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Quantum Intelligence
Beyond IQ, EQ and SQ... The Evolution of Intelligence
by Soleira Green   © Copyright 2004
Are we what we are born as?  Is intelligence something that is measurable by tests and dictated by genetics?  OR.…..
Are we what we choose to be in any moment?  Is intelligence the degree to which we can expand and connect to a vaster intelligence and consciousness in any moment?
I say it’s the latter!  Our culture has a serious misunderstanding of intelligence and the workings of the mind.  We’ve been focusing on a physical, mind-only approach for way too long now.  In truth, our intelligence extends the depth and breadth of the universes and anyone, of any age, of any measurable IQ, can access this intelligence.
Do you truly understand the implications of this?  Any child can know anything they want, from any time, on any subject.  Any person can ascertain the true meaning of situations as they arise, seeing the depth and breadth of possibilities and potential in every moment.  This is actually the truth of our human capacity for intelligence…it stretches way beyond the limits that we’ve lived under for so long now.  It’s time to break the myth of IQ, to extend the mind into the ‘great unknown’ and make it the ‘very well known’ for us all.
All the new abilities (wisdom, knowing, innate sensing, telepathy and more) available to us are simply the inherent knowledge that’s in the air (the energy) around us.  In the past, we were locked away in an individualistic and mind oriented culture, so how could we know there was so much available to us?  Today, in our open energy system, it’s now all there for the asking.
I believe these abilities are a part of our natural birthright.  All human beings can read the sensory input around them.  Many people already have access to these abilities.  In fact, some have had them all their lives.  I was one of those people who never had an inkling of these abilities until some years ago when I began to open up.  I say this to prove that it is possible for anyone and everyone to access these abilities, easily and graciously.  Let’s take a look at each of these abilities and their corresponding level of intelligence to discover how they can be used to enhance life, work and creation.
To begin, let’s get into the right place to understand them from.  Simply breathe, relax and expand.  Open your heart, spirit and soul to the wholeness of you.  From there, make your connection to the vast and wondrous consciousness that surrounds us.  Beyond the mind lie wonders galore. 
First, as you open your heart, you gain access to INTUITION and a new balanced approach to emotion…Emotional intelligence…EQ.
Second, if you integrate your spirit (that greater external you), you gain access to WISDOM, as well as an openness to spirituality (a quest for deeper meaning and greater understanding) and all that that journey entails…Spiritual intelligence…SQ.
Third, if you open up your soul (that inner essential you) to life, you discover your access to INNATE SENSING, KNOWING and TELEPATHY…Wholistic intelligence…WQ.
And last, but not least, with an expansion beyond yourself to consciousness and creation (ALL’ness), you discover HYPER-SPEED THINKING AND PROCESSING, SUPER-CREATIVITY and VIBRANT MULTIPLICITY…Quantum intelligence…QQ.
Let’s look at each of these one by one. 
Our hearts are the doorway, the connection to everything there is in life.  If we close our hearts, we close to life.  When we open our hearts, we open to all that life can offer.  Heart-based abilities (emotional intelligence) allow us a new relationship to our emotions.   We become more responsible for what and how we feel.  We delight in having anger rise because we discover that it’s the tip of a new passion rising into our lives.  We celebrate a new fear because it’s the tip of leadership offering out its hand to us to move us to the next levels.  With our new-found abilities to understand things, we can seek out multiple interpretations for any situation and discover all kinds of possibilities lying in wait within it. 
Intuition becomes available to you as you open your heart.  It’s ‘a gut-feel’…that quick feel, that immediate sense that something is right or wrong.  “Turn here.”, you’ll say to the driver when you know that’s simply the right direction. “Try this.”, you’ll say to your boss or employee, with a real assurance that this idea WILL take you where you’re trying to get to.  But with intuition, do you really know WHY or HOW you know?  Not likely.  That’s the thing with intuition.  It’s hard to describe and you only seem to know as much as you can intuit in the moment and that’s that.   It’s almost like the tip of knowing, but not quite fully there yet.
Spiritual intelligence is where we begin to open up to our spirit’s journey and to quest for a greater understanding of life.  It’s where we seek for and find higher purpose and a greater sense of Self.  It’s where we become wise by accessing our natural birthright of wisdom.
Wisdom is when you reach higher, into the realms of consciousness and spirit to access a greater understanding of what’s occurring in life.  Wisdom can come to you in words, pictures, colours, sounds…any form at all.  It’s only the filters of our minds and our beliefs that can limit it.   Generally people refer to the wisdom of the ages, but I’m glad to tell you that once you’ve connected consciousness and creation up, that new wisdom is very accessible to you as well. 
Wholistic or soul-based intelligence actually brings you to a much more wholistic and expanded you. The soul is actually the vessel for the integration of all that we are.  It’s the place where we discover our essential self, and our access to creation where passion and vision lie waiting for us.
Innate Sensing:
Innate sensing is a step beyond intuition.  It’s where we use our receptors, built into our bodies and energy fields, to feel and sense what’s going on in the energy around us.  Where intuition tends to pop up from somewhere within, innate sensing is you connected to your environment to read and understand it.   I often have people deny to me that they have any abilities in this area, especially men in suits who run companies.  So I say to them, “You know those days when you drive up to your office and you can tell before you walk in that it’s going to be one of those days?”  They always answer yes…then I say, “That’s innate sensing.  You’re reading the energy status of your environment, even before you’re physically in it.”  Now doesn’t that have amazing implications for the future of intelligence!
Knowing is distinctly different from innate sensing.  Knowing comes out of the very fabric of the air around us, but doesn’t use the receptors we talked about with innate sensing.  It’s not a sensing or a feeling from within or outside of the body.  With intuition, it bubbles up from inside. With innate sensing you reach out to feel it With knowing, you open up the channels to receive a download of information from a great mainframe somewhere, if I may use a computer analogy for this purpose.  Our minds are like the terminals, our bodies the receivers, and our consciousness the interface programme that links us to the mega-mainframe of existing creation, knowledge and wisdom.  Knowing requires a connection to consciousness where intuition and sensing don’t. 
Telepathy is actually very similar to innate sensing in that you’re actually reading the true depth and meaning of what a person really wants to say, not necessarily what’s coming out of their mouth or even what is in their head to say.  As we speak, the energy of what we want to say comes along with the words…it actually pours out of our hearts and souls and can be read in the air around us.  With telepathy, you never intrude into a person to read their mind or any other part of them.  You read the communication that they’re sending out to you from their essential inner self.  Telepathy is much more natural to us than we actually know. Again, it’s one of our birthright abilities that is now coming into full bloom.
Quantum intelligence is attained when we expand our conscious awareness beyond ourselves as individuals to consciousness (higher/outer) and creation (inner/deeper).  I call this the quantum state.  Many people were born with it and have spent their lives trying to slow themselves down in order to fit it.  What do you think Attention Deficit Disorder is?  A hyper-speed person having difficulty, and being bored, with our normal level of intelligence.  More and more, people are able to be in the quantum state while walking around in life…working, playing, being with their kids (for whom this seems to be a much more natural state ~ they haven’t been trained out of it yet like we were).  There’s no longer a need to meditate for long hours or sit on top of a mountain to access the quantum state.  In this quantum state, we are way beyond the mind and from here we have access to:
·        Hyper-speed thinking ~ which actually occurs really quickly and feels like it’s in slow motion at the same time.
·        Hyper-speed information downloads ~ which allow us to understand things from a multiplicity of perspectives in a very short period of time (i.e. seconds), able to choose the one that best empowers the moment and the work.
·        Super-creation ~ you move beyond normal states of creativity and into an incredible ability to see new ideas, new opportunities, etc. everywhere.
·        Vibrant multiplicity ~ you can work on multiple BIG projects while maintaining your passion, vision and focus for each and every one.
Hyper-speed thinking and downloads:
When you move to the quantum state, you discover that things naturally happen at a much quicker pace than we’re used to experiencing them in 3D.  But believe me, it only takes a few experiences with it to discover that it’s as natural as breathing.  When you’re in the hyper-speed state, you process information, ideas, concepts and possibilities really fastand yet at the same time it doesn’t feel fast inside of you at all.  In fact, you feel as if you have all the time in the world, but in reality, a wealth of information came through to you, you understood it and selected the one or two you want to work, with the whole thing processing through in 1 to 3 seconds.  Have you ever had those moments where you experienced 10-15 ideas or thoughts in less than 3 seconds?  That’s the hyper-speed state.  And it’s more natural than you can imagine.
Bandwidth Scanning:
Until two years ago, our world was primarily a 3D based reality.  It had three dimensions to it…time, space and form.  That gave us a world of polarity, duality, opposites…good or bad, black or white.  But recently, our world has opened up, adding new dimensions to our living reality.  Generally, we’ve moved from polarity into paradox…a space where all truths are true, where two apparent opposites can co-exist as exactly right and true at the same time.  As we learn to play in these new frequency ranges, we discover that every single thing that happens to us has multiple interpretations.  And every one of these interpretations is very likely true. “How could that be?”, we initially wonder.  But as we play with it, we discover the freedom to be, to expand and to connect with the potential of every situation rather than be in reaction to it.  
The more you can expand your conscious awareness, the more intelligence you will have.  If we can expand our conscious awareness into the completeness of a whole body, mind, heart, spirit, soul, consciousness and creation experience, then we can truly access a power of intelligence that has, up until now, not been available to us from inside our minds alone.
Location             Connection                               Intelligence                                     Output
Mind                      Individual                                    Intelligence (IQ)                                 Thought       
Heart                    Beginning to open to others     Emotional intelligence (EQ)             Emotional understanding,
Spirit                    Connecting with higher self       Spiritual intelligence (SQ)                Wisdom
           and higher purpose
Soul/whole          Connecting profoundly with        Wholistic Intelligence (WQ)             Knowing, Innate sensing,
                             others and with potential                                                                      Telepathy
Creation              Connecting with Allness            Quantum intelligence (QQ)               Hyper-speed processing
& Consciousness                                                                                                                 Bandwidth scanning,      
So how does all of this apply to a regular business environment?  Beautifully actually.  How do you think some of these new innovation companies have accessed their people’s inspired creative states?…Super-creativity.  And how do you think some of those passionately powerful, really great, top executives accomplish all that they do in a day?…Vibrant multiplicity.  And here’s a very simple example of how you can use it to enhance those every day moments that challenge and confuse.
Getting a GRIP...a GReater Inspiring Perspective!
One of the greatest challenges in business...and in fact, in life...is to be able to stay true to yourself and your vision while life whirls crazily around you!  How often have you set off on a wonderful journey into your next accomplishment, only to have someone say just that right (or wrong) thing that stops you dead in your tracks?  Or to have a situation arise where you wonder what on Earth have you done to deserve that?


I say it's the first.  We actually can be in charge of life's chaos and craziness.  After all, chaos is only potential rising and we simply haven’t understood it yet.

We're actually trained in life to see only one or two perspectives for anything that happens to us.  For example, if someone criticizes your work, either your work is bad or they've got a problem with authority.  But what if there's a whole range of perspectives available with this situation and that by seeing this range, you could SELECT the interpretation / perspective that empowers you and everyone involved.  For this same example of criticism, other perspectives might include:

The interpretation that you select will dictate how you respond and will also dictate the outcome.  You see, most people, when they communicate, never really say what it is they actually want to say.  We speak and listen through a HUGE range of filters that stop us from speaking true and listening powerfully.

If you simply breathe, relax, expand and then listen from a deeper, richer intelligence, you stand a better chance of discovering the true potential of the moment.  In order to do this, you have to listen to a greater perspective than is actually occurring right in that moment.

I believe that every person has within them the seeds of greatness and that every situation offers out to us a fantastic opportunity.  When we go beyond emotional reaction and psychological interpretation (which cause us to constrict as opposed to expand), we can actually seek perspectives associated with a greater purpose and a greater you.  We can go beyond feeling the chaos of life when we can actually see that every person and every situation is offering us our next opportunity in life!

We're used to seeing things as black and white, good or bad.  It's time we shifted beyond all that now to see the true range of options, perspectives, interpretations and potentials available to us in everything we encounter in life.  Chaos is potential rising!  Clarity amidst the chaos comes from seeing wider, broader, bigger to move that potential into play.   Clarity amidst chaos comes from expanding and tuning in to that greater sense of intelligence that each and every one of us holds.  We are not small, disconnected human beings anymore.  We’re vastly able to access so much more of ourselves and of life than ever before. 

Emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence or quantum intelligence…all of these are simply ranges of the new tool kits on offer today for us all.  They move us beyond the range of emotional REACTION to the place of true CREATION, of seeing beyond ourselves, beyond the moment, to bring through what life really has on offer for us right then and there.  From this space, all things are possible.  We can break free of the mind-only (IQ) orientation of our culture to vibrantly and passionately create a new future for us all.


Soleira Green is a global visionary as well as a groundbreaker for new ways of living and working.  She works for the evolution of individuals, consciousness, life, business, coaching, leadership, power, intelligence and more!  Her belief is that human beings are capable of so much more than we currently believe ourselves to be…and she works from that premise to create and evolve life for us all.

She’s been the host for nine conferences on Corporate Soul and Global Transformation over the last four years and is the Director of S.O.U.L. Ltd., a company which works with global creatives all over the world to discover and create ‘the new’ in everything.  She’s a mentor, coach, consultant, writer, speaker, trainer and evolutionist. 

To find out more about Soleira, email her at Soleira@SOULutions.co.uk or visit her websites at:

www.AlchemicalCoach.com   www.SOULutions.co.uk      www.CorporateSOULutions.com

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