In a native tent in the Sahara on the journey to the Oracle Temple at Siwa.
  3200 feet up on Mount Horeb enroute to the ISIS/Hathor temple in Egypt.
 Becoming one with the campfire sprites in the Sahara.  
  With a guardian of the Horus temple in Egypt.
The Goddess blesses us with a double rainbow in Machu Picchu Peru.  
   In the Peruvian Andes at Machu Picchu.
 A Yak at the roof of the world- sacred Tibet.  
  A Buddhist monk on the road to the Drepung Monastery in Tibet.
Stopping by a prayer wheel on the way to the Drepung Monastery in Tibet.  
  Prayer wheels in the courtyard at the Drepung Monastery in Tibet.
 A holy Tibetan Buddhist ceremony at the Jokhang Temple in Tibet.  
   Outside of the TajMahal in India.

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