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Yearly Message from Lord Maitreya
January 4, 2004
as channeled by Lois Hartwick

Welcome each of you here within this gathering today.  It is, of course,
always a pleasure to be able to present thoughts and ideas and energetic
transmissions to each of you.  You recognize that we, as a group, on the
higher planes, come together to offer our ideas and our consistent energies
for those of you on earth who are willing and able to listen to us, but
additionally, in transmission of energies to alter and to change certain
configurations that may be taking place.

You will encounter in the year ahead a number of situations whereby the
energy coming forth may be too powerful or too unevenly balanced for your
particular system to integrate easily
.  If you are noticing or witnessing
changes within your body and areas of holding specific pain or difficulty,
you may request assistance from those who work with you on the higher
planes.  It is surely a matter of course that we would answer these calls, but
many of you may not think to request this level of assistance.  As the
changes come forth you will be squirming in your seat at various times
trying to release or integrate this energy easily.  Therefore, water, showers,
baths, will assist you as well.  Drinking more fluids and allowing your body
to flow in greater harmony as you exercise, perform yoga, etc., will also
assist you.  Think about how harmoniously you are allowing your body to
express itself as you are moving around.

Now surely that is not what I came here to talk about today, but it is an
example of much occurring and some of you have already experienced this.

The dawning of a new year is always significant on the Earth plane for
people are willing to put aside, at least to some degree, aspects of the past,
which may have been unresolved, completed or perhaps unpleasant,
difficult or even uplifting, yet there is a willingness to move on.  This is a
very specific energy this year -- this willingness to move on.  It is what you
can call on to assist you complete many things which may not have been
done, or to implement new beginnings of opportunity you would like to
bring forth.

I will call it the Energy of Initiating New Projects for the moment.  When
you address this energy or ask for specific assistance in what you are
attempting to do, I suggest you surround yourself with it each day, looking
at yourself as if cocooned, surrounded by a very tight webbing of energy to
propel you into greater harmony now.

The energy dissipates around the l5th of March,  so it is important you
utilize it in this time period.  What then occurs will be other energetic
formats  coming forth, some which assist you, and some may possibly knot
up aspects of yourself, depending on what it is.  And when I say that, let us
just look for a moment at the concept of a war and how many of you feel
when you hear your country has gone to war.  You recognize that’s an
energy which goes through your body and tends to tense things up or to
feel some level of dismay or disharmony within your being.  It is not an
energy that helps you to move forward or to create what you would like to
create.  For some it will instill an incentive to work toward counteracting
this particular energy.

As I speak to you now, I recognize this year will be a pivotal one in terms of
determining outcomes. 
Pivotal from the aspect whereby energies coming
forth can be utilized both negatively and positively, and it is one in which
choice becomes very apparent in the direction you, as individuals, take, as
well as you, collectively, as a country, take.

It can be important to witness these changes and the perception you place
upon them.
  If you see the potential and the positive aspects within change,
you will ride those winds to a much greater outcome than if you look at the
change and say ‘woe is me’.  This is not going to bode well.

I am not suggesting every choice will be the highest quality either, but I am
suggesting that within these changes can come further choice to overcome
anything that may have been of lesser value.  Your world is now looking at a
transformational time. Within that are those holding onto the past and old
structures with clenched fists, as well as those moving forward with their
feet flying toward a new goal or aim.  Which would you choose to be?
Examine where you are in the choices you are making.  Holding on or
running to something new?  Each can be a decision and in some cases, some
quietude is necessary.

Governments have yet to learn such a lesson or have real understanding
how to utilize the higher energies present
.  There are still several people in
a much higher place, able to hear and/or receive at night those directives
that would be sent forth to create a much more harmonious reality.  In this
outcome, certain shifts are taking place.  You will witness in the year ahead
some revolutionary ideas; in fact, some will seem startling and perhaps
unfamiliar and disconnected, to some of you.  Please look for the good
within these changes.  Find ways to alter reality with a positive stance.

An example would be the difficulties recently in Iran.  From this devastation
you can see opportunity for countries and cultures to come together to
assist without the political aspects that need confine themselves to
‘winning’.  So it is within these challenges that new contexts and new
beginnings can be made.  If one chooses to hold on to areas of the past and
not move forward with what is presented, far less will be accomplished and
done.  This is given as a very large example, but you will see the same
within your own personal lives this year.

From the beginning of time we have heralded aspects of light and attempted
to bring forth a greater connection in this level of reality through the many
veils present between dimensional frequencies.  As you look over the times
ahead, the veils have thinned, and in many cases, nearly disappeared for
some of you.  It will allow for greater awareness and greater harmony to be
present, because as you become more deeply connected with us, that is the
energy which is received:  Harmony and Balance.  Wisdom, of course, we
hope to impart as well.

For those holding on too tightly, the veils will remain in place.  It is
important to see that you can alter your reality through many of these

I would like to say, as well, there is going to be a great enclave of those of
us meeting to draw up new plans for this year
.  We witness and know and
understand a great many of the outcomes which have not been yet
forecasted for this year and years ahead.  Often, the plans we make are
because these levels of awareness have already been written to some
extent or are predictable.  When we bring forth a specific energy or when
there is an overall plan to harmonize and to assist those on earth, it is based
on knowing what may be occurring in five or ten years, not just this
moment.  It may not always be clear to you why so much is happening but
from our perspective, we are trying to finesse the overall outcomes with
greater ease.

Subject to much discussion is the outcome of world reality.  The outcome
being that those present on earth could potentially live without fear.  That
would be, of course, and enormous blessing and is not one we can create
without your help.  I am not suggesting this to just those of you in this
room, but those willing to listen throughout all countries everywhere.  To
enable the world to ride out the many vicissitudes which have taken place
and will be forthcoming in this year and years ahead, there must be a
recognition there are those of us who are completely aligned and helping
you as these moments come forth.  Although you may not witness or feel
our presence, you may find someone comes into view on the physical plane
who is able to assist some aspect of your life that may be having difficulty.
An example would be akin to a hitch hiker along the road.  A car comes
along to give a ride to the next stop or station.  We think of ourselves this
way, you know. There are times in which we are able to manifest very
clearly our intention.  Other times it is more subtle.

I would like to awaken you to the fact that the upcoming year is not without
upheaval.  Great change is upon your planet. 
Many of you have secretly, in
your hearts, prepared to witness this time and to understand it will be
coming forth.  I would suggest that it is here, and a part of you, at certain
times, may be triggered by the sense of not knowing outcomes.  Triggered
by fear, triggered by hearing -- for so many years-- that the changes may
bring about some climatic events for which you are unprepared or unable to
withstand.  By choosing to live a life of deeper connections and awareness,
you are also asking inwardly, whether you know it or not, for our connection
and protection of who and what you are, and certainly, where you are.

We cannot go against your soul’s desire, so if, indeed, there were some plan
your soul chose for you to understand or to work through or perhaps to let
go of, you may find a situation could occur that you would turn around and
look at us and say, “Where were you?”

I would say to you that we are there.  We are honoring your soul’s pathway,
and within that alignment and connection we will do our best to alter your
lives to the highest degree in which you receive more light, more love, more
protection and better outcomes.  This is always our intention.

If you are facing difficulty in your life, either at this point or from the past or
that which you encounter in the future, you must look toward your soul and
your soul’s plan and how it is playing out this year.  When you find those
answers, you can then request to understand whether some aspect of your
path is being sabotaged by those forces choosing to alter your pathway.
We stand ready to assist in either situation.  Your responsibility is greater
clarity in terms of what the outcome is before you.

Now when I see on your planet a great need for food in certain areas, I
could easily say that there is a soul group which has come forth to undergo
and to experience some level of disharmony in this regard.  Whatever the
individual plan, there is also a collective plan.   If you are a part of a group
in such a manner, it would be helpful to understand the greater plan as well.
With these two pieces in place, you can now look at your reality and say,
“What it is I can do to get to the other side of this?”  And you may choose to
do that as an individual or you may choose that as one wishing to assist the
entire group.   It depends on the individual.

Not everything is easily brought forth in this regard, but an intention on
your part to connect with us who can assist or can ignite another aspect to
come forth for assistance in the overall situation is an option
.  We are open
and willing to suggestions as well from those of you on your plane.  It is not
that we determine everything, but rather, take into consideration where
you, as an individual, or you as a group, are and respond to the overall
configuration set forth.  This is quite different than looking at it as ‘our’
plan, and you need to figure it out.

These levels of awareness should be made clearer for the year ahead.
Energies coming forth are to rebalance your planet.
  Much that has occurred
over time has been with intent of distortion because levels of reality have
been placed in many layers around your earth in many pockets, and
certainly, in many wallets by those who benefit in one way or another.  In
order to change certain situations, recognize often things need to be
shaken, so that the holding is let go of or that fixative set in place.
Sometimes these shakings are great, and sometimes they are subtle,
depending on where and what is occurring.

I would like to suggest in the time forthcoming you focus and understand
the feminine
, which has been greatly undermined, will come to the fore.
Perhaps the beginning of these awarenesses for some, and for others,  an
infusion of energy will take you to a much different and greater place than
where you have been before.

This is not, by any means, to diminish the male aspect on your plane
I suggest and say this to you:  That although each of you comes in a
particular body form, you contain both energies within you, and it is
through perception, or perhaps I should say, misperception, that all along
the masculine is to be dominant.  In fact, masculine and feminine are of
equal value and consideration, and these things must be acknowledged
within the physical being of both male and female.  Those of you who have
focused on one aspect over the other may find another part of yourself
comes into play this year.  Strengthening and hopefully bonding with the
other parts of self that may have been lessened or perhaps diminished in
this lifetime.  And yes, many others as well.

To awaken this, there will be two situations of greater proportion you will
see in your world dominating the news and allowing for greater perception
and reality to take place,
in which you witness the performance of a female
who has come to light generating a great deal more hope than has been
before.  Within this context is a force or energy to ignite the same within
each of you.  You may witness but also be receiving at the same time.

For the upcoming year as well, there will be a number of slippages -- those
areas in which you felt, perhaps as a group, perhaps as a country, perhaps
as a society -- that you have moved ahead to a much more solid base than
what you seemingly now have.  A good example of a slippage might be
environment protections and recognizing now that concept has very little
meaning except to some who are able to use it and benefit by it.  That is
forthcoming and will appear to be a greater loss than what you originally
believed or intended.  This type of slippage has taken place in laws now
enacted and through common beliefs by those, with let’s say, undeveloped
consciousness still holding on to some very old ideas about entitlement and
rights.  Other examples of this will also be brought forth throughout this
year, and in some cases, levels of discouragement can and may unfold as a

Again, I suggest to you that there is an opportunity to find something
positive within these situations, and once again, it may be uniting many
people who are opposed to witnessing such slippage
.  You may not see all of
this uniting instantaneously, but you may see some things, such as this,
coming forth when people are voting and choosing to alter the changes
which have taken place.

Now on the subject of voting in your country I would like to say there is
much skullduggery taking place
.  Within the system, there is an effort to
counteract those votes that could potentially overthrow this government.
Pay attention to what is occurring when you receive it, and do what you can
to complain or put forth those ideas where intention becomes the reality.
An intention, I would suggest to you is “Fair representation of all.”

As you see the times ahead you will find a number of you require within
your own heart, an effort to counteract within your being parts of yourself
which feel disheartened
, or let me say, more accurately, enclosed by inertia.
In other words, many of you may find it difficult to move to where you wish
to be.  Or to accomplish those things you wish to accomplish.  So let me
place into your minds, once again, the energy that is present now for the
next two months, to set forth plans to carry forth throughout the year that
you would like to accomplish and create.  In the middle of July this might
not be something easy for you to do.  Yet like a train in motion, once started
and moving,  momentum builds.  It will help you to reorganize your
thoughts and be very clear what it is you wish to accomplish and do.

Now several of you may say you don’t have that much on your agenda to do
or accomplish or are clear what you would like to rearrange for your life.  If
that is so, I would suggest in your next group meditation, you put forth to
your higher self, the question “What is it that I need to set in motion this
year ahead?” and allow that answer to be your focus.

Many of you have seen in the past some so-called accidents or acts of war or
decimation of society on one level or another,
and have found  it very
difficult to feel motivated to do much about it.  A sense of helplessness
comes forth.  Not necessarily from the work you do as a group, but as an
individual when you go home at night, watch the news and feel this is far
bigger than you know how to handle.  That also is an energy of inertia --
that helplessness.

I suggest each of you, in asking what could be set forth for you this year,
find within some way of helping in society
, for the more interconnected or
the more brought forth through service, breaks the inertia set in place from
the helpless feeling.  Gravity is one of the laws of this planet, but on the
higher levels of manifestation, one is able to overcome gravity.
pyramids were built this way.  Those blocks that could not be maintained by
any one of you, could, with specific principles applied, release the law of
gravity to an extent making possible construction.  Each time you are facing
some aspect in your life that feels insurmountable, think of this pyramid,
think  of what is possible, because without this assistance or this breaking
through, you will be very much pulled down into those things that are

No one is trapped in the reality they presently lead unless they believe so or
have given up or fear helpless that it isn’t possible to change
.  Sometimes,
because of world events, which have been dramatic and will prove to be
more so in the year ahead, you lose hope that you have an ability to create a
life before you of purpose, meaningfulness, and utilization of those gifts you
came here to bring.

It is important from my perspective to offer and to issue  you a ticket -- a
ticket for a ride to the future.  A ticket to adventure in which you are
challenged, you are open and you are free
.  It has been a very long time that
such an opportunity has been before you, as indeed, you have been
witnessing and undergoing so much physical change yourselves.  More will
come forth in the year ahead, specifically on a physical level because the
energies will be powerful, but I am suggesting with this ticket you can ride
through this with far greater ease by listening to me at this moment than
you might think.

Each one of you is witness to a new time.  This is not a time in which the
planet is to disappear.  It is not a time of annihilation of your world.  It is a
time of choice in saying, ‘We, as a people, would like to move in this
”  It becomes a difficult choice because you see divisiveness.  Not
everyone has had those veils so cleared.  Not everyone is moving in the
same direction.

So I am going to put forth this concept and idea where you are able to hear
a level of harmony that comes in as a vibration to your planet
where those
of you, scattered around the Earth, are holding a point of the grid in which
this harmony comes individually to each of you.  As it does, there will be a
growing of this energy field from one point to another.  Someone in India or
Indonesia will be connecting to others who are equally in a harmonious
place, are receptive to this energy, uniting aspects of male and female
within themselves, and from that, will then go out and connect to another of
like or similar situation.  When you see from a higher perspective this being
generated this year, you will recognize  new gridwork starting to form
around the planet.

The gridwork will overlay a whole level of society which has not come to the
realizations you have
.  But it will be much like the internet is.  Many people
are holding onto the past and saying “I don’t need a computer, “ or “I don’t
choose to deal with this.”   However, there is still a huge network which has
occurred.  Not everyone has to join in on it, but it does not mean  it is not
there.  That network is about communication.  I am talking about a network
of harmony
. That is the prevailing keynote for this year ahead.  It does not
mean everything in your world will be harmonious, but it means that these
are the actual building blocks being set in place for times ahead.

When we come together as ascended beings of light, many of whom are
connected to the Earth plane and who are witnessing unfolding plans for the
  We are also working with cosmic levels, with universal levels, with
higher degrees of beings who are perhaps moved into other areas or
witness of earth, perhaps connected with other solar systems, yet are here
and available to help.  It is a specific time of year we gather to put forth and
to create an unfoldment for the year ahead.  As I said before, harmony is
going to be that keynote
and provoke many discussions, allowing for
transmissions of energy to be brought forth and igniting from April 4  in a
very concentrated manner until May 5.
  And then it will be an energy that
will start to filter in and go through the world for the remainder of the year.
You would recognize that sometimes a harmonious energy will show up that
which is disharmonious
.  Sometimes indeed, you may say, “ Where has this
energy gone?”  People are fighting or there is anger over some
development.  I suggest to you it is coming to light; it is also being shown
for what it is so that one may step in or enough dissention can happen so
people will let go of their position because it is important to find solutions
as opposed to create more problems.

We are witnessing a very crucial building-block year forthcoming.  A year of
as to where you will be in your perception of what’s happening.  For
myself, I would say your world is gearing up to see a time of unparalleled
conclusion.  Not conclusion for the world, but for the old ways things
happen, and perhaps the attitude, “When is enough, enough?”

Even though it is a new time and that energy is here, you are able to choose
a new way and put an end to what has been
.  This is of course, a by-product
of much turmoil, sadness, and difficulty people have experienced over
generations of time.  Perhaps there has been enough that has been said to
people not of their choosing but merely of their acceptance.

Unwillingness to confront that which has seemingly had power over
people’s reality is due to change, my friends.  It is a time to witness the
empowerment of mankind, and release the empowerment of a few
.  You
may be taking baby steps, but it is the direction to which you are headed,
and I would applaud each and every one of you in this room and around the
world in terms of taking your consciousness back, allowing your hearts to
speak a greater reality for the time and days ahead.

My blessings are upon each and every one of you and remain so until we
meet again.


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Maitreya’s message was given at one of our weekly gatherings.  Once a year
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We meet weekly, and upcoming will be a new 6-week series from Thoth on
futher exercises for earth stabalization.  Last year a series was given and
my understanding is we will not alleviate that which is ahead, but the
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