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  You are the Crucial Element in all that is Unfolding.

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 
12 Oc, 3 Mol, 12 Manik   12/16/03    

Greetings! We arrive once again, dear Hearts! Many events are altering your
. We have discussed some of them with you in previous messages.
They include: 
the enormous transformations you are experiencing at this time;
Heaven's divine intervention in your reality; 
the beginning of our first contact mission and the natural mutation of
the grid that controls the matrix structure of your reality. 
Another aspect is how the many levels of incorporeal Beings in our galaxy
are mediating a process that is designed to change the way your reality
perceives itself.     As we have mentioned in many
messages, Realities are merely energy structures whose blueprint is based
upon the collective core perceptions of its most sentient inhabitants, the
local heavenly Administration and the divine plan.

These elements combine to form a living reality. Then, large numbers of
similar realities unite to produce physicality's dimensions.  These
dimensions, in turn, serve as the basis for structuring physicality.  In our
galaxy, sentiency assumes a number of divine forms. The highest known is
when the physical body is made of pure Light.

   The realms of these fully conscious, incorporate souls are filled with
Light that flows constantly from Heaven into physicality
. Their task is to
assist this Light in finding its proper physical destinations.   Once
completed, these Beings follow the Light's path and witness the effect it is
having on a particular reality. Normally, their tasks do not include the
overseeing of changes that are unfolding in a reality.  However, the overall
importance of your transformations has made it advisable to go much further.
This Light affects mainly the matrix grid and its most sentient residents by
serving as its inhabitants' inner sustenance and by helping them to discover
the ways they need to transform their reality.   Moreover, this Light can
spark an upwardly directed expansion of their consciousness.  In fact, these
incorporeal Beings supervise, to some extent, your Ascended Masters.
When necessary, these disembodied souls
can also intervene in your affairs at a divinely appropriate level.  The
purpose for such an intervention is merely to ensure that the flow of Light
into your reality is not blocked or otherwise interfered with.

      This mission has caused these great Beings of Light to seek advice
from your Ascended Masters on the events unfolding in your realit
y. They
observed the sweeping changes divine Light was making to your reality. Yet,
in this reality, this Light was limited by a number of specific events. Your
collective perceptions were hindering its spread throughout this reality.
Many powerful, governing groups warped the collective's ability to alter it.
Finally, the exchange of energies between the matrix grid and its
inhabitants was further being distorted by rising waves of fear, combined
with an odd type of common frustration. In short, your reality was not
operating as Heaven and the divine plan had intended. These great Beings of
Light recognized this situation more than a half-decade ago and wished to
remedy it.  Accordingly, they requested the Ascended Masters to work more
directly with the Light forces to transmute the strong, dark energies that
remained in this realm. That effort enabled many powerful individuals and
groups on your world to more actively use their assets to counter the dark.

     These great Beings of Light directed the galactic Ascended Masters'
Councils to intervene divinely in your affairs
. This guidance resulted in an
increase in the number of blessings sent your way, and in a series of
powerful decrees.   The decrees specified, in great detail, how this reality
was to be changed. They also emphasized how the Galactic Federation of Light
was to increase its first contact efforts.  They further implored our Earth
allies to move swiftly in implementing the essential change before first
contact could become legally feasible.  But September 2001 interrupted these
events.  As a result, it was necessary to launch a new operation to assure
the inevitable victory.  We in the Galactic Federation beseeched these Beings
of Light to permit an immediate and direct intervention.  We were denied.
Instead, we were instructed to assist our Earth allies in rebuilding their
power bases and initiating the next move to transform this reality's
political power structures.

      The heavenly Light that streamed into this reality was slightly
altered to ensure that the information and life energies that it contained
were spread properly throughout your reality. The mutations in your
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies need to go ahead according
to plan
. Because one of the dark cabals on your planet was determined to
interfere with these sacred processes, it soon became necessary to do
whatever was called for to deter them.  Moreover, other groups, allied with
this particular cabal, were blocking the completion of several other
important events.  Heaven was just as determined to see the divine plan's
successful completion.  The crucial element in the Divine's plan is divine
Light.  It is the basis for the configuration of any reality.  Ultimately, it
is entirely capable of altering any reality into the form desired by the
divine plan.

      The unstoppable power of this divine Light is Heaven's greatest asset.
Heaven's plan is to alter your reality into a fully conscious realm
populated by physical Angels. This new world will transform you from your
present, limited reality into an unlimited one. This new realm, as you know,
has long been prophesied. The time to manifest it is now. Thus, heavy
pressure is being put on your reality to begin its transformations.   This
process is now reaching a critical point when many major events have to be
manifested.  The layers of authority, which constitute the sacred aspects of
Heaven that are present in physicality, are moving to prepare you for the
next stage of your consciousness shift.  This phase will involve a colossal
change in your major governments and the long-overdue distribution of
unheard-of worldwide abundance.

      These abundance programs, and the legal 'coup' needed to accomplish
them, are very real.
Last-minute legal and financial maneuvers have stalled
their implementation.  Now, a final, acceptable timetable is in effect. Since
the parameters of this schedule are critical to the 'coup's' success, they
will not be revealed.  However, the moment for these events is indeed
approaching. It is safe to tell you that first contact festivities are
close. We are eager to meet you. Still, as we continue to say, much needs to
be done.  Your world has spent the last two-plus years in a secret contest
for power.  Three intertwined factions are carrying out this struggle.  The
darkest one controls North America and uses its powerful position to achieve
its goals.   The other factions control most of Europe and the financial
network that enmeshes your world. Now, their struggle has reached the point
where it must be resolved.

      You are the crucial element in all that is unfolding. We ask each of
you to remain single-mindedly focused, calm and centered.  Clearly, the
forces of the Light and the dark are waging a titanic, secret war.  Although
it is being fought mostly in conference rooms and offices, and in the minds
of the combatants, it is also being conducted by real armies.  Its major
battlefields, however, are well-guarded and highly-secured computer
networks.  Its principal 'foot soldiers' are specially-trained computer
programmers and a whole slew of highly-prepared military and private
psychics.  The secret 'War of the Wizards' is almost over. When this 'war' is
successfully concluded, you will be left with a great deal to do.  Once it
ends, your abundance will flow and new realities can begin to manifest in
your midst.   Remember that together, we shall be victorious!

      Today, we have discussed ways in which Heaven is working to assure you
of your success
. We have examined another part of Heaven that is decreeing
that this present reality be altered.  Every aspect of Heaven has stated that
the sacred timeframe issued by the divine plan can be manifested. We now
take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that
the perpetual Supply and infinite Prosperity of Heaven is yours!

So Be It!  Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram!
(Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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