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Created, Channeled, published and copyrighted by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
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***Weathering the Storms of self

***She of 12 channeling

***The Teachings of Darkness within the Light

***the Pleiadians and time

***Sitting on the holler-deck of Creation


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Weathering the storms of self

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As we all were tossed and turned about by situations that had chosen us to clear them, we came to grips with parts of ourselves we had never encountered before. Deep dark tunnels of the soul in which lived what is important to us, what we cherished in our lives, in our homes, and in our hearts?

As the storms of self became very animated in a 4-D fashion, they shook the very foundations that we had laid our lives upon. Foundations of security and being looked after on some level by somebody went down the proverbial drain.

For whatever heavenly or un-heavenly reason Florida was picked as a deciding factor of light. We danced face to face with tempests that sought to take what was holy inside of us. When all else is gone what do you have left? Only your self and soul. Within the self what is truly important? The battles of man and nature were paramount in the time door we just recovered from. What we all believed to be our truth, stood face to face and heart to heart with what others told us was our destiny.

Since we had so much time to be within ourselves as we were all pushed indoors by nature, we asked many life sustaining questions. Do we truly believe when we are praying and asking heavenly direction that our prayers are heard and answered? Do we truly believe that goodness will over shadow evil? Do we truly believe that Light is destined to call all darkness back into itself?

Sitting through the emotional storm surges birthed the ultimate question. " Is God going to rescue us or do we hold the keys to the kingdom within our own hearts and actions?" Who ultimately has the say so in our lives, in our destiny, in our time of emergency?

Quantum physics and Quantum mechanics say that we do! Everything else says that you are just a victim of circumstance and have no control. Who is really driving your life? Is it all destiny and fate or is it a 50/50 relationship? (Fifty per cent human creation and fifty per cent heavenly decree) We entered a great healing time where everyone questioned the Universe's intention. Who and what loves us enough to intervene on our behalf?

As we all prayed for safe harbor in the storms (even the non believers and atheists shifted into a heavenly conversation), we had to know in our heart of hearts that our prayers were being heard and hopefully answered. The one thing we were not willing to give up was our hope and belief in a higher loving Light.

Everything shifted during the liquid and windy learnings of the past months. Everything we took for granted shifted. The way we perceived life and what was truly important shifted. We are no longer the same person that we were before August 8, 2004. We are newly clothed and birthed in a way that changes everything. How that newness will spread its wings around the planet is yet to be seen.

We have redefined ourselves, our light our lives and our God. We were lifted by a common denominate a focal point of prayer and heart, allowing us entrance into hidden places within our own light and secreted dark. Sitting on both the right and left-hand sides of God within our hearts, within our prayers and within our intentions.

We quantum leaped into a higher state of love. No matter what we saw broadcast as the fate of Florida we held tight to our light and our sometimes last hope. Beckoning to every holy stitch of our being, trying so hard to weave together the last pieces of courage and faith into a tapestry of safety. We looked at our lives and our possessions and decided what was important. We realized just how much extra stuff we had held on to for whatever reason. There was a big possibility that some of that stuff was going to blow away or washed away.

The lessons are still being seen and felt on all levels of life and heart, as we all walk the changed shores of self looking for the gifts of and the promises of the storms. Our belief has shifted but into what is yet to be seen.


Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

All that you are, all that you ever have been, all that you yearn to be comes to the surface of your being. All that has been hidden through the cycles of time rubs the sleep from its eyes and looks to you as its Creator. All that is hidden in the abyss of your humanness and human life slowly makes its way to the surface. Ice melts to show what is hidden underneath it. Weather changes to show that it is not predictable. Humans come into a point of creation that has no directions or manuals to assist them.

All of life comes to an intersection within each of you. For all that is of earth holds within it encodings of 144 star nations in all of history’s known and unknown, recorded and not seen. You sit at this place and this intersection of knowledge each of you wearing a different song, a different sound and music only for your ears and your heart. Energies that do not want you to see the future and all that it entails create borderline blindness as one who is in a snowstorm and sees all but sees nothing. A fog entails and sensory of your physical higher nature are blinded by a light that cannot be seen. You must depend upon earth sensory at this time, the ones that you have thrown in the bottom of the drawer and tucked behind the old baggage. The ones that you look at as something less then, will be the ones that serve you at this time. For sensories of a stellar nature have created havoc as incoming energies block them like a fullback in the first game of the season.

You need to be very human at this time to move your vibration down back into the body. Do not reach out at this time energetically for you will find your hand slapped and your face as dirty as a chimney sweep. Move in totality back into the physical ness of your body and depend on your humanness for this time being. What is heavenly and what is above works quickly and honestly to clear the debris from your lives and your fields of vision as you view in the state of confusion and destruction that you live in.

Up and down every street is debris that needs disposed of. But this debris needs to be seen before it is eliminated. What transpires for humanity and earth needs to be remembered. For each tree that has fallen, for each living thing that has been released from earth a memory of insurmountable velocity is released. These memories that are held within the wood and the stone, within the humans, within the heat and the rain need to be acknowledged. They give to you their wisdom. Do not past by them and look the other way. For each branch, each leaf, and each plant that give of its life did so to reveal to you hidden secrets that were not available up until now. Each thing that was crushed by a force of man and nature did so to reveal to you something about yourself of ancient times and future excursions.

For each of you have come forth from places in the heavens that no longer exist, that were destroyed by natural or unnatural causes. And when you view a disaster of any kind on your way through your thoughts on earth on a daily basis, your body, your essence, your soul is reminded of when you experienced it in the past, whether this life, future lives, past live, or parallel lives.

Earth has stripped down to reveal to each and every one of you what was hidden. What burns up in smoke releases that innate knowledge to the air. What is flooded releases the knowledge into the water and onto the land to be evaporated into rain. Whatever is moved with mud unleashes ancient truths of the ground. These are natural gifts even though they appear as obstacles. They appear to be something that limits you and inhibits your existence, but they are not. They are glorious tidings.

As highly evolved beings you have held the sacred encodings throughout time. The emotions that come to you, the numbness, the fears, the guilt are not all aligned with this time and this place, but of times and places that you could not help nor assist. Lifetimes in which you could not change the outcome. You sat by helpless as you watched the demise of your culture, your star, your city, your town, the fall of Rome, of Pompeii, of Atlantis, of Lemuria, of all that was sacred once. You hold these as these memories surface. Be gentle with yourself for you are birthing and it must not be breached.

Your humanness will do it ass backwards, but your stellar-ness will birth easily without pain. Do not hide from what you feel do not try to buffer it on any level. You need to feel it and this feeling will cause a surge of emotional cleansing that will not only assist you as a human individual but will assist you as a vortex of healing.

There are vortexes of healing, vortexes of truth, and vortexes of darkness. These initiations that you experience in the vortex level of your being are grand and never for self. Your world tries hard to explain itself to you, but your humanness does not want to hear. You try to move your awareness into the future, but you cannot. For it is here in the now that you are asked to observe, to heal, to be, to become. It is only when you have finished partaking of the knowledge that is here that you will move ahead again.

Listen to the land. Listen to the animals. Listen to the water. Listen to the wind. They have your instructs. They have the encodings that you seek. It is not outside of earth. You will be able to move forward into a time frame of future-scaping after the Autumn Equinox of the year 2004. Do not try to look to the future before then. Unveil the future thought by thought; inch by inch for that is all the leeway you will be given. We are called SHE of Twelve. You will hear from us again in future outings.

Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

All that was once done has become undone. All that was seen and was once taken for granted has now become invisible to the senses. All that is hidden beneath the surface beneath the surface of the flesh, of the cells, of the memory, of the earth surfaces in disguise as it make its ways down the pathways of your remembrance and earth.

Many energies come forth wearing guises of goodness, which do not seem to fit with your internal perceptions, your insights, and your intuitions. Many energies that are seen as light are gray wolves in lambs clothing. These beings, these dark ascended Masters assume their positions on the polarity playing field of earth. There is not a good guy. There is not a bad guy. There are just learning's. Each day you will be tempted in many levels of your being to be angry, to be jealous, to be unhappy, tempted to be fearful. Each time you energetically walk into an emotion that is lower of nature and not on a higher scale of light, remember that a dark ascended master is teaching you on that day.

The way that you are taught through negativity and darkness of self is the hardest lessons of the trials and the tribulations that you shall encounter. For it easy for you to understand what is light and dark outside of yourself, but when it comes to the inner terrain of your biological unit and your mind and your heart and your thinking, all is fair play. One seed of negativity can ruin your day. One negative thought about yourself as you look in the mirror or as a friend looks at you can make your light darken for the rest of the afternoon.

These dark ascended Masters have been to earth in the past. To you they look the way Death would look, ones that are hooded as a black hole wears light. Their knowledge is vaster then the beings of light because they are schooled more in the ways of earth and how to influence a good human being, a good woman, a good man? How to make you give up on a dream, how to make you give up on losing weight, how to make you give up on something your heart so desires.

Understand this children of light. When you are at a point, an intersection of self with such thoughts, a dark ascended Master Teacher is schooling you in holding light without ever faltering. As a student of this Master, you will learn about clarity in choice. Do you believe what you think about yourself? Do you believe what others say about you? Do you believe the thoughts that roam through your mind and heart instructing you to fall, to fail, and give up?

These were the energies that were spoken of in so much of the old biblical text. The first Creator Gods that were angry with humans and punished them and tempted them and punished them and tricked them and punished them again for being human for having a heart for believing. They were spoken of as the little ‘g’ gods of the Old Testament. These Masters served their purpose and they held a seat within the realm of heaven as well.

They are not evil but are teachers from the other side of the light that each person secrets within their being. Their teachings tempt you into your own darkness, crating an opportunity that you may excel in your light. Standing up for what you believe about yourself. Not being influenced by anything or anyone no matter how much they appear to be in the know.

You are asked to stand in your POSITION OF LIGHT. In this position of light dear ones is a place that you cannot falter. When Light shines it creates shadow. Often shadow appears longer than light. The shadow appears to be bigger than the light. The shadow needs the light to exist at all. Without light there is no shadows.

As you do this dance with shadow and self of soul you stand up for yourself as you would for a loved one or a child or an injustice. You stand up with a knowing that you are an innately a good person. Yes, yesterday you might have had negative thought. Yes, yesterday you might have had a negative action/reaction. Inwardly in the grandest of percentage, you are pureness of heart. Do not carry your guilts from minute to minute, day to day, lifetime to lifetime. They burden you, and weigh you down. They block you from feeling, they keep you from loving, and they limit you from seeing the totality of light and beauty in your being.

These dark Masters will endure and insure in their teachings until the time of November of 2004. It is at that point of reference that they will be lifted from their duty and then will assume their position as illuminated Masters of Light. These are beings that have come to earth to instruct you in the trials and the tribulations of darkness. They teach you before the darkness enrolls you as a student. Stand in these energies of Light throughout the darkness and the corridors of your own thinking. Every instruct, every failure, every guilt ridden thought comes and is given to you in love to make you stronger, to work out the muscles of your soul and of your belief system.

Are you ready to carry the weight of this new light or can you be tricked into giving up? See yourself the way the universe sees you, as a point of purity and a point of Light that can be nothing else.

In these days as you walk through your own thoughts that are shadowed in fear realize that your very own shadows are trying so hard to become light. LOVE IT ALL for that is the only way you can move ahead.

The light changes in the interim. A new octave, a new flavor, a new denomination of light will be birthed as of 11:11 this year. This is the last initiation through shadow for you. Remember it is an illusion. It is a hologram. It is only as real as you believe it to be.

If you cannot make up for past deeds, then make sure that all of your deeds from this point on are from your heart and from a point of goodness and giving. If you cannot heal a relationship that is past, then heal a relationship that is future. Each day you are choosing how to be. At each intersection of guilt or anger or fear or doubt, you have a choice. You are coming into your Creational modality. You must stand as a being of light as a god in training and believe in yourself.

If you cannot believe in you, then others only reflect and emulate what is in your energy signature. Others treat you how you treat yourself. Others only honor you to a degree you honor yourself. It is all encoded within your energy field for all to see. What you are not receiving from another, give to yourself. What you doubt about yourself, heal from the inside out.

Each minute you at a point of choice to choose happiness or sadness, to choose the past or choose the future, to choose light or dark, every thought, every heart beat, every sentence. Your words have a great impact on others. Start from that point of recognition for your self. We are the COUNCIL OF POLARITY LIGHT. We are aligned with you and your mirror reflection of shadow at this time. We go.


The Pleiadians and Time

In the past we have spoken to you about not having enough time, thinking there is too little time, wondering about time. We see that you seek how to create more time, how to sculpt time, and how to make time obey you.

As you well know, linear time is a human creation. In this creation, it has human components and common denominators. The human common denominators are the digits from 1 to 12 and all the space in-between-- the digits of 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and 24 hours. All of these bring you into alignment with linear limited time.

Lets spend a moment of time recreating your average day. You get up in the morning and the first thing that you is what? -- You look at what time is it. At that moment of reference you decide your day. You decide how much time you have left to make coffee, to make breakfast – not time enough to shower, time enough to put your deodorant on, time enough to get dressed – and how much time do you have to get to work. Shall I go the speed limit? Shall I stop here and there because I have enough time? Or shall I speed along dangerously because there is not enough time? Will I get there on time? We are see that your head is spinning as Alice in Wonderland, but we ask you to just bear with us for a few moments longer. In this time sequence, you are cutting yourself short by trying to fit into a 60 minute, 60 second, 24 hour day. The numbers on your clocks have become your lord and masters.

You are Commander-in-Chief of your Time. Linear/ Calendar Time was originally created to lock you into a little black box and keep you scurrying about as rodents in a maze where there is no cheese and no ending in sight. The essence of time is here to obey you. You were not created to obey time. Do you know how very freeing that thought is? Do you realize how much life force and energy that you waste trying to fit into someone else’s time pattern? Walk away from obeying the dictator of time?

In reality, time is yours for the bidding. It does not matter what the clocks tell you. It does not matter what your boss tells you. It does not matter, for time is not composed of matter, but is composed of sculptured illusion. Begin to sculpt your life according to your energetic needs. Create an outcome that is aligned with your soul purpose each day. Give time to yourself for it is a treasure. Spend your time wisely. Spend your time with people that you care about. Spend your time honoring yourself.

My personal Time affirmation: I Now Have Enough Time Energy And Money to Accomplish All of My Needs, Wants, Desires, Manifestations/Creations and Responsibilities


Received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

It is time to let go of everything that no longer serves the bigger picture that you are becoming. Many of you still cling to ‘what was’, going through the trash of your day and of your life – digging up, exhuming, and examining ‘what could have been’, ‘what would have been’, "if only" you had taken a different path, made a different choice. We come to assure all of you that this emotional regret is an illusion. Stop digging through the very trash of your life and amplifying the past.

All of humanity is undertaking the task of learning the God codes that dwell in the cells that have just changed in light assimilation. They represent your Original format of what you know to be Creation. These encodings are your prime property. They are the treasures that you so seek. As what you think is important in your life changes your divine encodings kick into high gear. You are not who you were last week. You can not go back and visit that person even on good behavior. There is no going back to what was.

There is no growth in complacency. It is only through the trials and tribulations and the tests of earth that you earn the gift of remembering who you really are. You are a genetic experiment. You were spliced and diced and grafted from the very life force of what you know to be your God. You were placed upon a slide and you were examined. You were added to and you were subtracted from and then you were inserted into a species of beings that already existed upon earth. A species that crawled up from the Darwinian sludge so to speak.

You are composed of 144 star systems. That is your DNA composition. You exist in what would be considered to be a hologram. It is a self contained, self-realized unit of livingness that responds to your every whim and desire. It is a playing field that you are continually creating to fit all of those whims and desires. It is a hologram that is changing along with the consciousness of every player that is involved. Each one of you perceives it from a different angle, which was intentional.

When a group of you come together in prayers, intent and in truth – then all of you for one tiny slice of time – create and share the same hologram. That in its self is a miracle! As you hold that holographic image for a specific intended time in prayers, and gatherings – it becomes stronger and more life like.

When you first have a thought – that thought is a WAVE. When that thought is manifested on earth – that thought becomes a PARTICLE. First you gather as a wave and then you solidify thought as a particle. It is then birthed and issued as a truth rippling throughout all space and time. You are gods in training on a holographic cruise. All of you look out to sea and see different waves and particles.

There are no wrong choices in your day. If you are angry – it is wonderful. Enjoy it. But do not stay on that portion of the holler-deck for too long. The tape will get stuck and be hard to reverse. Experience everything. It is real. It is valid. More and more of your Inner Light is being exposed as you scrape away the very skin of who you thought your self to be.

Whatever your decree is – it will come to life. You are carving your path. In the past the carving was very tough and hard, now it is softened like butter. Be aware of your words and thoughts. They will be your companions upon this crooked path of creation. You will walk with them as far as it takes for you to understand what it is that you created. Befriend your words. Befriend your thoughts and befriend yourself. The God within you is tired of moseying along this path. It is ready to kick off its shoes and run toward expansiveness.


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Created, Channeled, published and copyrighted by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan



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