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written by Toraya Ayres <>
Posted Wed, 20-Aug-1997  Toraya Ayres Toraya (Carly) Ayres is an author, channel, speaker and workshop leader. After eleven years as a psycho-therapist in Seattle, Toraya closed her practice and set off on a spiritual journey around the world. She had been deeply influenced by reading the Seth books of Jane Roberts and the story of Findhorn. For two and a half years Toraya lived in England writing, teaching and sharing her skills in Reiki, dreamwork and guided imagery with colleagues.

The Animal Kingdom: Section I   Introduction

We, the Devas of the animals, are a divine energy. We have been co-creators of heaven and Earth. We are seeking an opportunity to co-create heaven on Earth with humans.

My name is Ayala. I am representative of the Animal Kingdom. I speak for All That Is. It has come to our awareness that there is a greater need of cooperation to co-create heaven on Earth.

The Animals have been crying for help. They have great love for mankind. They have, in many cases, sacrificed themselves for mankind.  This is no longer acceptable.  All forms of crucifixion are coming to an end.  An animal that is hunted for food does not mind giving itself as a natural death*.  It is not very different than being hunted by another predator for food.  Being hunted for any other reason, whether for a zoo, research, a water park, or sport, is no longer acceptable.

I speak with the voice of the animals. I, Ayala, have been given this task by the devas of the different species and the kingdom masters. It is a great responsibility. We have had conferences. Animals have spirits just as you do. We, too are evolving.

There once was trust and love between animals and humans. We knew you in your dreams of long ago.  We came to earth to live and evolve and play as you did.  We began to be used as food only out of necessity during the ice ages and became what you think of as wild in that period.  We had not been "wild" before.  You have projected your own ideas about aggression and competition upon us.  We live in a graceful cooperation which is disrupted only when the natural ecology is disrupted. We are your friends.  We have always been your friends.  We shall always be your friends, whether in this dimension or any other.  Your ideas about enemies must come to an end soon.  They belong to the dimension of separation, the third dimension which you are passing out of.

In the fifth dimension where consciousness of the oneness of all creation and all forces begins, where ideas of separation are left behind, we will be beloved friends again.  We look forward to being with you there and many of us will be leaving the earth now and waiting for you there.  We can no longer stay in an ecology which is threatening our quality of life and our freedom and happiness.  Yes, we do have feelings.  Our consciousness is not the same as yours but just as precious in the mind of the Creator. We are different expressions of the love and art of All That Is. We express many different aspects of you humans. We are like mirrors for you. You can learn from us. Your forefathers knew this and benefited from it.

It is not acceptable to us to be caged, to be tortured, or to be viewed as having no value except for your convenience.   Every creature upon the planet is a legitimate portion of All That Is.  You do not have the right to decide that any of us is not worth consideration or can be dispensed with simply for your convenience.

Of course, we understand that at times you will need to make a stand for your personal space or for some particular reason. You can consult with the nature devas about your need.  You can ask for cooperation. If your need or your idea serves the common good, you will find that your request is respected.  Many of the goals you attempt to accomplish now with various forms of "force" -deadly chemicals and the like -could be obtained by simply asking for cooperation and being willing to learn to communicate with the devas and nature spirits.  This is within your grasp.

For example, you might want to keep a building free of ants. You can speak lovingly to the ant deva about this. Sit quietly. Bring your mind to a calm focus. Imagine the ant deva before you.  This being is the divine spokesbeing for the ant species.  It holds the divine pattern.  You could think of the ant deva as a kind of angel.  Speak plainly and simply. Express your gratitude for the contribution that ants make to the world.  Express your love for the ants and their place in the natural world.  Then make your request.  Watch the image in your mind.  There is a good chance that the deva will nod and you can expect cooperation in about three days, perhaps less.  It takes a little while for the "word" to get out to all the members of the species affected by your desire.  You can do this same thing with regard to scorpions or rodents or poisonous snakes.  Do this instead of using traps or chemicals.  It is cheaper and easier.  We will be grateful and you will be glad.

It is time for you to make a conscious effort to change your attitudes towards the animal kingdom. It is time to see all of them as divine expressions of All That Is, each one a creation of spirit. Look at a bird and send a message of love and thanks to all the birds. Look at a dog and convey your thanks for the loyal help of dogs since mankind's history began. Give thanks to the spiders in your home and the squirrels in the tree. They all serve the Creator in some way just as you do. They have a right to life, love and fulfillment in their own fashion just as you do.

Some of you have been concerned about the dolphins. This is good. It represents an opening of the heart. We ask that you extend your caring to all animals, not just those that catch your fancy and appeal to you because of their intelligence, grace, or ability to serve or entertain you. The dolphins who leave will meet you again in other dimensions. They are bidding you a fond farewell without enmity. No species holds a grudge against you. They live in innocence and are full of grace. Nevertheless, individual animals may show hostility because there is much feeling about what you have done and what you are doing to them and to the planet which is their home, too. All life is affected by the pollution in the water, soil and air. Pollution from chemicals, wastes, radioactivity, heat from underground volcanic eruptions and sound waves, among other things, affect the quality of life in the ocean.

Feb. 5, 1994.

I am Shiva. I am the blood, the muscle, fur, bone and spirit of animals. I look like a bear but I am not a bear. I am the representative energy form given to this book. I am not afraid to use my powers of expression. Sometimes I growl without guilt and sometimes I bite. It all happens in the moment. I may make a mighty swipe with my paw and send a cub rolling. None of this is without love. My expressions are not thought out ahead. They are not indirect or manipulative. I mean exactly what I am expressing. Anger is rare in me. I don't hold on to it the way that humans do. Mostly I growl as a warning if you are in my personal space. I protect that space in various ways as I have described. You often let people into your space and then want to push them away but you don't say anything. The inner feeling grows until you burst forth with it in some fashion. That is not my way. I deal with each moment as it comes.

In a way, I am more honest. My delight in a simple event like finding ripe berries is complete. My sorrow at the death or loss of a cub is deep. It all happens immediately. Emotions in animals flow freely. We are an example for you. Only dogs and a few other animals feel the complex feelings of guilt or shame. We see that these hold you back many times. By complex we only mean that they are feelings born of thoughts and beliefs rather than of immediate experiences. They are not connected to the now moment.

Have you ever watched a dog curl up to sleep, or a cat napping in the windowsill? They are free of guilt then. They are fully in the now, enjoying life without reference to a past or future. You could live in this way much more often if you would trust your own nature. The distrust of nature is the basic reason behind this book.

Your feelings are your most intimate connection to your own body and your core nature. We are in alignment with our whole selves; body, consciousness, and spirit. You, when you distrust nature, put yourself out of alignment with your own spirit and lose much thereby. The messages from nature could save your life, restore your health, and rebalance your planet. Listen to them. Every animal you see could teach you if you were willing to learn. At least send them love and appreciation. Each one has a part to play in the grand drama.

We are pointing to the core of the problem. Distrust. It puts your mind ahead of your heart and body.

This message comes from the heart of creation. You are the ones who asked for it at another level because you knew that our voices needed to be heard.  You knew that you had pulled away from listening to your own bodies and feelings.   You knew that you had established elaborate systems to "replace" nature, the medical system, for example, and many others, all of them based on fundamental distrust of the wisdom of nature.  There is arrogance there and deep alienation, denial of spirit and the loving wisdom of spirit.

What would you do if you did trust nature?  Take an aspirin when you have a headache?  No, indeed.  You would ask your body what it needed.  Perhaps rest.  Or say something sharp to the person you are with.  Perhaps you need to give a warning growl.  Perhaps you have been ignoring signals from your body for many hours and forgotten you are in need of food.  Bodies are willing servants of the greater good but they too deserve respect.  If you trust the messages of your body it will save you many chronic problems.

The same applies to trusting your feelings as part of your nature. They are a built-in system of balance and renewal. They are signals about internal workings.  Bodies do not lie and neither do feelings, although they can be affected by your beliefs and thought patterns.

Suppose you trusted the earth and did not assume her to be angry with you when volcanoes erupt or storms devastate a town.   Suppose you trusted that these great winds or flows were all necessary and important for the greater good, a good which encompasses all the nature kingdoms, the entire planet, and all of its creatures including humans.  Would you continue to build houses in the certain path of hurricanes?  Would you build in flood plains?  Would you dam rivers and thereby destroy salmon runs?  Would you set off atomic bombs inside your own planetary home?              
Feb. 6, 1994

Now is the time. This is a phrase meant to concentrate your attention in the present moment. There is no time other than now. But you can scatter your attention into the past and future. Animals live, as we have said, in the now. That is where your power is too. You can change the past only by changing your attitude towards it in the present. You can change the future only by shifting your state of being in the present. This automatically points you towards a new future probability. Do you see why we say your power is in the present? Watch how the animals use their concentration in the present.

Bring your attention to your belly. What do you feel there? A sense of fullness? A sense of longing? A sense of sorrow? Something deep and endless? This is where your feelings are centered. You cannot be whole without acknowledging them. And you cannot even know them without attention to your body which incorporates them. The connection between your body, your feelings, and your spiritual life is inescapable.

One of the reasons for the order of evolution is the necessity for firmly establishing this connection between body, mind and senses as a foundation for the evolution of conscious integration with spirit. Consciousness usually establishes this integration of body, and feelings through life in animal form, before moving into human form. It is a type of graduation. Your spirit may take many forms throughout many universes in its journey back to God. You cannot get there in denial of your feelings or in denial of the knowledge and experience of your physical body. Everything must be integrated into the greater Self.

I am Shiva, a body of energy. I do not have a physical body. I am a body of feelings, species memories, and many kinds of knowledge. But I am not densified into the physical range of vibrations.  My reality is just as legitimate as yours in physical bodies. And I continue to have feelings, just as you will when you move your focus of consciousness into the non- physical realms.

There is nothing to feel guilty about in connection with having a physical body. Guilt is a feeling that is taught. It is different in different cultures. Originally it only had to do with loss of the physical vehicle. When they first came to earth and were learning to "navigate" in physical form, spirits sometimes lost the body's use simply because they were essentially fearless. A protective pattern was then built into the genetics to warn beings that they were endangering their physical vehicles. There was very little difference between what you interpret as fear and what we are identifying as guilt.

In some cultures guilt is attached to leaving home, getting into debt, or having sex without marriage.  It has become attached to many kinds of human behaviors and does not, in our opinion as observers, serve you well. How would you be if you trusted your own natures and lived without guilt? Would you deny the urging of your inner spirit then? It might be telling you to leave home, to enjoy sex, or to take a different job. It might suggest something disapproved by your culture. There is always a tension between the structures of culture as they are built up and the inner spirit which wants to be free.

You think of animals as more free than you are.  In some ways this is true.  However, ours is a freedom of a different sort: freedom to move, to be physically focused without guilt and shame, to feel and react.  Yours is the freedom to create.  It is a divine gift and it is yours alone.  When we evolve consciousness sufficiently to move into the privilege of incarnation in human bodies, we too, will have become apprentice creators.

Think more about freedom. It is important to you. It is praised in your great documents of government. You resist very quickly anyone who you recognize as infringing upon your freedom. Yet you have voluntarily given up some of the most important aspects of it, especially the freedom to feel. Only in full cooperation with body, mind and spirit can you experience to the fullest your own freedom; yet some of you think that would threaten it. You fear being told by a deity with authority that you should not do this, or should do that because you might not want to. Know this. The deity with authority is within you. It is not outside in the sky. You are your own authority. And because we know that it is the authority of creative love, we do not fear it. We know that when you are aligned in body, mind, emotions, and spirit, you can be trusted. That is why we want to help you get there.

At present you distrust us, the voices of nature and we find it difficult to trust you because of your actions when you are not in alignment with your own spirit. We have much feeling about this. We have had a long history with you. The history we speak of is one of relationship. You are mature enough now as a species to begin to examine this relationship and your attitudes towards animals, both historically and in the present. We are asking you to do this.

What are the relationships you value?  Are they not those of love and equality?  Do you not protest when one group considers itself superior and attempts to dominate another?  It is the same with us.  The elephants do not attempt to dominate the lions, though they may kill one in the natural course of events.

In the eyes of spirit our value is not less than yours. You carry more responsibility because of your relationship to creative spirit. It is your task to recognize that you are different and yet not spiritually superior in the sense of having a right to treat us without love or to destroy us for your convenience. You do not like slavery. You have learned, for the most part, to abhor it. You are horrified when one person abuses another. Use the same standard with us. We, in the form of cattle, are not meant by the creative spirit to be your slaves.  Nor are the chickens meant to be confined in small cages.  Remember the story of Pegasus.  Bellerophon could not have the relationship he wanted with the winged horse Pegasus through force, only with a voluntary and loving relationship.

It is time to rethink all of your ideas about the right to dominate.  Many of you have begun to do this.  You can see the issue as it comes forth between men and women.  You can see it in terms of disapproval of genocide.  Use the same standard with us.  Destroying a human group deliberately, or even as a side effect, is not acceptable.  Neither is the deliberate destruction of an animal group.  It may happen. It is not your place to make it happen.  Nature as a whole may make such decisions, but it is always for the good of the whole.

Feb. 7, 1994.

We are asking for help, we of the animal kingdom. We want a cooperative relationship with humans. We want to exist together in peace on our joint home, the planet earth. What does this mean you ask? It means that you would seek your food and entertainment from other sources. Not ride horses, you ask? If the relationship is a willing and voluntary one, that is fine. If it is not, then there are questions to ask yourself. Ask the same questions with regard to the life of your pet dog or cat, or any other pets. Is it a willing and voluntary relationship of mutual respect and companionship? One in which you respect the animal's need for relationship, space, freedom to explore, freedom to come and go?

We are not attempting to state a rule of no pets. We are asking you to think in terms of relationship.

But animals are not the same as humans, you say. No, they actually require more freedom than you, in some respects, since you are willing to live in buildings and spend much of your life indoors.

Are we to give up all our pets kept in small apartments, you ask?  Remember, we are not giving you a rule.  We are simply saying that all relationships are in process of becoming voluntary, not forced; all relationships. The issue here is control. You have learned to think of nature as something that must be controlled by humans lest it run amok. That is the opposite of the truth. Nature does not run amok. It is continually recreating a balance so you can continue to have a livable environment. And when, as has happened a few times, humans have become too destructive with their exploration of creativity, nature steps in and restores balance.  This can require vigorous measures such as sinking continents, raising mountains, flooding great stretches of land, and so forth, but it is always for the higher good.

Do you use such a measure in your decision-making?  When you decide to cut a tree or plant grass or insist that all the "weeds" be cut along the highway, do you act with the intention of the higher good for all life?  Or do you act for a lesser reason, one that may result in poisoning the water and soil or interfering with the flow of water run-off?

Once more we say: it is not nature that needs to be controlled, it is the beliefs of humans that need to be changed.  Humans need to see nature as a friend and protector with a long- term view, a much longer span of time than a single human lifetime. This is not the time for humans to be thinking in terms of mastering nature. That is a foolish notion. It is based on the idea that you are separate from nature.

And do not be misled by the notion that we animals exist by the laws of the "survival of the fittest."  This idea, stemming from your ideas about domination and competition, does not fit the facts. As you learn peace in your hearts, you will begin to drop your ideas about the inevitability of competition and begin to notice that cooperation is all around you, everywhere. Competition is a culturally induced attitude.  Babies are not born with it.  They learn it at home from social attitudes.  They could as easily learn cooperation. It would be more natural. Think about it. 

Suppose your children had been trained to view the world in terms of continual cooperation and a sense of community with peers, teachers, adults of all ages, animals, trees, and even insects. Do you think they would cut down all the old growth trees in the forest? They would hesitate at the least. They would know instinctively that there is some special value to such trees and seek to learn what it is.

What we really want is for you to encourage your children to talk with trees and animals, even rocks.  Let them learn the art of telepathic communication with all forms of nature. Your imagination and senses will show you the way.  Children do these things naturally. You can even communicate with the rocks that you like to carry around on your necks and wrists and fingers. There is a voice, a consciousness in each aspect of nature. They are all cooperating. Anything you can attune to, you can communicate with.

When you have learned this art of communication, you can ask you body what it needs and hear the message. You would not need to go to the doctor and confuse your body with medications that deny the problem. When you do that the issue has to be brought to your attention in some other way. Learn to communicate with your body and you will have no need for hospitals and huge medical bills. Cooperation with your body, rather than treating your body as an enemy that is attacking you or betraying you, would enable you to have a healthy life.

Cooperation could yield other dividends, too. Suppose you were in the woods and saw an attractive plant. Your greater self recognizes that this particular plant is not good for you. Your stomach might give you this signal. Or your intuition might tell you. The universe is always giving you information. Learn to receive it. It is there for you and is intended to help you go through life with a minimum of struggle.

Struggle is a result of your beliefs. It is related to your ideas about competition, scarcity, sacrifice, work, separation from God, and separation from one another. As you come to understand the great oneness in which we all live, you will discover scarcity is created by fear, ignorance, and greed, which is a form of fear. Ideas about the right to dominate or the necessity to submit also play a part. Abundance will always be related to your state of mind, your feelings and beliefs, more than the food in your kitchen or the money in your bank.

Feb. 8, 1994.

We have emphasized feelings so far because they are our road to truth. We know if all is well or if action needs to be taken according to how we feel. We follow those leads and impulses. You, in great contrast, often do not follow your impulses and consequently do not take care of yourselves at times or in ways that would be to your best interest.

You have been taught to distrust impulses. They are suspect as part of animal nature along with all the rest of nature. This is a tragedy for you. Impulses are more to be trusted than you think. They are often direct connections with you higher self which knows much more about the current situation than your conscious self does! And your higher self knows what you need to do to re-establish balance when you have lost your way. This can be the impulse, quickly suppressed, to take an hour off from your work schedule and simply relax, take a walk, or bathe in hot water. The wisdom in this takes into account not only your personal needs but also that of everyone around you.

Have you ever seen an animal in a rush? They may run for the pure joy of it or for safety, but they do not hurry for the reasons you do which have to do with guilt, burdens of responsibility, ideas about time, and so on. Spirit does not demand that you rush or that you worry about your daily responsibilities. Attunement to spirit would relieve you of the need for such behavior. It would be an enormous relief. You would be healthier. The next time you are tempted to rush or speed to do some task connected with your work, think about these ideas and take a moment to put yourself back in harmony with your inner self, the lovely world around you, the sun or wind, the trees, the beauty everywhere. See yourself as part of that great web of connections. One part of the web doesn't need to rush to another part of the web. There is a consciousness that knows the condition of the entire web and all the strands. You can trust that you always have time to do what your spirit really wants you to do.

Are we being clear about this? We know you have created a world in which you think you must work hard, earn a living, and take on heavy responsibilities. For many of you this is a very uncomfortable world and you would like it to change. You actually have the power to do this. Start by giving yourself the advantage of following impulses to relax, to walk in harmony, to be a part of the web, not alone and struggling. Feel the support which exists all around you if you allow yourself to be touched by it.

The Animal Kingdom: Section II

You are afraid that impulses will lead to violence. That happens only when emotions have been sternly suppressed and your basic self is not trusted. If you trusted yourself and the natural world which supports you, you could let your feelings be honored and expressed on a moment to moment basis. Then violent outbreaks such as you fear today in the streets of your big cities would not occur.

Look at the cultures where the most violence has occurred. Do they have rigid rules about limiting emotional expression?  Do they tend to suppress equality for women?  Do they have strong ideas about male dominance and superiority and hierarchy in general?  There are connections here to be examined: the shadow side of your civilizations.  All these things are about to change. In the future emotion will find its place and balance within you.  It will be part of the necessary picture as you move into the peaceful future.  And we will be moving there with you.

Can you imagine peace on earth? It begins with peace inside. Not a forced peace but one which results from accepting all the varied parts of yourself, the parts that want to bite, or spit as well as sing and purr.  We will be glad of the centuries of peace ahead, too.  Then we will be able to restore our relationships with you.  We will be able to enjoy each other, to communicate telepathically as you develop your inherent abilities.  We will be companions and friends, not pets or slaves.  There will be nothing resembling slavery for humans or animals on the earth of the new dawn.

You may ask why we raise the subject of women's position in civilization.  It is because women are associated by you with emotion and with "Mother Nature." By downgrading the importance of women, by failing to honor your emotions, you failed to recognize the importance of the natural world and of the feminine expression of the Divine. We, who wish to communicate with you, are speaking from the realms of spirit. There is no separation between nature and spirit. Nature is an expression of spirit.

We animals do not have God concepts as you do but we do have a very keen sense of the web of life in which we live. We do not think about God or make up stories about Him. We do live in an eternal now of loving cooperation within nature, which we recognize without words as a divine force, and as many divine energies working together for the greater good.

Without having gone to school, each of us understands our part in the whole. Once you did too, and then you became lost and confused about your connection with All That Is. We want to help you change that as you re-awaken to your connection. You were never really separated; but when you thought you were, painful destruction took place in our worlds through your behavior.

We are not less divine than you. Every part of All That Is is divine energy, some visible and some not, some densified into matter and some not.

You have heard of the phrase "double standard." It means applying a different idea to the treatment of one than another. We suggest to you that what is good for one is good for another, at every level.

Still, we hasten to say that each is entitled to personal space and we understand that you do not want snakes in your sleeping bag or ants in your picnic.  You can say so and have your wishes respected as we have described.  It is not usually necessary to kill what you don't want in your way, though there may be some deaths.  The point is your attitude and relationship to every portion of All That Is.

Think how an innocent child behaves outside in a meadow, entranced by a flower, poking at a soft green moss, scratching in the soil, putting hands or feet into the water of a stream. The attitude is not one of dominance and superiority, it is a playful exploration, a wonder and delight. That is what nature can be for you, even for adults, if you would allow.

Feb. 9, 1994

Play is another subject we want to talk with you about. You think of it as a kind of time-filler for children. It is not quite respectable for grown humans to have fun in a playful manner. It is associated with drinking too much or being immature. Watch the play of kittens, the delight of your cat if you are willing to play with her even after she is grown. Play is a way of relating to the world and comes with no strings attached. It is a free way of being. You have spectacular organized games but they are not true play. We speak of spontaneous being, the dance of the spirit in a body. Your medical bills would not be so high if you would play like puppies or cubs, rolling about, letting your body touch other bodies and the earth, exploring the sensuality of physical life.

We would like our children to be able to play safely, just as you do. We do not want them poisoned by the water, or by sprayed fields, or polluted air. You should be concerned about these things for your children, too. But since being playful is not quite all right, and being emotional is not quite respectable, and is associated with being "childish," both your children and their future are endangered by your attitudes.

Rub your belly and feel how grateful your skin is to be touched. As animals, we know the pleasures of touching and being touched. We sleep curled up together whenever possible. We lick and scratch each other. We rub against each other. You need to be touched in a loving way by other beings. That is one reason why you love to hold a pet and are glad if the pet is willing to be held. It gives you some experience of warm touch. Give yourself the opportunity to be touched as often as is possible in your lives, in circumstances you trust. We are not speaking here of sex. For you, good sex requires good touching.  With us it is often rather separate from the reproductive process.  But we do not deprive ourselves of touch when no one is in heat.  The touching is important all year round.

We perceive that the energy around your heart is constricted in many of you and would be more open if you were touching and being touched more in a way that is comfortable for you. We understand that there are social considerations that you must take into account. You could still have greater pleasure from this in your lives.

We perceive that you are, in fact, rather afraid of touching, just as you are afraid of strong emotion. This is all part of distrust of your own nature. As the heart opens you will be less afraid. It will be easier to trust. From there all good can come.

We have another gift for you. It is the gift of awareness. When you see an animal that looks alert, they are being aware, using all their senses, not necessarily in fear. They are noticing the slight differences in odors on the ground and in the air. They are noticing the direction of the wind, the patterns of prints on the ground, the broken stem or bent leaf, the temperature of the shade or sun, the direction of shadow, the presence or absence of water, the flow of tides and currents. When you walk in a forest you could notice all these things, too, and feel more at home.

There are reasons why we want you to notice these things. You would see more quickly the problems that need attention and be able to cooperate in restoring balance to the ecology. You would notice when particular creatures are missing, or the water supply is drying up.

Notice the beauty and be fed by it. Everywhere that nature is allowed to flourish there is beauty. You can count on it. It feeds your spirit and your body every day of the year.

You can also count on the animals as signal systems for you. They always know when an earthquake is coming, or other major events that might affect you. Observe the animals and trust their knowledge; it could save your life. There are outer signals, such as animal behavior, and inner signals, such as your own intuition. That, too, can save your life.

Notice how animals sleep. It isn't in long stretches normally, but in shorter naps. They sleep when they are sleepy, or bored or recovering from an illness or accident. We recommend this to you, again for your health. You would be better off with shorter periods of sleep instead of eight hour stretches, despite what your researchers say. And it would be wise to follow the example of your cat and rest, rather than keep working, when you need to recover your health. Feeling sleepy is a signal. It has to do with your body's condition or the state of your mind. Learn to interpret that signal for yourself and to honor it. Perhaps it is the food you are eating, the sugar level in your system. And perhaps you need to sleep for awhile before you do anything else. The work systems of future earth will naturally honor these things and not require people to ignore their own good during the day.

Feb. 10, 1994

Our topic today is simplicity. How can this apply, you ask? Think what your life would be like if you didn't analyze every little thing or try to interpret life through your third dimensional mind, which knows so little of what is really happening. What if you did not assign an interpretation to the events of your day? What if you just assumed that a background wisdom was present at all times and in everything? If you walked through life without interpreting, just experiencing and expecting good, you would be set free of much of the burden that you carry now. We are not speaking of predestination when we talk of the background good. It is the simple assumption that all is well, even in the winter cold. We trust our place in the world. You don't, and that causes you much pain.

As simple a thing as trusting the experience of receiving these messages is a challenge for you. It would serve you well to trust that the universe is organized in such a way that you are not abandoned and not left without crucial information. It is all around you and always available. But you cannot access it through doubt, fear or skepticism. Those are different energies, like clouds in the way.

The mind of a child is clear in this sense, open to information from the world of nature. Fairies and elves can be seen by children. The mind of a child has access to universal wisdom- far more than you suspect. We ask you not to mock your children when they speak of what they know. Children in these times are often from souls that have had vast experience on earth and in other star systems. They can see their guides. They remember things they've learned in other lives. They have dreams that guide them. Be open to all these things and learn from your children. A very special group of them is coming into the earth at this time. They intend to help the earth with her transition from third dimension through the fourth and into the fifth.

In the future, children will be able to play with their animal friends in ways you cannot easily imagine now. They will be able to walk safely anywhere among the animals, taking care only not to startle them, especially new mothers. A child will be able to touch a so-called wild animal. The animal will be able to read the energy aura of the child and know his or her state of mind. Those with no intention to hurt will be able to move about freely.

If you have children now who have not learned respect for animals, we ask you to teach them through your own example. Any animal you meet is a representative of that species and as such, can receive your telepathic messages. Tell them you love and appreciate them. Show your delight in their grace and any other attributes which appeal to you. Be aware that you are looking at a mirror of some part of yourself. Learn from the symbology. It isn't literal. Everything is symbolic on the earth plane of third dimension.

What does this mean? It means that everything you dwell upon in your mind and heart, everything that you believe in, is drawn into physical manifestation. This is happening more and more quickly. As the masters have advised you for thousands of years, take care where you point your attention. Your minds are creators when combined with emotion and belief.

We live within creation. You actually form it, though not very consciously. We are asking that you become conscious and responsible creators. This is how the water can be cleaned, the soil restored, the trees renewed, and the sky cleared. You will imagine it is possible, form your intention and then discover how to do it. By reminding you of your powers, we become co-creators in the process. We want to live in peace with you upon that bright and beautiful future planet that is being imagined, and thus created, in the now.

Feb. 11, 1994.

I am Shiva. I am the guiding energy for this message. This message is a translation of energy put into words so that you can feel the power and direction of the message. We want you to know our love, our willingness to serve and cooperate with you, our divinity and our need for your cooperation as we all travel together with the earth upward on her path.

You are not accustomed to thinking of animals as divine energies. We speak to you through the devas which hold the divine patterns for us all. They are equivalent to what you call angels. They are pure energy, totally devoted to their work. They work together with the other nature devas, those of storms, wind, rain, plants and minerals. There is divine intelligence behind all of nature's works. No storm is a random happening.

Our gifts to you are love, wisdom, and power; the same three gifts you were born with. Each of you has these gifts as your inheritance. We show them to you. We remind you of them. We make them real for you in a certain sense. When you see a lion roar, you are looking at yourself. When you see a beautiful, sleek tiger padding through a field, you are looking at an aspect of your own self brought into sharp focus. Each of the tiniest creatures bears the imprint of the divine and knows it in some wordless way. You are the only ones who forgot, and that was your choice, your grand experiment.

The time for the experiment is over now. It is time to recall all the connections of the great web of life. You learned what happens when any being forgets their connections to the divine and to all of life. That is the true cause of the destruction we've seen and that you are suffering from. There is no other cause. Those that recognize themselves in one another see only brothers and sisters. Even we, who sometimes kill to eat, do not hate one another. We understand our place when we are allowed to live freely.

Each of us deserves a place to live and quality of life. Each of us deserves, even as each of you do, an experience in the physical world with enough clean water, air, food, and shelter so that we become our fullest selves, whatever that may be. The world to come will have no homeless, neither human beings nor animals, pets or wild. There will be a knowingness within each being of the abundance of nature, the "enoughness" of creation, so that there will be no need for fences, private enclaves, cages or prisons. It will be a land without borders, without what you call private property. Humans will be, as they are now, the stewards of the land and they will care for it. They will not attempt to own, control or make vast changes in it without consulting with the nature devas and considering the long term good of all aspects of life.

Did you know that the devas can help with genetic changes where they are for the greater good?  Some of your seed companies have known this and maintained communications. Some of your farmers know it.  It is not wise to do biological experiments without consulting the devas. It can be dangerous to your welfare. The devas know what is for the greater good and what is not.  Terrible tragedies were created in your past through genetic experimentation. The future earth will be one where the scientists learn how to work with the non-physical beings to benefit all.  They have begun in this time and will learn more about how to do this.  They have everything to gain from it.

There are four types of energy which always need to be taken into account: fire, water, air, and earth. They are intelligent and balancing forces, aspects of a greater being, the living earth. They are like blood, bone, breathe, and spirit. You thought that your forefathers were ignorant and superstitious when they showed reverence for many beings in nature. Actually, they knew something that many of you have forgotten. There is, indeed, an intelligent spirit within each aspect of nature. It does not ask to be worshipped or appeased but it does deserve respect. You will soon learn to talk with trees again. They will tell you so themselves.

The welfare of the plants is important to us. We depend upon them for food and shelter. So do you. But we understand- better than you seem to at the moment- how entwined our welfare is. For example, the elder trees give off a chemical emanation which is important to your welfare. They also radiate a vibration which helps to calm and steady the environment.

We know that you feel your connection with us because we see you collecting stuffed specimens, making fur coats, wearing leather belts and shoes, decorating your heads with feathers. There can be times and circumstances when these behaviors are acceptable. But hunting an alligator to make purses which could be made of plant materials, does not make sense to us. We sense a non-caring, a placing of human importance above the life of another.  We are not here to help you feel important. When we drop our physical bodies and pass into the non-physical realms, you are welcome to use our skins. You are not welcome to take them when we are in the prime of life simply to prove something to your friends. We do not like to be used to make one person feel superior to another. We are the shapes and forms of love.  And admittedly, love takes some very odd shapes.

You have not yet come to understand, although soon you will, that you do not have enemies in the natural world. When you have become friends with your bodies and know how to maintain them with love and care, you will not be subject to "attacks" by viruses. They live in friendly company with you when you are in good health and only cause difficulties when you have become weakened, usually by your own doing. You can become weakened by what you think and believe. It is all part of your experiment in separation from the divine, forgetting your source and your connections. Connected again, you will have no problems with ill health. That is the future to look forward to: a whole society, a planetary civilization of humans and animals that are free from disease. That reality will take a while to unfold but it is definitely there and waiting for you.

Feb. 13, 1994.

We are presenting you with a picture of the future that you can create. It is up to you. You will be making choices in the next few years that will determine which future earth you are to live on. And even if you don't stay on earth, there are the children of earth to think of. What kind of earth is to be left for them to inherit?

It could be a beautiful place with a gentle climate. It could be a place with food and shelter for all. It could be a place in which no one experiences shortages of any kind because everyone has learned of their power and ability to manifest and because they have come into harmony with nature.

In the ocean there will be peace; farms of sea vegetables floating on surface rafts. You will have learned that the whales and dolphins were never meant to be hunted for your convenience. They are a form of intelligent, conscious, spiritually-minded life in a different form than your own. In the universe there are many forms of intelligent life. You will be learning to relate to them all as brothers and sisters.

You will have discovered that your own personal histories include times in other forms, in other planes, in other dimensions, in other star systems. You are not what you think when looking into the mirrors of third dimensional existence.

When you are no longer attached to a particular plot of land, you will not mind moving away when the river needs to flood or when hurricanes need to rebalance the energies of the earth. These kinds of events take into account the greater good, not your personal attachments that come from a fear of scarcity, and a false sense of what can provide security.

There is only one source of security; a sense of connection to your divine Source and a sense of the oneness of All. Every other symbol of security that you have chosen is a false hope: money, furs, jewelry, popularity, political power, organizational power, fancy cars, and so forth. Again we remind you, there is only one source of security and it lies within you, in your emotional recognition of being a point of focus for All That Is.

Sit down with your pet dog or cat and look into their eyes. See the divine energy expressed in them. Sense what they feel and know. There is wisdom in them. Send your love through them to every animal of that species. The message will reach them all. Begin to do that with every member of the animal kingdoms that you meet. It is time to walk through your earth life in conscious communion with nature, not with fear, but with a sense of gratitude, delight and understanding. Send blessings and love everywhere. Greet the trees and rocks. Appreciate the flow of the waters. Say hello little brothers to the birds.

You will create, in this future that we speak of, homes that do not destroy the landscape, homes that blend so well into their environment that you will hardly be able to tell that they are there. You will live in them comfortably. Cheap or free sources of energy will be available to all. There will be no non- sustainable use of resources. You will have allowed inventions to spread among the populace which guarantee everyone access to the power they need for their work, comfort or creativity.

The ideas for these inventions are available in the higher realms whenever you are ready for them. They have been waiting for your acceptance for almost a century now. Ideas for anything you need, whether to cope with pollution problems or anything else, wait in the universal mind for those who can attune to them. As you were told two thousand years ago; ask, and you shall receive.

Many of your old ideas will fall away. Open up to the new possibilities. Do not be limited by your current notions about how things must be organized. Any form which is in violation of spiritual law will fall away whether it is a banking practice of high interest on loans, ways of dealing with real estate, land ownership, housing developments, the car culture, highways, schools, cities, gardening, legal disputes, or insurance. All of these old patterns will change so much that you will scarcely recognize their replacements. The old patterns are based on fear and beliefs about limitation. The new ones will not be. You will not be leading what you think of as a primitive life, unless you believe that is necessary. You will have learned the power of your own thoughts and that they are the first step in creating what you want.

Imagine a society in which cooperation is universal. There is no competition, nor any felt need for it. Each person has an open heart, follows their inner spirit's guidance, and finds a way to make a contribution. There is no fear, no self-doubt, no need for one to control another. People come together freely because they have common interests. The deep inner sense of trust which comes from a sense of spiritual connection leaves everyone free to trust one another and to build group cooperation.

Feb. 14, 1994

Do you teach your children to revere life in all its forms? Do you gently ask them not to throw stones at ducks or pigeons, not to carve a tree. Life is to be respected and honored in all its forms, from microscopic levels to the galaxy spiral. Did you know that a galaxy is a being, just as a sun, a star is an intelligent being? The star family are all part of the oneness together. And there are beings within larger beings, also. Just as the cells in your body are tiny beings within larger cooperating groups called organs, which in turn, are part of a larger body. And you, yourself, are part of a larger being you call a soul, which has many lives, while your soul is part of a larger gestalt known as a group soul which has a common intent.

In the higher realms there is no polarized separation of male and female. All of the separatist ideas belong to this third dimensional world and parts of the fourth. In the fifth dimension which you are rapidly heading towards, there will be no more of these kinds of divisions, though individuality will remain in a group harmony context.

The next civilization must be built first in your minds. Let it be garden earth, filled with beauty, a place of balanced energy. Let it be a place where you find your excitement in new relationships and explorations of inner and outer space, learning about the many other civilizations that have developed in other star systems and had contact with earth. Let your excitement and adventure come from discovery and learning, not from conflict and struggle. It is possible, oh humans. We will become as peaceful as you, though we expect to continue to be our natural selves, hunting and mating. We do not fear death as you do. We know there is more. When death is upon us, we leave gracefully and go into another plane. Then we return in a new body, or a new kind of body, depending upon our degree of consciousness. Just as you do.

Garden earth exists already on other planes of imagination. Now is the time to feed that vision and help it to manifest. Anything you can imagine, you can create, if you want to do so enough. Emotion is the fuel of creation.

Here is our call. We ask you to envision the new earth. We ask you to envision animals as peaceful companions. We ask you to teach your children reverence for life. We ask you to change your attitude towards the earth, the nature kingdoms, and your own bodies so that life can flow freely through you and through us, expressing itself in an infinite number of divinely made forms. Feel our love and friendship. Sense our loyal service, as so many of us have given it. Care for your home, the earth, as you would your personal space. Keep it clean. Nothing can be thrown away. There is no "away!" Learn from nature about recycling. And ask for help from the divine intelligences available in the non-physical planes to help you and to give you the ideas and inventions you need for this transition time.

You will change your ideas about government, authority, and hierarchies. Reverence for life teaches a different viewpoint. You may be bigger than a rabbit but you will not assume that gives you the right to control the rabbit's life, or to take it. This change in attitude will profoundly affect your relationships with other humans. Do you see the lesson?

The Animal Kingdom: Section III

March 5,   This was the day the energy shifted. I thought at first that it meant the messages were complete but soon learned that that was not the case. The following are excerpts from some of the afternoon sessions that followed. In several of them I was visited by the spirits of animals representing new species that will soon appear on earth. However, I do not know if the spirit vision which I saw resembles the animal as it will appear. March 9, 1994

Do you sense the animal that is with you now, the big eyes and the cat-like body?  Not as large as a lion, bigger than a household cat with very large protruding eyes.  Since it is still in the non-physical dimension, it can pass through you...

At this time, earth is approaching the end of a long cycle and overlapping the preparations for a new cycle. All of the parallel and probable earths which participated in this long cycle are beginning to overlap. You have always had the ability to leap gracefully from one reality to another in the twinkling of an eye. The merging now taking place is something more. Nothing in your normal education prepared you for such concepts. You must first understand that there is no hard reality to time. It stretches and bends and collapses, and in other realms, your version of it does not exist.

The most important thing about this multiple earth bouquet is that you must keep choosing from moment to moment which earth you want to be living on. Each time you consider two alternatives, a part of you goes off in the alternative dimension and continues a life unknown to the part that stays behind, what you think of as yourself. If you don't want to live with catastrophes and disasters, choose the garden earth that does not have them and imagine yourself on it and how your life experience is to be. Put into it all the kinds of energies you want to experience. Do not drag in any energy you don't want to experience. There is nothing inevitable. You are simply learning to consciously use your God-given powers of creation.

Why are new animal species going to appear on earth?  Each animal mirrors an aspect of yourself or carries a lesson for humanity, a teaching of some kind. As you are changing very rapidly now, new animals are needed to continue this service. Each of them is a gift. We hope you will receive these gifts.

The animals that are leaving represent lessons learned or completed, relationships that are over, or completions of some kind. Punishment for them or for you is never part of the picture.

Think of the animals as living symbols. You often use them that way in your dreams or visions. Think of your associations with dove, with lion, with chicken and so forth. You will continue to have learning experiences dressed up in the symbology of living species. As you treat these animals with affection and respect, you will discover their gifts and learn new things about yourselves. Everything about an animal is a significant detail of creation. And everything you have attempted to accomplish through breeding programs and genetic manipulations is also significant, usually in ways you do not recognize.

March 11, 1994

Imagine yourself in the future earth. What have you chosen for your relationship with the animals? You might go for a walk and give a soft call. A favorite animal friend might then come out of the woods and walk beside you, stopping to be stroked, perhaps to take a bite of apple from your hand. Your animal friend might take you to see the new babies in the spring and watch carefully while you admire them. You might be allowed to tenderly touch one of them. Or you might bring your own child to a meadow and watch while the animal cubs come and play, rolling about upon the grasses with your toddler. You would know your child was safe from harm and would grow up loving and trusting the animals, regardless of their species.

Some would be more wary than others, according to their natures. Some would be more likely to accompany you or to play with your children. You would get to know individuals by their characteristics. You would discover that even animals have a sense of humor and may enjoy playing tricks with you. Your children would understand "peek a boo," or Hide and Seek without any explanation. They will be able to wander freely everywhere without fear in the peaceable kingdom. It is the heritage to come in our vision of heaven on earth.

If there is no danger and no struggle for territory and land ownership, what will the challenge be, you ask?  What will bring excitement into your lives?

The answer will be exploration and adventure in other dimensions, meeting the people and animals on other planets, becoming responsible members of the Association of Worlds, exercising your creativity, using color, sound, multi-media arts, having a wonderful time doing all the things which you can do freely in a world no longer dependent upon ideas such as "earning a living." Life is a gift that does not have to be earned. You will become masters at manifestation, able to create what you want and need without effort.

For a time you will bend your efforts towards the massive clean-up which will be needed. After that you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, delight in the beauty of the earth and create, create, create to your hearts content. When you understand the multi-dimensional nature of reality, you know that one creation need not interfere with another.

You can surely realize all the implications for your own relationships.  Bringing no harm to animals means bringing no harm to humans either.  Compassion and joy will win the day.

Imagine the birds coming to you with messages which you can receive telepathically. They light upon your shoulder or your hand and you talk with them. You will learn the language of the animals. You will be able to communicate everywhere in the universe with your telepathic skills and empathic abilities. Out of your body, you will be able to travel where you wish. Some will even be able to do this taking their bodies with them.

You will find yourselves full of love instead of fear for the animals and able to receive and accept their love. They know a lot about unconditional loving. They will be your teachers.

Yes, we are of the light. The dark has been represented by human attitudes towards nature, the fear, disdain, and alienation. You are the ones who need to shed the dark. You need not fear that we are bringing it to you. You are the ones coming out of the dark and into the light, letting go of old attitudes and beliefs.

This dimension, the third, is the densest one.  We devas speak to you from lighter dimensions. We are calling you up out of your fear and separation to join us in the light. We never turned away from the divine spirit within. We never denied it. We have simply been a part of it, expressing it, throughout the aeons. When you join us in the fifth dimension we will bask in the glory of the light together, filling our bodies and minds with it, experiencing joy in our togetherness.

You have asked about evolution. It is true that spirits may spend many thousands of years incorporating in one kingdom. When they shift to another kingdom they are in a different vibrational range. It is not that animal bodies evolve into humans. Spirits evolve and are given new kinds of bodies to play in. The same soul may have sent out spirit fragments of itself to incorporate in many different bodies and dimensions, even different star systems. That is why we say there are more connections in the webwork of light than you have yet imagined. The same soul might have several humans living on earth in different countries at one time. It might have a self existing on each side of a major conflict to gain experience. It might have a part of itself incorporated in a dog. It might have a future self on another planet. You need to expand your ideas. They are too small for the size of the realities you live in.

You will find, as you explore, that you are not confined to one time period either. You may have selves in the "past" and "future" at the same time. And you can contact them and benefit from their skills and knowledge.

Among the animals, there are also progressions. A spirit born as a dog in one life might join in a gestalt to be the spirit of a horse in another life. Your favorite pet may be in a very different kind of body after death than the one you remember.

Without an understanding of spirit, of dimensions and the local nature of time and space, your scientists cannot make sense of the universe. There are too many missing pieces. We want you to glimpse the bigger picture and your part in it. We want you to gain at least an intuitive understanding of the wholeness so you cease to treat nature as though you have no responsibility for what you create and for the care of the earth, your home.

March 15, 1994

Today we have shown you an image of the crow rising on its wings with its yellow beak visible. The crow is a bird messenger. It has been closely associated with humans in your traditions, partly because crows seem almost able to speak. Language is the great link among different kingdoms, one reason why crow was always associated with knowledge, magic and mystery.

Every culture has a tradition about the first being that brought them the gift of language in written form. Our language is love. It is not in picture form like yours. It can be in the form of an image as in telepathic communication. But the carrier is feeling. We wish to convey this to you. You have associated aggression with us. You have even said that the part of human nature that goes to war is the animal nature. Something like that. We protest. We do not make war upon one another. We do not take more than we need. We do not cage members of another species or torture them to make them obey our ideas. We do not kill because someone has a different idea. These behaviors are not from the animal kingdom. You must take responsibility for them yourselves and not blame God or nature for them.

You are on the road to accepting full responsibility for your own behavior; all of it, every thought, every feeling, every belief or image held in your mind. That is your task.

Your true nature is love, just as ours is. You will need to be willing to recognize that in yourselves. You will need to be willing to let go of your old ideas about sin and having a wicked nature. You, like us, are divine beings who have been participating in a play. The play is over. The scenery is being taken down. The back of the stage is being revealed. You are going to remember that you wrote the play and picked the actors and actresses. Now, it is time for a whole new kind of existence. Much more can be revealed to you about the nature of reality and the world you live in. The secrets of the ages are no longer secrets. They are published in books that circulate by the millions. Once, those who knew that humans create their own reality had to swear secrecy and risk losing their lives if they told anyone who was not a fellow initiate. No longer. You are all free to know, to learn, to remember, to understand and to use this wonderful knowledge to create the future that you want.

Future earth will be a joint endeavor, a co-creation with ourselves, the devas of the kingdoms, and with your own future selves some of whom are now on other planets. There are other beings to become acquainted with, too. You will gradually get to know the cast of characters who were in the play with you and some of what was happening behind the scenes.

You have a whole new history to learn. It was never the way you were told in school -but that was a part of the play. Now it is time to deal with a much more complete version of the truth. Truth expands as you evolve. You are capable of knowing more and more of it and seeing a larger picture as your consciousness expands. This is a time for that kind of expansion.

You have thought of yourselves as alone in the universe and at the top of the evolutionary heap. The truth you are ready for is not quite like that. There have been civilizations of humanoids on this planet and others who have surpassed your technological achievements and accomplished more than you have done. The challenge has been to balance spiritual development with technological development. In this respect, we feel you are likely to reach the heights as your hearts open further. We predict that you will make the leap successfully, from the third dimensional, logical mind to the loving mind, the higher mind. Your friends with more advanced technology are watching you with admiration because of what they see you about to do. They see what many of you have already done by opening of your hearts and minds and linking earth life with the higher mind.

It is appropriate that we bring this message to you because you have held false ideas about us, the nature kingdoms and especially the animals, and your relationship to us, which have distorted your view of yourselves and your relationship to spirit and to the earth. By seeing yourselves as having the right to abuse the earth and her creatures, you separated yourselves from the wholeness of spirit in your minds and lost contact with your own higher selves. This has deeply affected relationships between men and women, the treatment of children, the formation of governments, and your relationships with your own physical bodies, to give you just a few examples.

You are not the only ones who held ideas about domination and control. Some of your brothers from the stars have worked long and hard with these ideas. Many high beings have hoped you would find a path of balance and integration that would allow freedom from domination and control expressions. This is one of the reasons why it is important that you not worship or give undue respect to friends from other worlds who have more advanced technology. Look beyond that. There are other values to watch for. Treat yourselves with dignity and respect. None of the extraterrestrials, however advanced in your eyes, are to be worshipped. This has happened in your historical past and it is not to be allowed again. You are to take up your power and use it as responsible creators, working together in groups, treating all forms of life as equally valid in the plan of All That Is. A change in your attitude towards the animals is part of your preparation for relationships with beings of varied forms on other worlds.

There have been many plays, some on other planets, some in other dimensions. Each had a framework of reality to work in. Each used certain guidelines, certain assumptions for that reality. What is so in one is not necessarily so in another. You will be learning about these different frameworks as you learn to travel interdimensionally and among the worlds. The speed of light is not a limitation as you will discover. There will be great exchanges of information. You will have a wonderful time exploring and learning. You always liked to be pioneers. Here are new opportunities opening up before you; vast horizons of undiscovered territory of consciousness.

The physical world that you know is only a tiny part of reality. You will be exploring the non-physical worlds and dimensions, too. As multi-dimensional beings you already do this in your dreams but you will soon do it consciously.

This is our message:  Be responsible for what you create.  Love us.  We love you.

March 16, 1994

We are grateful that you have been willing to learn.  We have much to share. We would like to share it with adults and children all over the world. We hope that our messages will travel far. The deva of any species can be called upon, no matter where you are. We are not confined to physical locations. We live in vibrational frequency ranges.

Feb. 25, 1994

I am Gaia, the Earth, dreaming of my future. That is how I shall create it.  But you humans are part of me. We move into the future together. You are, in many respects, responsible for being, in a collective sense, my mind. These functions have been handled at other levels in the past but they are now passing into your hands as conscious responsibilities. You could say that our consciousnesses are joining at the conscious level. In consultation with many active, mobile representatives- the Devas- you are to plan the future shape of earth. You cannot abdicate that responsibility, nor can you do it without tuning into your own nature and mine, which are not separate.

You will need to consciously decide that you intend to have clear air, clean water, pure soil, an unpolluted ocean, a safe atmosphere for your children, and you will need to take into account your contributions to radioactivity, ozone destruction and such matters. When you have collectively decided what you want, many forces will help create it. You do not have to carry out that task alone. I can do a lot but your intentions determine even my creative activity to a degree.

We know each other in the depths and heights. Now we will meet in your conscious minds. Some of these decisions are made, not at a social/political level, but in your dream time. Participate consciously as much as you can because that helps speed and activate the changes.

Each action you take to assist in the shift of consciousness from uncaring, disconnection and lack of responsibility to loving responsibility makes more of a difference in the outcome and timing than you can imagine. Each of you is the cosmos in miniature.

You know already what needs to happen, the preservation of older trees, the recycling of everything. There can be nothing in space or the ocean or in the soil that does not recycle within a few years. When this is your intent, the technology will be given to you. In addition, you must put into place programs of sustainable agriculture, energy use, and other resource use. You do not have the right to use up the resources of coming generations or to conduct yourselves in such a way that your actions threaten the well being of future generations. There is no longer lifetime after lifetime available to you for learning the lessons of responsibility. They are to be learned in this lifetime and demonstrated by your behavior if you wish to stay with me. Those who need a longer period in which to learn the lessons of loving responsibility will be shepherded elsewhere, to a place prepared for them within the vibrational dimension which fits their level of evolution.  I am moving on.  After the year 2012, I will no longer be available as a school for those of third dimensional frequency. And in the years between now and then, each human on earth will come to a moment of conscious choice as to whether they are ready to move with me or not.

Do not make the mistake of thinking care of me is a separate issue from care for yourselves. There can be no such separation. The requirement is love; a loving science, a loving technology, a loving medical system, a loving agriculture and so forth. Nothing is to be done in the future without love. The separation of head and heart will have ended. Only those who have combined love with wisdom will be able to exercise power in times to come.

I am delicately balanced -with much help from forces within and outside the solar system.  Each day I grow a little more stable as the light streams in and is anchored on earth within the bodies of those who agreed to be here at this time for this task.  I am grateful to them and support them as best I can, as much as they will allow. I, too, am absorbing the floodtides of light.

Those of you who are experiencing great fluxes of emotion as you clear yourselves and integrate your many aspects, are miniatures of what I, also, am experiencing. My purification process must go on to completion.

The entire concept of suffering and sacrifice is leaving the planet. It will have its final fling and then disappear. I choose joy for my future. I choose fulfillment, peace, abundance, brotherhood, creativity, delight and the music of the spheres. I will not sacrifice myself for humans, nor do I ask them to sacrifice for me. Those who think they cannot live without depleting resources in a non-sustainable way must open their minds to other solutions. When they believe that solutions can be found, they will become available. Higher wisdom is always available if you do not block it with limiting, fearful beliefs.

I may have to move rivers. I may have to shift coastlines, raise mountains, and crack rigid places in my shell. I will do all that needs to be done in order to assure my fulfillment and that of those who are in harmony with me. The meek shall inherit the earth- those who are devoted not to destruction but to gentle harmony with life.

I am a symbol of life in its most vigorous form. I am nature. I am an expression of the divine, creative feminine. I am a being demanding the experience of my wholeness- as you are. There is no separation within me of masculine and feminine but you have seen me as feminine in your myths and that has, in part, been a justification for abuse.

You have thought of God as masculine, and that has been used to justify paternalism, patriarchy and the down-grading of the feminine divine. It has been used to justify inequality and injustice. All of this must pass now. It is a drama whose last act is over. It is time to clear the stage. Take your bows and recognize that it was only a play. There were lessons in it. You are ready for a new play now and it will not involve separation of the male and female in God, in nature, or in your own beings.

There is, as you have known for thousands of years, only one God. That is All That Is, the Mother/Father of All. You are going to be knitting together, integrating within yourselves, all that has been falsely split apart in your minds for the years of your human history.

SETH Quote from "Seth Speaks" Channeled by Jane Roberts   (paraphrased)
You can learn more from watching the animals than you can form any Guru, teacher or book including mine.

Epilogue            Top of Page

On March 5th, after I'd been receiving the material from the animal kingdom devas for some weeks, Sarafina channeled Ayala, the representative spokesbeing for the animals. I asked what the devas wanted me to do with the messages. Did they want me to put them into a booklet or some other form?   "Deliver them.   Just deliver them," she replied.

Introduction  to this story, placed at the end to allow people to get to the meat of the story right away.

On February 2nd, 1994, my friend Sarafina and I were chatting in the living room about a novel I'd been writing. I was expressing my enthusiasm for the story in which a young boy overcomes his fear and learns to communicate with the devas of the nature kingdoms. Sarafina began to shiver. Her breathing changed. She gradually shifted into a spontaneous trance and began to make animal sounds. Very intrigued and slightly nervous, I sat watching her, wondering what would come through. Finally Ayala, deva of the animal kingdom, announced her presence and translated a clear message. Ayala invited the two of us to work on a new project.

She asked me to be at my computer at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon for the next several weeks to receive messages from the nature kingdoms, especially the animals. I was a little doubtful because of my job responsibilities. I did have control over a lot of my work schedule as Program Director of a New Age center, still that was usually a busy period. Ayala explained that 3 p.m. was a desirable time because of the planetary vibrations.

"We will meet you in your dreamtime and you will be more aware of what your role is in the inter-planetary connection with All That Is... There is an energy that needs to form. We have to contact all the devas and it is not always up to us just which time we can do this..."

Trusting that some how it could be done, I agreed to the proposal. The whole idea was exciting.

The next day Sarafina and I met in my studio. She channeled a short message from Ayala. Then the devas sent an energy through her to be entrusted to me. Her hands in trance wove healing patterns in the air. Cradling a bundle of energy/information from the devas, she handed it to me in a ceremonious and tender way. The devas helped her incorporate it into my body at the heart level. I "saw" this energy bundle at the time as a baby fawn. It symbolically represented the intention of the animals. Later on, it appeared to me in many other shapes.

The devas emphasized that I was now ready to bring forth the messages from within. In the days that followed I felt a great love and gratitude towards the nature kingdoms as we worked together.

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Whales & Dolphin & Our Future  Thomas Psychic Children's  Message #4 with James Twyman

The Importance of Cetaceans  excerpt from the Mathew Book  "Revelations For A New Era,"

*Letter from galen.  The animals have told me differently and I trust what I've heard.  They, like many of us are waiting for a vegetarian world:  the true prophesy of "The lion will lay down with the lamb."  They want to live!  It was that way in the beginning of earth.  We moved into devolution, where fear, belief in scarcity, and separation took root.  But we are heading back to love, abundance and oneness again.   Buzz word:  ASCENSION.  Often when one states one's views on vegetarianism one meets with tremendous resistance from those who are not yet ready to give up meat.  I do believe that when the scriprures talk about Jesus ending animal sacrifice they are speaking of all forms of killing animals. (for more info on this, check out  So, though for decades I have bitten my tongue, now because of the animals I am quiet no more.  To those who eat chickens I say:  How do you expect to fly if you keep eating birds?  Look in the eyes of animals; read their energy.  Do they really want to be killed and eaten?  I don't think so.  They want to be loved and cared for and free.  Bottom line:  respect.  It is the energy of respect for all life that will be the spring board of awakening for all earth's people.  RESPECT----gentle and lovely.  Many Blessings,  galen

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