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Taking the Duel out of Duality

By Jan Carter and Keth Luke

In the beginning was the "Great Void".  Then came an idea.  From this idea
came movement - called "Yang".  When movement went as far as it could go -
there was "quiescence".  The pause of quiescence was called "Yin".  As these
merge and become one - it is called the Tai Chi - continuous movement of
Yin-Yang.  From this branched the "10,000 things" - the manifest Universe.

The Tai Chi symbol is a beautiful representation of the liquid dance of life
- found within, and through all of our outer relationships.  We need two to
tango and it all flows better when we don't step on each other's toes.

The Sun/Moon, as well as, Mars/Venus symbolize our Male/Female polarities,
and through their interactions, our eternal quest for harmony, balance and

Keth and I work together as "Polarity Partners" in our healing work.  He is
generally at the head and I am at the foot.  Interestingly, in comparing our
Astrology charts, we have an exact Mars/Venus opposition.  When we first
started working together, as the energy passed through the client - it felt
like being plugged into a circuit with waves of energy going back and forth
between us through an infinity symbol.  We call it the "Divine Tune-Up". 

Of course, in our personal lives we are often faced with challenges.  There
is one configuration between our charts I call "the pain in the ass aspect".
We are complex beings, constantly dealing with dualities and choices.  Do we
listen to the head or the heart?  The little "self" or the big "Self"?  What
does our spontaneous joyful self say?

Seeing the image of a total Solar Eclipse, one realizes we do not live in a
random universe with the awe-inspiring beauty of this perfect fit - as if
our God-Eye-Self were watching us.  On rare occasions, these eclipses appear
to have giant expansive wings - a Phoenix Rising.

Mass events often occur during powerful eclipses - sometimes through the
shifts of the Earth herself and even through the initiation of war - on our
misguided quest for re-balance through retaliation, revenge or control.

The Sun and Mars are our male energies - they are goal oriented and
represent the fiery mechanism to accomplish it.  Our ultimate goal is our
"radiant self".

The Moon and Venus - our female counterparts - "other oriented" - is the
pause, quiescence - our "inner knowing", our intuition.  When we listen to
it - going deep within - awareness is born - which in turn puts us in tune
with our true nature.  We can then manifest our "heart's desire", as we
light the torch to be carried by our inner-male.

For the past several thousand years, the feminine has been considered our
lesser half - even feared and demonized, causing us to distrust our own
innate wisdom.  So we go un-conscious and follow like sheep.

It really is time to "Wake Up" and turn this Duel into a Dance.  Remember,
it all starts with an "idea", spawning the "ideal" - as we create Heaven on
Earth.  Can you imagine!

Jan Carter and Keth Luke are Healers and Ministers at the House of Grace in
New Port Richey.  Jan is also an Astrologer and President of the Astrology
Association of St. Petersburg www.AASP-FL.com
Their website is www.Awakening-Healing.com
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