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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
5 Ahau, 8 Mol, 13 Eb       12/21/04,               12/14/04 Update below

Greetings! We return, dear Hearts, with another message about what is going on in your Galactic neighborhood!  As ever, our Earth allies are working steadily to complete their various assigned tasks.  Much progress continues to be made on all fronts. Several crucial financial projects are now completed; however, the political and governmental realms remain in a state of flux.  Here, it is important to note that these two remaining projects are by far the most difficult and most important to our success.  To accomplish these goals, certain vital contingents of our Earth allies in North America and in other parts of your globe need to finish their assignments and be prepared to oust, without delay, this last cabal from power.   This means that the concluding segments of this strategy will be carried out after a certain percentage of the abundance program is formally delivered; this action will touch off the various other steps needed to legally push this last cabal into the dustbin of history.   Thereupon, an interim caretaker government will be in power for 90 to 120 days, followed thereafter by a newly elected government.

      As you can see, the final moves of this arduous mission are ones that need to go off with precise timing.  To ensure this, the Galactic Federation personnel attached to the first contact diplomatic and liaison corps has been asked to monitor our Earth allies' communication system.  This is to guarantee the failure of any attempts to block the key signals required to carry out the last parts of this mission.  Finally, certain elements will need to be put into position without alerting the intelligence-gathering functions of this last cabal.  This final governmental "endgame" has recently become the stickiest part of this entire operation.   Since a number of disconnected components of the plan need to be coordinated, a specific system of codes and signals has been instituted.  These must be activated in the right sequence for our final push to be successful.   Hence, our liaison teams have placed a number of first contact ships and personnel on constant alert.  Their purpose is to monitor this situation and to act when called upon to guarantee that these vital signals and codes be transmitted at the right moment to those concerned.

      This last phase is the most critical.   During this year, a new global financial and banking system has been secretly implemented.  All that this system needs to come on line is the disbursement of funds to numerous large and small investors in the so-called abundance programs.  This has been under constant attack from the dark cabal, as they realize that this global distribution of program funds will inevitably signal their immediate doom.   Therefore, an invulnerable delivery method was necessary.  To this end, our Earth allies have devised a most effective system, which must remain secret until this procedure is completed.   Once again, our part in this is to back up this process with one of our own.  The final timing for this crucial operation and for those that follow remains in the hands of our Earth allies.   They are working as efficiently and as carefully as possible to complete the last steps in this complex mission.  Our diplomatic liaison teams assure us that the final pieces of this puzzle are coming together rapidly.  We expect to implement our promised massive first contact in the very near future.

     While all of this is preparing to take place, other concerns of ours are your solar system and, of course, you.   Our re-formed Galactic Federation medical teams report that the number of individuals "awakening" is rising at exponential rates.   As this process is truly random, it means that this phenomenon is global in its effect.  Entire sections of your population are choosing to silently or openly question the assumed philosophical paradigms of your world.  To us, this provides proof that the supposed challenges of the Ascended Masters' new wisdom will not be as great as many "experts" on your world believe.   Rather, we see you embracing these teachings with relief and joy.   We also believe that the arrival of a physical first contact with your galactic neighbors will not be such a universal shock.   The need of each of you to know the truth is innate.  It is only the societal controls that envelope you since birth that cause many of you to succumb to these prevailing deceptions.

      Your Sun continues to be hyperactive.  She will remain in this mode until the restoration of full consciousness is complete.  Your solar system is likewise in a period of increasing instability.  Several operations are underway to prepare your solar system for her grand transformation.  These involve Venus, Mars, the Asteroid Belt, and a number of "outer planets".   The rising base frequency of Mother Earth is being mirrored by similar rises on other water worlds. The vast amount of hidden water on Mars and Venus needs to be made ready for the next phase of their rehabilitation.  These next steps include adjusting planetary rotation, orbit, and declination, and placing certain vital elements into each planet's atmosphere.   Furthermore, future oceans, continents, and other surface features need to be primed for their formal manifestation.  These activities greatly thrill our first contact planetologists and those in related fields of scientific endeavor.

      Your full consciousness program comprises medical teams, teaching personnel, and specially prepared guides.  All these teams are well aware of how well you are doing.  Of primary importance, naturally, are the medical teams.  With the aid of your heavenly guides and body guardians, they are helping to maintain your alignments and ensure that each of you is moving at the rate approved for you.  This is predetermined by your life contact, agreed upon before your conception.   At a certain point in this procedure, you meet your teaching team.   At first, this is done secretly during inaccessible dream states.   Later, when you reach a certain level, these meetings become more open.   Then, a conversation on consciousness begins.  Most of you have not yet reached this stage.  This is due to the need to do most of this work after the event of open first contact.

      The teachers and consciousness guides are mainly involved in the last few stages of your move into full consciousness.  They cannot work directly with you until your Light Body integration is almost complete.  This means that large amounts of data, plus assurances of what is to occur, are being "downloaded" into your long-term memory.  This information will greatly serve you at the appropriate moment.  However, until then, it is stored with special encryptions that keep you from inadvertently accessing it.  These codes are used only when the teachers wish to help you overcome particular fears that are holding back your progress.   Again, this is done only in accordance with the provisions of your life contract.  The purpose of all that you are presently going through is intended to move you safely into the final stages, which include open first contact.

      The consciousness guides will appear when your teaching program is well underway.  Their task is to show you what full consciousness entails and how to enjoy it.   Some of these Beings will become part of your heavenly guidance team.  Hence, most of your consciousness guides are members of the same heavenly Orders that you belong to.   Most of your teachers will be specially chosen Galactic Federation personnel.   As you slide into this new reality, you will need those who can graciously assist you in this change.  You will experience much in the early stages that will require us to help you adapt to and enjoy this new state of Being.  Your consciousness guides will also demonstrate how to employ your new powers in a truly gracious manner.  With this new knowledge, you can swiftly return to your true state: a fully conscious Being of Light!

      Today, we have focused on what is happening on your world.  We have also given you more insight into what is shortly to happen to you.  We ask that you use your inner Heart logic in these matters and comprehend just how close these grand changes really are.  We now take our leave.  Blessings, dear Ones!   Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours!   Selamat Gajun!  Selamat Kasijaram!  (Sirian for Be One!  and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

11 Ben, 1 Mol, 13 Eb         12/14/04       Message 

Greetings! We come, dear hearts, with more to tell you!  Around your world, the final elements of a great shift in your world's distribution of power and wealth are ready to manifest. Over the past few months, a lot of progress was made by our Earth allies to get various crucial prerequisites in position for this final push . This finishing drive began with a powerful run on the dollar and the sudden rise to near supremacy of the Euro.  This signaled that the time had arrived to put an end to the present illegal monetary system that has dominated your world since the end of World War II.  The intention here is not to pull the plug on the economy of North America, but to demonstrate to this last cabal that its perception of its areas of power is illusory.   In addition, this action was a sign that the time to dismantle this evil regime was close at hand.   This last dark cabal rigged its last election, which was held over a month ago, and now fully intends to implement in the coming months the next stage of institutionalizing its North American power base.   This possibility is one that cannot be permitted to happen.

      As you know, we have been gradually informing you of these events for many months now.   We have done this for two reasons.   First, we need to keep these manifesting events in your mind's eye.   It is most important that you use your enormous inner mind power to bear down on these dark, devious scalawags.   Collectively, you represent a great spiritual and psychic force in this reality.   Deploying this power on a continuous global basis helps to limit the mind control grids and other sinister works set up by this dark cabal.   This is most beneficial to our cause.   Second, your energies of positive expectation assist us in promulgating the huge shifts in power necessary for our mutual success.   Therefore, this on-going repetition is needed until success is truly ours.   And this moment draws closer with each passing day.   The final actions are being completed, but the moment to strike remains something that we cannot publicly divulge.   Nevertheless, we emphasize that this time is very close.   All that remains is the burning of the final letters onto the sands of time.

      As the culmination of all this approaches, we, in the Galactic Federation of Light, wait excitedly for the moment to begin the last aspects of first contact.   Our fleet continues to monitor Mother Earth and to assist her in her transformation to full consciousness.   This operation entails a huge reconfiguration of her present surface features.  Then, there is the raising of her two firmaments and the increase in the light, heat, and interdimensional energy emanating from her central crystal core.   These changes are being calibrated as much as possible with the progress that you are making.   For example, the adjustments in her atmosphere are being carried out very gradually; in fact, the energy anchors for the firmaments were placed in your atmosphere back in the mid to late 1990s.   These anchors then needed to be protected by us ever since, as the dark cabal's secret weapons have been trained on them time and time again.   These secret battles, including those to prevent certain "terrorist acts" in North America, are necessary to maintain a degree of societal equilibrium.   This is specified by our Earth allies so that their many preparations can be given time to work.

     The success of these preparations has further accelerated the process of your own transformation into fully conscious Beings.  We have therefore increased the number of Galactic Federation medical teams assisting you in your physical changes.  We have adapted the basic manual that they use and have given the team leaders much greater scope.   We have in fact reorganized the selection process of ranking medical personnel by establishing a supervisory board of Andromedan and Arcturian healers with long experience of the Earth plane.   Our many heavenly supervisors inform us that, as a result, a substantially higher degree of competence is being achieved.   This is allowing us to increase the number of medical teams in the field and to carry out the higher quotas decreed by Heaven.   As this program moves forward, other activities vital to altering your solar system have likewise been accelerated.

      The changes involving your present Earth-Moon system are quite substantial. Your present "moon" is an artificial construct, originally built millions of years ago by the former Draconian Empire at a special construction site in the constellation of Orion.   It was towed through a star gate and placed as the fifth moon orbiting the now-destroyed trans-Martian planet that we call Bellona, after the Roman goddess of war.   After the destruction of Bellona, this moon, still largely intact, found itself in orbit around Earth.   Earth's two original moons were destroyed during treacherous goings-on in the period 25,000 to 13,000 B.C.E.   In order to rectify this situation and return Mother Earth to her chosen two-moon system, this "moon" needs to be removed from its present orbit, and the general setting of Mother Earth's two restored moons prepared.

      In previous messages, we commented briefly on these matters.   Your moon is at present being moved into a slightly more erratic orbit.  Despite the circumspection of this action, those who observe the heavens have noticed these changes and have actively commented upon them in private e-mails to each other.   Some have posted this information in the public domain.   Furthermore, many have noticed an increase in UFO activity on and around the moon.   This is part of joint operations with the forces of Agartha, located in inner Earth.  Together, we are preparing your moon to be pushed into interplanetary space at a future date.   Here, in open space, we can lasso the orphaned moon and place him back into orbit around the reconstituted giant water planet Bellona.

      As your moon's orbit is altered, so has Mother Earth's been ever so slightly modified.   Many have observed changes in the distance between Earth and your Sun, as well as in her orbital declination.   The latter appears to be causing the next solstice to occur 11 or 12 days earlier than expected, throwing many into great perplexity.   This phenomenon is, of course, merely part of the preparations to restore your solar system.   The original solar year of your world in the time of Hybornea and at the beginning of Lemuria was 360 days, which is why this period forms the basis of most ancient calendars.  To this day, these ancient calendars keep faith with this aspect of those advanced human societies of bygone ages. Soon, our endeavors will allow us to resurrect these ancient traditions.

     As all this progresses and prepares to manifest, we ask you to remain upbeat.   Much is indeed going on in the world around you.   The last dark cabal is fully determined to accomplish its odious agenda.  Our task is to contain their efforts and lead your global society toward its destined victory.   Divesting your reality of these unsavory rascals is very close to happening.   Each of us has a duty to ensure that all goes off as divinely planned.  This responsibility requires that each of you remain centered and firmly focused upon whatever is needed to allow this to manifest.   We pledge, as ever, that we will do what Heaven so wishes.   Very soon, dear Ones, we will be able to celebrate a magnificent event in Mother Earth's recent history.   Never forget that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we have further discussed the events of the day.   Never loose sight of the fact that you form part of an infinite set of sacred Orders and Life Streams that extend from Heaven to your present reality.   These great numbers are carrying out the sacred decrees of the divine plan. In this lies your victory and the assurance of your glorious future!   We now take our leave.   Blessings, dear Ones!   Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours!    Selamat Gajun!  Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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A view from out side the US  Stalemate Article.  The point isn't about the labels, but about how the Political / Financial  power and control can and is changing even Now.  Keth)

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