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Warning Disclaimer:
This information is under-stated.  Major stuff will Happen in Your Life!

Get a Session Now and Save Your Body, Mind & Soul much pain, time, work and money. 

We are very Gentle and low key but we carry a Big Light Saber with lots of Light.  ~ 
edi we are.
We may not always be nice, we are  going through our stuff too.

Rev Keth is
not a Florida licensed health care practitioner. He is an
Etheric Surgeon, Knights of the Solar Cross recognized and honored through out the Galactic Federation, but not by backward Medical Systems such as our own.

Jan is a US Licensed Health Care Professional.  MT(ASCP)


We Are Ordained Ministers   GOD / Goddess is our SOURCE and does the Activations & Healing...


DrLight is Officially Licensed #10-46317 to practice in Pasco County Florida and is a Registered Senior Higher Service Dog.
do not perform procedures considered dangerous, such as cutting, puncturing the skin or prescribing or recommending the non-use of prescription drugs.  We do not do anything which could cause an imminent risk of significant harm. We do Not do massage.

We don't do it,
GOD does it All.



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LifeWave Patches Do Not Contain Animal Products
By Steve Haltiwanger MD, CCN

LifeWave patches are constructed of two layers of polyethylene plastic, which create a sealed chamber that contains a disc of fabric and a solution containing natural organic materials. The polyethylene plastic is manufactured from ethene.  Ethene is derived from ethanol which may be obtained from petroleum, natural gas, or corn which are the original source materials.  The plastic is medical grade and is a widely used medical tape that is water resistant. 
Because the organic materials in LifeWave patches are sealed between two layers of water resistant plastic, the organic materials in the patches remain sealed in the patches.   This is why the patches are non-transdermal, since none of the organic materials inside of the sealed patches enter the body.   An adhesive is applied to the outside of one of the layers of plastic so that the patches can be applied to the skin.   The adhesive is an acrylate manufactured by the 3M Company; it is not derived from animal sources.   The fabric material inserted in the center of the patches may be cotton or polyester neither of which are derived from animal sources.   The sugars in the patches come from vegetable sources like sugar cane, corn or honey produced by bees from flower nectar.   The amino acids used in the patches are purchased from companies that manufacture the amino acids by bacterial fermentation.   The original natural source materials used by amino acid manufacturers are glucose, cassava, wheat, corn and other cereal grains.   In summary, none of the materials used in the manufacture of LifeWave patches are animal derived products.

The amino acids used in LifeWave patches are purchased from commercial companies that manufacture amino acids by the fermentation method using natural plant derived source materials. Fermentation is the process that is also used to manufacture yogurt, beer, vinegar, miso (bean paste), soy sauce, and other products.

Amino acids are now commercially mass produced by the fermentation method, which is a method where specialized microorganisms are used to convert nutrient raw materials to various vital components necessary to themselves. Numerous biotechnology companies are searching for, discovering and utilizing bacterial strains that efficiently produce one amino acid more efficiently than others. This means that the same basic raw materials can be used with different species of bacteria and commercial amounts of different amino acids can be produced. (J. Plachý (Research Institute of Antibiotics and Biotransformations, Roztoky u Prahy, Czech Republic): Fermentation of amino acids. - Biologické listy 63 (1): 61-76, 1998.)

In the fermentation method of amino acid production, raw materials such as glucose or corn syrups are added to fermentation tanks that contain specially selected microorganisms. Amino acids are produced as the microorganisms grow and duplicate themselves through enzymatic action. Enzymes, which are proteins found in all living organisms catalyze all of the chemical reactions in living creatures. Numerous consecutive bacterial enzymatic reactions from 10 to 30 are involved in the production of amino acids by the process of fermentation. In amino acid production by fermentation first the proper microorganisms are selected. Then certain enzymatic reactions in the microorganisms are promoted and other enzymatic reactions are inhibited by changing the conditions at various times of pH, temperature, oxygen levels, stirring, vitamin levels, and mineral content in order to produce the targeted amino acid.


LifeWave™: For All Life Styles, All Ages...  A Breakthrough in a
NEW Patent Pending Concept for Increasing Energy in the Human Body.  

What if there were a way to use low frequency waves to "talk to the
body" so it would provide more energy, strength & stamina or deeper,
more healing sleep without putting anything into the body - no chemicals
or drugs!     In the last year LifeWave has introduced "patches" that do
 just that.  Take a minute and visit the link and see for yourself. 
LifeWave Energy Enhancer  For anyone looking for a boost; from
Athletes to Seniors to Moms; and those just trying to get through the day!   We are
Independent Distributors of LifeWave contact us for more information.  LifeWave patch construction 



    For Sessions or information contact us at:  1-727-842-6788  9AM till Midnight  Eastern US time.

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Contributions and Credit Card Payments are Welcomed through PayPal or by Phone 1-727-842-6788,   Paypal is a secure way to handle credit card payments.   Skype: drlight  Free calls Worldwide, even Video Calls, email us so we can be on when you want to talk ( to download the Skype communication software)..  (Click to "Make a Donation" button below to pay for our Products and Services).

Light for you from us in  Florida  the Sunshine State


 For our Services,  Healthy Products: Special Pricing,  LightNews Contributions  and  Love Offerings.  Thank you!   We Love and Bless You  Also Please contribute to our Traveling House of Grace Church Motor Home Fund...and our Sacred Land Trust to save our  Sacred Natural Lands... We are asking for the Contribution for or of a reliable, quality Traveling Motor Home for our Church, home and office:   good for secure long distance travel... prefer a newer efficient Diesel, 34-40' with lots of storage, for long distance economy and reliability (i.e. Revolution, American Dream or Tradition, Country Coach, Mountain Aire,..   

Today is a day of Celebration.   Your Generosity has become your Abundance, for in Giving Love you have Received Love. 

No Refunds,   Please only get our work if you are truly Committed to receiving it and Empowering your Life and Health...

Say "No" to Drugs


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 Disclaimer: We are Not Florida licensed health care practitioners.  We Are Ordained Ministers and Certified Spiritual Healers...   God /Goddess is our Source and does the Healing!    Jan Carter MT(ASCP)  is a Nationally Certified Health Care Professional,  Medical Technologist  MT(ASCP).   The House of Grace does not train people to obtain any health care licenses.  We help them Awaken and Be Healthy.  The House of Grace does not recommend that its practitioners or Any other Practioners perform procedures considered dangerous.  The House of Grace does not recommend that its practitioners suggest or discourage the use of prescription drugs or supplements.   The House of Grace philosophy and practices are not meant to replace professional medical care and/or medication...  The House of Grace is not a nonprofit.  We are a Catalyst for people to Remember who they are, Be Empowered and come into Harmony with all Life.   


DrLight2   Higher Service Dog  , making faceRefunds / Non-Payments

There are No Refunds given. Please only get our work if you are truly Committed to receiving it and Empowering your Life and Health...

 You are paying for your commitment to have your Intensions and our time spent with you before, during your Sessions and in the Many Sessions we include you in after and in-between your package Sessions.   GOD/Goddess does the Healing...  

PRODUCT REFUNDS:  Only given for Returned unused, unopened Products.  There is a 15% return fee as well as whatever the credit card fees and other shipping and associated fees, are all subtracted from any money refunded.   Used or opened products are Not returnable.

If Sessions are not paid for as promised or the money is returned the Session Energy and Results will be Re-scinded, Voided and Removed.   As well, you may incur Karmic Results you bring to yourself with your own Out Integrity, which has nothing to do with us.    All the work is really between God/Goddess and You...




"The Lamb and the Lion" Jesus Painting by Artist Glenda Green


In Divine Partnership through Christ and his friends.

       We are in the Service of the Divine...






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