of both an objective and subjective nature. It is the aura which creates the effects upon other people. Not so much the words as some people think. It is also the aura which the Master watches. Specifically, the Master is looking for the light of the soul within the aura to determine whether the disciple is nearing the path of discipleship. As the emotional reactions lessen, and the mental apparatus clears, the progress of the aspirant is noted.

The aura is radiatory in nature and extends from all the bodies in every direction. The seven chakras also have a great effect on the nature of a person's aura. A highly emotional person working through an overdeveloped and uncontrolled solar plexus chakra can wreck havoc in a home or office. On the other side of the coin, a disciple consciously using the heart or throat center can carry inspirations to hundreds.

The aura is brought into right radiatory condition by right living, high thinking, and loving activity. This leads the initiate to become a center of living light where all seven of the chakras are merged into one light. Each person looks out into the world through their aura.

The four words that best describe the human aura are color, light, quality, and sphere of influence. Most psychics or clairvoyants are just seeing the astral range of the aura. In reality there are seven layers to the aura.

Christ's aura was so powerful that all people had to do was touch Him and the virtue would pour out of Him and heal. Every person's aura either attracts or repels depending on the programming and patterning within the individual. Groups have an aura, countries have an aura, and the earth, as a whole, has an aura. I once bought a very beautiful statue of the Buddha, and a clairvoyant friend of mine came over and without my asking told me that the statue's heart chakra was spinning and open. A Master only has to look at the light reflected in a person's aura to determine their level of evolution.

The Meaning of Colors in the Human Aura

Red: The color red reflects the physical aspect of the mind, such as passion, anger, physical desires, emotion, vigor and vitality.
First ray quality of will.

Blue: The color blue reflects the religious or spiritual phase of the mind. It deals with contemplation, prayer, heaven, spirituality, selflessness. Emotions such as love, devotion, altruism, reverence. Blue is a soothing and calming color.

Yellow: The color yellow reflects intellectual pursuits, such as logic, induction, active intelligence, analysis, judgment.

White: Represents pure spirit.

Black: Black is the absence of color. It is the opposite pole of pure spirit, hence the term black magician. Also indicates hatred, anger, avarice, revenge, malice.

Gray: Gray in the aura reflects negative thoughts and emotions.

Violet: A very spiritual color to have in the aura, it usually indicates evenness of mind, and indicates a searching for a cause or religious experience. Has been associated with transmutation because of connection with the seventh ray.

Orange: A vital good color usually indicating thoughtfulness and consideration of others. Connected with fifth ray energy of concrete science.

Green: Usually deals with healing, and is helpful, strong and friendly. It is a color which doctors and nurses often have. Connected with fourth ray energy of harmony through conflict.

Color Chart for the Human Aura

The following is a color chart of the human aura from a book by Edgar Cayce, called "Auras". What is interesting in this chart is that it also shows the afflictions or negative aspect of each color as well as the positive side. The diagram also shows the planets and musical notes connected with each color.


Musical Note







Force, Vigor, Energy

Nervousness, Egotism




Thoughtfulness, Consideration

Laziness, Repression




Health, Well-being, Friendliness

Weakness of Will




Healing, Helpful

Mixed with Yellow Deceit




Spiritual, Artistic, Selfless

Struggle, Melancholy




Seeking, Religious

Heart & Stomach Trouble




Seeking, Religious

Heart & Stomach Trouble

Copyright 2004 Dr Joshua David Stone. All Rights Reserved.


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