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8:8 Lions Gate Update

From Quantum & Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

This Thursday August 8, 2002 we are given a rare opportunity to walk through a Doorway of Awakening. That awakening will occur within the cellular records of our beings. These cellular records are held within a crystalline code in the form of a tetrahedron (3 sided pyramid) which exists within the codex and codon of each strand of DNA, within each cell of the body, as well as each cell in the Universe.
In ancient times Records of remembrance were hidden deep with in the earth physically and dimensionally, under, within and above sacred sites. The Mother Matrix of these encodings lives within the great Pyramid of Egypt and the Sphinx. When the ancient skies were aligned in a stellar configuration that opened a doorway the sacred sites with these encodings would then be used to download to earth and humans new levels of truth and wisdom. In this day and time we cannot all get up and zip across the ocean in moment's notice to align with the incoming energies, nor do we need to. We all carry within us every iota of every sacred site ever issued to mankind from the beginning of time on earth and within our immediate solar system. It is just a matter of fine tuning your intention to receive these energies.

The only way earth can move forward is through the heart (anagram for earth). Every toy, tool, meditation and OM is a fruitless tree unless one moves into direct contact with the heart. Since the Universe knows we are a hardheaded stubborn bunch it has aligned some stars to shoot that cosmic cupid arrow our way. Not like a valentine's type of love but a doorway of love so vast one is automatically included within, without one actually knowing.

These stars that come to us to lead us down the aisle of holy matrimony are Dubhe (Ursa Major) and Merak (Ursa Major) two of the brightest stars in the Big Dipper.

Duphe is aligned with emanations that allow people to seek love out on their own, finding it in a new way that was once not available. This star assists in the creation of a love energy that can exist independently from the loving creations of people. This allows this energy to exist, making it available to everyone yet at the same time not depending on anyone. Thus free will and free choice are made available in this new office of love, thus creating a natural free will opportunity for everyone to receive a little more love in their lives.

Merak sends us the ability for a shared awakening. Motivating society into spiritual unfoldment, deeper communion and an awareness of God on many new levels. Free will is a powerful motivator so it is not fixed as to how this energy will come forth. Levels of power will shift within each individual as they see with a new light and a new love.

However you look at it or shake it up the ancient Nu becomes the New. Leading us unto the street of free will, up and down the path of personal choice with a large helping of the sacred and a sprinkling of the divine. We are destined to become more than we know. This new mirror reflection will give to us what we have been seeking for eons.

This is an A'Naturale doorway. Nothing forced, nothing prodded, nothing stressful. Just a natural downloading of remembering from the heavens initiating our dormant (or is that doormat?) light codes. Lifting us up to a place where we can see the parade that is yet to come. Set your intention as you set you watch on August 8, 2002. Allow the floods of the ancient Nile to fertilize your soul with nutrients that are needed for your growth. See behind the curtains to the new (NU) you that exists beyond all space and time and body. The energies rise from 8/4/2002 (4:4:4:4) to 8/22/2002 (4:4:4:4) spend them well.

As instructed by spirit I have created a 1/2 oz. cobalt blue bottle of 8:8 Lions Gate Activation Orchid/Gem Essence to be used with these incoming energies from 8/4/2002 to 8/22/2002. Within this new essence are 8 other orchid/gem extracts that complement the incoming energies

This is a smaller bottle that needs to be completely used by the end of August. Cost of this essence is $11.00 plus shipping. There are a limited number of these bottles, so if you are interested please let me know as soon as possible. blessings on your Journey, Gillian  www.thequantumawakening.com



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***The Dolphins Speak, will you listen?

***Sirius Rising July 20, 2002



Washington State 'Heart of heart Conference'

Welcome. I am the energies, the frequencies, the perimeters and the parameters of the one that is known as Merlin. I come on this day to introduce you again to the magic that you have forgotten, the magic of transforming all that is dark and dingy and dank in your life into beauty, into love, into golden opportunities. I have walked throughout time wearing many hats of position. Originally as Thoth, as Hermes, as Joseph of Armithea, as St. Germaine, and as Merlin. And now I come forth on this day just for a little bit to infuse you with the remembrance of how you can turn the 'lead of your life into gold'.

You all have the innate ability to transmute through a thought, through a word, through a glance, and a touch. You have the ability to move past time and space as you know it and by-pass the speed of light and laugh at the speed of sound. Intertwining your energies with all of life. Dancing with the eagles, swimming with the whales and dolphins, fencing with the wind. You have forgotten the beauty of the elements of your planet.

 Do not wait for the state of ascension as you are amended to the union of heaven on earth. Do not wait until the light announces to you. "It is time to ascend, it is time to rise from a leavened state. Hesitate not, for it is time to go beyond what you are capable, removing the veil that has hidden you from yourself.

You stand at an intersection of light and remembrance waiting for the light to turn. But it is you that must announce and pronounce that incoming light to every cell of your body in a tone of celebration, and a movement of dance that goes beyond what you once knew to be space and time. Come forth fully – do not stay in the hidden depths of your being, in the basements of the past, in the rooms without windows that darken your hopes.

Alchemically your timer and timing is set to engage at the time of the Summer solstice 2002, as your humanness enters the Apex of the Photon light and the planet earth comes fully into a concave elliptical lens of the future. Changing all of life's perspective as it sees itself in the new life that reflects off of a dual Daystar (Sun).

Move the alchemical unit of you into every aspect of your life. For all of it is interconnected and inter-woven and you cannot separate yourself from what you are creating and what is creating you. For every inch of you, every hair, every thought, every iota creates continually with or without your permission, with or without your knowing. Creation stops for no one and no thing. So knowing this, create the gold – instead of the lead and the rocks that you trip upon daily. See every situation, no matter how it looks to your human eye as an opportunity to express to yourself, the true beauty and the true love of what you are about.

I Merlin did not sit in the dungeons upon my proverbial hands, grinding up life with a pumice stone but I walked amongst life as you do. You have forgotten your Magic. The magical part of you, --- the part of you that can in a thought move from one location to another. The part of you that can open doorways that are seemingly boarded and bricked shut. The part of you that can fly, can breath underwater, can transform into any animal, any leaf, and any stone in any minute.

You let your five-day-a-week holographic projection trip you up, you let your money trip you up, you let your loved ones trip you up, and you let your own human desires trip you up – place them all within a vehicle and fly them to the moon. I come to strip you of what you know to be yourself, to pull away the follicles and the hairs of your humanness to expose a unit of light so grand, so magical, so divine. You wear these vehicles life after life, time after time – and still you do not like them. Every time you wish them away. Yet always they serve you well.

Your humanness comes into a format of being very sensitized and sensitive at this point in time. Do not push it away with words that are not wise, with words that are not loving, with words that hold no feelings, but embrace this time and day fully, not fooly. Tell it thank you for you are about to enter the doorway of the Apex of the Photon. Look closely at your flesh, for it sparkles. Look closely at the colors of your eyes for they have changed. Look at your thoughts. All of these elements make up you. You are a body of earth. You are a body of light. You are a body of heaven. And you are a body of man and woman. Treat yourself magically. Ask the Light that you innately are; "Tell me how to fly again. Tell me how to become invisible. Show me how I can feel the heart of the one who is my true love. Show me how to love the people I do not love. Show me how to turn lead into gold." You have walked the crooked path of Rumpleskiltskein for far too long. Now walk the path of Merlin. Let the energies and the light and the change and the love flow through you as it once flowed through me on earth.

You have the doorway within you to all dimensions, to every civilization that has fallen and risen again, to every lost continent, to every lost star, to every lost galaxy. Time does not exist for you. It exists because of you. Welcome this initiation into 'the Apex of the Photon Light'. Welcome it in. It is not your enemy. It is not evil. It is not bad. It can cause confusion and distortion as it sweeps the house of your soul clean. I leave you with magic in your heart and magic in your walk. And I say but one more word. Do not confuse the magic I speak of as the same as the magic of the old – for you have gone past those days and time. Yours is a Cosmic Magic, a Magic that is Light years ahead of you – not an earth magic that keeps you stirring the pots of the old. This Magic comes from the stars. It comes from you in the future that sits there announcing to you in the now – what is to come undone and what is to come to be. Now I leave. Merlin.



Welcome. We are the Pleiadian energies. On this day we come forth into your being and into your energy field and into your heart and your awareness. We bring forth the essence of truth – undiluted, untainted raw truth. Truth is what you all seek and truth is what will be issued to you as you walk into more and more of your true essence.

For many years you have hidden from yourself. You stand behind the door looking through the crack at your life, being afraid to fully immerse yourself into life. You do not come here to sit on the sideline, to stand in the bleachers, to hide behind the doors. To come into this life to experience it 100%, to open up every inch of you that has been closed, to feel it in fullness, to let the passions, the juices of life flow through you.

You oft times are afraid of what your heart and your soul and your humanness ask you to do. Your humanness says to walk up to that individual and say hello and your knees quake and shake and you piddle yourself, as fear becomes your companion. Why are you afraid to walk forward and introduce yourself to the very love of your life?

Everything in you screams that you hate where you live, yet do you take one step forward into changing your experience? Do you love where you are planted? Do you bless the land that you reside upon? No, you cuss and you turn your face from it in disgust as the weeds grow higher, the appliances break and the walls peel in remorse because you do not love what you have created. It is a time of loving where you are planted. From that point of loving, from that center of your universe, move forth fully into what your heart desires.

You think your time on earth is so elongated, but in the universal scheme of time, it is but a blink – half of a day and it is done. You sit in the higher realms as you pass over and you cry and you mourn. You mourn what you were afraid to do while you were on earth in human form. You mourn the loves that you were afraid to walk into. You mourn because you feared life. Life is not your jailer. Earth is not a prison. It is but a grand amusement park and you are afraid to ride the rides. Most times you are afraid to ingest the sweetness of the cotton candy of your life. It is too good, it is too sweet, it can’t be good for me, it can’t be lasting, it can’t eternal, and it certainly can’t be Godly.

It is time for all of you to hold your arms open wide and embrace what is yet to come. For your days of time have shortened. You have 19 and counting, hours in a day. You no longer have the gift of time in the package of 24. Time shortens. Your life quickens, your heart quickens, your pulse quickens, and your innate passion awakens from a long sleep. And what are you doing about it? You are sitting on your haunches with your knees creaking, your elbows creaking, and your life creaking. You are all as the Tin Man screaming. "Oil me, Oil Me, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Mr. Wizard." But the Wizard himself needs oil. No one and nothing of your world can give to you the Cosmic lubrication that you so desire. You need to get your buttocks moving forward again. You stand still, paralyzed with fear like a deer in the headlights, afraid to move forward, afraid to move backward, afraid to move at all. Your life shows that. Your wallet shows that. Your heart shows that, your cars, your yards, and your jobs show that.

As humans you are Gods in disguise. You represent the Gods in the skies and yet – you see not your power, you see not your abilities, and you see not your future. You are blinded by your own light. You wait for the writing on the walls to explain to you the next step of the journey. But the next step of the journey is described and decreed by your own motions and emotions. When you deny your emotions, there is no motion in your life. Your car stands still. Your body stands still. Your paychecks stand still. Your very dreams stand still. Open up to explore the New World of you. You are all like Christopher Columbus on the very last day of sailing by the maps. You have come to the edge of your world. You have come to the edge of your expectations. Will you fall off? Will you be eaten alive? Will you lose yourself? We certainly hope that you will lose yourself?

Immerse yourself in this next leg of your journey. For what abounds before you is beyond you're conceptual understanding of time and space. Every cell of your body bursts forth as it remembers its stellar origin. You are off the maps. You are off the GPS units. You are off the screens and the satellites cannot find you. You are expanding faster than the speed of light, if you choose. The more that you hold tight to a state of motionlessness, the more your life will scream at you. Your life screams for its life, it screams at you in despair, it screams at you in sadness, and it screams at you in pain.

Open up this threshold for the marriage of heaven on earth is announced. You are the bride and you are the groom and you are the aisle and you are the cake and you are the minister. You walk into a threshold of your future. The future needs you the human to move it. Without you, nothing moves – nothing advances, nothing evolves, nothing ascends into the higher levels of light until the humanness moves forward.

You are the tourniquet. Will you tighten up your life and make it so tight that you cannot breathe, you cannot flow, you cannot move – or will you loosen the tourniquet of what you once thought truth to be and allow yourself to flow with the future? Humanly, the entire universe waits with sacred breath – holding it to see what you will do. You are the Apex of Creation. The entire universe has bet on you. Will they move? Will they falter? Will they fall? Will they just stand still and disappear? Everything awaits your choices. So look at the passions within your heart. Look at your life that is screaming at you and is saying, "CHANGE ME, RELEASE ME, MOVE ME, FORGIVE ME, LOVE ME, LET ME GO." Make your choices in accordance.

Earth is not meant to be hard. Humanness is a divine point of origin. Life is a gift. Flesh is a gift. Air is a gift. You are a gift. People in your life come to you because you call them to you energetically, spiritually, psychically, and not randomly. There is no one that is in your life other than by your appointment. Love what you have created and let it love you. Honor what you have created. Honor whoever is in your heart, whoever is in your household, and whoever is in your life. You so often want to scrape your life off of your foot, off of your shoe. You feel like you have stepped in it and many times your life feels like you have stepped upon it. Love this point of creation that you are that you will be, and that you are becoming. The future is up to you. You hold not just the future of your own microcosm, your own minimal existence. But you hold the future of the entire universe that waits for you. Time waits for no man. Time waits for all of mankind.

Each step you take into your fearlessness, each thing that you do that you do in love -- no matter how small, ripples out and touches the universe. A great applause is held and heard throughout the Universe. You took one step forward into fear, into love, into the future. You said, "I do not want to be in this job, or this relationship, or this home, or this vehicle, or this place. I want to be in someplace I honor and honors me." And you stepped away fearlessly. You stepped off the mountainside knowing you could fly without fear.

Your life beckons you. You are not being called into something that is a quicksand. You are being called into a Point of Light that is excited about you being there, that welcomes you into a place that humanity as a whole has never ventured. Jacob’s Ladder of Light is right here. You are already 3 rungs up the ladder. There is not a giant at the top that is going to eat you and push you down. Only you will greet you in your extended light.

What we come to say to you, in a rather serious tone, is that we need you to be in love. Not just with a person, or a body, or a new car – but with your every experience. We need you to like what you do first, to like whom you live with, and to like your family. And then eventually when you are brave, to venture down the corridors of love. We need you to like yourself, because without liking yourself, you can never get to loving yourself. We need you to do that. Honor the vastness of your being and let life honor you. There are no coincidences. There are no mistakes. You are divinely proportionate with what your experience is. You create the ratio of light to dark.

Open up your heart to this next level of your experience. The entire Universe needs you. We are the Pleiadians; more serious then usual and you know how we feel about that. We enjoy playing with you, but there is a time to play and a time to contemplate the future. Whatever you yearn for – become it. Whatever you wish for – let it be an experience. Stop wishing for it – live it. Allow life to come into you and you to come into life, without regrets, without angers. At this time we leave. Open up yourself to receive these truths on whatever level you are capable. You are vast vast beings that we salute. You are braver than we -- as you incarnated at this time of transition and ascension. We hold the porch light on for you as you find your way home. We leave.




I am the essence, the light, the sound, and the thought of Mary. I am seen at higher levels of your being. I am within the context of your choices at this moment in time. I represent the ultimate Mother, the Divine Mother, the Divine Female, the One who sacrificed all as she came within the fullness of her being. After the time of my Son’s Ascension, I was escorted off, not to be seen again. The energies kept me sequestered away as to protect me in my light, in my body, and in my heart.

Many of you in your existences through space and time, have oft times been scooted away from those that you loved, from those that you are familiar with, from those that you considered to be family. At this time in this intersection of heaven and earth, of stars and sun, it is a time of going back and healing that essence deep within you that still mourns for what could have been what should have been, and what wasn’t. The feeling of being separate, of being abandoned – and yet at the same time, a feeling of being protected for one’s own sake.

The Divine Mother, the Divine Female stands in the center of her journey of healing. She walks the long shores of self, barefoot -- often cutting herself on the shards and the shrouds of the past. She walks barefooted and bare-souled, and bare-hearted into her future. She seeks a time beyond human conception. The Divine Female, the Divine Mother comes full circle into her Cosmic Heart and her Cosmic Self as she no longer licks the wounds of the past, as she no longer camps and sleeps upon the skeletons of what was. She moves quickly yet slowly, gently yet deeply into a future that is embedded within her genetically.

On the stage of life in front of all women of earth sits a chair, a seat of heighten placement, a chair of royalty, a place where no one seems to reside. You each and every one look at it, wondering -- who is to come to sit in that chair, who is to come to take that heightened place, who is it that we wait upon? The chair steps forward and bows its head and curtsies in front of you. For it recognizes that each of you are the royalty, the Chosen One, the Divine Mother that is destined to sit in the chair.

Each of you has born Christed Children. Each of you has lost Christed Children throughout time and space. Every position that you have worn throughout time now falls from your neck as it turns back to dust. You are ignited into a place within yourself of Royalty, of Queendom. Finally entering the Kingdom Come, feeling as if you are the Queen of the Universe. (I Mary am oft times noted as 'Queen of the Universe'.) I place these chairs of Royalty in front of each one of your hearts and each one of your days – and I ask you to try them on. Just like in the fabled story of Goldilocks – trying on the 3 chairs, the 3 beds, the 3 bowls – try this on dear Daughters of the Stars, Sisters of Light, and Mothers of the Christ Child. I ask you to sit in fullness, allowing the root chakra of your being to come in contact with the holy wrappings of what is to come.

To sit there fully elevated – even if it is just a few inches – from the mundane and the humdrum of your everyday life. To allow the molecules at that heightened level to serve you, to bow down to you, to look up to you, to create your wishes, desires and commands -- because you have served and you have served well. The time too commensurate that serving is at hand. You have served time after time, dimension after dimension star, planet, moon, people, animal, life, death. You have served. And you have served not crying or begging to receive your divine place, to receive what is owed to you by all of life, by all of people, by all of the stars. And thus you have accumulated treasures – hoards of treasure, hoards of gifts to come, bountiful, plentiful, cornucopious. But you have not received. And now I say dear Daughters of Light – to sit in this chair, this Royal place of Light, to step up and sit and look over all of creation and allow Creation to give to you.

Celebrate the 365 days of your birth, of your life, of your serving, and of yourself. For women have stayed in the background far too long. They have whimpered and cried in the night. They have seen injustice after injustice. Their hands were tied and their mouths were sewn shut. But now you sit in a place, in a time, and a doorway of coronation. Receiving through the heart, the gifts that have awaited you patiently through all time eternal. You have scrubbed the floors, you have wiped the buttocks, and you have wiped the tears from everything and everyone that you have loved. And Nay – nothing was given onto you. Even in the past—the women of power, the women of plenty - did not receive in fullness, for they were sequestered behind the pantaloons of their husbands as 2nd class citizens.

But I, Mary, Queen of the Universe, come to proclaim to you that you are now united and ignited in Sacred Coronation as you receive your Crown of Light as Queen of your Life. A queen that sits with tears rolling down her face as she looks at all of the plenty that comes her way. A queen that feels guilty as she receives and receives all that life and light has to offer. But it is at this point of receiving that you open a doorway for all the hearts of humanity to receive this plenty as well. Knowing that you are in service in this receiving will make it easier for you, Dear Ones. Celebrate every single day as a birthday, a day of specialness, a day of light, a day of remembrance, and a day of receiving.

Receive these little gifts of spirit day after day. Do not let a day go by that you do not expect gratitude – gratitude from the energies that you have served throughout existence. Finally the circle comes full. It is closed into a Flower of Light at this point of receiving. This comes forward to all the females of earth that have chosen to incarnate as females at this time. There will come a time when the males will receive the same fulfillment in a balanced equation.

As woman you have always been on the back porch of your life, in the back of the bus, the back of the carriage, the back of the train, the back of the burner. And now you are in the forefront. Allow these words to heal you. Sup upon them. Drink from them. And fill your being with them for you escort all of life into a closing ceremony. And in that closing ceremony, you are initiated into the Land of Plenty, into the Kingdom and Queen-dom of receiving, and into the hidden treasures of light. I am Mary. I leave you with these thoughts and words and gifts – for I am the first to give to you.


THE DOLPHINS SPEAK....... Will you Listen?

We come forth from the watery depths of the inner abyss of your being. We come forth to help you breathe deep. Forget about human air and breathe deep with your heart. Play in a place of joy. For too long you as human beings sit upon the shoreline watching the other aspects of yourself play, ungulate, and swim within the waters of life. For too long you keep yourself in suits and zippers and shoes when the very Being within you just wants to be set free.

Many of you have worked in the 'Temples of the Dolphins and the Mers' in ancient Atlantis. You have blended and shifted into that Dolphin being, into that Whale master and you have spent 7 days in the belly of the whale – not as food, but as a student. Within your being lives the Mer (the Sea) the Mer-man, the Mer-woman. The sea is a part of the very fabric of your being it lives within you. Listen within for the Ancient Ocean breaking on the walls beneath the Temple. Hear the sound of the birds and hear the sound of your heart as we (the dolphins) escort you back into time, a time when you were more fluid, a time when you were bendable, more pliable. Let us swim you into a time when you enjoyed every inch of your body and your flexibility.

The energy of play is something that you have forgotten as you are so busy being grown up, so busy being official, so busy acting the title of your job, the title of your name, but not the 'title of your soul'. We ask you to strip down and let the glistening essence of your celestial Dolphin come out. Do not come out in fear of being slaughtered or being made into tuna, do not come out in fear of being in toxic waters or toxic shame. Do not come out unless you are willing to be free, free of what haunts you, free of what burdens you, free of what keeps you in between the lines of your life.

Open up your chakras allow us to align them. Imagine one of us from your dolphin family, standing in front of you, full body to full body, chakra to chakra, heart to heart, as we blend and become One. You have forgotten how simple life is, you have forgotten that all of your needs will and shall and can only be met when you believe it is so. You have forgotten about all the love that you hold within your being. This love is not only for your heart partners or blood family, but also for everyone on and in the world. Love is fluid and free moving as are we; it is not to be locked away or boxed up kept on a shelf for a rainy day. It is to be shared with everyone and anyone. You have forgotten to acknowledge your brethren in the same part of the sea that you live, in your neighborhood, in your city in your country, they too are your family. On some level theirs is a like vibrations, even if that vibration does not keep their yard clean, their house clean, or their children clean. You mirror one another down every road that you live.

In Mother Ocean there are no fences, no wall nor doors to keep anything out or anything in, everything is a part of everything else. We have no enemies in the ocean because we believe it is so. Even those that would like to make us prey, do not – because our intention is as such. We believe we are not endangered from man, from sharks, from the larger members of our own families. And it is so. The water of your planet grows thick with plankton that is confused, with toxins that have been long buried and have finally found their way to the surface. As more explosions and emanations come forth from your Star, the oceans will be used as conductors and thus, the very water herself that we live in increases in temperature.

Our time on earth is more and more shortened as the ships. The seasons and the radiation's change to such a point that we are no longer in an environment that we can tolerate. But as we leave for the higher realms, we ask you not to ever forget who we are – because we are you. And even though you may not always see us on your watery horizons, in the morning mist of the oceans or the evening sunsets of the river, we are there.

We are not here for ourselves, nor have we ever been. We are here for you. Eventually (sooner than you realize) you will come to a point of realization that you are within all species and all species are within you, then there will be no need for us to continue our teachings in physical form. The evolutionary patterns will shift into the next notch. New creatures that have been long hidden will arise and be brought forth. Do not be afraid of the creatures of your planet for they were all created by you, for you, and with you in mind. Even those things that are pestilence to you look at the divine creation that they are. Do not kill one species to save another. We are the dolphins. We leave from this body, but we stay with you. Remember our words.




On July 20, 2002 we enter the sign of Leo and the Sphinx Stargate, as we all stand at the entrance to a new understanding of Light, of Life and of Love. On that day rise early from your sleep and walk out to meet the Goddess Isis in the form of the Star SIRIUS as she rises before the Sun of the Sun. Within her loins of light live three Stars. Two are known and one comes forth in all of her glory. 'Sirius C' announces to the world her presence. She is the "Seat of the Female Souls, living and future, THE SUN OF WOMAN". She comes forth energetically first, not seen by the sky eyes, but felt by the heart. Announcing to all within this solar system her presence and her presents.

Visualize the emanations and radiance of these 3 faces of Sirius coming forth into your THIRD EYE, into YOUR HEART, and into YOUR CROWN. As she gives you the gift of the cycles of time. Connecting you and your higher trilogy chakras together with the crown, third eye and heart of all the sacred spaces through time known and unknown. Bringing you to a point beyond this intersection of time and space as a doorway is opened right before your very eyes. Announcing to you long lost parts of your being that arise from a galactic sleep into wakefulness. The tone of creation sounds in every cell of your body on earth and cycles through all 144 levels of your light, homeward to the monadic entrance of your beginning. The tones of the Father Universe sounds within the Sons of man completing a Cycle of Time.

Sirius C sends out two of beams of light from this time forward. Merging the sacral (2nd chakra) chakra with the third eye announcing to all of life to see from within and create from that point. Do not seek externally for your creation but know it is held lovingly within the womb of all men and woman on earth. The LIGHT FROM THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN beyond the Sun, needs you to manifest, need you to receive, needs you to hold the light. Without the assistance of those of earth the light just continues to travel onward without a host. Know then your importance in the schematics of the Photon. Light needs you as you need light; yours is but a symbiotic marriage, arranged yet sacred in origin.

Hold within your thoughts on the morn of July 20, 2002 as you look at the Star Sirius, A SACRED INTENTION. Let this Sacred Intention be broadcast to all of life as you step out of one cycle of time into another. Letting go of the baggage of the past that you packed so lovingly. Leaving it by the wayside.

Clear Ye the way within yourselves for WHAT YOU HAVE CRIED OUT TO RECEIVE; THE LIGHT OF GOD, THE LIGHT OF PEACE, THE LIGHT OF LOVE!! When you finally come to that clearing within the sacred space of yourself; nothing to blame, nothing to bar your way, nothing to hold on to as an excuse, WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR LIGHT!!!

The energy of upcoming Doorways and sacred events ask you to answer that question. On July 20, 2002 Sirius rises before the Sun announcing the ATLANTEAN NEW YEAR and the Ancient EGYPTIAN NEW YEAR. On August 8, (8:8) 2002 we have the 4:4:4:4:4: DOORWAY ACTIVATION. Also known as the LIONS Gate. Activating another level of the dormant remembrance of ancient truths, on earth and in the stars. Bringing into remembrance on a cellular and stellar level the Activation of the Hall of Records on every planet and star within this universe. On August 17, 2002, we celebrate the anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence (1987) (and for those who can still remember Woodstock 1969) (the baby boomers knew innately that August 17-19 would always be an important time). September 9, 2002 (9:9) brings us to the close of this summers consumption of stellar truths and emanations. Resting for just a short while until the time of 11:11.

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