The Sacred Journey

Once One has awakened to see life consciously as a journey of soul evolution, One is drawn to visit sacred sites and seek out master teachers. Maria Lupita shares some of the journey.....


 At Rosicrucian Park in San Jose, California.
  Studying with the native American master teacher Sun Bear near Spokane, Washington.
 At the Cheops pyramid in Giza near Cairo.  
   At the shoulder of the sphinx above the hall of records.
 On caravan in Egypt.  
  Studying with Kahunas in Hawaii.
 At the temple in Abydos in Egypt.  
   At Giza plateau in Egypt.
 In native head gear at Giza near Cairo.  
   At the temple of Horus in Edfu Eqypt.
Rising from the sarcophagus inside the king's chamber of the great pyramid at Giza after initiation.  
   Merging with the Ra energies at Sakkara Egypt.
 At a wall of heiroglyphics in Abydos Egypt.  

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