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edi we are.
We may not always be nice, we are  going through our stuff too.

Rev Keth is
not a Florida licensed health care practitioner. He is an
Etheric Surgeon, Knights of the Solar Cross recognized and honored through out the Galactic Federation, but not by backward Medical Systems such as our own.

Jan is a US Licensed Health Care Professional.  MT(ASCP)


We Are Ordained Ministers   GOD / Goddess is our SOURCE and does the Activations & Healing...


DrLight is Officially Licensed #10-46317 to practice in Pasco County Florida and is a Registered Senior Higher Service Dog.
do not perform procedures considered dangerous, such as cutting, puncturing the skin or prescribing or recommending the non-use of prescription drugs.  We do not do anything which could cause an imminent risk of significant harm. We do Not do massage.

We don't do it,
GOD does it All.



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April  2005 
Many NewsLetters contain several Articles by different Authors
A Message from Thoth  Lois Hartwick  4/9
Lord Sananda on the Battle of Light and Dark  Sal Rachele  4/19
Lord Sananda on Channeled Messages  Sal Rachele  4/6
Transition to a New Reality  Galactic Federation  Sheldan Nidle  4/12 & 19
Living in an Ascended State of Consciousness Archangel Michael
 Ronna Herman
Ecstatic States and the Evolution of Higher Consciousness  Hathors
Energy of the Great Mother activates the Planet  Quan Yin Celia Fenn
We Are In The Shift   Wistancia 
Operation Terra 
The Coming Times  Hosts of Heaven
The Quantum Awakening 75  Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Update to the Stand Down Order  Sananda Immanuel  Candace Frieze
Divine Twin Ray Reunions  Sananda  Lisa Smith

Galactic Federation  Sheldan Nidle  4/8 & 3/29|
Third Eye Meditation  Gaia  4/20
Manifesting Your Fifth Dimensional Reality: Archangel Michael  Kate Spreckley
Loving Our Human Egos Free! 
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Online Channeling  Dr Meg Blackburn Losey  4/6 
The Gift Economy  The Woman's Way, Genevieve Vaughan,  Trees & Peace

Mayan & Spring Moon Renaissance Astrology
Riding Your Dragons  Astrology 
Pluto's Pivot - Promising or Pernicious?

March  2005
The Gift of Easter 2005
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan    
Archangel Michael's Messages
Celia Fenn & Ronna Herman
Ascension is a Process  The Hosts of Heaven
Galactic Federation 
Sheldan Nidle  3/8
The Quantum Awakening 74  Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
The Time Is NOW!  Patricia Diane Cota-Robles  3/1
The Indigo Adolescent, Teen-ager & Family  Celia Fenn
Perspective on 2005 and Beyond  Jelaila Starr
Cosmic News, Galactic Times & Aspects Astrology Articles

February  2005
Matthew Earth Changes
Matthew  Health & Changes
A New World Awaits
  Metatron   Renlyah Wolf  
The Quantum Awakening
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Who Are The Indigos, Really?  Kate Hyatt  2/1
Zero Tolerance  Karen Bishop  2/20

It Is Time  Mary, Bonnie Waters,  & Angel Dog
Online Channeling   Dr Meg Blackburn Losey
Choice Points in Reality for Jan & Feb  Rebecca Michaels

January   2005
Sananda’s 11 th Message  Lois Hartwick 1/9
Gabriel's Overview of 2005  Children of Light  1/5
The Wave  GAIA E-zine  Qala  January 2005 Circular
Uriel Heals Newsletter  Jennifer Hoffman  1/24
Perpetrations for a New World 
Sheldan Nidle  Galactic Fed 1/11
The Energies for January 2005 Archangel Michael  Celia Fenn
These Are Monumental Times  Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
God Bless Us All for We are the Children of God Saint Germain Nancy Tate
Spiritual Journeys: Tsunami 
Excited Vitualities  Kelly Hunter & Philip Sedgwick,  Astrology
2005 Greetings  
Karen Bishop
We Are One
World Photo Essay

 Never forget that You All are Powerful Beings.  Many of you have come from the highest regions of Heaven that stand by the throne of the Almighty!    Your Power is Immense.   Use it...
Highlights of a New Millennium  & 
Inspiration  Light on Revelations
Jesus Speaks   Political Fun Cartoon for 2008  

December  2004
Earth Change Actions  Thoth
   Lois Hartwick  12/26
We the People ~ 2005 by Kirael  Wow!   Fred Sterling
Perpetrations for a New World 
Sheldan Nidle  Galactic Fed
Matthew Tsunami / 2005 Message
Christmas Message by St Germain  
Mike Quinsey  12/24
New Year & the New You: Heaven on Earth is Here!  Archangel Michael
12/04-05: Our Current Cycle of Transition  Rebecca Michaels
Buffer Practice Zone and Our New Reality  Rebecca Michaels 12/14
Accessing the Portals and Cities of Light
AA Michael  Ronna Herman
Preparing the Way for your New Reality  Sheldan Nidle  Galactic Fed
Crossing the Creational Threshold of 2005 71
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Message from Shambhala Masters & Qala Sri’ama
Financial Message from Matthew   12/15
Physics & Metaphysics & Love  Mike Purton  12/4
Election Quantum Physics 
Paul Levy
Reflections On Christmas 
Spirit Heart Sanctuary
War and Empathy  My Turn   Dr Wayne W. Dyer
2005 Greetings  
Karen Bishop

Destiny Comes To Those Who Listen, and Fate Finds The Rest

Wake up Call:  St Germain   Nancy Tate   12/29
Maitreya’s Christ Mass Message of Love & Assistance  Qala
An Amazing Opportunity for the New Year 
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Online Channeling  for  2005  
Dr Meg Blackburn Losey  12/15
What's Up On Planet Earth? 2005   Karen Bishop  12/23
Strategies for Managing: Guidance Overload  Caroline Myss
Great News from the Ukraine The Consciousness Awakening is Happening!
Unknown Energy Surges Continue to Hit Planet
Healing from the Asian Tsunamis  by Doreen Virtue
Siriusly Spicy Celestial Seasoning  (Astrology)  M Kelly Hunter
The Life of Jesus Through Astrology  Alphee Lavoie
A Hades of a Note  Galactic Times   Photon Belt 
Overview of this 13-Moon System
 Rhythmic Moon  13Moon

Mythic Times, Winter Solstice, Yule, 2005  Steve Nelson

November  2004
The Energy Movers 
SHOUD 4 Tobias Embodiment Series 11/4
Divine Intervention 
Messages from Matthew   11/12
Mathew on the Elections
  Messages from Matthew & Hatonn  11/2
The Empowering Aspects of Gratitude Patricia Diane Cota-Robles 11/20
Message from St. Germain through Mike Quinsey  11/10
Message from the Star Elders 
Quantum November 11:11 #70 Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Past and Present History  Sheldan Nidle  Galactic Fed 11/2
A Divine Message from Maitreya  Qala
Orbs and Orb Starseeds   Nibiruan Council Rachel Fischer
The Lemurian Energy Reservoir  THE GROUP  Steve Rother 11/15

Unveiling the Truth  Lifting the Veils of Distortion
DK Terri Newlon 10/31
The Most important Meditation on Planet Earth !
Thinning of Boundaries  Sananda & Kuthumi  Marilu Wilson Peña  11/22
Hold The Light!  Patricia Diane Cota-Robles  11/10
Masters Q & A  
Return to the Light,  Rev Dr Meg  11/6
A Higher Order of Solar Angels & the Grid of Love  Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Releasing Shame and Guilt   Kryon   David Brown
A Time of Intense Shifting Energies  Tikele Group
Gamus Interruptus  The Group  Steve Rother
The Energies in November 2004  ArchAngel Michael Celia Fenn
Holiday Lists &  Black Holes  Philip Sedgwick, & Cosmic News  Kelly Astrology
Mythic Dimensions of Election 04, Hope for America  Steven Nelson

Hurricanes Francis and Jeanne passed directly over us and Charley & Ivan grazed us, we lost a huge Tree, thousands of branches and an ancient Cactus in the yard but we are Ok.  Please Pray with us for those less fortunate beings of the Tsunamis, Iraq, the Caribbean Islands and Florida after these Storms... These Stroms are part of the Activation of new Grid Systems and  second most powerful Planetary Vortex here in the Gulf of Mexico...   Hurricane Photos "Be Nice to Mother Nature !"

October  2004
Embodying Changes  SHOUD 3 Tobias Embodiment Series  10/2
Out of the Darkness
  Message from Matthew  10/6
Quantum Halloween  11:11  #69 Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Leap to a Global Society  Sheldan Nidle  Galactic Fed 10/12 & 19
The Energies in October 2004 
ArchAngel Michael  Celia Fenn
A Plan for Earth to Avoid Future Chaos Kuthumi Dr Norma Milanovich

Our Shifting Emotional Center ArchAngel Uriel  Jennifer Hoffman
Turning On the Light 
Djwhal Khul   Terri Newlon  10/13
A Time of Miracles and Wonders  Sheldan Nidle Galactic Fed 10/5
Masters Q & A  
Return to the Light,  Rev Dr Meg  10/11
Message of Assistance from the Family of Light Qala
Blessings in Abundance  Jeshua  HeartNotes  Glenda Green

The New Day  Master Kuthumi, Michelle Eloff  9/20
Gifts of Love  Master Kuthumi, Michelle Eloff  9/13
Golden Flame Initiations & Channelings Master Kuthumi, Michelle Eloff
The Four TIONS of Embodiment  
SHOUD 2 Tobias Embodiment Series
Setting the Stage for the First Domino Sheldan Nidle Galactic Fed 9/28
Escaping the Illusion's Web  Going Deeper  
Jean-Claude Koven
Saturn and the Boss  Presidential Astro-Politics 2004  Ken Kalb  9/11
Sedna: She's Official Astrology, Galactic Times  Philip Sedgwick
War or Peace ?     Stories, Information and Links

September  2004 
Good Morning!  Is it Really? 
Nademus  Brenda Hill
Their End Is Approaching  Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Fed 9/21
Put Away the Hankies  US Political   Michael Moore  9/20
Moving Beyond Religion into Spirituality
ArchAngel Michael Ronna Herman
Fall Monthly Weather Report  Children of Light 9/1
The Third Wave of New Children  ASCEND   Qala  9
The Nature of Reality  Nademus  Brenda Hill

Return to Full Consciousness Preordained
Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Fed 9/14
Reality Transmutes Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation 9/7
Embodying the New Energy: SHOUD 1 Tobias Embodiment Series
The Embodiment Series: "SHOUD 1"  Q&A  Tobias
Beauty in the Darkness THE GROUP 
Steve Rother  9/18
Consciously Creating with the Divine Cycles of Life  Kirael
Your Light is Needed Now! 
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles 9/15
Reclaiming the Path of Love 
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles 9/9
Quantum Go Away Ivan Issue #68
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Lemurian Connection  Kryon  Lee Carroll  
Reunification of the Twin Flame Energies  Dr Norma Milanovich
SHOUD 12: The Darkness is Your Divinity Tobias New Energy Series
Global Warming Revealed Dry/Ice  Drunvalo Melchizedek
Global Warming Message from Thoth Actions, Lois Hartwick 9/15

Change is Manifestly Unpredictable Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Fed. 8/31
War Records of Famous People  Anti-Kerry Vets Not There that Day

Astrology Articles
Gaea Moon
  Cosmic News, 
M Kelly Hunter  9/10
Spring Has Sprung, Fall Has Fell, etc Galactic Times,  Philip Sedgwick 9/22
Taking the Duel Out of Duality   Jan Carter & Keth Luke

"How would the person I'd like to be, do the things I'm about to do?"
August  2004
Do You Believe
Re-minders from Home, Steve Rother 8/15
Fall Monthly Weather Report  Children of Light 9/1
Message from Mother Mary  Lois Hartwick 7/12
Brotherhood of Light Message
  Edna Frankel
Earth History & Time  Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Fed. 8/24
The Power of the Indigo's   Doreen Virtue
Anchoring Your Earth Mission & Abundance Codes Quetzalcoatl Lilliana Corredor
Online Message and Channeling
   Rev Dr Meg 8/30
It's Time to Remember Who You Are Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
The Importance of the Union Between Spirit & Science  Michelle Eloff

A Message from the Archangels  Uriel
Straight from the Heart
 Mother Mary & Valerie Donner  8/24
Weather Control & the Works 
Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation 8/17
August Astrology & Chiron 
 Steve Nelson, et al
Special Messages for the Birth of the Crystal Earth  AA Michael, Hathors
Debt-Forgiveness Program Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation 8/3 & 10
Stepping Off the Wheel of Karma & Into a State of Grace ArchAngel Michael,  Ronna Herman
Florida & Hurricanes Ivan, Charley & Francis  Gillian

July  2004
Good Vibration
 Assembly of Light  Abby Haydon  7/9
Massage from Matthew  7/16
Message from Mother Mary  Lois Hartwick 7/12
Greeting the Sun / Son  Master Kuthumi, Michelle Eloff
Summer Weather Report  May-Aug, 
Children of Light
Galactic New Year
  Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation 7/27
Online Channeling & Messages  Return to the Light,  Rev Dr Meg  6/30
Assimilating God's Love   Patricia Diane Cota-Robles  7/16
Quantum Awakening ~ Lions Gate 8:8
#66 Gillian MacBeth-Louthan 7/16
Cosmic News (Astrology)  M Kelly Hunter  7/17

June 2004
Crystal Children's Message
  Celia Fenn
Intimacy Sexuality Spirituality  Master Kuthumi, Michelle Eloff  5/29
Venus Transit Astrology Potpourri  Steve Nelson 6/5
The Next Step
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, New Age Studies
Miraculous Venus Transit
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, New Age Studies
Quantum Awakening ~ Venus Transit
65 Gillian MacBeth-Louthan 6/15
Will Your Way Master Kuthumi, Michelle Eloff  5/19
The Wave  June Circular
Qala Phoenix  6/4

Venus Passover Articles ~ June 6-10  Goddess
2004 Transit of Venus Photos: Page 9

Next World & SHIFT is upon us...Get ready for the down load!  Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
Total Eclipse with Venus Dancing  Astrology  M. Kelley Hunter 
Want to Know What Love Is?  Astrology,  M. Kelley Hunter
Lunar Eclipse Energies are Active Now  Astrology,  Pat Hardy  5/4
Metatron on the Planetary Ascension and the Rainbow Energies  Reniyah Wolf  1/1
Special SHIFT REPORT: Venus Transit of June 2004  Kirael, Rev Fred Sterling 6/10
6/8 Venus Transit: A call for Global Oneness  Kiara Windrider  4/25

May   2004
Message from Matthew 5/7
New Matthew Message 5/28
Summer Weather Report  May-Aug,  Children of Light
Imagination and the New Safe Energy 
Tobias  5/1
Surf's Up for Spiritual Currents  Ark Angel Zachary  Lisa Smith
The Third Earth  The Group  Steve Rother  5/15
Quantum Awakening  Wesak
64 Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Liberation 1 &2  Master Kuthumi, Michelle Eloff  4/28
Forgiveness Visualization  Master Kuthumi,  Michelle Eloff  4/29
Prosperity & Peace 
Djwhal Khul,  Rev Terri Newlon
Waves of the New Children  Qala,  Ascend  5/2
Inner Ring of Command Ships  Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation 5/11
The Ultimate Choice   Maitreya   Benjamin Creme
Vote on whether you think the FDA should Regulate Herbs
Vital Message from the Galactic Confederation  WhiteRaven  5/2

Sananda’s l0th Message  Lois Hartwick  5/2
Stay in the 13th Octave and Heal  Archangel Gabrielle  Linda 5/10
Blending the Past, Present and Future  ArchAngel Michael,  Ronna Herman, May

Use Discernment with Information Networks  Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation 5/4

Call to Higher Service  Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose 5/7
Important Message from Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Lakota, Dakota, & Nakota Nations

April  2004
Grids & Grid Systems 
Sananda's 9th Massage  3/21
New Message from Mathew  4/20
Releasing Fear  St Germaine   Michelle Eloff  4/11
Message from the Sirian High Council  Patricia Cori   April
The Ascension Process
  Master Kuthumi,  Michelle Eloff  4/24
Integrating the Radiance of Your God Cell   ArchAngel Michael,  Ronna Herman,
Online Channeling & Messages  Return to the Light,  Rev Dr Meg  4/28
Approach Our Day of Liberation  Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation 4/20
Online Channeling & Messages  Return to the Light,  Rev Dr Meg  4/16
Visualization: Trusting the Process  Master Kuthumi,  Michelle Eloff  4/3
Verge of a 'Quiet Revolution' Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation 4/6
Astrology: The truth about Nostradamus: Nonsense or Reality?  Dr Turi
Astrology: Dragons throughout the Ages - Dragons Importance in Astrology.

March  2004
Turtle Woman Auto Writings  3/27
Massage from the Hathors 
Tom Kenyon  3/15
Ascension is a Process  The Hosts of Heaven
Matthew on NES ARA  3/1
Online Channeling & Messages  Return to the Light,  Rev Dr Meg  3/27
The Wonder of it All

February 2004
Metatron on the Planetary Ascension and the Rainbow Energies 
Reniyah Wolf  1/1
Heal Your LoveBody & Earth  Planetary Link Up,  Poseidon  2/5 & 6, 7:30pm
Numbers of Change  Return to the Light,  Rev Dr Meg  2/2
Spring Weather Report  Jan- April,  Children of Light

January   2004
Quantum Intelligence  Beyond IQ...The Evolution of Intelligence  Soleira Green
The Hour of Need 
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose
World Service: Releasing Fear of Terrorism, Replacing with Divine Love, DK, Rev Terri Newlon,
Three Star One 2004
  Djwhal Khul,   Rev Terri Newlon  12/30
Special Message from Lord Enki
Nancy Tate,  1/04
Density Level Translation   Voltra   6/14/66
New Year - New Power  Angels,   Christina Lunden  1/04
Riding the New Wave  Astrology Cosmic News   M Kelly Hunter 
Earth Changes 101 : An Evolutionary Perspective, 
Kiara Windrider  1/12
Three steps to Peace of Mind and Activating Inner Reserves 
Message for a New and Joyous Year  Metatron, Reniyah Wolf, 1/12
Restructuring Our World
 Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation  1/6 & 13
Time Walkers Speak of 2004 
Quantum 60-1, Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Initiation by Thought: Mother Mary Speaks, Quantum 60-2, Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
New Energy Safe Energy  SHOULD 6  Tobias  1/3
Forgetting to Fall  & Incan message  Star Elders,  Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
Forgiveness, Disease, Kids  Kuthumi & Lady Guinevere
The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home  Steve Rother 1/15
Yearly Message from Lord Maitreya  Lois Hartwick   1/4
2004 Weather Report  #23  Gabriel, Children of Light  1/11
Anunnaki Earthly Update  Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation  1/20
Campaign for Precedent Update Swami Beyonda News Steve Bhaerman  1/7
9D Nibiruan Council Perspective on 2004  
Devin/Jelaila  1/25
Turtle Woman's Auto Writings  Turtle Woman  1/24

December  2003  Focus on your Heart's Desire this Winter till 3/20
Which Inheritance Do You Choose?   Your Holiday Message   GOD
Solar System's  Accelerating Hyperactivity  Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation 12/3
Handling Anger the Multidimensional Way  9D Nibiruan Council, Jelaila Starr, 12/1
The Ascension Plan  Sananda,   Amathest Group  3/94
The Next Nine Years: Background Information,  Mayan Calendar, Ian Lungold  4/27
*On Whale & Dolphin Deaths  Message by Matthew  12/2
That which Was Is No Longer We are of the Light,  Rev Dr Meg Blackburn 12/10
Voices For A New World Special Edition, One World Healing,  Lauren Zimmerman
The Ascension Chakra System  Djwhal Khul, Rev Terri Newlon, 11/15
*Jennifer Lee Report  King of Swords,  K-Tar Tec,  Mrs. A,  12/11

*I AM Here and I Will Be Known  Mother Mary,  Antera  11/16
Responsibilities of the New Spiritual Leaders  Badge, June Stephansen
*The Roller Coaster of Personal Dramas   The Group,   Steve Rother
What Is Ascension?  A Solar Perspective,  Solar Father, Karen Danrich “Mila”
You are the Crucial Element in all that is Unfolding Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation 12/16
*More on Mastery   Djwhal Khul,   Rev Terri Newlon  10/1
*The Shift has Begun Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose
*Harmonic Concordance: A bird's eye view    Kiara Windrider
*Assisting the New Children Birthing to Earth Meditation Link 1/13 Archangels Michael & Gabriel
*St Nick, Michael, Sananda, Mary  
The Quantum 59, Gillian MacBeth-Louthan,  Dec
*Silent Support by Galactic Federation 
Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation 12/23
*Information on Cancer  or Johanna Budwig revisited,
*Reconnecting with Sirius Dolphin, Sasha & Atun,  Lyssa Royal  9/1
12/12/2003  Kuthumi Channeling    Michelle Eloff   12/12
Your New Energy Passion  The New Energy Series: SHOUD 5, Tobias, 12/13
*Channeled Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy  12 Sharon Shane  12/21
*Mind Control Networks  Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation 12/30
*Creating Your Own Sphere of Light   ArchAngel Michael,  Ronna Herman,
*Mathew on Quakes, Media, Disease, Mad Cows, Sadam? No  12/31

President Bush and Gov Jeb unexpectedly passed by only about 50 feet from DrLight and I (Keth) Tuesday 10/19/05, we sent him our Blessings that they and the American People  "Wake Up" and know the Truth and for the Best Unfoldment of the Divine Plan... never know who will be in your path?...

Hurricanes Francis and Jeanne passed directly over us and Charley & Ivan grazed us, we lost a huge Tree, thousands of branches and an ancient Cactus in the yard but we are Ok.  Please Pray with us for those less fortunate beings of the Caribbean Islands and Florida after these Storms... These Hurricanes are part of the Activation of the new Grid Systems and most powerful Planetary Vortex here in the Gulf of Mexico...   Florida Information Site   Hurricane Photos"Be Nice to Mother Nature !"  2000  2002  2003  2004  2005  2006  2007  2008  2009    Glossary~Index      Many Blessings    Keth Luke   Editor / Web Master
Your Patronage and Donations allow us to offer these Articles for You at no charge...  Please Print out, Share and email the LightNews to others. To Submit Articles for the LightNews, please email them to Keth at News @ Awakening-Healing . com.  


Books you can Download for Free  .pdf or Word .doc files to read or print out
Free Adobe Acrobat Reader  Download,  to view .pdf files.

"Treating Herpes Naturally with Larrea Tridentata
by  W. Dennis Clark, Ph.D.

"Larrea Tridentata,  How Much? For What?"
 by  Keefa K. Lorraine Weatherspoon N.D., U.B.D

Jan and Keth are Distributors for this wonderful Herb "Larrea Tridentata".  Contact us.

"The Dolphin Book
by  JoyStarr

"11:11 Gateway",  What I have been saying about a living Merkaba within the vibrations anchors on this 11:11 swap-over, Invisible axis point. It is at the F# point, that is the note and position. F# is the 11th overtone either side of the mirror, and is an invisible gateway, and the place where the Merkaba is centered. So basically there is every reason to believe that this gateway is to usher in the "marriage" of the sexes within. This is the time of Wholeness to appear

The 11th Commandment, "Thou Shalt Lighten Up!'

A New Year's Message
Sanat Kamura

Hail Children of the Sun/Son,
The Redemption Cycle
The Chariot of Fire comes forth,
Blazing through the hearts of humanity.

The charioteer is feminine—
Her power is awesome,
Her beauty and strength inspires,
The depth of humanity to open.

To spill out the patterns of the Piscean Age.
To pour them upon the snows of Promise.
Exposing the twist, the distortion,
Releasing the inner Dove of Peace.

The sweet, strong Dove carries
The courage of the Lion,
Whose roar cleanses all life,
Unlocking the vaults of the Old Ones,
Releasing the ancestral spirits.

Their cry has gone out,
The sireen has sung again.
There is Peace deep in the hidden
Places which are now Still.
Praises to the Dove and the Charioteer.

The destruction has melted in flames,
That recycles the old into the New Birth.
Nothing is present, but the Promise
Of new evolution, the Path is set.

Awaken O children of the Sun,
The Charioteer has ridden across
Your heart and you are laid open.
For the Renewal to touch you deeply.

The Black Dove and the White Dove
Fly now as One Being of Light.
Polarity has come together at last.
Surrender, and transform your soul.

2004 sets in place the New Paradigm,
The *Sixth Sun begins to rise,
Over the Pyramid of the Moon and Sun.
The **Tlazolteotl has eaten all the poison.
The Black Christ, the White Christ
Have become ONE.
The Dove and the Charioteer Rest.

*The Sixth Sun, the next Solar Age, the Sun of Flowers.
**The filth or sin eater, an Aztec goddess

I Am Sanet Kumara
Through Mary-Ma McChrist, of Mount Shasta

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Spiritual Channels, Teachers & Gurus Photo Gallery by Keth,   Animal & Dolphin Info Links

The Wonder of it All  

Article on the Healing Crisis that often occur after Healings, a healthier diet and Alkaline Water..

DNA Upgrades Making a New You Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation,  Ashtar Command 

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Please go to the website to read the book she has written about her work with dolphins and whales.  This book contains important messages from the cetaceans concerning the earth and humanity.  Time is of the essence and your expedition in forwarding this book to your friends and colleagues is greatly appreciated.  

When you read the introduction you will see how important these messages are.  Then you can download the book for free if you want to read it.  Love is all there is and Love will save us all!       Peace, Joy and Happiness

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