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Johannesburg : 29 May 2004



I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of lightness, of truth, of emergence and re-birthing.  Greetings beloved ones.  And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we gather with you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. 


Beloved brothers and sisters as we gather with you upon this day in the presence of Christ there is a very important reason why you have all gathered together at this time as a group, every member present here today.  We call you members because you are members of light, of the higher truth of the divine plan of mother earth.  All of you are a part of a group of 144 million beings of light, members of light who are assisting in the grounding plan of new life, of new light and the higher vibrational love template for the planet that will manifest and be grounded on 8 June 2004.  That will be the day of the onset of the Venus transit.  This is one of the major transitions in your earth’s history as you move into the Golden Age, a new level of the Golden Age and you come to embrace love consciousness. 


The reason why we have chosen to speak today of intimacy, of sexuality and spirituality is because all of these fit together and are a part of what will change once the Venus transit has spread its light and energy across your planet.  Venus is the feminine energy of all life.  Venus holds the mother goddess.  It is the creative force of each human.  It is the planetary vibration that holds your right brain.  It also holds the frequencies of star energy for the right brain.  The Venus transit will allow humanity to fully embrace more of their right brain, their creative self, and the feminine goddess aspect.  This means a new level of intimacy being born for each person.  This intimacy is with self as well as with the rest of humanity.  The sexuality aspect of it is about each person, male and female fully embracing his or her sexuality and accepting it.  The spiritual aspect of it, is for every man and woman who are having issues around expressing this sexuality because of guilt associated to stringent religious belief systems, can now release themselves and embrace the spiritual aspects of their sexuality.


The Venus transit will have the most impact on South Africa with regards to intimacy, sexuality and spirituality.  That will be the initial impact, which will flow through to the rest of the world.  The reason being, South Africa is the base chakra for the planet.  Every person’s base chakra will undergo immense healing as well as the sacral and heart chakras.  The base chakra mainly for men and the sacral chakra mainly for women, but neither are exempt from the other chakra processing.  So, all issues around fear of intimacy, rejection of sexuality, guilt around that, and the inability to realign oneself with the divine essence of spirituality through the base chakra, will embrace these processes for the next 12 to 18 months.  From the time of 8 June 2004 until the month of June, the day the 6th, the year 2012, your planet will undergo a change of note.  The processes have been accelerated up until this point, but now it is as if it is moving into turbo mode.  And even more will come to be shed from your conscious consciousness as well as from your sub-consciousness that is preventing you from becoming fully intimate with yourself and with your God self; which prevents you from fully embracing yourself as a sexual (creative) being as well as with your fully spiritual self.


Intimacy is about being able to befriend the inner aspects of yourself.  When a person is able to fully embrace the inner self then they are able to fully embrace other peoples’ inner selves and therefore experiencing intimacy.  People who generally feel intimacy are afraid of embracing their inner selves and until that bridge has been crossed it will be very difficult to force the person into an intimate relationship.  It always begins with the self and you cannot force any person to be a part of anything unless they are a part of that within themselves.  So in order to build an intimate relationship with yourself you need to spend time introspecting, in other words, inspecting the inside of your being.  Now we are not talking about turning your eyes inward and checking out your organs.  We are talking about turning your consciousness within and getting to know yourself as a human being, as well as a spiritual being.  Being human is part of the spiritual beings’ evolutionary process.  You have chosen human bodies in order to grow further as a spiritual being.  I have mentioned before that there are hundreds of thousands of souls waiting to incarnate on the earth plane because of the opportunities it offers for evolution; evolution that cannot be experienced on any other plane.  Therefore, take full advantage of the gift of being alive, of being a human being on planet earth at this present moment in time. 


 Being human is the opportunity to break through dense vibrations and to transmute that density into light and this is where the Venus transit plays such a vital role because every chakra has a lower vibration as well as a higher vibration and the influx of energy from Venus will help to transmute the density and darkness of lust consciousness held within the base chakra to the higher frequency of unconditional love, of a healthy relationship not only with self, but with the rest of humanity.  So the first step beloved ones is to think back of what your earliest memory around intimacy is all about.  Were your parents open, warm and nurturing in their relationship with you, in the sense of embracing you, holding you, stroking your body, touching your hair so that you as a child felt fully at one with that parent?  If this did not occur there will be an issue around intimacy because children learn to be intimate with life by how their parents displayed intimacy with their children.  We are not speaking of sexual abuse or molestation.  We are speaking of a healthy intimate relationship between a parent and a child.  If at any stage in your life, regardless of your age, especially up until the age of 19, you experienced a rejection of yourself by others you will find it difficult to relate on a very intimate level to yourself.  The moment you are rejected by the outside world you reject aspects of yourself because you believe that there is obviously something distasteful about you.  Therefore you shut down a level of feeling and association with yourself.  The more this happens, the more you shut down your feelings to yourself; you wear a mask.  And this is why a number of people can live with themselves every single day; yet not know who on earth they are living with.  This process of separation is what has caused many people to feel cut off from God, cut off from spirit, cut off from creativity, lacking the passion for life.  This will automatically impact upon their sexuality. 


Now let us also say hear, sexuality or issues around sexuality can be both ends of the scale.  Total celibacy for fear of the intimacy that comes with the sexual relationship or total promiscuity where there is a dire need to find that innocent pure thread of intimacy, which is obviously never found in promiscuity, because there is no emotional bond, it is purely based on lower vibrational lust consciousness. However sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies present on your planet.  It is a very forceful, creative energy because in the act of lovemaking two energies combine as one, that force is one of the most powerful combined forces on the planet.  When the energy is harnessed properly and utilised for the manifestation of love and light you will not even begin to understand what can be manifested.  The human being is one of these manifestations, but so much more comes from that.  When the base energies are transmuted to the higher levels, humans will learn how to harness that sexual energy, to create miracles, to manifest healing like you have never seen before and to bring energy into form that changes people’s lives.  The purity of that love in a sincere, and committed relationship, also opens up avenues of opportunity for incoming souls to fully manifest their mastered selves in a physical body to carry out a role of service on the physical earth plane.  However, what has happened is that the human race has felt the power of that energy and has used it to manipulate, to bribe.  They have used the energy in a threatening way to invoke fear.  The violation of innocence will be revealed over the next five years to a depth and level that you have never witnessed.  More and more people will rise up against the governors to insist that sexual offences be dealt with very seriously. 


At this particular time in South Africa, a sexual offences bill has been written, however due to the so called lack of finance, very important aspects of support that would have genuinely made a difference to these children and women and men, who are being sexually violated, has been removed.  Now tell me, beloved ones, how does the earth justify such an act, when so much money is spent on entertainment and war.  So it is your responsibility as a guardian of your planet, as a human being, as a mother, as a father, as a friend to a child, as a grandparent, as an aunt, as an uncle, to stand in your truth and to stand up to the lower frequencies that turn a blind eye to those lower base activities that are violating the innocence and purity of children, that is violating the truth and the sacredness of men, women and children.  Part of what we are trying to ground at this time along with the Venus transit, is the consciousness awakening with regards to sexual offences and through this to assist humanity in building a healthy relationship within themselves, the intimate relationship and the sexual relationship.  All of this manifests into a magnificent aura of light, that is known as spirituality.  Being a spiritual being is about being conscious of what is happening in and around you.  To be aware of what human rights are being abused and to realise that you as an individual, a human, have the right to say something that will make a difference and that will put a stop to the abuse of human rights. 


So it is for you as individuals present here today and for those who will come to read this information, to make a decision within yourself and that decision is to commit to supporting the upliftment of the consciousness of your planet, therefore to stand up and fight for the truth to be exposed and for truth to be in the presence of all aspects of life, business, education, government, the legal system, the medical system because all of this impacts upon your lives directly and indirectly. This will allow every person to embrace his or her spiritual selves.  Lust consciousness has governed your world for such a long time that humanity has become numb to a lot of what goes on.  Pornography, prostitution of all kinds, conditional love - all of these support the maintenance of the dense vibration within the base chakra, within the base chakra of the planet, which then filters up as a mass consciousness to support exactly the same in the rest of the world.  South Africa has played a major role in the process of awakening people to behaving in a responsible manner, sexually.  However, there is still a way to go and this is why the Lords of Light are making a plea to all of you, the members of light, to do whatever it is that you can to help raise this consciousness, to help raise the vibrations to that of unconditional love. 


It will not change over night, but for every person who has input, small or major, is already making a difference.  Are you all clear on this?  Beloved ones it is important to understand that because many people come from dysfunctional homes where intimacy was not displayed or intimacy was displayed through a parent or another person sexually violating a child and that child grows up to be a human being with the part of himself/herself holding that wound and for some the wound is so deep and they just continue the cycle.  For others the wound is so deep that they shut themselves off completely to live a miserable existence, not ever able to experience the joy and love of a sincere and supportive relationship with the opposite gender; to experience the joy of children coming into their lives and this is why it is also so important to take control of your power as a person to make a difference in your communities and to educate people. 


This dysfunction has touched every person in different ways and here we must also add that religion has played a major role in shutting people down sexually.  We are not in any way or form wishing to offend any person who follows a path of religion.  The point that we are trying to make is that many of the teachings within orthodox religion preach that it is dirty, sinful and bad to be involved in sexual relationships prior to marriage and any other way.  There are many women who walk your planet with the belief system that sex is dirty and simply an act to be performed to produce children and that they are at the beck and call of their husband’s sexual needs.  That is not supportive to the upliftment of humanity’s consciousness.  Children and adolescents, especially who have been told, in fact had it drummed into them, that to touch themselves will result in their hands falling off, or serious diseases befalling them.  This has also caused major emotional and mental imbalances that have manifested in very ill actions.  Humanity needs to understand, not only the psychology of the emotional being, but also the psychology of the physiology and that a human being is a sexual being. 


This is the time where people need to develop a healthy attitude toward their sexuality, toward their creativity and in so doing, to help the younger generations to do the same.  This goes back many levels and we could sit here for the next three days giving you all of this information.  One of the reasons why sexuality is a problem for many is because their self worth is so low because, perhaps one of the reasons was a lack of intimacy within the family.  Lack of intimacy is considered as the lack of the presence of a parent.  For example, the father is always at work and the child or children do not spend intimate time with their father.  Therefore there is a gap.  This affects their self worth because the father determines the child’s self worth.  And this is set in place at the age of 4 years old.  So, if the role model for self worth is missing it is going to be very difficult for the individual to build a healthy sense of self worth within himself/herself.  This means that their consciousness then spreads out further to find another role model who could help them build their self worth and this may fall upon advertising or media, pop stars, movie stars, etc. etc., even heroes such as spiderman and superman, all of this developing an illusion because it is not the true sense that they are experiencing.  And so it is that the people go around looking for something to fill that gap.


Not everybody becomes celibate or sexually promiscuous.  Many people also use drugs or alcohol or food or cigarettes to numb that feeling of aloneness.  So you need to ask yourself, “Is there an emptiness inside you?”  “Do you feel that you are at one and intimate with yourself?”  “Do you feel comfortable acknowledging that you are a sexual being and that there is nothing bad or wrong with experiencing the fullness of the sensations that intimacy and sexuality bring? The euphoria that a person experiences at the height of a sexual experience, is very similar to the explosion of energy that one experiences when one fully aligns oneself with one’s God self.  This is why spirituality is brought into it.  The more people can realise that the sexual experience is a gift bestowed upon mankind; something to enjoy in your lifetime and that you will not be struck by lightening, that there will not be any other disastrous event befall you and that it is safe to experience that light within a healthy relationship - base chakra’s energy will rise a lot quicker.  Is this all clear?


So beloved ones let us move on to the next aspect of our talk and that is of same sex relationships.  Nobody on the planet, anywhere can tell you whom you must, or must not love.  The human heart, the human spirit is attracted to its equal, to a vibration that will support it through many experiences of learning and of teaching.  Many souls re-unite lifetime after lifetime to balance karma, to complete projects together and to experience what earth has to offer.  And if two souls fall in love and they happen to be of the same gender, no man has the power to judge that – no man.  The only being that has the power to judge is God.  And it was the interpretation of a man who placed words in the holy book that said, that any sexual activity of same gender would burn in the fires of hell.  I Ascended Master Kuthumi, strongly oppose this because no man, woman or any other kind of person can say who will love another, how people will love, white and black are drawn together to love each other, yellow and red are drawn together to love each other.  And men and men and women and women are drawn together to love each other.  The quality of their love, the quality of their relating is what is important.  There are many white men and white women and black men and black women and pink, red and orange and yellow men and women in relationships that are disastrous, that are popping out dysfunctional children at the rate of knots because they are not balanced in their ability to love.  Their Then you happen to have two women or two men who are emotionally intelligent, who are spiritually evolved, intellectually evolved, balanced in every aspect and choose to adopt a child or children and they are frowned upon because it is something different and man oh man is humanity damn afraid of that which is different.


Beloved ones you cannot judge another till you have walked the full extent of their journey in their shoes.  And if a man chooses to love a man or a woman chooses to love a woman that is their prerogative; that is their divine right to display that love and if that relationship is stable and loving and kind; that offers all the qualities that the child as a soul has chosen, then no man has the right to judge or reject that.  And that child may grow up with two daddies or two mommies, but be so well adjusted that people will never believe that he/she was raised in a same sex family. 


Beloved ones it is time and I have said this many times before that humanity drop their judgement of others.  People spend far too much time chin-wagging about other people’s lives, about other people's problems and shortcomings, instead of focusing on what is going on in their own lives, and seeing that those who they choose to judge and reject are simply reflecting what is either dysfunctional within themselves or that which is lacking within themselves and as much as you can admire beauty in another so people are able to very easily point out that which is supposedly ugly or negative in another and one can only recognize magnificent beauty in another because that magnificence and beauty is within the self.  Therefore, whatever a person rejects about someone else is because they are rejecting that same aspect within themselves.  Have I made myself clear?


Once again, it would be supportive for all of you to take some time on 8 June 2004 to align yourself with that Venus energy and to set the intention that during the time of the Venus transit which will last approximately 7 hours, that you are supported by fully activating your divine goddess self to merge with your divine god self and those balanced aspects work in union to dispel all the lower vibrations of your base chakra or any other chakra for that matter that is preventing you from experiencing intimacy, sexuality and spirituality in any and all its forms in any and all levels.  During this time you can visualise the energy of the infinity symbol moving between your right and left brain between your right and left self, in other words, creative and logical self and your masculine and feminine self and set the intention that that energy in the form of the infinity symbol be held throughout the duration of the transit in order to bring those aspects into full balance.  With the masculine and feminine selves then in full activation and coming into balance, many people will develop their psychic abilities a lot quicker and as we said in our predictions that were given in December that this year would be a very psychic year.  This is as a result of the Venus energy coming.  Telepathy will become stronger between people who are very close.  Telepathy between animals and humans will also be on the increase, between infants and parents will also increase.  And those of you who are already actively using your psychic abilities, you will find that they strengthen immensely perhaps even to the point of blowing your own socks off! 


So go with the flow that comes.  By going with the flow you grow with the flow.  This brings deeper insight, more opportunity to evolve as a human being, as well as a spiritual being, so you support yourself by getting to know more of yourself and more of the precious gifts of life that are yours to experience and to share. 


Question:  Are there any crystals that will specifically help us with the Venus transit?

Yes, Rose Quartz will certainly be a very profound energy to utilise.  We would also suggest black tourmaline.  Black tourmaline holds the properties of protection, which support the base chakra through its release and healing process regarding the lost consciousness programmes that will be brought down.  Smoky quartz will support the re-birthing process and of course quartz crystal will bring the amplification of clarification throughout the process.  We would also suggest Sugilite and Celestite. 


Beloved ones -and so it is upon this day that we embrace each one of you in your individual divinity.  We embrace you as a collective light of truth and of love; a manifestation of the divine spark of God.  May the light of God be the beacon that shows you the way home; may the love of God be the essence that binds your hearts together in the purity of love and truth.  May all that you aspire to, that is in alignment with the highest will of your soul, come to pass under grace in perfect and miraculous ways.  Trust in those many invisible arms that hold you and know that not ever do you walk alone.  May all always be well in your world.  I am Kuthumi, Lord of light, love and wisdom and I greet and bless you in love.  Adonai.

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