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Sananda’s 9th Message
         channelled through Lois Hartwick
            March 21, 2004

(These channelings are presented to a group which meets weekly in
western Massachusetts, U.S.A., so certain references made in this text will
relate to that. LH)
Greetings to Each and All ~

Your presence here is significant today.  I am hopeful you will have an
opportunity to spend some time thinking about that which I have to say.

You have entered a time where understanding the world is taking a
different appearance than five or ten years ago.  Reflections from this
appearance affect many of you on this planet.  The time is coming when you
will need to validate aspects of yourselves differently than you have done,
for always these reflections, so significant on the Earth plane, have told or
shown you aspects of yourself.

And yet, as more and more difficulties or terror situations come forth, you
also recognize many are choosing to reflect different messages back.  A
message of peace, a message of courage, a message of understanding and
one of compassion.  Within these confines and constructs are two separate
worlds.  For a long time you have heard about two different worlds you
would be moving into.   One is a world by choice and another is a world by
action.  So when we have choice, we recognize you move into a level of
reality in which you are accepting responsibility, for not only yourself but
for that vision you wish to put forward into the world.  You may, indeed, be
living in a world where turmoil and problems ahead exit,  but you may keep
choosing to live in the reality you would like to create.

I do not suggest this is always easy, and for some of you more difficult than
for others.  In the same token, there is that opportunity to make a choice
and to hold onto that vision lying within your very hearts.  Enough of you
maintaining and keeping this intact will begin to create and see a separation
whereby the difficult aspects begin to slip away and the higher ones come
into being.

For a long time I have been present on this plane accentuating certain
portions of world dramas, creating visions or aspects of energy to come
forth onto your plane to be held by many of you, so the vision or the
connection is intact.  It is now two years since I asked all of you in this
room and well beyond to hold light.  It has certainly been an exercise many
of you have realized has not been the easiest of challenges to maintain --
this higher level within your being.  And yet, readily, you have done so, and
in that respect, I am honoring and thanking you all.

At the same time I am wishing to express gratitude because it is a gratitude
that is necessary to involve each and every one no matter where scattered
around the Earth.  Those of us who are watching understand these times
are not necessarily the easiest for you.  Some of you have chosen active
participation in the events unfolding, while others have chosen to remain
silent with your prayers or sending of specific energetic interactions in a
very subtle manner and way.

There will be new energy coming into your world very shortly.  A new
energy that makes manifestation easier than it has been.  An energy
allowing for creating opportunity, but one which also can be misused to
create in a way to disenfranchise others.

Be clear with your thoughts on what you wish to create.  Allow this new
world vision to come forth and to arise from that which was.  Almost as if
you are seeing the light body of the Earth arise, awaken and lift off the
planet such as you have presently known.  And your energies will be part of
the light body; your energies will be a part of this vision.  You might look at
the symbology of Easter and recognize the rising and living again.

It is important to understand  this type of change is occurring on your
planet.  Part of what you have known or been connected to will be changed
or altered in some regard, and very often when you look at something which
is no longer the same, if you have been attached to it,  a great deal of
sadness or grieving for what was unfolds -- not yet seeing the newness that
comes out of that change where one can be and fit into it.

I would like you, with the advent of spring, to recognize the new breath and
the new life coming forth.  Many of you will say goodbye to old things a part
of your life, allowing for the new to come forth.  Put your energy in this
regard, allowing for the prosperity of your inner being to be nurtured and
allowed to grow.  Do not regret that which has not been completed, that
which was undone, that dream not unfolded, or the opportunity half
completed.  Instead see that which you heart longs to create:  The desire
you wish to move into and allow for this opportunity to be present in your

Perhaps with all of the discussion taking place about the significance of
Easter, of the crucifixion, of the many other stories told and believed and
lived by to some degree, the most important feature becomes the
opportunity that exists within them, because within that opportunity is
hope.  And within the hope is generated in your hearts a potential for
greater love to come forth.

I wish to discuss several situations that will be forthcoming.  Your planet,
as I said, is undergoing a number of changes. There are clashes of ideas, in
some cases, promoted by one group or another, but in other cases,
generated by certain beliefs long held onto, some of which are obsolete, and
many of which are, simply, not true.  Upon occasion  these are often used
for mitigating circumstances to control one outcome over another.  In the
next several years, there will be upheavals and difficulties upon your plane,
and particularly in your area of the world at this time, because there are
those who are choosing to believe certain aspects about your country and
what has occurred in the world.
Understand from a higher perspective, there is not the same judgement that
is leveled on your plane.  Being present on the Earth does not necessarily
mean one must embrace one person’s version as opposed to another, but
rather, to find his or her own way and to understand the calling of the
human heart with complete regard for all others.

This simple determination has been so distorted and so lost very few are
able to move ahead because of the existing mire and confusion.  Yet within
your beings, there is a vision you have long carried from eons ago, to alter
that which is coming forth.  Some of you will begin to feel conflicted
because in the level of reality you carry, the vision outside of your life, such
as what you may see on TV or perhaps next door, will not match what you
carry.  It is to this particular situation that I wish to speak tonight.

In the long run you have been engaged with an aspect of light I carry.  That
beacon lies within all of you.  Not because it is a vision you hold of a specific
religion, but because you are an aspect of that which I Am.  In holding this
light, you recognize there is a sacredness to the connection between all of
us.  When this is violated again and again, because there are those who
believe that it is all right to destroy another civilization or another group of
people or to overcome with some level of might the abilities others generate
into this world, there is an enormous distortion of this light.  For wherefore
can you be to kill or destroy others when you have the same qualities within

It is, of course, a very long lesson and a very difficult one present on the
Earth plane for a long time.  It is a lesson not yet learned.  It is an
understanding that peers not into the hearts of another to truly understand
the expression of self.  Because this is so, jarring and difficulty persists for
those of you who have remembered.  Who are able to see the connections
with those of yourself posed in another part of the world.  If and when you
see aspects of retaliation or difficulties coming forth resulting from some
who have instigated domination or dominion over another, you then may be
receptive to those energies in return.

It is important to see and witness no one here need be polarized any further
on any occasion by that which has taken place or will in the future.  I would
suggest you remain intact with the light you carry and use it as a beacon
and avenue to see where all else resides.  Choosing words and limiting
behavior, creating wars and intentionally disrupting the chemistry and the
atmosphere of planet earth is not a higher course by any means. Those of
you who came here as lightbearers or came in to instruct others to look
again and hear a higher reality, are beginning to weary and to falter along
the way, believing that much has already been lost.

I would share with you my thoughts upon this now.  Representatives from
the higher planes are present and with all of you monitoring and watching
much that has occurred.  There will be additional devastation.  There will be
problems coming forth.  Within this entire spectrum of light, there is also
the Golden Moment.  There is the Golden Moment of opportunity in which
you are able to stand and recognize the strength and the connection you
have with myself and those who are working together on this planet.

I would like to explain a Golden Moment, not only as an opportunity, but as
a planned resurrection of that which has been torn asunder.  This can
happen in a number of different ways.  For those not paying attention, for
those choosing to alter reality to such an extent so you can no longer live or
be present, you will begin to see their power and function has finally
lessened.  The new, let me say, Golden Moment comes to pass.  Within it,
the resources you have to be present here will be strengthened.  The
movement into a higher level of reality will be consistent.  The pandering to
complete agendas others have formed with no connection to your personal
spirit, will be altered.  There will be generated upon your planet, a new
movement toward Golden Light.

These days and times have been dreary, I know.  For some of you, a great
deal of expansion and light where you are presently incarnated or living
prevails.  And for others, it is not so simple.  Turning around the realities so
near and dear to your own lives, which may have been in utter turmoil, has
not been possible at this time.  As you witness further changes, some may
become discouraged and say “I do not know how to move ahead or what is
possible.”  Please recognize, each one of you, no one has been abandoned or
left alone and that anything is possible, even in the most dire of moments.
Anything is possible.  This truly is a Golden Moment.

Witnessing and understanding this level of reality takes faith.  Being
present in your own dear hearts with the higher Truth when all around you
seems to be difficult, is sometimes a task which seems not possible at that
moment.  I’m asking each one of you to hold in your hearts the Golden Light
of potential.  Pray to receive this and to hold this each day and each night.
Within it comes the upliftment many of you have sought for so long.

The potential and the discussion of ascension has taken so many different
forms and so much effort through alternative means, through changing of
belief systems or through energetic bodily interactions to release,
regenerate and open your beings to higher potentials.  I am speaking to you
about the potential of ascension within your lives in the Golden Moment.
The opportunity exists to completely rise above and move into another level
of reality at the moment you are witnessing some of the situations which
may seem most difficult.

A paradox, you say.  Perhaps it is so from your perspective.  But from mine,
it might be more akin to having a great deal of tension on a rubber band you
are holding between two fingers.  Stretching it as far as it would go, and
then let go, and you will see it flies very far from where you are.  We could
call that, for this discussion, a more ascended state.

Well, my dears, that tension may be there for many of you, but within it --
whatever your particular situation --  is that potential to take a giant leap.
And it is the energy presently here of which I am speaking that this leap
and this potential exists.

I hear those of you who speak with me and to choose to alter reality -- your
own, perhaps, or for someone who is ill or someone near and dear needing
help or areas of the planet in which more focus and light seems so
necessary.  Prayer is a significant part of your reality now.  It becomes an
opportunity for you to connect to that which is in your heart and to expand
that part of your heart into the Universe where all things are possible and
one.  It is within this spectrum of being your prayers are heard; they are
known, and you, with your Higher Self, create potentials for all whom you
pray about.  Remember this as a significant aspect of your being.

Those cloud covers existing on your plane where little seems to be heard,
where days would appear to have a grey overcast and a ceiling seems to
exist around your dimensional reality, you are beginning to find ways to
break through.  Prayer has been with people on earth for many hundreds
and thousands of years, but it is increasing of late. Because of this potential
and increasing level of vibration, it is breaking through some of what has
been holding your world in place for a long time.

These holdings are in part generated by thoughts created by belief systems
so rigid that movement cannot occur, by anger and fear and a number of
other frequencies clinging together and almost alter levels of reality you
have been in.  Your prayer and higher connections of light are able to move
through this dimensional limitation to a higher frequency, and to connect
and relate to the world in a much different manner.  I encourage you to
focus in this regard in the times ahead, for you will be supporting many, not
just on earth but other planes as well.  You cannot know the magnitude of
all that is occurring unless you have witnessed within your being the
majesty of the Universe and Universes and All That Is.

Therefore, most of you have perceptual value as to how you are seeing your
world.  A perceptual value allows you to have belief system -- what you
would choose to do and not choose to do.  And some of these perceptual
values are handed down from generation to generation and some of them
are new.  All of it together creates a reality you embrace in terms of
understanding and knowing your world.  Imagine, however, from an
ascended state, whether or not your belief systems would be the same.
Would your cultural heritage have the same relevance?  Your commitment
to the world would be altered or different in some regard.

From my perspective love prevails within all things and beyond all life that
is presently known on your plane.  To embrace such a concept, it must be
known, it must be seen -- that within your hearts is the kindness and
embracement of this higher vision from which you once came and
manufactured on the earth plane at this time.  In so understanding , you
transcend those limitations, those cultural beliefs, and those single-faceted
perceptions that become a greater part of the whole.  From this point, then,
let me suggest when you witness a difficult or open-ended situation, you
tend to make a choice as to what you believe.  You would choose, in many
cases, to say this is wrong or this is right or this is some force that is being
created on the planet now to be encountered, understood or developed in
some manner or other.  You may see a war; you may see a terrorist activity;
you may see some difficulty before you. The choice, ultimately, is whether
to fear that which you are witnessing or to hold steady love that you are in
your being.

You will be tested in the days ahead.  You will be wanting to know and to
understand further much occurring.  I will be reappearing among you at
these times, coming far more frequently than I have in the previous months
and the previous two years.  We will have a number of discussions and ways
of intrepreting what’s happening.  You will need to have in your hearts
those beacons of light still shining, open and willing to accept that which is
possible.  The potentials and the Golden Moment lie within.

This Easter will be a time in which you have this opportunity.  Let us rise
together to a higher moment and deeper meaning and focus on that which
becomes possible and not that which was.  We are working together to
formulate this newer world and not that which has not yet been fulfilled.

There are always times I wish to speak through Lois to many of you, if even
just a few moments here and there.  Not all situations are conducive to that;
however, I will break through on specific channelings coming forth from
others, Thoth in particular, with certain thoughts to share with you then.  I
am wanting you to understand each of you has an opportunity far greater
than what you have expected.  See the opportunity, be present in the light
and know I am one with all of you.

I Am,

This is the ninth in a series of messages from Sananda.  Previous ones
can be found on my website, www.expressionsoflight.com.  You may
circulate these messages freely.  However, permission for publication of any
portion or entirety of this message is required.

Sananda, Master Hilarion and St. Germain offer private readings.  Thoth
does not, although periodically, his weekly teaching series are offered to a
larger audience.  Contact: info@expressionsoflight.com.  Blessings all. 

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