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The December Wave 2004
Mary Mary Christ Mass” beautiful hearts,

May this message from Maitreya, as my Christ Mass gift to each of you, support each of you to reclaim every part of your divine open hearts and integrate all within your path.  Allow this that which Maitreya gifts as his Christ Mass blessing to bring love, joy and peace to you, beautiful ones. May your Christ Mass be filled with “Mary, Mary Joy & Grace”, soul family and sacred space. May this be a reflection of the love you are as you embrace this love that is your heart.  Our Christ Mass is a celebration of sharing our love and a time when together we freely give in honour of all we love.  Your love is the greatest gift so I invite each of you to embody this fully in every aspect of your life for this day of Christ Mass.  Let every aspect be dome with love for the others that you love.  A day of service and giving and may this return to thee as a divine reflection of the love within thee.

All my love & blessings,
Mary Mary Mary Christ Mass
Qala Sri’ama

Maitreya’s  Christ Mass Message of Love & Assistance

Blessings Dear Friends,
I ask each of you to receive as I offer you a clearing of your light body as my Christ Mass gift to you.  This clearing is simply offered from the heart of God towards the activation of your soul purpose and for the preparation of your own soul journey through these shifting and cleansing times felt by all on the Earth.  As you breathe I bring forth two messengers to you.  These divine hearts are the Archangels of Love and Purity.  Each one now stands to the right and left of you and  as you breathe they begin to lift your oldest energies into the heart of your Divine Presence.  As a soul each one of you has a body of light that surrounds you and at times rises above you.  At times, beloveds you travel out of the body in this body of light and then return again into the physical body.  Each time you travel and immense force fills your heart and you receive a larger piece of your own heart  and as you ground in your physical form on completion of this, another divine aspect of your consciousness has come to be you to integrate.  I speak of the integration of your consciousness, the parts of your being you are here to receive.  This that which creates your soul journey to rock and roll at times or wobble or flow or be divine.

I speak of that which you contracted to meet on Earth when you chose your incarnation on Earth.  The parts of your soul’s consciousness that were unable to merge back as one with your light body in other incarnations near or on the Earth.  It is these parts of your consciousness that you have come to collect and integrate.  To integrate means to unite as one through resolution and harmonization and love.  This process of integration is a continual process in our energy bodies, beloved one.  It is my delight to share with each of you some of the sacred keys of how you may integrate your consciousness to build your body of God-consciousness.  It is your light body that is the first key I share about for when you travel in this light body in meditation or while you are asleep , many parts of your consciousness are brought back for you to keep.  They enter the light body and begin to anchor through your chakras and you begin to experience or feel life through these parts of yourself from other lives.  As they anchor in your chakras, your own unconditional love may be strong enough to clear and unite , integrating these parts of your self.  If this is the case, your energy will continue to flow and your love will unite these parts with your soul body within your light body , creating your soul body to glow and radiate more love and light.

Beloved, this is the true nature of initiation and how the energy flows when you embrace parts of yourself and love them allowing them to integrate with you.  In each initiation upon your soul journey , your soul is guided by the presence or spirit of your soul to embrace and love all parts of your consciousness returning to you.  I explain this very simply to share that when anger arises it is indeed a part of your consciousness that has been angry in other lives.  This part of you may be triggered by specific circumstances in this life that have manifested in your life to show you how to love.  This key of knowing that all that is in your life is for you to learn from and has been drawn to you by your soul for learning and integration. This is the second key of embracing all in your life with love for the integration of all parts of your consciousness that may have separated from your open heart.

As I offer you each key beloved as an understanding, I also offer you a freedom within specific chakras and gateways of your energybody through opening your light body and assisting a gentle release of some parts of your consciousness that have become trapped in your chakras. This leads me to share the third key with you in relation to you choosing to  love all parts of self and choosing not to deny parts of yourself, no matter what you are feeling, thinking or creating. I ask each of you to nominate a moment to these parts of your consciousness that are returning to you. These ones that bring your lessons to you for this life and these parts that hold the deepest core of your open heart , your greatest love ...as I share a Christ Mass story with you.

Jesus of Nazareth also chose the path each of you walk beloved and on this path he was guided to love all beings no matter where, what, how, when or why ...he was guided by a voice inside to love unconditionally.  As he grew this voice became so strong within him , it began to speak through him to others of this teaching.  He began to share this truth with all others he met and was guided to journey with many others as a new force or body of beings who gave their lives in service to this.  It was Jesus’s inner voice that led him to know he was a son of God and to see all others as the sons and daughters of God.   Beloveds, through his own loving practise, he embraced many parts if himself and built his body of love, and the voice that at first appeared outside of himself, merged and became himself.  This is the process of Descendance , beloved that each of you are preparing for where your divine presence anchors into your heart core and becomes you on the Earth.   His light body merged with him on Earth. Beloved this created Jesus to become a large body of love and wisdom and at this time, many following him just to touch, listen or be with him....to learn.. .Many others denied him....these ones who could not see the light and love in him---these ones beloved also denied their own light and love and felt scared of receiving this great body of love.

Know beloveds, that as Jesus grew in love and presence, a power came to him to heal and lift wounds, miracles seemed to occur around and threw him as he became a vessel for God’s miracles created from love.  His greatest initiation was meeting himself and the death of his old self.  This occurred as he chose to love all those who denied him and placed him on the cross.  It was this that gave Jesus his ascension, to not only love all beings but to love the darker nature of all beings .  It was this beloved that opened his heart to the universe of love and to all hidden parts he was integrating in himself.   As Jesus practised love, upon the cross , he opened a doorway for all beings ascension on the Earth.   Ascension is the meeting of all parts of self, beloved .  These parts that have experienced the darkness and the loss of  love and the original separation.  It is this that you celebrate this Christ Mass, the birth of one individual that represents your doorway to ascension- the birthing of your open heart –expanded out open to all in the universe.”

Consider this story as I speak to you and offer a clearing of the gateways of your ascension, behind your heart and out to the left and right of you.  I offer this as my Christ Mass gift , and the clearing of your ascension gateways in front of your heart and below and above you.   As you breathe, this begins to clear now to open a new doorway for you.   These were the gateways that were opened for all beings on Earth when Jesus and many others who walked the path with him embraced the darkness with love.

Each one of you are here to embrace your own inner fears with love.  These inner fears that were created from experiences when you incarnated and experienced a loss or separation from your own light and love.  These fears are held in your light body beloved and as you open to your ascension, your own heart is being asked to expand as Jesus’s did to choose the path of unconditional love .  The fourth key I share with you is relating to this very essence love and the truth that love can be drawn from within or from any energy field that is strong and grounded as love. When you are unable to feel love, you may call upon a body of love that you trust beloved hearts. The angels may be this love, or a group of friends may be this love, a rose garden may be this love. Know to receive the love you must trust where it comes from. Sometimes , as your parts of consciousness are being integrated through your energybody, your soul can become stuck and may even embody the memories of the parts you are integrating from other lives. To assist these parts to release and integrate, one needs love and the power of love to move this energy as a loving flow through your energybody.  At times, your chakras close or shutdown in times of powerful integration and loving self and receiving love from another body of love is essential during these times....to receive love you must trust the body that you are receiving it from. Beloveds for some of you this may be the Divine Mother that you call upon to assist you. I share at times you may be integrating parts of yourself that do not trust the Divine Mother and you may need to recognise a body of love that all parts of your trust if your chakras close a little and your need assistance and powerful amounts of love.

Therefore, beloved hearts it is of the highest to ask your heart what is able to be received at any time when you do not feel whole and loved by the universe....for inside of your being, there is deep knowing of who , how and when you will receive love from any group or any other being. In these times, if they occur, when your parts integrating do not feel safe in the presence of others, it is best to allow a period of time for rest and inner work. It is at this time that your own God Presence will be supporting these parts to heal through forgiveness and love and will be asking you as a soul to give time to this healing within you. The resolution of all these parts that may be trapped in your chakras through your energybody closing down to the fears these parts may hold, is the most important thing in your life at this time as by opening your energybody ....your own soul will be free again to experience love. It is only through the integration of these parts that this will occur and as I have shared with you, it is important again for you to realise that you have chosen to come to Earth to integrate parts of you. This integration process is the first step to ascension and the very essence of the inner work that creates ones heart to open. Through loving parts if yourself, the love you have for others builds and your connection through open heart begins to grow larger and larger , creating beauty and radiance in many more aspects of your life.

It is these four keys that lead you to integration and the life experience of your wholeness . it is the fifth key I offer of the clearing your light body that allows the grace and love to flow through your periods of integration.

Beloved in your life on Earth, you are being activated by the light and triggered by the circumstances that create your parts to react and contract.  These parts integrating are the only parts of you triggered through different circumstances or beings in your life.  It is these triggers that reflect the very energy you are needing to love to allow complete integration.  Beloved I ask you heart to recognise that you have called for these to come to you to teach you how to love and be free.  Each trigger you meet , may create you to contract and I share with you each time you contract yet open again and resolve the energy that lives within you that is reflected by what triggered you...you reclaim a part of the core of your heart and it begins to open another petal to the light and love of God.

To assist this, you may clear your light body through a simple prayer beloveds that I now gift you.  For all initiations you are entering, in the process of or completing, this will be needed by you if at any time you feel overwhelmed by triggers in your life, or your energybody is not flowing with love and light as it is partially shut down.


“Beloved heart of my soul, and beloved sacred heart of my Divinity, I invite and call you forth to lovingly hold me as I receive a clearing of all gateways, chakras and portals in my energybody. I call forth to the heart of our greater galaxy and ask that the wheels and dispensations of resolution and love activate through every portal, vortex, gateway and chakra of my energybody or any energybody connected to me. I invite the golden light of Grace and purity to blaze through me and all filaments of my heart to these gateways, vortexs, chakras and portals as I ask my own heart to fill me with the love and light of God.  I call forth to all parts of me presently integrating through my energybody to forgive all that may have occurred to create separation from light and love.  I invoke the love, light and power of my presence and soul to support and nurture all parts returning to my heart core as I ask for karmic absolution and the divine dispensations of a full light body clearing.  I call to my God Presence to support this as I breathe and break the necessary agreements to unlock my energybody so it may fully open to the flow of my love and light again.  I ask for the Tzolk’in wheel to flood all my energybody portals, chakras, vortexs and gateways and ask that all soul fragments , implants and programmes be removed from me.  I call to Mother /Father God to lift me into a light body clearing temple and chamber of divine restoration for all diamond plates of my 12 bodies to receive a purification through the twelve rays of  pure white, sapphire blue, gold, pale pink, emerald, peach, aquamarine, opalescent, silver, platinum, voidal and magenta lovelight.

As I receive this, I ask for a lifting of all energies that have been drawn into my energybody through old soul contracts with the collective consciousness or  old soul contracts with other souls.  I now call forth for a clearing of all old soul contracts and ask for absolution of these and any initiations I was unable to complete in any previous incarnations on or near Earth.  I give thanks for this clearing and ask that all my chakra crystals be restored with a flooding of these 12 rays of purification.  I ask for the karmic records of my soul or any others I may have contracted to support be absolved if they are blocking the flow of my love and light.  I call on the law of forgiveness and the law of karma and the law of love to flood through my chakras, vortexs, portals and gateways .  I ask for a multidimensional body and energybody alignment and activation of the love and light of my soul and God Presence in divine order for my being.  In God’s name and in the name of Love I ask for the most loving assistance that is in divine order for my being to come and hold all parts resolving and integrating as love.   I call for the love to flood through every cell, atom and photon and through every gateway, chakra, portal and vortex of my light body.   I call for the divine clearing and reactivation of the essence of my soul as pure love as I claim my heart and share with all beings in this universe that...
I am Love.  I am light.  I am Divine.
I am Integrated and Whole and through resolution and Unconditional Love I forgive all .
I am Love.  I am Light.  I am Whole.
Through unconditional love I reclaim my love.  I give thanks to all for this lesson in love.
As I walk my path, I walk a path with God/dess and all obstacles I meet , I embrace with love.
My love dissolves these and all obstacles are released.
I walk with the power to transform all on my path easily.
All that is met, is a reflection of a part of me that is now integrating easily.
I walk with an open heart to all parts of me.

Blessed Be.  So It Is.

Blessed Hearts, may this simple prayer as you now say it out loud, support your path as you walk, swim and sing on your soul journey. Beloveds, know we walk with you and each step you make this loving towards you, reflects the love of your God Presence. As you breathe now, I offer this light body clearing to you. I ask that you lay down to receive this dispensation which will manifest over the next twenty to thirty minutes. Play some beautiful soft music to support your relaxation as I and many angels of grace come to you now to anchor this that comes through the law of Grace to you.  This gift is offered in answer to many beings prayers for a healing of that which binds them and creates them to have fear.  May you relax and as you receive this you may feel the need to break five agreements that do not serve you to live as love and create you presently to live with fear. These agreements may come to you after your receive the clearing. Know they relate to the five core fears that have been held in your energybody unconsciously or consciously effecting you.  I speak now of the unconscious and the conscious beloveds to assist you to relate to this.  The unconscious fears are either your repressed fears from other lives that you were unable to be with or resolve or even meet due to shock and leaving your body with this, or they arrive from the collective consciousness and are repressed fears of the heart of specific groups( your family etc) that you are a part of in this life. These fears manifest through the body and its reactions rather than the mind and heart of your being. Where your body may act from fear even when your mind does not experience the fear. The conscious fears are those that you can feel and hear the thoughts of in your mind, that you are fully aware of a witness to in your self. These do not come from the collective but from parts of your consciousness returning to you. Beloveds as many of these parts of your consciousness transmute and integrate your light body is able to descend and fill your soul with immense light and love. The anchoring of your lightbody creates your own inner knowing to be strong, your guidance to be clear is the primary preparation for the full activation of your soul purpose on Earth.

Many of you at times, question your process of shifting and transmuting energy through love. I share with you that it is the return of your consciousness and the raising of your consciousness as love that is the preparation for all that you are here for, beloved heart. Take your time with this process and know it serves you to activate all that will fulfill you.
Remember the Christ that lives within you this Christ Mass as I ask you to remember this is your greatest present for indeed it is your Divine Presence. Offering this to others through unconditional love is the greatest act you may offer another over this period beloved.

I call to each of you to stand tall as Christ Emissaries no matter what challenges you. Recognize that you walk the path with the one hand with love, and the other with the wisdom of God, as your God presence walks and guides you. Know that you loved by the Christ essence and it is this power that surrounds you as your integrate all parts of you. May all beings you spend time this Christ Mass truly recognize you for the love child you are and those that may trigger you be loved by you as you choose to love the parts you are presently integrating that they reflect to you.

Mary Mary Mary Christ Mass to all of you.

Maitreya and The Shambhala Emissaries of Love


Sacred Journey to Egypt  

With  Qala Sri’ama and The Ascended Masters

Feb.27 to March 13, 2005   

 Divine Mission Training - A Journey of Activation of One’s Divine Mission through The Great Pyramid, Sphinx to the Temple of Isis, and a Nile River cruise to the Temple of Luxor.

“A Clarion Call Sounds out to all who wish to co-create their Divine Mission on Earth

The Holy Mother, Maitreya, Mary, Sananda, Serapis Bey, Isis and the Ascended Master place the clarion call out to 55 emissaries to receive a divine mission training in the heart of Egypt.  The Masters will offer profound “new “teachings on divine mission and offer the steps that activate your Divine mission.  All will travel in a loving pod, Divinely guided, in support of each other as all open to the power of their mission and their path in the presence of the Ascended Masters. This journey is a divine gift, offering a profound doorway for a vast acceleration within your consciousness and awakening of the last keys needed to create your purpose on Earth to manifest.

The Ascended Masters will offer direct contact teachings for the purpose of the activation of one’s mission and the clearing of all obstacles to this, found within your akasha, and offer clearing of all that may hinder the grounding of your God Presence and divine mission on Earth. In March 2005, the portal of the Great Pyramid will be uncapped for a period of 21 days through a dispensation allowing for the activation of the new wave of emissaries, world and community teachers, planetary healers & activators and angelic mother emissaries and their personal or group missions. If you are dedicated on the path, this mission activation journey may have been created for you to awaken fully to your purpose and to receive the divine assistance for this to manifest clearly.

An extra week journey for Divine Mission Exploration is also offered for a smaller group from March 14th to March 20th. This group will be travelling with Qala Sri’ama from Luxor to the Red Sea and will return to the Great Pyramid for the Equinox ceremony on March 20th.

Contact Zy at zy@g-a-i-a.com for a detailed package about this.

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