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 Online Channeling June 30, 2004

 Antui Ahshallah, Nahedre, ensitu asi, asi, asi, antille antanallahah asi… Greetings to you who are. that Light from which we come. It is to be in peace within all that you are…

 Dear Ones, it is that we have come to speak to you of these times, your relation to what is happening and that which is your Mastery of your experiences within all that is happening within your lives, your world and beyond.

 It is that you are experiencing many changes both within and within your environment. There are events occurring within your world that make no sense to you, or you are beginning to see through the illusion of them. It is that you are feeling resistant to these changes, or worse yet, helpless within them.

 It is that this is because you continue to view yourselves as individual entities within creation. It is that you feel powerless in the scope of All that Is in such ways as you become overwhelmed within your reality as well as your perception of ability to affect change within yourself and your world and beyond.

 It is to understand that you have come from that which is Light. This is not a maybe, it simply is. And in such a way, that light has become you as well. That being said, the memory of all time resides within you and in all other things. It is to put aside your sense of localized beingness and to leap into greater reality, the acceptance of that reality and of your part as a functional aspect which can make a difference within all creation, for when you affect a single thing, a single person, you have changed the relationships not only of yourself and the event or other person or people, you have changed the interrelationship among all things.

 In order to find your power first you must believe in it. You are all that you believe, you are all that you believe. In such a way, in order to change your lives, first you must change your minds. It is to know that your earthly experiences are in and of themselves. They are sensory perceptions.

 Beyond your local reality there is no physicality for the most part. (Yes, it is true that there are other whom exist, but at this moment we speak of you and your experiences which are unique within all things). That which you are experiencing here will move outwardly with you into your existence on other planes when you leave your physical selves behind as knowings of spirit, but will have no residual memory after a point of that which you have experienced on a sensory level. That is because as you move outwardly from this place of being, the entirety of you is living and feeling, not just your skin or your emotional selves. You are everything that you experience. You are the living Light from which you came.

 Once you have left your physical bondages you have returned to a state of pure energy which is not subject to illness or imperfection and is not vulnerable to fear or lacking in any way. Knowing this it is easy to see your earthly experiences from a different perspective. One that is unencumbered by triviality. One that is unlimited in its perception of possibilities, one which accepts that which is as a part of that which is. Do you begin to see that of which we say?

 In such a way, you must stop holding your ethereal breath. On of the situations which we witness over and over again with human beings is that they call in perfection, request the presence of spirit, and then, once they begin to experience perfection, spirit, begin to doubt it! Question it! If it is so that you have requested perfection in your existence (and of course you have the right to demand it!) it is not to question for when you do so, you are expressing to the universe and all that is that you doubt the very perfection which you have called to you.

 Living as spirit and walking the spiritual path does not mean that you do this in your heads or that you only believe it when it goes the way that your ego has pulled. Living as spirit and walking as spirit means to truly be that spirit, that perfection. It does not mean that you become an infallible human. Contrarily, you will be human as long as you choose to exist as one. No, Dear Ones, it is to allow yourselves to become vessels for perfection. Clear channels for Grace.

 To allow that which is to flow through you as you choose to become a part of that flow. It is that simple. When you are truly within the flow of all things, you receive as you give. You are constantly nourished to fullness from within. Not from that which is outside of you. Not that which others offer to give you, for that which they have is theirs, and all that they can share is their perception of their experience… You must have your own experiences. As you do, you may share that which you have learned simply by your presence. By the Grace which exudes from you. By that which you share in your wisdom of being. To walk in Grace is to become that Grace.

 It is not to question your perfection but to embrace that perfection as your natural state of being. As you do this, what you communicate to the universal process is that you remember who you are and that from which you have come. That from which you have come is unblemished perfection. That from which you come is a compilation of everything before you. That from which you have come is beyond words, beyond reason, it simply is, as are you.

 When each of you in your way intentionally contribute that which you are from a harmonized state of being, your combined harmonic resonance moves to create shifts in consciousness and dimension. You are much more powerful than you realize…

 As your being-ness wishes to resist the changes which bring the real you forward, stand firmly within your beingness and say to that which is that you are all things, all things being you and in such a way, you are the perfection which you have chosen. Be in peace Dear Ones. Peace within is a choice. It is within your Grace.

 And so it is that we return to Light.

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