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      December 2004 * LM-12-2004

Message from Archangel Michael

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, in the midst of a sense of unrest there is a greater sense of expectation and empowerment sweeping the Earth and permeating the consciousness of humanity. There is much happening that you are aware of, and more happening behind the scenes that you are not yet privy to; however, the stage is set for many wondrous miracles to unfold before your eyes. We have often talked about portal openings and cities of Light; however, you still do not fully understand what we are endeavoring to tell you. We have also told you that there are wondrous Beings of Light from throughout the Omniverse who have journeyed to your galaxy/solar system to observe the phenomenal transformational process now in progress. In the past, these great Beings sent down refracted portions of themselves; however, because this is a critical and momentous era in the evolution of your universe and especially the Earth and its solar system, they were asked to come forth in all their magnificence. If you understand the workings of the universe, you know that it is not possible for any of the Great Beings to come down in their full brilliancy and splendor into the lower dimensions in which you reside. Remember, we have told you that all of the great masters, avatars and messengers of the Creator brought only a small facet of their true magnificence into the physical vessel in which they incarnated in order to walk among you.

In order for these emissaries of the Creator to make the journey down from the highest realms of Creation, they formed great celestial spheres of Light which contained the frequencies and geometric patterns of Light from the dimensions in which they reside. Their Suns of Light contained all the virtues, attributes, qualities and aspects of their home environment as well as the wisdom, knowledge and information that they wished to impart to humanity. Each of these great Beings carries specific gifts and talents bestowed upon them directly from the heart/mind of the Supreme Creator which is now being made available to you via the Pyramids of Light you are building in the fifth and higher dimensions. These great Light ships or Cities of Light are now firmly in place in the higher dimensions throughout your galaxy with a high concentration of these magnificent structures in many key places around your Earth. The Portal openings of unlimited potential you have heard about and have assisted in opening are gateways to these cities of Light whereby you can access all the magnificence they contain, and for the first time since you left your lofty home among the stars, you can commune and interact with these phenomenal Beings.

Many cities and places on Earth have been designated as Light Cities whereby great ascension columns of Light are radiating down from the higher realms through your endeavors.

People by the thousands are migrating to these cities, drawn there by an inexplicable drive or impulse. There are other places which have been designated as Light Stations where centers of learning, healing and spiritual wisdom are being formed.  Thousands of dear souls will be drawn to these places to gain knowledge, to be healed and to join with their soul families or companions on the journey.  They will take the seeds of new Creation and wisdom back to their homes and they will radiate these transforming frequencies from the Realms of Light to all those around them.

To gain a better understanding of what the dimensions are from your physical point of view, we will liken the dimensions to the chakra system. The dimensions can be defined as interpenetrating levels of consciousness which "resonate to a harmonious set of frequencies and vibrations." Each higher dimension is less dense and contains more refined frequency patterns, which in turn contain vaster, more complex cosmic knowledge/Creator truth and universal laws. Everything ever created is manifested through intent and energy vibrations composed of different frequencies. Density of matter increases in the dimensions that are further away from the Creator and the Great Central Sun where our Father/Mother God reside.

FIRST CHAKRA *BASE OF SPINE * Instinctual nature. Issues of survival and self-preservation. Focus is on the physical body and how to exist in a physical world. Helps you to ground so you can attune to and receive Life Force energy from the Earth as well as from your Higher Self, your God Ray or Divine I Am Presence in the Higher Realms.

SECOND CHAKRA * SACRAL * (Below the navel). Focus is on feelings and emotions. Ego desire body center. Sexual/passionate love. Surrender. Tolerance. Giving, receiving and interactive relationships are predominant. Mostly controlled by your instinctive nature. Earth-bound emotions where fear, superstition or dogma most often rule rather than intuition and spiritual wisdom.

THIRD CHAKRA * SOLAR PLEXUS * Emotional center. Personal power center. Becoming a cocreator on the physical plane of existence and learning how to function as a Spiritual Being encased in a cloak of flesh. Learning the universal laws of manifestation and the laws of cause and effect. Learning to once more attune to spiritual desire-body to gain mastery and learning self-control over the ego desire-body.

FOURTH CHAKRA * HEART CENTER * Anchors Creator/Life Force energy from the Higher Self into the physical body. As you evolve and are able to integrate more Life Force energy, the Three-Fold Flame of Divine wisdom, Divine Will and Divine Love burns brighter and stronger, and you begin to yearn for a reunion with your Higher Self, your Christed Consciousness and your God Ray. Compassionate love seeks expression and you begin to yearn for something beyond the material plane of existence. You begin the process of healing and harmonizing your physical vessel and reclaiming your Divine Birthright.

FIFTH CHAKRA * THROAT CENTER * Power of the spoken word. True communication, expression and creativity. You begin to tap into your intuitive gifts and extra-sensory abilities. Your Higher Self begins to take an active role in your life and you activate the rainbow bridge to the higher realms so that you may interact with your guardian angels, your guides and the Beings of Light. The veils of illusion slowly begin to dissolve and you know you are not alone. You occasionally achieve the "Bliss State" of the Higher Realms and you know once and for all what it means to connect with our Father/Mother God. You are never the same, and you will continually seek to experience, once more, the magic and wonder of merging into Oneness with All That Is. You tap into the unlimited supply of Primal Life Force substance which is stored in the Pyramids of Light/Power whereby you can create or have anything you can envision. You are bypassing the distortions of the third and fourth dimensions as you learn to plan your future, focus your intent, ask for the highest outcome, and to then take the steps necessary to bring your dreams to fruition. You seek to return to the middle path and attaining balance and harmony in all things physical.

SIXTH CHAKRA * THIRD EYE * BROW CENTER * Intuition, insight and clairvoyance. Perception beyond duality. Tapping into the wisdom of the Cosmos and achieving peace of mind. You achieve a "knowingness," whereby you seek to know your highest truth and endeavor to live that truth to the best of your ability. You tap into the Light Packets of wisdom stored within the higher Dimensions of your brain structure, and you begin to realize that you are a Spark of a vast and wondrous Being. You seek to reclaim your Divine Birthright and to fulfill your Universal Divine Mission.

SEVENTH CHAKRA * CROWN * The upper brain is vitalized. Your spiritual Will is strengthened, your Divine Wisdom increases and the reunification with the many facets of your Divine Self and your Father/Mother God accelerates. You cannot totally exist in the Sixth or Seventh Dimension and stay in a physical body; however, you can tap into and access some of the refined frequencies of these levels and incorporate them into your auric field and your awareness. When you tap into the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions, you begin the process of rebuilding your perfected Adam/Eve Kadmon Body of Light. You will access and function from within the positive, balanced realms of the four lower dimensions as you evolve into the Being of Light that first stepped onto the physical Earth and into the material realm of existence.

There is an orderly sequence to the Cosmic Cycles of Creation which define and emphasize a great variety of "GODLY EXPRESSION;" therefore, it is important that you learn to flow and adapt to the "changes of the time," to discard the restrictive, limiting beliefs of your third- and fourth-dimensional reality as you gain wisdom, seek higher truths, and grow closer to your original "State of Divinity."

Be aware that the Solar Fire of the Supreme Creation is permeating everything in this universe. Nothing can escape the radiation and magnetic influence of the rarified Creator Light that is now permeating your solar system, the Earth and humanity. Your chakras are like electromagnetic batteries (vortexes) within the body. The language of Light via the pulsation of electromagnetic frequencies activates your multiple levels of consciousness. You must be harmonious with and attuned to the vibrational frequencies in order to access and integrate them. The higher frequencies of Light/ thought/sound vibrate through your bloodstream, cells, tissue, organs, bones, muscles and DNA enriching your sense of well-being. The lower frequencies of humanity restrict the flow of life-giving energy and increase the density in your four lower bodily systems. Your blood carries genetic encodings of your earthly lineage, and more important your cosmic lineage.

New cycles of "Being" are initiated through willingness to change, or if you are resistant, through conflict. Much depends on your capacity to attract, respond and absorb (or reject) and transmit higher refined energies known as "higher truth." Your soul and Higher Self remember the reasons you chose to experience and express painful situations, not as a punishment but for resolution.

You should strive to strengthen your self-determination, and your desire for fulfillment. You must evolve from ego-self serving to a soul-serving state. Your soul is the part of you which is connected to the "Universal Whole." You may gain compassion the hard way through pain and suffering (ego-driven) or the easy way via reconnection with your Higher Self and God Ray (soul-inspired).

REMEMBER, THE SACRED TOOLS OF CREATION ARE: SACRED FIRE, BREATH, VISUALIZATION, MEDITATION, AFFIRMATION, INTENTION AND ACTION.  The Light of the Creator contains energy, intelligence and the cosmic substance of matter, everything necessary to fulfill the Divine Plan. The Light/Fire (Causal) Body around our Father/Mother God became the Twelve Rays of Divinity of this universe and eventually the Seven Rays of Creation of your Solar System. You were first brought forth from the Sacred Heart Core of the Supreme Creator as a White Fire Being from which comes the saying "You are made in the image and likeness of God."

We will strengthen and inspire you, and we will set your hearts afire as you move forward on the path that leads you back to your proper place among us. The Light, love and blessings of our Father/Mother God shine upon you eternally. I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna Herman
* Please copy and share freely, however, I ask that you not alter, excerpt or delete any of this message without my permission. I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Archangel Michael. Ronna Herman * Hard copy, paid subscriptions via regular mail are available: $25 per year USA * $28 Canada * $36 International. The Monthly messages are translated in a number of different languages and posted on my web site every month. You may read or download them from the site.

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Dearest friends, it has been a wondrous year full of miracles, joy, love, as well as challenges and opportunities. I cherish the time we have shared and I am profoundly blessed by your outpourings of love. I look forward to many more wonderful times with you, my dear and beloved soul family. My eternal love and blessings to you all. May your days be filled with miracles, and your way be lighted by angels. Ronna

by Claudia Coleman
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