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The Ultimate Choice
by the Master:  Maitreya --, through Benjamin Creme June 2004
When mankind sees, at last, the folly of its present fascination with violence and war, and discards the means to carry out its acts of violence, it will undergo a remarkable transformation. The first signs of this most welcome change in human behaviour can be seen in the millions who now march denouncing war and calling for justice and peace. These demonstrations, spontaneous and worldwide, are a sure indication that mankind is ready to renounce the past, and, when properly led, to change direction. This time is fast approaching.
Amid the trauma and stressful conditions of the present, a new vision of the future is presenting itself to the hearts and minds of millions who, to a greater or lesser degree, respond. Men are awakening to the necessity of peace if mankind is to survive. Few there are who doubt this in their hearts, however much they may be embroiled in war. The stage thus is set for the ultimate choice before mankind.

To the average onlooker, the world is torn and dominated by those who do not share the vision of peace, who see only opportunities for wealth and power in every conflagration. While these are many, the majority of men are tired of the uselessness of war, and seek strategies to put an end to such folly for ever. In their hearts burns the hope of a new time of peace and progress for all. These people, in every country, represent the hope of the world.
It is to them that Maitreya will address Himself on His emergence. It is to them that He presents the vision of the future, even now. They, in their many millions, will quickly respond to His advocacy, and set alight the hope of all.
Thus will Maitreya persuade men that further reckless strife is useless and dangerous. That the problems of today are global and cannot be solved by war. That co-operation alone will bring men peace and plenty. That only as brothers, hand in hand, can they enter the new world which awaits their care.

Thus will men decide, and turn back from the abyss. Thus will they demonstrate their choice for life and happiness, and, eyes alight with hope, begin together the task of reconstructing this world.
The time of decision is nigh, almost upon us. Maitreya is ready, eager to show the way, point the new direction. Millions await His counsel and inspiration, wisdom and love. Maitreya will vouchsafe the future for all.

The Path to the Sun
by the Master:  Maitreya --, through Benjamin Creme  May 2004

It is often to be observed that people do not always believe the evidence of their own eyes. Hence the rejection of many experiences which would have been valuable to them as they search for meaning and purpose in their lives. It is common, for example, that many disbelieve that they have seen a UFO, as they are generally known, when all evidence shows otherwise. People are loath to embrace the new and unknown, however much to do so it might be to their benefit. In this way, they inhibit their awareness and growth. For many years now, the craft emerging from our sister planets have roamed our skies, done immeasurable service on our behalf, and, from time to time, given ample and inspiring evidence of their reality and presence. In ones and twos and untold numbers, they have worked selflessly to mitigate, within the karmic Law, the harmful results of our foolishness and ignorance. Many on Earth have seen them, have stood in awe and wonder at their obvious mastery of space, and, fearful of ridicule, kept silence. Thus the knowledge of their reality and the grateful understanding of their purpose has been lost to men. Why should this be so? Why should men reject that which is most to their betterment to accept and understand?

There are several reasons why men behave so unreasonably in this way. Chief among them is fear. The great numbing fear of possible destruction lies deep within the human psyche, ready to rise and condition all reactions, all spontaneous gestures of hope and wonder. It has, alas, always been so for many. The governments and the media of most countries have failed in their duty to educate and enlighten the masses. Much is known by many governmental agencies and withheld from the public. Above all, the harmlessness of the UFO, even when known, is never affirmed. On the contrary, everything concerning them, while wrapped in vague mystery, is presented as threat. People in positions of power and control know that if their people knew the true nature of the UFO phenomenon, and understood them to be envoys from civilizations far ahead of ours, they would no longer accept, passive and mute, the conditions of life on Earth. They would demand that their leaders invite these aerial guests to land openly, and to teach us how to live and achieve in the same fashion.

The time is not far off when this will be the case. The time is coming when the true nature of life on planets other than Earth will be common knowledge; when men will begin to think of the Solar System as an interrelated whole, the planets at various points in evolution, but all working together to fulfil the Plan of the Solar Logos, and to help and sustain each other on the way.

The ultimate triumph
by the Master:  Maitreya --,through Benjamin Creme  April 04

When a nation comes to adulthood, to maturity, it relates to other nations in a completely different way than hitherto. It begins to respect the Rule of Law, which binds all nations together in mutual responsibility and need. The sign of a growing maturity is precisely this respect for the laws which men have found necessary to living together in peace. From time to time, a nation may feel powerful enough to ignore the law which irks its ambition to dominate, and to make war despite the warnings of restraint from its friends. Thus it is today that the United States, now, alone, a ‘superpower’, vexes and worries the people of more mature nations who have grown to see the folly of unilateral action outside the Rule of Law. The young and over-confident ‘superpower’, flexing its muscles, will overreach itself, and the sooner this happens the safer for the world. Already a steadily growing chaos exacts due cost in loss of life, both American and Iraqi. The seal of Pandora’s Box has been broken and from it has stepped a monster, out of control. To be sure, the US administration wear as brave a face as they can muster, but behind the scenes, they are worried indeed, and seek desperately a less than ignominious method of withdrawal. Meanwhile, the defeated Iraqi army fights a guerrilla war with some success, while religious groups, seizing their opportunity, increase the tension with calls for civil war. Thus, the paramount adventure of the American President, designed to demonstrate the invincibility of the United States, has little to show for its efforts and very much still to lose.

When, at last, the US Government sees for itself the folly of this reckless and unnecessary war, it will not, of course, admit this to the world. Rather, it will seek to gain the support of the United Nations to extricate itself from this embarrassing blunder, and, if possible, to lay the blame elsewhere.

When, among nations, the Rule of Law is ignored, the whole world suffers. Thus, today, the tension which has accompanied this futile demonstration of military strength affects millions, innocent of all terrorist action or mayhem. The world is struggling now with epidemics of all kinds as the human immune system breaks down under the stress. Did the warmongers but realize the karmic effects of their ill-considered actions, they might well make amends and take sightings for another course. Maitreya, meanwhile, watches carefully this inharmonious situation, ready to intervene if necessary, ready to emerge when possible. Remember that Maitreya is in no doubt about the ultimate triumph of those who stand behind Him, who value peace and justice, freedom and love. He knows that these are the mainsprings of human existence and comes to see them enthroned in all

[This article from Share International magazine, June 2004, is by a senior member of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed. Benjamin Creme, a principal spokesman about the emergence of Maitreya, is in constant telepathic contact with this Master who dictated his article to him.]

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