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This message is copyright of Dr. Lilliana Corredor © January 2004. Dr. Corredor is one of 12 Emissaries of the ASCEND Foundation. You have ASCEND’s permission to network this message as long as this credit line and contact appear, and that no modification be done to it.



5th or 6th FEBRUARY 2004   7:30 p.m. local time

Heal The Love-Crystal In The Womb Chakra
And Its Equivalent In Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Blessings beloveds. I AM Poseidon. We, of the “Council of 12” that overlights the HEALING OF THE WATER/LOVE-BODY OF HUMANITY AND OF EARTH, seek the assistance of all Love-Light-workers on Earth.

We humbly ask your help in the activation of the Water/Love-Crystal located under Lake Taupo, in the northern island of New Zealand during the FULL MOON of February 6th
(the 5th in the Americas and Europe) at 7:30 PM.

Understand beloveds that this Water/Love Crystal is located in the WOMB CHAKRA of Earth and is equivalent to the Love Crystal in the WOMB CHAKRA of Humanity’s Love-Body. The importance of the activation of this Love-Crystal is great indeed. Know that this chakra is one of the main portals through which the Souls of the New Love-Children will come to Earth.

Know too that the activation of this Love-Crystal and Chakra in the collective Love-Body of Humanity will assist a greater love connection between the mothers to be and the New Love-Children to embody on Earth. The higher level of love held by the expectant mothers will facilitate and encourage the development of this special children and their mission on Earth…for these New Love-Children will establish a society based on Divine Love principles and morality for the benefit of All on Earth.

In addition, the activation of this Love-Crystal and its Chakra will ensure that all of humanity’s future creations (whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) carry a higher vibration of Love. This is because the Womb Chakra forms part of the CREATIVITY CIRCUITRY of the Water/Love Matrix both for Humanity and for Earth.

As you can see beloveds, this is indeed a very important activation that requires the conscious input of many Love-Light-workers around the Earth. We suggest that if at all possible, you network this meditation and join in groups to do this activation. You may also wish to tape this meditation beforehand to give it your full attention and Love.


We ask you now to go within beloveds. We, of the Council of 12 and Legions of Water/Love Beings will assist you in this Divine Service.

Breathe deeply and slowly, releasing with each breathe all anxiety and discord, until you feel calm and peaceful.

Call forth now your God Presence and ask it to merge with you now. You can do this in your own way or saying this decree:

“By Divine Decree, in the Name of Goddess/God and under the ‘Law of Grace’, I call forth my own God Presence. Please MERGE with me now and remain merged with me permanently. Take FULL COMMAND and CONTROL of my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies multi-dimensionally and make them totally obedient to You. Charge these bodies with Your Divine Consciousness, Divine LOVE, Divine Power, Protection and Hold Your Dominion over me forever.  Make of me an anchoring point for the Divine Love energies on Earth. It is done.  I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM”.

Intent or visualize yourselves being transported to and entering the Love-Temple under Lake Taupo, in New Zealand. Know or Visualize a great Crystal located in the middle of this Temple. It stands over an 8-pointed star mandala of Light. Approach this Love-Crystal now and stand around this Light Mandala. See or know that thousands of other Earth Love-Light-workers are now also standing around this mandala and crystal, forming concentric circles.

Know or Visualize 12 Star-Dolphins creating a circle of Golden Light around you or your group. Open your hearts beloveds to these Divine Water/Love Beings and allow yourselves to receive a beam of Golden Light from their hearts unto yours.

Breathing deeply and slowly, allow yourselves to receive and feel their Divine Love, Joy and Peace.

Know or Visualize 24 Star-Whales creating a new ring of Platinum Light surrounding the inner circle of Golden Light created by the Star-Dolphins.

Understand that these Whales and Dolphins are weaving a Group Merkabah to unify your consciousnesses as ONE with All That Is.

Surrounding the Star Dolphins and Whales come forth now large groups of Water Beings, the Sisterhood of the Rays and Roses, the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Host, the Archangelic Host, the Elohim and other Cosmic beings of Light and Love. They all take their positions in concentric circles and beam their Love from their hearts unto the Love-Crystal in the Womb Chakra, which stands in the middle of all circles. The Divine Mother overlights All.

Each of you is prompted to open your hearts now and send a beam of Clear-Golden Light charged with the Love of your God Presence unto this crystal. You observe or know that this crystal is coated with what appears to be a dark matter. Know beloveds that this is the accumulation of discordant thoughts, feelings and actions that have been generated by humanity throughout thousands of years.

Know too beloveds that your aim now, as well as that of all the Love-Light beings surrounding you and the Crystal, is to transmute this accumulated discord into and through the high vibration of Love. Therefore, we ask you now to send a “Wave of Love” with each exhalation unto this Love-Crystal. As you do so, intent that you forgive and release all your creations in the past that did not carry the highest vibration of Love.

Visualize or know that the beams of Love and Light sent unto this Love-Crystal act as “Laser beams” that slowly transmute the dark energy coating the crystal. Hence, you can see the actual crystal as it is progressively cleansed.

Allow yourself to continue sending these waves of Love unto the Love-Crystal for the next five minutes…
Now you notice that this Love-Crystal has the shape of a HEXAGON, made up of 12 smaller hexagons. The beauty of this Love-Crystal fills your heart with Love and Joy, as you now see it clean and sparkling.

We ask you now beloveds, to call forth The Great Divine Director and the Karmic Board. Ask for a Divine Dispensation under the ‘Universal Law of Forgiveness’ for humanity as a collective, to forgive and release all false beliefs and discordant emotions from this Love-Crystal responsible for creations that were not for the highest benefit of All nor of the highest vibration of Love.

Now please decree aloud three times:

“By Divine Decree, in the Name of Goddess/God and under the ‘Law of Grace’, I AM now the Divine Presence breaking all contracts and agreements that I or any of my Soul Extensions ever signed in the past, in this and other Universes, times, forms, dimensions and realms, which carry the false programming of: DESTRUCTIVENESS, SELFISHNESS, IMPATIENCE and LACK OF CARING.

I AM now the Divine Presence forgiving myself and asking for the forgiveness of all those harmed by my previous creations. I AM now the Presence replacing this false programming with the new programming that states: “All of my creations are henceforth based on DIVINE LOVE, NURTURING, TENDERNESS, PATIENCE and GENEROSITY forevermore”.  

I AM now the Divine Presence commanding this. So be it. It is done.

I Am that I Am, I Am that I Am, I Am that I Am.”

Know or visualize a great Pillar of Clear-Golden Light coming down from Source through the Great Central Moon and the Great Central Sun, and anchoring through the Temple of Love onto the Love-Crystal. See this great Pillar of Light continue to go down into the Core of the Earth and finally anchor on the Great Love-Crystal in the Heart of Mother Gaia.

Know or visualize now three Golden Beings from the Great Central Sun coming down through this Pillar of Light and standing around the Love-Crystal facing the crowd. Intent or feel their great Love filling your hearts and send back this immense Love unto the Crystal. All Love and Light Beings around you do the same and start chanting full of Joy. Try to hear the sounds and songs of the Star Dolphins, Star Whales, Star Mermaids and other Water/Love Beings present. Hear now the magnificent choir of Angels and Archangels joining them.

As the celestial music and chanting intensifies, you observe or know that the three Golden Beings now start their descent towards the Core of the Earth, while taking the Love-Crystal with them. They place this hexagonal crystal in a perfect place of identical size and shape in the Great Love-Crystal in the heart of Mother Gaia.

All are asked now to intent that this hexagonal Love-Crystal is forevermore locked in the heart of Gaia, and to continue to beam waves of Love to it with every exhalation.

The celestial music and chanting reaches now a crescendo and the hexagonal Love-Crystal starts to glow, its Clear Light becoming stronger and stronger. You are now asked to join all in song by chanting aloud phonetically 12 times:


(Divine Mother, charge our creations with Your Love)

Intent or See an explosion of Clear-White Light coming from the Love-Crystal in the Heart of Gaia in the Core of the Earth. See this Clear-White Light rushing up through the Pillar of Light and bursting out onto the surface of Lake Taupo, charging all its waters.

Intent or see this Clear-White Light spreading across the waters of the Pacific Ocean and all of Earth. Know or see also this Clear-White Light moving up through the Pillar of Light all the way back through the Great Central Moon and the Great Central Sun to Source.

Know beloveds that this Pillar of Light enfolds the main Water Pathway or ‘Love-Line’ connecting Source to the Womb Chakra of Earth. This Love-Line, the main passageway for new Souls on to Earth is now clear, activated and open.

We rejoice and thank each of you for taking part in this Divine Service to All That Is.

We ask you now beloveds, to go into the silence of your heart for the next five minutes. Please allow us to re-wire your Love-Body circuitries and nervous system to withstand the higher frequency of the energy now received by your bodies from Source. This is our gift to you beloveds, in appreciation for your Divine service.

We enfold you in Waves of Divine Love.

I AM Poseidon.


Dr. Lilliana Corredor (aka Chaski Amariel) will be running a retreat to train “Water Healers” with the Council of 12 at the “Tauhara Centre” in Lake Taupo, New Zealand from the 1st to 11th February. Thus a group will be on site to anchor the global love energies for this activation.

If you wish to be included in the email list to assist with the Healing of the Love-Body or to take part in the ‘One-Year Training for Water Healers’, please contact:

Dr. Corredor: E-mail: lcorredor1@bigpond.com <mailto:lcorredor1@bigpond.com> or

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