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Your Christmas Message

Which Inheritance Do You Choose?

Each year at Christmas time there is a hole made in the veil, and for a little while the truth of Love is alight within the hearts of humankind. Each year, for a little while, the flow of life returns to giving, and somewhere in many human hearts, Love is paramount again.

Even the grieving that seems to be a result of the holiday season is actually from remembering a greater Love and missing it.   It is not those old relationships or loneliness that makes people sad.   It is the message whispered through the heart of the glorious Love that is meant to be yours.   It is the agony of missing it, of lives unwound, of hearts reversed.   It is the call of the Christ child in every person, asking each if they will come to worship.   Each year the story of Christmas speaks to the soul, stirring within it that which remembers that it is your story, each of you, as well as that of Jesus.   Mary knew who was the parent of this child that lay within her arms in her embrace.    She knew that his inheritance came from Me, and no one else.   Not from sperm and egg, not from bodies or human parents.  Rather she knew that life came from Me,  just as was true of every step of Jesus' life, and is true for yours.  The truth was demonstrated in the physical world as the Immaculate Conception. "Life comes from God," that symbol said. God is the one true parent/parents.  If life comes forth directly from Me,  then it means that I Am your line of inheritance.  Jesus knew these things.

He knew that he was not born of human parents, so he knew that his qualities, his inheritance, his genetic gifts came directly to him from Me.  That which is true of Me was also true of him.  Every step he ever took was to show this forth for all of you.  Think and feel the truth of this - that your life comes forth from Me directly.  Even your mind can see it is obvious.  Without the Creator, there is no life!  So rather than inheriting genetic frailties and dispositions, illnesses of the body or confusions of the mind, you know that you inherited only life's perfection. The spirit of Love gives you life, where everything is perfect.  This is your inheritance - perfect Love and perfect joy, abundance, glorious, perfect life and never ending supply.  I Who Am All would not create you and then fail to include for you all you will need to live out the perfection of the Love you are.

This Christmas time you begin to see the false from the Real. You see that the world of physicality, of disease and death and limitation could not be your inheritance, unless you believe that something other than I, other than perfect Love, was the Source of your life.

You are Love, beings of spirit. You are given life directly by Me every single moment.  This year as the veil thins and the opening occurs, accept the truth - the truth of who you are, the truth of your inheritance. Trace your lineage and accept the results. Withdraw your belief from a human inheritance of a limited world and a dying body and a string of genetic propensities that have nothing to do with you at all.

How will you know your true inheritance?  How will you discover all it contains?  And how will you know Me, your true Source, the one who really gave you life?   By coming to Me in your heart.  Your heart is where we meet.  It is the doorway to what's Real, the portal to your Christedness, to the fact that you, too, are living Love.  It is that through which you can find your true lineage and discover the truth of your inheritance.  Everything I Am, you are.  Everything I have is yours.  Every moment, each eternal Now, you are born anew as a Twin Flame cell in My very heart, the heart of God.  Through the truth of your precious hearts you shall claim, each one of you, the perfect Love you are and you will live it here as Jesus did.  Oh, beautiful ones, how many tears will you cry before you realize that these tears aren't you?  How many lives in broken bodies, how many struggles with lack and fear?  How long will you accept that you were "born of human parents" when the truth is - you are born of the living spirit!   Life comes only from Me, and I Am life eternal. Life magnificent! Life as spiritual - as a unity of flowing Love, of living light, of ecstasy, "embodied" only in consciousness that Love may have relationship.

Can you see that who you truly believe your parents are creates what you experience as life?  If you believe you are born of bodies, of human parents with all their foibles, then your inheritance is limitation. Your inheritance is a body that dies and a life of struggle maintaining it. And your lineage is a succession of two possibilities, some good, some bad, all random. There is no assurance of good, no continuity. There are even genetic  diseases, mental instabilities, relationship propensities. And even if your family tree seems positive in many ways, there is no guarantee those positive traits will come forth in you.

But if you see the truth --that you can only come forth from Me for I Am the One in which all life lives - then your heritage is far different! Your
identity when taken from Me is that you are a being of glorious Love. You are spiritual. You are eternal. There is only life for you, not death. Every good is yours, each Now. You need only to ask for it and all the riches, all the abundance, all of the beauty of Creation is yours, given to you by your loving parents.  When you look to Me to see who you are, you know you are unlimited, filled with only Love, for in Me there is only one possibility, and that dear ones, is perfect Love.

Will you miss the comfort of human parents, of accepting belief in a human inheritance?  Not at all. I Am with you intimately. I hold you tenderly every moment - and I Am never absent. I guide you in the pristine light, illuminating every step. You cannot stumble or fall as you can with human parents. I Am perfectly expressing Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. So you will have "both parents," and you will also have perfect examples of what you are as masculine or feminine and of what you will feel in union with your SoulMate. Plus in your heart you shall know him or her, every moment of your life - a life that never ends.

You are co-creators. You are My heart. You are the center point of All That Is. You are the vessel through which I love. Every one of you is part of a  Twin Flame cell in My heart. Love is All There Is in Me, and that Love is you. So you can see how your belief determines your experience - for you are, above all things, My co-creative heart. You have believed in a human  inheritance and from that belief you have created your life. Together with the others who believe the same way, you create a whole world of the "human experience." But you are not human. You are divine. In your mistaken belief that we are separate, that the source of your life is a sperm and an egg, that your human parents are "where you come from" and their DNA is your inheritance, you have accepted two possibilities for your life. You have accepted both life AND death, rather than only life -- and Love and not-Love
or good and evil. Believing in your humanness, you've believed that I Am "optional," that you can believe in Me or not, according to your little mind's decision about the matter. You believe your life, then, is also separate from you. Everything both bad and good is happening outside of you, and you seek to fill the emptiness that comes from resting not in Me with more and more things "out there," in that which you deem the physical world. It is time, dearest ones, to return to the truth -- the truth of our Love, of your resting in Me and the trust of how I love you, how tenderly, how very close. You are My heart. I Am the Love that ever flows through you. It is time to come through the Christ doorway, the doorway of the heart that Jesus used. It is time to claim your inheritance -- time to live as Jesus did.

Step-by-step he demonstrated the truth of you, My precious ones -- the truth of your abilities, the truth of your inheritance. He showed the truth, dear ones, that here in Me, there is only one possibility ever, and it is Love. Accept this inheritance and you will say, as Jesus did, "The prince of this world comes and he finds nothing in Me."

He was not talking about some embodiment of darkness. He was talking about the whole belief in this world of humanness, this world of duality, of "two powers" instead of one. It is time for you to realize that Christ is also you. The "child of God" is one, one whole with billions of parts -- My one heart with billions of Twin Flame cells. Everything that Jesus is, you are. Everything that Jesus did, you too may do. But to do it, beloved ones, you can't split yourself or believe in the lie that I Am or you are anything else but Love. Turn to Me for your identity, not to the "outside world." Certainly you have realized that the outer world makes no sense! It is random possibilities of both good and bad things happening because of your belief, dear ones, in two possible outcomes. In Me there is only one and that is Love. So as you withdraw your powerful co-creative attention from the illusion of Love and anti-Love, from the belief in a human inheritance and all that springs from this and place it back on Me, everything will change. Your life shall come forth from your heart where My Love pouring through you will magnetize around the symbols of your inheritance. Creation is magnetic, attracting all through resonance. Thus if you are in your heart in Love, that Love comes forth around you as your life in the world. As you know that you are Love, standing here, giving, you will have your Twin Flame back with you at last.  All these things -- your one true Love who with you mirrors the Moment of Creation, your glorious abundance providing everything you shall ever need to express your life, the perfect friends, the perfect home and the expression in this world of who you are -are magnetized by your awakened heart -- a heart that believes that only Love is Real. Only Love is who I Am, and thus only Love is who you are as well. When your Christedness has been reclaimed you will live every moment from your heart. Love will be pouring through you ever and always being given forth, for the purpose of Creation in the holy Now is the continual giving of My Love and the sharing of Love in relationship. Love, as it pours forth through your heart to bless and heal as Jesus did, will register upon your heart as the glorious feelings of divine Love. Beloved ones, you can barely imagine how exquisite, how exalting, how magnificent it is to feel this perfect Love. But you will!

One of the ways you can attune yourselves, as you place your will back in Mine, is to call upon the Angels and ask them to attune you. The Angels are the embodiment in consciousness of My "feeling body." They are the Twin Flame streams of singing Love.  If you match yourself to their vibration, you are lifted back into the experience of the truth of who you are! Divine, ecstatic Love, purity, grace, unity, glory, exaltation, giving,  presence, harmony and joy - all are embodied by the angels. This is who they are. These divine feelings are the resonance of their streams of light, both the positive electrical charge (Divine Masculine) and the negative electrical charge (Divine Feminine), woven and flowing together as living electrons of light. Call on them and feel them with and through your hearts. Then attune yourself to the vibration that they are and you have lifted yourself right out of this world of illusion, of "bad and good," back into the flow of only Love and their resonance alive as you! And now, we come to Jesus. Oh, dear ones, what he is for you! He is the "sounding forth" of who you are. He is the resonance of the Christed life, for Christ is My Love, embodied. He has established the vibration, the resonance of perfect Love expressed in perfection here, "in the world" He is as no other being.

There have been many who have reached the truth but he holds it for you.   He stands forth as the vibration of Love that is the truth of the heart of all of you.   But not only the truth of who you are, but the truth of how to live it here.   It is held across the entire spectrum of life on Earth that everyone can claim it. There is no ascending path. There is the lack of the truth, and there is the correcting of it.  When you can accept the truth, dear ones, it negates all the old mistakes when you didn't know as much.   As an example, consider a child attempting to assemble a difficult toy.   Perhaps at four he makes a mess of it, creating it backwards with parts missing. But at five he suddenly gets it. He puts it together and filled with joy, he rushes to show it to his parents.  Do they then punish him for the old mistakes?  Do they make him "pay" because he didn't "get it"  when he was younger and less adept?   Of course they don't!  They celebrate.  They rejoice with him or her.  They examine the toy and they praise the discovery of the truth of how to assemble it.  These are the human parents.  Would I then not do the same?  Would I not rejoice when you have grown enough to realize the truth and claim it?   There is no karma, no long road home.  The progression is only your growing ability to remember the "keys" to your true life -- the life that Jesus showed forth for you.

Thus do I now "grow you up" quickly, flooding this world with the truth of the heart, that seeing it, reclaiming it, you can return your co-creative power to the truth of who you are and a world of only Love.  Truly, "what you see" (focus on) "is what you get." Focus on who you are in the Real, resting in perfect Love, being the heart through which I give, seeing only Love.  You are not of this world.  
This Christmas the Christ that is born is You.   Look, then, to your Real inheritance and focus on giving Love.   Open your hearts, beloved ones, and let the Christ light shine through you, that you will magnetize the others' hearts all around the world.   Attune yourselves to the Angels to know your Real feelings.   And attune yourself to Jesus to know how to live as only Love while serving the transformation of every human being. With the Harmonic Concordance, it is done. Christ has come to Earth again.   And this time, it is you.

 GOD  your Father and Mother

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