Relationship Advice,  Mother to Daughter,  good for any relationship.

1.Tell her you Love her, Tell her you Love her, Tell her you Love her. Tell her that you believe in her and that you have faith that she will get through this safely.

2.Do NOT tell her what is wrong with her (SHE KNOWS SHE IS WRONG).  Tell her what is right with her and that she can ALWAYS come to you know matter what!!!

3.Show her you Love her by NOT GIVING UP ON HER--keep letting her know that you are concerned that you care and that you are NOT going to give up on her. It doesn't matter if she says "I hate you" to you--YOU SAY --I LOVE YOU ----TO HER--Every time she says anything mean to you--Say "I Love You anyway"--Tell her that you are there for her, that no matter how big she gets or how many "friends" she has that YOU are her MOM

4.The Only thing that you can do to help her is to LOVE HER ANYWAY--Hopefully you won't have to, but if you do have to, get professional help--by all means get it--but only if you see that is the only thing that will work--If you do this DO NOT FEEL GUILTY--

5.DO NOT FEEL GUILTY--Understand that she is just on Loan to you--but that she really belongs to GOD and that she is working out her own destiny and we can't always know what is best because only God see's the whole picture--She chose YOU as a Mom before she was born so there is nothing for you to feel guilty about--You and her are together for the GOOD of both--

I AM sending you both much Love and Light and Much Patience and Strength to YOU and I can tell you that MY daughter NOW hugs me EVERY DAY and tells me she Loves me and that I'm the Best MOM in the whole world--And it has been worth every minute of the struggle (and Believe me IT WAS A STRUGGLE-- I SPENT MANY, MANY NIGHTS CRYING) AND WORRYING AND WONDERING IF MY DAUGHTER WOULD MAKE IT!--

In Loving Golden Christ Radiance--Terra / RainbowHeart

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