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   From the Winter Solstice 2003 Newsletter

From Divine Mother Goddess and Mother Mary:
I Am Here and I Will Be Known!
Lay Down Your Burdens!

Excerpt of a message channeled by Antera on 11/16/03

Note from Antera: The following was received during the Harmonic Concordance, and was extremely profound for both Omaran and myself. We were sobbing through most of it due to the tremendous love and nurturing energy we were experiencing. At first I was simply describing what I was experiencing and "hearing," then She came through directly.

Antera: She is here, Mother Mary, bringing forth the Great Goddess energy. And I can just really feel it pouring through…surrounding us…the Goddess…nurturing us… allowing us to feel this immense love… power. We are all within her embrace.

She tells us that we are her children. We are one within her embrace. She really, really does embrace us. She is the Divine Mother. She heals all wounds!

She invites us to put our burdens down. She sees that we are weary, that we are tired of carrying these burdens and we want to lay them down. It is time to lay them down. And while she has us in her embrace she says "All is forgiven! All! Everything goes, you do not need to carry any kinds of ill feelings toward anyone." Or toward ourselves. Because she is the Divine Mother and she decides to allow grace!

The grace of forgiveness. The nurturing grace that only the Divine Mother can give. Because she sees all and she does not want to see us suffering anymore. She says it is time to purge and cleanse ourselves. And give up all those petty feelings…they are all petty, she says. They are not worthy of us. Breathe! We are worthy of love…we are worthy of her love. And no one can love like her!

She is the beginning and the end. The Great Creator and the Great Destroyer. The one who can fill our deepest needs, our deepest needs for love. For that is always the need, always the salve that heals the wound. And she wants us to know that she is here in a very big way now. She is with us! She is with the planet. She is with everyone on the planet now! It is time for her to re-awaken. It is time for her to be known on the planet!

It is time for all people to open to the Divine Mother, for she is the one who can heal our wounds. She is the one who has the Divine Love, the Divine Compassion, the Divine Embrace that is so needed right now for all peoples. Let all people bring forth the Divine Mother, the Divine Goddess. We have shut her out for so long!

DIVINE MOTHER: I am here and I will be known! For no longer can humans work on this planet the way they have. No longer can they, I will not allow it to continue! As I bring forth my light, everything else will fall away. All of this bickering and suffering… all of the burdens that you carry, that you have carried for so long, will now fall away. I will not allow them for my children any longer!

There comes a time you can give up these burdens. There comes a time when the energies must shift, and THAT IS THIS TIME! THAT IS THIS TIME!

As you open to my energies, the energies of the Goddess, of the Divine Mother, then you know that all your wounds are cleansed and will heal. I will not allow my light working children to carry these wounds into the new age. And any and all of you who open to me, open to my energies, open to my nurturing embrace, you will be cleansed, you will be healed! You will become empowered to your fullest capacities! You will be protected from misqualified energies. For once you cleanse yourselves, once you open to my cleansing and purifying force, you will no longer be affected by any of the other energies that are directed at you.

Only love will resonate with you. Only love is real. And for those of you who have believed for a long time that you are other than love, that you are other than light energy, you will know BEYOND A DOUBT that you are love! That everything else can fall away instantly on my command. And I will command it if you ask.

I will not allow this to go on any longer. It has come to my attention that the time for the Mother Goddess is here! It is the time for the Mother energy to soothe and heal this planet. I have slumbered, I have waited, and now I awaken! There is no longer any wait! I will not allow it to go on any further!

All of you may call my energies. And you will feel my presence in a big way now, for I am here and I am not leaving until every one of my beautiful light children is cleansed and purified, and comes into their glowing presence fully and completely, for this has been ordained from on high! This has been ordained! It has gone on long enough and now each of you, my beautiful children, each of you, every single one, I have my eye on. Every single one of you will rise into the light!

As you feel those old energies that you have been holding onto for so long, fall away from you easily, sometimes it may be a little uncomfortable. But this must happen. You must allow this purging, this cleansing, this purification of your energy fields in whatever form it takes, and know that I am here with you. I am your sponsor. No other energies on the planet can even begin to affect the energy of the Divine Mother's love! Know you that this is the truth! And each of you will have your own opening, if you allow it, to the Divine Mother's love and energy. For I am with you all!

Eventually everyone on the planet will become aligned with the Goddess again. For it is my time. And it is time for balance. It is time for harmony and balance. And as the Great Father gives you His energies, so do I. And if you neglect the side of you that is the Great Mother, you will be out of balance, as is the whole planet at this time. So we are bringing it back into balance now. I will not stop until we are done! I am in this with all of you. I am here! I am here! All you have to do is call forth my energy and know that I am encircling you with my energy, my embrace of love, and my embrace of purification and cleansing.

As you open to it, allow all that is not love to fall away from you. Simply fall away, in whatever form that takes. Whether it is comfortable or uncomfortable simply know that it is a purification, and it needs to take place in every individual, and in the world herself.

As you shed your burdens very, very quickly, you will shine brighter and brighter. For you see, the burdens are not real, they are not physical. They are simply energy that has been pretending for a long, long time to be heavy, pretending that you are not strong enough, that you cannot throw it off. But you are and you can. And I am here to tell you that now. These energies can be easily thrown off! They can be easily transformed! Through the love of the Mother.

I know you can feel my power, and I know you can feel my love! Now feel my breath, the Holy Breath! The Holy Spirit, as I breathe upon you. Let it swirl throughout, reaching every cell of your body, every energetic part of you, out into the infinity of the universe. The Holy Spirit is yours! The Holy Spirit is ours. The Holy Breath transforms instantly! Transforms to the Christ Light!

MARY: This is Mary. The Great Goddess Mother is with us now, and she is very powerful. I bring her to you through me to make the initial connection today. But at any time, you can call on her to help you if you need nurturing. If you need love, call on the Mother Goddess. This period of time between the eclipses that you have all looked forward to, is a time of the Goddess. She has awakened, and she is here now, and through me and other goddesses you know, the Great Goddess is manifesting, and is manifesting in everyone on the planet.

This will bring up much of the mis-qualified energy, it will bring up any pain you carry, any burden you carry, as she said, to be healed… to be let go of very quickly if you call on her help. She is here to help with this kind of purging. She is here to help purge the astral fields around the planet. She is here to help release the burdens that so many of you carry.

This is a very important time in history and we know that it all depends on how people react to it, how it will manifest. So we wait and we see. But we are all very watchful and hopeful, to see how this will manifest. For we know the consciousness will be raised, but we don't know how that will manifest into the physical, how that will manifest in terms of purifying the planet. If many, many individuals work on their own cleansing and purification, then that will certainly ease the process. If they do not, then the Earth itself will have to purge. And that can take the form of many kinds of physical hazards, shake-ups, weather changes, natural disasters.

But we are hoping that individuals can come through with their own purging, their own cleansing, enough so that the Earth does not have to do it for you. This is a grand opportunity for you.

Copyright © 2003 Antera

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