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DECEMBER 2003    ISSUE 59 CHRISTMAS very late Edition
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Created, Channeled, published and copyrighted by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Throughout the year you are given opportunities to express the true being and beauty of the wondrous day that you know as Christmas. Throughout the year, you are given the gift of knowing one another's needs in-deed. Throughout the year you see many that you silently pray for, wishing you were a millionaire to assist and give them all that they seek to have within their lives to bring peace and true joy. Your heart saddens because you feel that you have not accomplished what your soul has asked of you.

I come on this evening to tell you that you have accomplished it by the very thought, by the very intention, by the very declaration.... That if you could you would. In the world of couldís and wouldís, you all walk a lonely path as you feel torn between your own financial obligations and giving to those that have less with greater needs. Most of you have found the inner peace that you seek and now it is time to cut that pie piece and share it in this festive time of year, time of heart, and time of soul and new beginnings.

I am the essence of St Nicholas. I am the Being that many of you declare as Santa Claus and Kris Kringle. I am merry most times, but often there is a deep sadness that grows in my soul as I ponder a world that I fear is losing its purity of heart. Christmas has become an obligatory ritual. It has become one of stress and strain, heartache and disappointment. It has become one of angers and frustrations between people and within each soul as they struggle to make anotherís Christmas Day joyful, as they struggle to pay their living necessities during this seasonal time and as they struggle to pay their accumulated Christmas financial obligations.

Humanity has forgotten about the magic and the miracles and the true joy of the season. When a human uses their brute strength and mind to manifest, it takes that strength of mind and perseverance to continue to manifest. When a human uses the Gifts of miracles and seasonal magic, and then it is that essence of miracles and seasonal magic that keeps that presence (presents) alive.

There should be no stress and strain nor anger at having to give another anything. Give from the heart or do not give at all!. In days gone past, Christmas was celebrated simply by giving a single treat to a child. Leaving it in the very stocking they wore that day. The gift of a single hand carved wooden toy brought such joy to the hearts of the little ones that they smiled for the rest of the month.

Now in this time and place that you exist, giving costs more and more and more. And those who receive demand more expensive toys and objects year after year. Thus raping the soul of those that give and stressing the very fabric of their being. It is time for you to bring graciousness to the specialty of gift giving and gift receiving. It is time to be gracious as you receive a large present or small present from another. It is time to be gracious as you gift from the heart. I as the Presence of all Presents ask you to become my living representative, not standing on a corner ringing a bell wearing a Santa suit and making people give out of guilt. But becoming the spirit of my true Living Presence (Presents). Allow my eyes to see through you. When I see a small child that is in need, I will ask you to give in whatever way that you can at that moment in time. When I see a family that is without hope because someone has left them without hope, then allow me within you to give them what they need. I ask you to sprinkle the magic dust of Christmas all about you and let me give through you.

Let go of all the reasons you have to give and reclaim all of the reasons that you want to give from your heart and from your soul. I realize that you live in a time and a place where money is the main component of exchange, but understand that when you give from a point and a sense of miraculous giving then miracles will be made manifest to you and for you through every avenue of your life. Drive down a street of those in need in these upcoming days. Look for an address and then go home and give to that address whether it is gift card that you buy for shopping or money that you were going to spend on one who you really did not want to give to at all. Send it to them in a seasonal card with your love and blessings and let them have the memory from that day forward of receiving a true unexplained miracle! Open up pathways of giving spontaneously that you would never think of doing. If your meal comes to five dollars, tip a ten to that single mother waiting on tables. Gift those who trigger a heart surge and connection and give generously for I will fill all of your pockets with bounties beyond your ability to recognize if you will just listen and work for me this season.

You can become my elves and don hats and pointed toes with bells, shiny noses and Santa suits or just blue jeans. It does not matter. But please, I look for hosts who are willing to hold the true meaning of Christmas. Your nose may be a little bit shinier, your smile may be a little bit bigger, and your cheeks may be a little bit rosier for I will give you the true gift that you seek, the feeling that you wished you would get with everything that you gave to another throughout all of this time that you have been giving. Allow me to come into your heart, into your words. Allow me to twinkle through your eyes and I will give to you the true presence of the present that your heart seeks. I am Saint Nicholas and you are my Merry Christmas.


Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Welcome. I am the energy known as Michael. I come to cut the ropes, the strings, and the entanglements that bind you to yourself and from yourself, from your heritage, from your divinity. You are tangled up in your humanness as a spider that is tangled in her own web. You enter a time of re-writing and regrouping your cosmic scripts of purpose. The roles you played have ended. The production is over. The director has gone home and the chairs are folded up. It is time for you and you alone, to write a new role for yourself. You have outplayed, and outlasted this last role. You are entering in to a time of great entanglements if you do not re-write the script of your life, of your thinking and of your spiritual truths. It is not a time to rewrite the script of the person sitting next to you, nor your family, nor your mates. You spent to much time cast directing for others. Placing them in their politically correct positions. Introducing them to their role, re-announcing to them their duties. It is now time for you to undertake a new in-trainment for self.

You have expanded past your limitations. Yet you still sit at the very border of limitations. Licking your paws, waiting for further instructions. Waiting for a sign that tells you how many miles is it to the next step of your future; how many days, how many hours, how many minutes. I, as Michael, come to tell you "this train does not stop". It NEVER ends. You think by getting off your humanness that you will become divine and then be able to relax. I can assure you there is no relaxation in the essence of divinity. God has not, nor ever will take a vacation. Nor will the God-essence within you, ever take a vacation. It was a human being that wrote that part of the script as you can well imagine. The train that I have spoken of, is a train that moves you from one level of knowing and enlightenment, to another. It is not a train that you can disembark from. Some of you canít wait until you ascend. Some of you canít wait until you can leave. Whether that is leave the earth or leave your body so you can get off and become the enlightened human beings that has been prophesied and promised to you. I can assure you that there is no train depot in the future. Even in the energy of what you describe as ascension, you will be riding an even faster train, a universal monorail.

Each and every one of you is as St. Nicholas. You deliver for yourselves a bag full of goodies from your past. Every year in the time of the holidays you eat the same foods, for it is tradition. You sing the same songs, for it is tradition. You have the same feelings, for it is tradition; the same sadness', the same angers, the same frustrations, the same financial woes that you have every year, for it is tradition. Look closely at what you deem tradition. It is an energy that has sucked you in to an emotional void, a financial turmoil, and a tar pit of depression. You lovingly and eagerly pull it out, along with the Christmas decorations. You place the Christmas star lovingly on top of yourself and make yourself the star in this re-run, that you have so pledged to honor every year.

Pull yourself up by the socks. Stop re-enacting the same trials and tribulations. It is as lugging a piece of luggage that is packed and always ready for this time of year. You pull out the memories, you pull out the fears, and you pull out the exact same words you said last year at this time.

I come to ask you to spiritually reach out and take my sword (carefully). Cut away that old baggage that has bound you throughout time, genetically as well as emotionally. Celebrate the new essence of Christmas and the New Year. Celebrate these Holy days without anger, without remorse, without fear, and without financial dilemmas.

How can you give to another from the heart when you are worried and fearful that you cannot pay your own bills? Why would you do that to yourself? You are subconsciously and consciously angry with the person that you have just given to and angry with yourself for giving. What joy comes in this? What love comes in this? Do you think that the Magi (the Three Wise Men) were angry at having to travel so far, following a star that they could not keep up with? Do you think that the animals in the manger were resentful at sharing their hay and their space with the Christ child? It is but a story and a fable to some, but that very babe of Light lives within you. The gifts of frankincense, myrrh, and gold were but symbolic of the true gifts of spirit.

Do not turn on the TV set of your soul and watch the re-runs of your past. Become "more" this year; become more holy, become more human, become more divine and become more enlightened. Waste not this precious time that is gifted to you as the frankincense, myrrh and gold. The gifts are given to you so that you may share them with others. Not by writing a check, not by throwing a toy into a box, not by cooking dinner for people you do not like. But by truly holding these gifts inside of you, embracing them, loving them and then you become the gift of the Magi.

In the story of the Gift of the Magi one person was sacrificing for another. You have been taught throughout time to sacrifice. If you are to go to heaven, you are to sacrifice. You must give up in order to receive. What nonsense!! To sacrifice means to make sacred. It means not to cut off your arm that another may give you a wooden arm. Do not feel you must sacrifice and give up something of you to appease another. Give not at all, if this is your truth. For you are automatically canceling out the intent.

You all know that when you have a negative thought, a fear, or a constriction, you cancel out all good thoughts and good intents. It is better not to give at all if your heart is not in it. It is better not to receive if your heart is not in it. Give as God gives. Give not as a reward. Give not as a punishment. Give not as a "should". Give as a "because". Because you want toÖ because you love to.... Because you can. Put the sacredness back into the holidays, put the sacredness back into you, and put the sacredness back onto Earth.

Each day sprinkle the energy of love and joy to another. Water their soul with you light, with your smile, and with your twinkle. That is what they need. They do not need a new blender, coat, or tie. They need their soul to be watered and nourished. Become as the gardeners of the Universe.

I come to ask you to make your life sacred. Earth is embracing herself through you, and through those that you love. She is your mother. These holidays are important to her as she helps all of you to wrap around each other's hearts. Experience this love, as the very Mother Earth herself. Feel it coming up through your feet as she reaches up through you and pulls you to her as a child that has been separated from its parent for far to long.

Nurture yourself as a seedling. Think hard, and think long upon what it is your heart and soul want, in this upcoming year. You are casting the character of your future. Who do you want to become? What do you want to accomplish? You have become complacent in your spiritual direction. DRAW YOUR DREAMS!! Draw them to you. Draw them and become them. It is your responsibility. It is your destiny. It is your gift to the Universe. Who do you think you are becoming for? Who do you think you are loving for? Who do you think you are doing all of this for? It is certainly not for self.

I am Michael. I leave you with these energies, these words, and these thoughts. I leave you with my sword. If you need to cut away what entangles you, do so. Stop sitting on your haunches waiting for the streetcar named DESIRE, when you are on a train that moves much quicker than any streetcar. Stop waiting for someone else to come into your life and do it. It is you that will do it.


Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


The essence of Sananda is saying that 'so often you just want to walk through my energy through my gate, but today I want to walk through your gate through your heart. His presence is saying that you have earned what you seek and that no longer is there the need to seek it. You are the light that you seek, you have within you the truth that you seek and you hold the love that you seek.' The Sananda frequency is saying that you no longer need to search for what you already are, but to rejoice in the presence of this truth. Right now we are being downloaded in our heart. This holy presence is saying that it is now up to you to fill it with love unconditional. It is not something I give. It is not something I take. It is something I am. I want you to take the love that you had for everyone and everything in your life and point it inward. Give it to yourself.


You, my dear ones hold the heart of the world within your hands, within your bodies, within your intentions. You are a select group of beings of light that have within you a particle, a portion, and a thread of the very heart of Mother Earth. As your bodies were incarnate physically onto the Earth using the flesh of the Mother, you were given a strand of her heart to hold in your being for safe keeping, for safe loving. Until it came to a day, a time, and a place that you were to remember this, that you were to see this, that you were to know this. This dear ones is that day. I am a Being of Light from the Sananda Council of Light. I am not the Presence of vastness known as Sananda but I am a fraction, a thread, and a ray of that same vibration as are you.

As you feel the heart of the Mother Earth within your very earth heart the tears will well up in your eyes and remembrance will well up in your heart. She wants you to know that she has given this thread of herself to you, her holy ones that you may cherish her and hold her in a countenance of such light that never again shall you feel unloved. She gives herself to you, to hold her and nurture her until she is of some strength and fullness and purpose as the year 2004 is birthed chronologically. She says, she will move from your heart, a place of such love and warmth and come forth into a livingness that escapes all knowledge of her true form.

There was a time when she was in humanoid form. There was a time that she had a body that was flesh. She had days of anger, days of sadness, and days of rage as do you. She evolved and involved and revolved until she finally reached the level of light and the place of evolutionary of a planet. She says to you her children that now she must continue to evolve and as much as she loves you, you are on your own on this place of earth as she stretches her perimeters of flesh into more light and ascension as do you. She tells you not to mourn what is lost, not to mourn what has been destroyed, but to celebrate what is birthed, to celebrate what is loved, and to celebrate every renewal of love every second of every day throughout the earth. She asks you to love what you are afraid to love, to look at what you are afraid to look at, and to send love to that which still scars your soul and scars your flesh. She says that until you finally forgive those who have harmed you, she will not be released and freed to forgive those who have harmed her. She asks you to look into your heart right now and see the world that lives there.

The essence of the oceans will be your saving grace. When you wish to share healing with planet earth, move your energies into the oceans, the rivers, the streams, or even your sinks. Flush your prayers, wash your love, allow your hopes to drain into all systems of elimination and be purified and transmuted. Move your frequencies, your heart, and your intentions into all that holds signatures of water of liquid of light and of truth. Make your intentions known. Hold a glass of water. Pray over it and pour it onto the earth. You must pray 'as if', with a knowing. You must pray as a CREATIONAL FORCE and not as one who is weak and waiting on a savior, but one who finally remembers that they are the savior of their own celestial contract, of their own heavenly vows, and of their own human enterprise.

The time is now. The clock strikes 12:00 many days before the year 2003 ends. Time has quickened. All that has been addressed on this day now takes heed and takes force forward in all of its reverence as a steed that runs through the night and the town crier speaks, "the light is coming, the light is coming, the light is coming." For all that you have lived for will be seen in the next 6 years of your life span. Six years from this date (December 2009) from this time is all you are given to escort every inch of your divinity into human form, to escort all hopes for the universe into human form, and to escort the birthing of the new baby universe that you hold the encodings for into flesh form.

Your Christmas gifts come through you, to you, and for you. For it is only by honoring your own Creational being that you honor all that is holy, all that is divine, and all that is earth. Do not wait for a holiday for someone to give to you what your heart seeks. Within each of you lives soul patterns that are yearning to be born, yearning to be birthed into your world. Follow not the trail of tears, nor the trail of breadcrumbs, but the trail of light straight to your soulís desires. Gift to yourself what others in your life have not been able to give to you. Do not shun them for not bringing you the gifts of the Magi for you are the Christ Child, you are the Magi, and you are the Mother virgin. The gift you give is the gift to yourself, of yourself, for yourself, and by yourself. That gift is the remembrance that you are holy and birthed from the heavens.

This Christmas you are given a magical gift, a magical wish, not as one who rubs the Genie in the bottle, but a wish that you cannot give away to another. This is the gift that you must give to self as the Magi bringing the gift to the Christ Child that you are. You are birthed anew. Celebrate this knowing. We are the Sananda Council of Light. As we look at you, our heartsí smile with such love as all of you within this realm have gone past what you have been asked to do. You have surpassed your mission orders. You have surpassed your soul missions and now it is time to honor yourself in this. Through honoring yourself and entering the Christ heart within your being, you will then rise to the next level of your light. But it is only through honoring your own divinity that you will be able to access this portal. The portal of the Christ awaits you within. Will you enter?

Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene Speak
During the 13:13 Ascension Workshop
Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

For all that ye seek to be, you have found it in the deepness of your heart. For all that ye have known one was, ye have found it within the deepness of your heart. For all that you strive to be and the heavens applaud your efforts, it is kept secret in the deepness of your heart. For all that ye were destined and birthed to become it lives in the outskirts of every thought.

I am she who is known as the presence of Mary. I am Mother to the Christ. I am Mother to the Light. Within each thought that you hold there lives desires that yearn to be birthed, desires that are hidden within the in's and the out's of every verb, adjective word and thought. When another speaks to you, listen deeply within the silence of their being. Allow your heart to help birth for them the song that they have not yet heard.

Open to the dialogue of the cells in every one of your conversations and communications. Let nothing go unheard as you observe the soul nuances, the innuendoes, the inflections of anotherís communication to you. You each have reached a point that you no longer just serve self in evolution. You have reached this point of dominion for reasons beyond your understanding. As this day moves forward into eve and the stars become your crowning glory what you have experienced, seen and felt will move you forward into a part of your evolutionary signature that you have not deciphered or subscribed to as yet.

Do not mourn for any loss that has been experienced through history whether it was a loss of a past you, the loss of the Christ or the Buddha or the loss of a dream. For all that is unfinished is gathered within the cellular configuration of each new generation that is born unto planet earth. And thus the dreams, the wants, and the desires are recycled in a cellular fashion.

I need for you to believe. I need for you to know. Do not question or argue with the status quo of information and half-truths. Conserve your life force as a star that dwindles from a white giant to a red dwarf. Focus in intensity, clarity and intention only that which you wish to observe into manifestation and creation. Do not pour your cell fluids and the liquid-ness of your heart upon that which is toxic or dark or unnecessary for your evolution and elevation. Conserve as one who is upon a desert trek and there are no oasis, only mirages of the soul. I need you to be filled with the liquid truth of your light full strength not diluted, not watered down, but pure and strong and deliberate.

What comes to you in the upcoming year is an opportunity to float above the debris of the past, to float above the debris within toxic daily events. You are now attaining the role of high priest and high priestess. You are now attaining the holy scrolls of self and documentation of divinity. In this position of Light, there cannot be a squandering of your holiness. Grace all with your vibration of love. Grace all with your vibration of truth but do not place so much effort into turning a sowís ear into a silk purse. Wear the pearls of truth upon your body and in your heart but do not cast them at all by-passers. Allow the radiance of your being to touch the fabric of their soul light. You must deliberately and intentionally create a facility to the light of auric and being that you are and thus bypass all the need to change what is stuck in stone and quagmire and refuses to shift to a higher vibration. I need you as holy portals. I need you as documentation of the light.


Welcome dear ones. My heart jumps with such joy as a dolphin as I look upon you as you gather to celebrate this day (12-13-2003) with myself and the One, my belovedís mother. My heart jumps with such glee as I see your intention and your remembrance cell by cell as it manifests in the very facial structure that radiates from you. On this day you have become more beauteous of nature because all that was solid and parted within you has been cast to an open sea. You my beloved's walk upon that open sea without fear of drowning in anything unknown and for this my heart bows to you.

I thank you for celebrating the birth of my child that was unknown and unacknowledged for her own safety. There were other children that came forth in my life. But only one with the Christ, my beloved. I acknowledge as do you the wholeness that lives within the very fabric of our connected DNA. For all of you have walked through my vibration in one format or another. Those of you who still have blocks to acknowledging who I am and my connection to the Savior do so because in the past, you were killed or tortured for those beliefs, so to think them again brings you much pain. I understand that completely.

As each one of you readies to birth the Christ child within during this Christed Christmas it is important that you understand that all things are holy. It does not have to be a Sunday or a holy day. It does not have to be a special place or fabric or garment that you place upon your being. It does not have to be a special song or verse. For all things are holy. The holy garments of your world come in many different denominations then they did in my days of old.

As Christ looked upon me, I was so fractured and fragmented, dark and probably the very ugliest I ever looked in my life, for I prided myself upon looking as a beautiful women in that time and place. My Beloved looked into my soul and he saw a seed of light and that seed of life was a mirror to him. As he saw it, he smiled and my heart smiled back in memory. In that moment when all time and space stood still, in my very darkest of days, in my dirtiest of rags, and on my darkest nights of self and soul, he fell in love with me. He remembered who I was. For up until that moment, he had not remembered either and saw me only as a lost lamb in the night. He did not think he would ever walk through life with another in his heart as man and woman. He thought he was fated to walk with a group of men who oft times did not smell as sweet as the roses he created. In that moment of reflection as he looked at me, he saw who I was in pure heart, truth and light.

In your world you will be gifted with many such events as the holiness is mirrored back to you in an exchange of light and heart. It could be with a person, a place, a thing, or a part of earth that gives you a reflection of yourself that you had forgotten all about. Finally you feel comfortable and free enough to become a little bit more you, a little bit more light, and a little bit more of a believer. Most of you that hold a high heart believe greatly and deeply. You have great roots of belief that go down deep into the heart and the core of earth and spring forward as great branches upon the Kabbala Tree of Life. There are many within your world that seek to know and believe through others. Then when others fail them, they give up belief.

In the time of Jesus, my Beloved, there were many that failed him; many that he was disappointed in. Many times he cried onto my breast as he sighed deeply as the Son of God, as the Son of Man and the Son of Heaven with such a heavy heart. It disturbed him greatly he heard those about him bickering about who was favorite, who was grand, who was chosen, and who was to do this or that. His heart broke over and over again with humanity and with people. Each day he would pray that they would awaken to their potential, not his potential. That is what he saw within me. I gave myself 200% to him with no questions asked, with no return on the investment except to serve the light and the heart within him as he served the light and the heart within me. Together, we balanced the polarity of earth and within each other.

As you come to celebrate his birth on this earth, understand that there were millions of Christed children born on the earth and you each are one of them. On the day that you were born, the angels sang in jubilation. And then their work began to keep you safe and sound until you got to this space at this time on this date. Now the Angels in charge of your remembrance can relax for a moment or two. They know that you understand in cellular totality what you are to do.

Please do not give up on your planet and your people. Do not look at them with distaste down your long Roman noses. Do not stone them and swat them with branches and toss them by the road. Please believe for them as my Beloved believed for those that followed him but still did not hear. It is not up to you to make another Holy or religious or remember or a better person. It is only up to you to become the very best that you know how. And from that point of Light and Heart and Illumination, then you shall succeed in shifting the light for others.

I thank you and honor you in all of my glory and my Belovedís glory. He has asked to be present and he will come forth silently and give to each of you something that is desired within your heart of hearts. Visualize him standing in front of you and look at those beautiful eyes. How I love those eyes. He will ask you invisibly in your mind to tell him what is in your heart, child. "Tell me what is in your heart. Tell me what pains you". As he cast out all the dark within me in order to see the beauteous mirror that I reflected for him, allow him to do it for you. Please each of you; stop to receive this gift. "He now asks for you to imagine Him placing your hands upon his heart and his hands upon your heart and exchange love. For this feeling of love that you feel at this moment, is like the trueness of love that passed between our hearts and we want to share that with you so that you will know the divinity of love and its scent that will long live within your memory." I am Mary Magdalene. I am the Christís bride and the Christís Beloved and I am a part of your heritage as you are a part of my future. Thank you for remembering me for they so longed to write me from the pages of all that was known. But my Beloved promised that one day I would be set free from the shackles of written history and that day comes today and I bow to you in blessings.

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