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Recent knowledge indicates that Nostradamus may have been in contact with the Mayan Elders in his development of certain skills in his extensive wisdom of astrology and predictions. This radical theory along with much interesting knowledge about the great Seer is featured in this article.
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Astrology: The truth about Nostradamus: Nonsense or Reality?  By Dr Turi

"A life without knowledge of the stars' plan is contrary to all law and order"         Nostradamus

So much has been written about the great Seer and some of those findings are so ironically deceptive but if it makes money who really care? Well this is not exactly what the great Prophet had in mind and why he wrote a "curse" for those perpetrators.

A recent Interview reveals a connection between Nostradamus and the Mayans.   My dear friend Mitch Battros at Earth Changes TV regularly invites Nostradamus "authorities" and if you missed the interview with Adam Rubel, another surprise was announced.   Adam has now stated he has been "told" by Mayan Elders, that Nostradamus was a "student" of one of the tribes from Guatemala.  Adam did mention the name of the tribe, but I could not understand the word as he announced it in Maya language.  Adam stated he was told by three Mayan Elders, one of which was Carlos Barrios, that they "believe" Nostradamus was a student, and this is were he learned his technique of "water and a tripod".

 It is said using a bowl of water on a tripod is called "scrying". It is a technique used by those trained to "see/view" other places without being "seen" by those they are "viewing" (spying on), or to help them foretell the future. Since last night's interview, I have been told this technique was used by many cultures long before Nostradamus discovered it and put it to his own use. Nothing about Nostradamus studying with the Mayans can be more erroneous or incorrect…One must use common sense when dealing with any form of information, Nostradamus traveled all over Europe carrying his books and belongings on the back of a donkey.

 Cars, trains and planes were not yet available and a trip by sea to take a study to Guatemala with some Mayan Elders would have been very expensive and time-consuming for the doctor who was very much in demand for his services against the plague affecting Europe during his existence. I know for a fact that Nostradamus spoke a few languages and I do not know about the Mayan dialect.

For centuries, famous writers from all walks of life have sought to translate Nostradamus' work on his prophecies, the Anti-Christ and his own life. First I must make you aware of what is really needed in order to successfully attempt to do a sensitive study on "Les Prophecies," or to even remotely understand his celestial gifts. First, a full translation of the 16th-century Old French into our modern French language is needed. The vocabulary was very different and sentencing unique. Second, he was born in Provence in the southern part of France, and you must master its quickly disappearing local dialect called "Le Provençal." One would have to take a course in such languages as, Greek, Arabic, Latin and Italian.

 Third, you must master and practice his rare method of Divine Astrology which has nothing to do with modern Astrology methodology. Fourth, this also means taking references in the disappeared old calendar's alignment of planets and a myriad of other spiritual studies.  Most of all, you must be born with a unique Astrological chart in order to understand where the Prophet was coming from in predictive Astrology.  There are NO schools producing geniuses and it is your inherited stars which will dictate, as with Nostradamus, Einstein, Beethoven and Mozart etc. your future and natural inborn abilities.  Note also that notorious healers, and prophets such as Edgar Cayce and Madame Blavatsky were also born with the same dragon as Nostradamus.

Not aware of the "curse" placed on fools by the Seer, charlatans, writers or incompetent Astrologers and many who have directly or indirectly hurt Nostradamus' integrity will have to answer and pay the price for their ignorance. I strongly recommend anyone remotely involved with Nostradamus' work to read his own words in the following very carefully.


To those of whom, and there will be many throughout the centuries, who want to translate my verses, I offer this warning. That, when they read them, they reflect on them profoundly, so that, in their great understanding, they will find words to keep the profane and the ignorant far away.   Likewise, popular Astrologers, deceiving writers, fools and charlatans.

"Let him who ignores this warning be cursed, according to the rites and ceremonies."

Time does not exist

To love, to want,

 infinitely that is all,

and all is that

SOLI DEO Le 27 Juin 1566

~ Michel De Notre Dame Nostradamus

The following is an exact translation from the preface written by Nostradamus to his son Caesar:

Events of human origin are not certain, but everything is ordered and governed by the incalculable power of God, inspiring in us not through drunken fury, nor by frantic movement, but through the influences of the stars.  Only those divinely inspired can predict particular things in a prophetic spirit   For a long time I have been making many predictions, far in advance, of events that have since come to pass, naming the particular place.   I attribute all this to divine power and inspiration.

 Pronounced events, both happy and sad, have come to pass within the 'climate' of the world with increasing promptness:  However, because of the possibility of harm, not just for the present but also most of the future, I became willing to remain silent and refrain from putting them into writing.  Because the reigns, sects, and religions will make changes so diametrically opposite, that, if I came to reveal what will happen in the future, the great ones of the above reigns, sects, religions, and faiths would find it so badly in accord with what their fantasy wishes to hear that they would damn that which future centuries will know and see to be true.   As the true Savior said, "give not that which is holy unto dogs, nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet and turn and rend you."

 This has been the cause of my withholding my tongue from the populace and my pen from paper.  Later, because of the 'vulgar advent,' I decided to give way and, by obscure and perplexing sentences, tell of the causes of the future mutations of mankind, especially the most urgent ones, and the ones I saw, and in a manner that would not scandalize their delicate sentiments.   All had to be written under a cloudy figure, above all things prophetic.   Now or in the future there may be persons to whom God the Creator, through imaginative impressions, wishes to reveal some secrets of the future.

 Let it be in accord with judicial Astrology, in much the same manner that in the past a certain power and voluntary faculty came over them like a flame, causing them to judge human and divine inspiration alike.  For it is by this, together with Divine inspiration and revelation and continual watches and calculations, that we have reduced our prophecies to writing. But what I do want to make clear to you is the judgment obtained through the calculation of the heavens.  By this, One has knowledge of future events while rejecting completely all-imaginative things one may have.

 With Divine and supernatural inspiration, integrated with astrological computation, one can name places and periods of time accurately, an occult property obtained through Divine virtues, power, and ability.  In this way, past present and future become but one eternity; for all things are naked and open.

With love always - Your father, Michel De Notre Dame


Excerpt from my book "The Power Of The Dragon":

The great prophet Nostradamus was born on December 14, 1503 in the Southern part of France in a small village called Saint Remy De Provence. Keep in mind that Nostradamus did not use a computer over 400 years ago, and not many of the people of his time could afford or even read watches! Consequently, only a minority of extremely wealthy, educated and privileged select could have had recorded the precise times of their birth.  Still, Nostradamus will always be the most incredible Astrologer of all time.  Contrary to what modern-day Astrologers may believe, the extraordinary method used by the seer was very simple and did not require much mathematical work.

 However, 200 years later, around the 17th century, this mathematical approach to life and an inclination toward details separated Astrology from Astronomy (which used to be only one science then). Clay tablets were used by "early scientists" to predict, mathematically and accurately, the time of an eclipse.  Thus, a slow deterioration of man's cosmic consciousness took place, to be replaced by a more scientific approach to life. 
Some of those former  Astrologers (they became scientists/astronomers later) did not have, by birth, the "cosmic gift" or the needed spiritual tools (advanced Mercury) to enter the divine intuitional domain of the stars, or stated as the difference between an insightful man (spiritual old soul) and a skeptical/rational man (young soul).   Abolished by long-established, politically and financially oriented churches, Astrology suffered enormously.   The damage done to the oldest science of the world seems, somehow, irreparable.  This manipulation (fear of hell and devil) imposed upon the uneducated masses throughout the centuries by Christianity may take years to counter.   Incidentally, I firmly believe that the New Age of Aquarius (Anti-Christ) will take care of man's naiveté, fear and foolishness "in good time."   In the future, Divine Astrology will be reintegrated into where it belongs - in our colleges and universities, accepted as a valuable therapeutic science.

 The perpetual ignorance of God's Universal Rules can only bring serious penalty to mankind. This lack of spiritual regeneration leads generations toward despair, depression, murder, promotes suicides and brings total chaos to our rapidly deteriorating society. Looking at the tree leads to missing the forest, and this is what has happened with modernized Astrology as practiced today. Combined with ignorant religious fanatics, financially oriented (900 numbers/Mrs Cleo endeavor/newspaper horoscopes/etc.) Astrologers, fools, charlatans, and so-called psychic television programs, all of these things have participated in seriously hurting the integrity of the old science. Many famous Astrologers have attempted to do Nostradamus' Astrological profile and all, without exception, no matter their degree of fame or accomplishment, have failed miserably in their explanations.

 This lack of knowledge is mainly due to their mathematical background and lack of cosmic consciousness.  Chances are that many famous Astrologers do not have, themselves, the intuitive power (gift) at birth.  The location and aspects of Mercury to Uranus or Pluto, and especially to the Dragon's Head/Tail are a serious contribution "given at birth" to be attracted to, to relate to, or even understand the deep message within Divine Astrology. 

Nostradamus inherited these great gifts, and this promoted the famous French doctor toward a slow but extraordinary cosmic consciousness. His ability to understand and use the archetypal realm of consciousness in time and space was the golden key to tab on the future.  Divine Astrology, unlike modern Astrology, does not require the exact time of birth (no rising sign or Ascendant is used).

 This eliminates the chance of error in the interpretation of the housing system if a wrong time is given. This also allows people who do not have their "exact" time of birth to benefit from the interpretation of their horoscopes.  As for "Nostradamus Defined through Astrology" which reported the exact time of birth (12:03 p.m.) found in the great book, Nostradamus & the Millennium by John Hogue, it seems to be the product of someone's vivid imagination.   Based on the "witless" birth time information, the rising sign becomes the focus of the definition, thus, the interpretation of Nostradamus' Astrological profile becomes totally erroneous.  You will read the right information in my next newsletter when I deal with his stars his own very way.

 The Prophecies of Nostradamus, translated and edited by Erika Cheetham, reports a different but sensible time (12 p.m.).  She seems to be closer to the truth pertaining to Michel's difficult upbringing.  However, lacking true information, both of these modern Astrologers did not use the Seer's unique Divine Astrology method in their interpretations and completly avoided the incredible power and vital information based upon Nostradamus' Dragon Head and Tail location.  Contrary to what has been commonly claimed by many writers, Nostradamus was born in an attic at the hands of a local midwife.   He was not from the illustrious line of Jewish-Italian doctors working at the Court of King Rene of Anjou.   As for the reported time of 12:03 p.m.,

 I also believe that the midwife was more concerned in keeping the child alive than at looking at a clock that was not affordable, if yet in use.  The newborn mortality rate was very high at this time due to the lack of hygiene, the cold and disease.   The preciseness of this given time, 400 years ago, 12:03 p.m., is sure proof of the misleading information. Incidentally, 447 years later, in the same area of La Provence, a local midwife helped my mother in birthing.   Some of her children (eight of them) were born the old-fashioned way, in the same old house, away from the now-modern techniques, educated doctors and sterilized facilities.  No "exact" time was immediately recorded of my birth, but mother told me it was night time.   In my case, Dr. Vieux (now gone to the great beyond) assisted her.

 In Nostradamus' case, I doubt very much that the busy midwife glanced at a clock or watch and recorded Michel's time of birth, that is, if she could even read the time, or write!   Chances are that with all the excitement of a newborn and the immediately following celebration with our great French wine, the poor old lady had enough problems of her own to even remember where she lived!   Note: My own mom told me that in the fifties, she could not afford a clock, she had no TV, no radio, no car and rode all over on a bicycle.   What could have happened 447 years earlier? Use your own common sense.

 She remembered watching my exuberant dad and Uncle Louis, plunging my entire tiny body into a "lessiveuse" bucket full of white wine.  No expensive champagne was available, but they all got seriously drunk, including the local doctor.  I was the desperately wanted first boy following three girls.   Keep in mind that vital knowledge was passed down from one midwife to another, and hand-to-hand experience was the way of learning  . Obviously, many of those good local ladies could not even read or write. My own birthing situation could have been only much better than in 1503, over 495 years ago!   Unlike what many have professed, the upbringing of Nostradamus was harsh and dramatic, and he was not born either with money or a high social standing.

 To counteract the possibility of error, an intuitive Astrophile would use the constellation where the birth took place as house No. 1.   Divine Astrology starts the housing system, not by the rising sign but by the month receiving the constellation of that specific Astrological sign.   Keep in mind that old calendars have been changed many times to fit modern man's mathematical adjustments.  In the process, constellation locations have been misplaced with newly applied mathematics.  

This new-fashioned knowledge did not apply to Nostradamus' way of looking at the stars 400 years ago.   Such mathematical jargon might also be one of the reasons why many intuitive souls (the ones who are really gifted) have become fearful and have lost their interest in an overloaded, mathematically oriented, modern Astrology.   Astrology is an art, and art does not dwell too much on numbers; instead, applying intuition leads to the understanding of the symbolic power and divine essence hidden within the symbols of the Zodiac.

( Jan incorporates the Dragons Head and Tail in her Readings,
using the unique Draconic System of Astrology. )


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