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I have been asked many times by private email, about Animals and their role on the Earth plane.

I must say though that many will disagree with what I discuss here.  However, it is truth.  I have discussed Animals before on this web site, in my channeling on Animals and Karma, and one on your Animals taking on your conditions.

Animals are part of evolution too, they are Souls just like you are.  However, they are different in that they live in the Now, whereas you live in the past for most of your life, and you worry about the future. Animals do not do this.  By living in the now, they do not have the past, nor do they concern themselves with the future.  All they are concerned with, is their survival now.  They can be trained to be almost human, and yes, with repetition, they can understand your language.  They know the words "food", "walk" and many other words.  They soon adjust to your thinking, and know that the more they love you, the more you will love them.  My channel Margaret was concerned at placing her cat in a cattery while she went to New Zealand for a month of Earth time.  I assured her, not only will the cat get good care by people who specialize in cats, but the cat will live in a state of now, although it may be a month of Earth time to Margaret, to the cat, there will just be the now.  There will be no time frame for the cat.  Yes, the cat may miss her, but soon, it will settle down and before it knows it, Margaret will be home.

I have been asked, "do animals become humans" yes of course they do!  They evolve just as you evolved. Each incarnation they become closer to human.  Usually, when they become human, they are born into tribal communities where they learn to be human.  They then evolve from there.

Margaret once asked me where a certain fear came from and I showed her a life where she was a dog, the recall in Margaret was incredible she could see it all.  She never doubted after that experience.

Animals can become the most wonderful of companions, friends and even family. Many of you have had incarnations in many lives with your animals.  Hence, the closeness you felt when you met your animal. More than anything, animals are a part of humanity, a part of spirit.  Yes, they do go into a group soul, sort of like a tribe, but when they wish to visit you, or you wish to visit them in spirit, this is made possible and you meet individually.  Their love for you transcends all of time as you know it.  There are a few who mistreat their animals, and I have been asked, what happens to these souls?

I can assure you, when these souls see themselves in the Hall of Mirrors, without the Self there, they are mortified, and what goes out must come back, in another incarnation, they will not come back as an animal despite what certain Buddhists say, but they will experience ill treatment exactly in measure to what they gave out in this life.  It is the rule of the Universe, what you give out, you get back!

Love your animals, for they love you - unconditionally.



I have been asked by Peter to comment on the subject of marriage within the spiritual context.  First of all, may I say that we in spirit do not insist on marriage.  It is a choice made by humanity.  Man made marriage, and it was created mainly for man to have a hold over women.  It does not matter whether a child is born in or out of wedlock, it is still loved by God.  Its status does not change that.

Over the Earth years, marriage has become a business, it seems the more you can spend on your wedding, the more esteem you have.  Yet, marriage is not about clothes or cakes or receptions, it is about the commitment of two people to each other.

There are times when because of Karma, two people need to marry, as in the case of my channel Margaret and her husband Peter.  They had unfinished business from the past, where Peter ran away on his wedding night with another woman.  In this incarnation, he chose to come back and stay, much to his shock when he became aware of this!  It created quite a battle within him, and there often is this battle when there is karma in a relationship.  One or the other partner, still wants to run away!

When two people come together, it should be there choice whether they marry or not.  We do not insist on this for you.  It is your choice.  For many years, the church forced it, and any child born out of marriage was labeled a Bastard and was made to feel different.  God does not see any child as different, they are all his children.  If you choose to marry, ask of yourself, do I need all of the ceremony?  Often, you will find that you will not.  If you do choose the ceremony, make it a spiritual one.  Often, two people come together to finish karma and later on in life, there is no longer any spark left in the relationship.  It is also in order to leave a relationship if you are unhappy.  If the karma is not finished in the lessons to be learned, the Universe will bring another partner to learn from again.  We have no insistence on anything, you, humanity chose what you need and what you do.  Your astrological chart will indicate if you are to have more than one partner, or if the possibility is there should you not complete the karma with one partner.  It is your choice.



I am more than I appear to be.  The power and strength of all the world rest inside me.

In 1970 I had a powerful dream that woke me up, and I heard two of the most wonderful sentences in the world:
"Everything is joy!  All joy is God!"

As Fritz used to say, "Nothing is eaten as hot as it's cooked."  And Daisy Manners told me when I was very small, "Be still and hold peace."  And something I heard long ago - "There's many a slip between the cup and the lip."

Zen Quote from Joe:

"In dwelling, live close to the ground.
In thinking, keep to the simple.
In conflict, be fair and generous.
In governing, don't try to control.
In work, do what you ejoy.
In family life, be completely present."

I now release all hidden guilt within my soul body and any residue of shame, blame or regrets in thought forms with regard to myself or any other ever-present now...and all experience do I hereby acknowledge as life's lessons in its purest form and identity.     Sananda Eagles

All expectations of others is the negative functioning of the heart chakra.  Stop expecting, and you won't be angry anymore.
               -Bubba Buddha

We have said many times; a master walks among them and when a master walks among them, things are changed.  You don't need to change anyone but yourself.  So many things will become simple, when you are in the world, but not of it.

St. Germaine - "Laughter is the element of transmutation; the elixir that is the all fixer; the lightening of the tightening. There is no such thing as strife - there is only life!"

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water." ~ Loren Eiseley

UC Irvine College of Medicine says re:  Anticipation Alert, Just looking forward to your favorite TV show could boost your immunity and lower your stress levels - even if you miss seeing the show.

"Phase out anything you feel lukewarm about. Embrace everything you agree with and believe in with all your heart."

"Consider this: Divination itself may not seem important to you, but the energy that is enlivened within divination is very important to you. Much is known about you by what you choose. In other words, your choices are a form of divination."  from Recognizing God, p. 109 Maticintin Winged Wolf

In my opinion self satisfied Americans are permitting all kinds of things to get by.  The habit of a lifetime of mental sloth and blind faith is very dangerous.

"Living your power means giving up your victim role in life, accepting that whatever happens is a direct result of your attention, via your choices and the consciousness you carry to produce your choices.  As you move along the Path of the Divine Consciousness, living as Divine Consciousness, a refinement process takes place."  from Recognizing God, p. 63 Maticintin Winged Wolf

"First there is the vision and the substance follows...we make our own worlds and everything in it.  You can change anything or improve it to suit yourself."  from Through the Crystal

All things are created by the energy of what dreams it.  We call it presentation because actual creation is already finished, in that the bits and pieces of creation are finished.  Creation is a misused word.  Presentation is more accurate."  from Dialogues With a Shaman Teacher

"I find television very educating.  Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book." - Groucho Marx, 1890-1977

We learn that what seems meaningless is the only thing that is meaningful.

"When a person lives as the Divine Consciousness most of the time, that which they put their attention upon manifests through the attention."  from Dialogues With a Shaman Teacher p. 242  Maticintin Winged Wolf

"They're not going to catch us; we're on a mission from God!"

"One today is worth two tomorrows."

The Five Ball Game of Life:
Work - is a rubber ball, the only one that you can drop and it will bounce back up.  Family - Health - Friends - Integrity - are precious glass balls which you must be careful not to drop.

Only in America......do we use the word 'politics' to describe the process so well: Poli' in Latin meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'bloodsucking creatures'.

"You don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note." -- Doug Floyd

Two Rules For Happy Living
Be able to experience anything.
Cause only those things which others can experience easily.

If you come to me with doubt I will give every reason to be doubtful.
If you come to me with love I will show you more than you have ever known."  Mahamuni Babaji

It was once said by Paramahansa Yogananda that one has to "Change their thoughts if they wish to change their circumstances.  Since they alone are responsible for their thoughts, only they can change them. They will want to change them when they realize that each thought creates according to its own nature...."

The secret of life is not to have everything you want, but to want everything you have.


Life should be chiefly service.  Without that ideal. the intelligence that God has given you is not reaching out toward its goal.  When in service you forget the little self, you will feel the big Self of Spirit.  As the vital rays of the sun nurture all, so should you spread rays of hope in the hearts of the poor and forsaken, kindle courage in the hearts of the despondent, and light a new strength in the hearts of those who think that they are failures.  When you realize that life is a joyous battle of duty and at the same time a passing dream, and when you become filled with the joy of making others happy by giving them kindness and peace, in Godís eyes your life is a success.  Paramahansa Yogananda

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